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Special Release: Anders Varner & Doug Larson From Barbell Shrugged

For inner strength, you can't just steamroll emotions. You have to deal with them, but first, you must also want to do the work. You have to want to slow down and learn about meditation, emotions, and vulnerability. - Anders Varner ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in line for new podcasts, get access to invite-only events, and so much more.** ---> Get The Morning 21: A powerful (and free) system designed to give you more...


244 Crista Beck: Love Radar

Childhood experiences heavily imprint our way of being in adult relationships; from communication to affection, we've been taught to act a certain way. When we choose to acknowledge this, we can see what’s been inherited, evolve from our lineage, and rewrite a new love story. - Crista Beck How can honoring past relationships, letting go, and forgiving yourself help rewrite your love story? ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in...


243 Laura Coe: Emotional Obesity

Emotions are an essential part of our human design. Ignoring, denying, or feeling shame about having them will only weigh you down with emotional obesity. Emotions are an energy that you get to feel, accept, and examine." You focus on your physical health but are you neglecting your emotional well-being? ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in line for new podcasts, get access to invite-only events, and so much more.** ---> Get...


242 Aaron Hinde: Mastering The Mind For Business & Life

A scarcity mindset is one in which we put all of our time and energy into business and therefore the family must suffer. However, it doesn't have to be like that; time abundance at both work and home is possible when directed. A scarcity mindset isn't a time issue but an attention issue. - Aaron Hinde Do you have a scarcity mindset that's keeping you from being productive at work and enjoying your family, friendships, and free time? ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive...


241 Dr. Dan Engle: How To Heal A Human

Plant medicines aren't designed to fix us. They help us recognize our truth and lead us towards the next steps we have to take to heal. This is our work to do. When we become clear with who we are, we can bring our shadow into the light. - Dr. Dan Engle The true goal of medicine is to facilitate the innate healing of the body and mind…and thus support you to become whole, happy and free. ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in...


240 Matt Vincent: Being Strong For A Modern World

There's no exact amount of hard work that will guarantee success. We often get caught up on what success really is but if we can change that focus to 'hard work done consistently equals progress' then we're sure to be better than yesterday. - Matt Vincent How can you become stronger by exploring your own inner hate, self-loathing, and darkness? ---> Join the Wellness Warrior VIP Club: get exclusive discounts on new wellness tools, be first in line for new podcasts, get access to...


239 Jay Hartenbach: The Truth About Sports & Cannabidiol

What's the deeper truth about sports-specific uses of Cannabidiol and how can this natural plant can help to potentially fight against the rising opioid addiction epidemic in our nation? Does Cannabidiol really have the potential of preventing inflammation and helping athletes managing pain? Our guest today is Jay Hartenbach the CEO of MedTerra, a CBD health and wellness company started by a group of individuals passionate about CBD products to help heal and provide relief through the...


238 Sefra Alexandra: The Seed Huntress

Monocrops are the number one most susceptible crop to pests, destruction, and possibly famine. By saving seeds, we maintain crop diversity. When we save seeds and store them, we’re not relying on the potential doom and gloom of industrial agricultural systems. - Sefra Alexandra We find ourselves in a pinch of time in our ethnobotanical history where the genetic biodiversity of our planet is in rapid decline. The seeds that hold the knowledge of our land and the memory of our ancestors are...


237 Zen Honeycutt: Glyphosate, Gut Health, & Children

The body can heal itself when healthy gut bacteria is allowed to do its job. If you remove glyphosate, the microbiome can repopulate, your body can better balance hormones, and your immune system can get stronger. - Zen Honeycutt What kind of impact could we make if we all told local government officials that we want to prohibit the use of chemicals like glyphosate in our herbicides, food, and water? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE:...


236 Dr. Michael Ruscio: Healing The Second Brain

If you want to have a healthy brain, you have to have a healthy gut. Someone who has depression and brain fog can feel better in just a couple of months by understanding the enteric nervous system and healing their gut. - Dr. Michael Ruscio How does the gut connect, communicate, and work with the brain through nerve signals and stress hormones to not only thrive and heal but to impact your emotions and intuition too? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE...


235 Drew Canole: You Be You

There's so much noise out there in social media, the news, and all of this circulating negative energy that takes people out of silence. Silence is where the juice and beauty is; that's where you can go deep within yourself and figure out what lights you on fire. A life without understanding who you really are is kind of fleeting; there's not a lot of joy to it. Finding yourself is an emotional rollercoaster so getting grounded in who you really are is what You Be You is all about. - Drew...


Solocast: The Emotional Inventory

How exactly do we take the modern day "emotional inventory" to create the life of wellness that we truly want? It's a BIG question that has a unique answers for all, yet there are a handful of proven best practices that will help guide you along the way. In this solocast, Host Josh Trent takes you through his own emotional inventory process which is a derivative of the M21 Guide available for free right here, right now. After a workout, shower, and quality nutrition, go to a quiet...


234 Darin Olien: Hunting For Optimal Health

We do have power and we do have a choice but I think we underestimate the power that we have. It saddens me that many people just go about their business every day without considering the impact of their choices. Even though I'm 100% plant-based, I've never taken the position of telling a person what they should or shouldn't do but I do want people to know about the miracle of plants and superfoods; just for them to eat more and better nutritious foods. If you can grow your own, find your...


Solocast: Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind

Are you really tuned in to the ancient intelligence that lives and breathes within your organs, tissues, and heart? Today on this solocast we explore the infinite and powerful physical intelligence and the ways that we can nourish and support this part of our being. We'll discover the (3) physical intelligence parts of the M21 system that you can rely on to guide you in your wellness journey. It has been said for thousands of years by both ancient and contemporary wellness and spiritual...


233 Ret Taylor & Adriaan Zimmerman, Founders of Ned | Hemp Oil & Healing

Ned is really for those who are looking to improve and it can be for anyone. We want to be there as a first line of defense for people before they have to resort to doctors and pharmaceuticals. I will never not question medicine because there's always a time for it. However, that doesn't mean that if I have a panic attack that I should all of a sudden be put on a Xanax prescription that I can't get off for the next ten years." - Ret Taylor Despite the common misconception, hemp does not get...


Solocast: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea (Micro-Resilience)

Sofia Adler: In an attempt to be completely honest andvulnerable, I want to share that I’m going through a tough time emotionally. It’s a big transition period for me, which is exciting, but hard. I know deep down that this time of my life is simply the start of something new and exciting. Nonetheless, there are many unknowns ahead. The feelings I’m wading through right now aren’t easy; I have negative emotions far more than positive emotions these days. ---> Get The Morning 21: A powerful...


232 Yuri Elkaim: Making Fit & Healthy Simple Again

It's easier to start the day healthy than to finish the day healthy. So, whatever you can do to front-load your day whether it be a workout, your green juice, or meditation, get as much done early in the day as possible. Allow yourself to be human and understand that it's going to be much harder to do any of that later in the day if you wait long enough. - Yuri Elkaim JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE How can you make being healthy as...


Solocast: Gather The Evidence

Today, can I gather the evidence? “Today I will take ownership to gather the evidence that I am exactly where I get to be for true alignment with my purpose, happiness, and joy. Today, I will take loving ownership of my physical body, my thoughts, and my inspired actions. Today, I may face hardships, struggles, or despair, but I trust as long as I choose to collect the evidence that serves my physical and emotional intelligence, my day and my life will be an expression of divine magic.” -...


231 Dr. Michelle Perro: What's Making Our Children Sick?

Children are now sicker than their parents for the first time in history. One out of two children now has a chronic disease and this was unheard of as little as two to three decades ago. This is a drastic health change in our lifetime that mostly stems from the gut. No doubt that we are all affected by this gut intestinal permeability, leaking gut, and dysbiosis which is an imbalance of the microorganisms in our gut's micro-biome. - Dr. Michelle Perro As a parent, doctor, or educator, how...


Solocast: Climb The Mountain

This past week I spent 8 days in the Eastern Sierras. While I originally went for nature therapy, hiking, movement, and connecting with friends, I wound up experiencing an NDE. It was the second time I was gifted one of these in 2018, except this time it happened at 12,000 feet. Illuminated by a full moon, and trying to sleep while laying on the cold gravel in a small tent at the Mount Whitney trail camp, I felt my heart pounding fast and began to realize: I couldn't breathe. After 45...