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Navigate the confusing world of Plastic Surgery and Beauty. Get insider information on the newest cosmetic procedures and medical anti-aging technologies. Learn the truth behind the hype with medical and beauty experts from around the world with host Michele Garber, Niptuck Coach.

Navigate the confusing world of Plastic Surgery and Beauty. Get insider information on the newest cosmetic procedures and medical anti-aging technologies. Learn the truth behind the hype with medical and beauty experts from around the world with host Michele Garber, Niptuck Coach.
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Navigate the confusing world of Plastic Surgery and Beauty. Get insider information on the newest cosmetic procedures and medical anti-aging technologies. Learn the truth behind the hype with medical and beauty experts from around the world with host Michele Garber, Niptuck Coach.






Special Episode In Memory of Dr. Vic Narurkar Fillers, Botox and Complications

In Memory of Dr. Vic Narurkar Last week the world of Dermatology and Aesthetic medicine lost a super star. We are all greatly shocked and saddened by the unexpected passing of San Francisco Dermatologist, Dr. Vic Narurkar. He was a thought leader, visionary friend, colleague, educator, mentor and my dermatologist. Dr. Narurkar touched many people. He was a bright shinning light with a vibrant personality and great passion for aesthetic medicine. He loved his work and loved his...


Bonus Episode #4 Feeding Your Skin with Healthy Habits

Feeding your Skin with Healthy Habits "Good Habits, Good Health, Skincare is Part of Your Good Health" Secrets for Healthy Skin. Board Certified Bay Area Dermatologist Dr. Serena Mraz shares her expertise about healthy habits for healthy skin throughout your lifetime. Taking care of your skin should be easy, not complicated. Basically cleanse, moisturize and use sun protection. Other topical products that keep your skin healthy include vitamin C serum, creams with Niacinamide and...


Healthy Skin Month Bonus Episode #3 Buyer Beware of Skincare Marketing Hype, Tricks & False Claims

In Honor of Healthy Skin Month. Don't believe everything you hear or read about skincare products. Hype, Tricks, False Marketing Claims Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Leslie Baumann discusses skincare hype and mis-leading marketing claims with host, Michele Garber Dr. Leslie Baumann is an internationally renowned board-certified dermatologist, bestselling writer, media personality, sought-after lecturer and the CEO of Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Baumann's research has been...


Healthy Skin Bonus Episode 2 Aging Successfully Not Helplessly with NY Dermatologist, Dr. Doris Day

This is a recording from a previously released broadcast in honor of Healthy Skin Month "Aging Successfully Not Helplessly"- Dr. Doris Day How do we age successfully today? Leading Dermatolgist and NY media personality Dr. Doris Day shares her tips on healthy skin, the hottest new aesthetic technologies and her favorite drugstore brand skincare products. We talk about Kybella, which was new at the time of this recording. Your chest can give away your age. Dr. Day shares her...


Healthy Skin Bonus Episode #1 What's in Your Beauty Toolbox with Dr. Hedi Waldorf

Special Bonus Episodes in honor of Healthy Skin Month NOVEMBER IS HEALTHY SKIN MONTH. Just in time for the winter months. From a previously released episode. Derm Diva, New York Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Hedi Waldorf discusses how beauty and healthy skin is a lifestyle. Dr. Waldorf is a board certified Dermatologist with a private practice in New York. She serves as an Investigator Speaker, Consultant, Advisory Board Member and trainer for medical devices and products...


Episode #5 How to Have Happy, Healthy, Beautiful Breasts

"Our Breasts Hold Feelings: Unconditional love, we trust life, and we're sensual" Girls are not taught about breast care and breast health. Breasts are complicated. We need to become friends with out breasts. How often do we consider our breast health? In Episode #5 Dr. Colleen Hathaway shares her expertise about Breast Health with host Michele Garber. We talk about how to take care of our breasts by massage, fluffing and discuss the psychology of our breasts. Do breast really define...


Boob Talk Episode #4 The Laser Bra Lift with Dr. Grant Stevens

The Laser Bra Lift Are you a good candidate for an internal bra lift instead of a traditional breast lift? LA Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Grant Stevens discusses the advantages of the Laser Bra Lift and who is the best candidate with Host, Michele Garber. The Laser Bra is not new. Dr. Stevens has been preforming this lift since the 1990's. However, there are surgeons who believe it is nonsense. Dr. Stevens has preformed thousands of these lifts seeing excellent results lasting longer than...


Boob Talk: Episode #3 State of Art Breast Augmentation 2018 with Dr. Steve Teitelbaum

Are You Demanding Enough From Your Plastic Surgeon? Teitelbaum is guided by principles of proportion and restraint, and he produces astonishingly natural looking results. - Allure Magazine 2013 Santa Monica Board certified plastic surgeon Steven Teitelbaum, MD talks with Host, Michele Garber sharing his expertise and wisdom about why patients should be demanding more from their plastic surgeons when seeking breast augmentation. According to Dr. Teitelbaum there have been many advances...


"Boob Talk" Bonus Episode: The Third Time is a Winner

Jenny Eden is the Founder of Eden Knows Implants and Bustmob, online communities for women to share their breast augmentation journey. Jenny was 18 when she had her first breast surgery, a reduction. However, it did not go as she hoped. It took her 12 years before she was happy with her breasts. Jenny shares her story about three breast augmentation journeys, two of which were with Saline Implants and how she gained back her self confidence. She shares her hopes, frustration and...


Episode 2 Choosing Breast Implants

There are so many Breast Implant materials to choose from. What is the right implant for you? New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Cohen shares his expertise about choosing the right breast implants with host Michele Garber, The NipTuck Coach. The trend in breast implants today is smaller and natural. According Dr. Cohen larger implants are prone to more complications. Breast Implants are safe devices. Patients should be well informed before choosing implants and pick the right Board...


Boob Talk Trailer

Boob Talk with Michele Garber. We'll cover many subjects about breasts including, how to choose a surgeon, choosing implants, lift or no lift, Saline vs Silicone, New technologies, explants, risks and recovery, plus more. Listen to the top plastic surgeons with expertise in Breast Augmentation and Reconstructive surgery, plus Bonus episodes with Patient's stories about their breast augmentation journey. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @niptucktalkshow and @niptuckcoach on...


Boob Talk: Episode #1 Do You Need a Lift with Your Breast Augmentation?

New Series: Boob Talk Episode #1 Do I really need a lift with my breast augmentation? Part 1: Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Marc Mani shares his expertise about breast augmentations and discusses the question of having a lift with your implants or not. Sometimes there are complications to breast augmentation. A double bubble is a post surgery complication. Healing takes 3-6 months before you can have revision surgery. Implants make a breast bigger; they really don't lift a...


The New Frontier of Medical Cannabis

Weed and Plastic Surgery ... what do they have in common?? A pre-recorded live episode from the NCIA Cannabis and Business Expo in Oakland, CA Join host Michele Garber in an informative episode about how medical cannabis can you with pain, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorders and pre and post-op plastic surgery. Always check with you doctor first. Weed is a very complicated plant. Join Michele as she learns about major Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant and their effects. The most...


Here's A Sexy Way to Hide Your Tummy Tuck Scar

Many women opt for tummy tucks. After the surgery they are excited to show off their new bodies. However, sometimes the scar is placed to high or it does not heal well. Tune in to hear how one woman solved the ugly tummy tuck scar problem. Denise O'Connell is the Founder of TuckTats, and lives in Canada. Denise had a tummy tuck and knew that there was a possibility that she would not heal well due to a prior surgery and her skin type. Denise loved her new body, wanted to show it off,...


Double Mastectomies

Being told you have breast cancer is a life changing event. Many women are choosing to have a double mastecomy even if their other breast is clear of cancer. Why are so many woman making this life changing decison? Internationally Board Certified Reconstruction Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Karen Horton disusses the rise in double mastecomies, new surgical technologies and nipple sparing surgery with NipTuck Talk host, Michele Garber. Dr. Horton practices in San Francisco, CA. She is the mother of...


The Reality of Mommy Makeovers

A typical Mommy Makeovers is a combination of Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck and sometimes Liposuction. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gerald Minniti discusses the various aspects of a mommy makeover, as well as answers listener's questions about tummy tuck swelling and how to prevent infection after a breast augmentation. Dr. Minniti's philosophy about plastic surgery is that's it is important to bring your husband to the consultation so he can hear directly from him. Or bring a...


Behind the Glam with Beverly Hills Celebrity Plastic Surgeons

Join me on my trip to visit the Top Docs in 90210 Beverly Hills. I stopped in to visit the plastic surgeons to the stars. This is Part One of my trip. Featuring Drs. Jon Perlman, Layke and Danielpour, Shiela Nazarian and Shea Kaplan, PA They shared some interesting perspectives with me on Plastic Surgery trends, their philosophy about Beauty and the Industry; we talked about women and how they feel about getting Mommy Makeovers and much more. For more information visit our Facebook Fan...


The Secret to Living Longer, Feeling Better and Looking Younger with Beverly Hills Expert Dr. Andre Berger

The Anti-Aging Prescription for Men and Women with Guest Andre Berger, MD. Clean-up Your Dirty Soup. Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Expert, Dr. Andre Berger uncovers some of the causes of aging Understand your genetic risk. Dr. Berger will also discuss the role of male hormones and the reality of Male Andropause. Andre Berger, MD is board certified and the founder of Rejuvalife Vitality Institute, a premier cosmetic and anti aging practice in Beverly Hills. Dr. Berger has been board...


Botox and Fillers: Faces Are Like Fingerprints

Who do you go to for Botox and Fillers? You have choices. A Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist, (CANS) An Aesthetic Nurse injector, Nurse Practitioner or a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. There are different approaches to patient care and injecting techniques. How to you find someone who is good? The world of Aesthetics changes very fast. It's important for practitioners to stay up-to-date with changes and injection techniques for new fillers on the market. Weekend...


Hair Loss Treatments Go Sci-Fi: The Hair Transplant Robot

Both men and women suffer from hair loss. No more plugs today there are innovative options to treat hair loss, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Artas Robotic Hair Transplant. Most guys start to lose their hair in their 20's. The average age for a transplant patient is 30. How much hair do you have to loose before it is really a hair loss problem? How is the hair measured to determined if you do have a hair loss problem? "Measurements don't lie. The control is your scalp. Dr. Alan...