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207 Jesse Lawler | Cognitive Bias: Evolving From Physic Injury

Understanding of cognitive bias is a great inroad to self-acceptance of your own having made bad decisions because it's something we're all saddled with; every single one of us. Everyone is set up with the same set of biases. At this point, most cognitive biases are bugs; not features but just understanding that cognitive bias exists can keep us from kicking ourselves when we're down. Even though cognitive biases are sort of a built-in problem within the mind, they're also something that...


206 Dan Pardi: The Sneaky State of Food Science

It's great to have knowledge but that by itself doesn't vaccinate you from having a healthy lifestyle. You have to be able to translate that into skills. Sometimes that skill development is hard and sometimes it's easy. Either way, just actually trying something for the first time breaks the seal so what was theoretical before and is internal now." - Dan Pardi How can you become the scientist and expert of your own mind, body, and soul through personalized health and wellness...


205 Wendy Myers: How To Live To 110

Metal detoxification and addressing the body bioenergetically is really important. I actually haven't seen anything that works as well as bioenergetics as far as addressing health issues. Heavy metals and chemicals are definitely a huge threat to our health on so many levels. - Wendy Myers JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE What are the various metal detoxing strategies for adults, athletes, and children? In Wellness Force Radio...


204 Robyn Openshaw: What's Your Frequency Type?

You have to start with yourself by being honest with people when they hurt your feelings and accept the fact that they might do it again. You have to stand there in that vulnerability and a temporary feeling of loneliness but doing that actually results in the repair of relationships, restoration of love between the two of you, and just a lot more compassion for you from the other person when they see how honest and open you are about how you feel. - Robyn Openshaw Are you open to letting...


203 Brian Mackenzie: The Art Of The Breath

Breathing is the physiological intercept to our mental state. So, if things are going haywire, I can turn back to my breathing and control the physiological reactions that are happening in my mind. If I can take a step back and do that, I'm actually fixing the entire system. - Brian Mackenzie How can you enhance your health through nostril breathing versus breathing through the mouth? Is technology a crutch to how you eat, move, and sleep? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS...


202 Allison Schaaf: How To Batch Cook For Better Health

It's important to really be conscious about how you want to approach your meals. You can look at it being reactive vs. proactive. Do you want to wait until 5 o'clock and scramble to figure something out last minute or do you want to take a step back and be more thoughtful about planning your meals in advance? If I want to take things to the next level, for me that means doing some work up front with batch cooking. It does take some work, but then meal prepping actually helps me save time...


201 Michael Gervais: Finding Mastery

An authentic expression of oneself is right at the center of what mastery looks like and feels like. That is available to all of us, but it requires an inward journey. There's a real journey that's required to get to the core insights of what makes you 'you.' Fulfillment, peace, happiness, and high performance all happen in the present moment. - Dr. Michael Gervais JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE Is there a common thread...


200 Top 10 Wellness Force Guests (Best of The Best: Celebrating 200 Shows)

My friend, we’ve arrived, this is it, episode 200 of Wellness Force Radio! JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST **Enter To Win A Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi! To enter to win a *Free 90 Day Supply of Organifi: all you have to do is leave a 5 star review right here for the podcast on iTunes right from your phone or computer during the contest period (5/21-5/31) and you'll be automatically entered to win. **Entrants must leave a podcast review for Wellness Force Radio on...


199 Peter Crone: Bridging Physical Vitality & Mental Peace

If you're feeling a certain way, you're going to know to a certain degree what state you're in. If you're feeling sad, apathetic, resigned, or depressed, these are all indicators that you're in some form of resistance. Realizing that is actually a gift because how else are you going to know what your relationship is with reality? Conversely, if you're feeling joy, freedom, or a sense of peace or love in your relationship, these are references to the soul or true essence of who you are....


198 Allison Melody: How Food Heals

We're all different. We all have different blood types, DNA, heritage, and the food that grows in one neighborhood is different than somewhere else. So, we have to eat what's best for us and that's a self-discovery journey that we all have to go on. There is no perfect diet. - Allison Melody How can elimination diets, detoxes, and trying new foods lead you on a self-discovery journey to healing your body? JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE:...


197 Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue

How do we make the greatest change in the world? Well, we improve brain capacity at Neurohacker Collective. When people are smarter, more productive, able to reason better, and are able to consciously connect better, then the world changes. That's a big step for both the world and taking the human system to the next level. - Dr. Daniel Stickler Discover how the nootropic, Qualia Mind, can help you let go of the old weight, gain more alertness, and aid in recovery from past traumas. JOIN...


196 Aubrey Marcus: Owning The Day, Open Relationships, & Skipping Breakfast

We have the opportunity to play with these different experiences such as being active, traveling, or connecting with each other. Life is like this giant jungle gym. Some of us aren't even in physical condition to play with the toys. That or we don't have enough energy to really stay out there for more than 20 minutes at a time to really enjoy the day and interact with all the possibilities. The book, Own the Day, Own Your Life, is just about getting you sound enough so that you have the...


195 Jordan Taylor Wright: How Self-Reflection & Meditation Manifests Success

The desire to tune into your body comes from wanting to feel good and discover what allows you to actually vibrate with this high frequency and become something greater than yourself. An amazing way to do that is through art. When I'm editing, filming, or taking photos, I am not operating from my ego; I'm allowing the light to pass through me and the same can happen to others when they're singing, writing, listening, or doing anything else creative. When you're singing, you're not thinking...


194 Rob Dial: Peace, Purpose, & Psychedelics

"Not fitting in is actually how you live the extraordinary life. The fear of not fitting in is what makes us mediocre. People who are famous or have done something great in the world are not like everybody else. They do not fit in. There's this ongoing battle inside of our head where we have to answer, 'Do I fit in and be like everybody else or do I stand out and possibly be judged?' - Rob Dial JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE What...


193 Lisa Dougherty: Leading The Medical Fitness Movement

There are different motivational factors that are pushing people to focus on their health. More people are now changing their diet, exercising more, or getting into yoga and meditation. I truly see that as a growing trend. - Lisa Dougherty of MedFit Network http://bit.ly/wfpodcast JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST 20% OFF ORGANIFI - USE CODE: WELLNESSFORCE What steps are the medical, fitness, and wellness industries taking to ensure Baby Boomers can live the healthy lives...


192 Jason Prall: The Human Longevity Project

When it comes to health, it's more collective than individual. You become a product of your environment and it's very easy to be healthy in these Blue Zone areas because that's the way of their life. We have to look at the situation of these healthier places and understand that their culture and societal norms facilitate health. That's easier to do when it's a small society because in a village, everyone has a responsibility and everyone is relying on each other so it's more like a family...


191 Mary Shores | Conscious Communications: Harnessing The Power of Your Word

"Words are a mirror to our subconscious. So, when you hear me say, 'I want to write a book,' you can see that written on my soul like it's my purpose. However, I have a big problem when the next words that come out of my mouth are, "but I'm not a writer," because those words are also a mirror to my subconscious. Those negative words are revealing that somewhere and somehow, I have a belief that does not support me ever reaching that goal of becoming a writer. To change that belief, I need...


190 Serene Allison & Pearl Barrett: Stop Making It So Hard

Being healthy doesn't have to be this difficult challenge every day. I can make it easier for myself to live a healthier life by taking baby steps and focusing on basic things. I have to remind myself that working hard at being healthy doesn't have to be miserable. As we go through different phases of our lives, being healthy is a never-ending journey. Don't over-complicate being healthy because life is about enjoying the moment; it's not about ticking off that perfect box. - Serene...


189 Kelly Claes & Dr. Tim Brown: Shaping Future Generations Through Movement & Sports

In Wellness Force Radio episode 189, Professional Beach Volleyball Player and motivational speaker, Kelly Claes along with IntelliSkin Inventor, Dr. Tim Brown share what it means to be fearlessly authentic despite what other people believe, the keystone habits that young athletes can put into practice, and how we can help shape future generations through optimal mindset, movement, and sports. Find out why skill and talent both pale in comparison to heart, attitude, and ambition when it...


188 Jamal Kennard: Rythmia, Consciousness, & Cosmic Healing

Thanks to the medicine, the breath work, and the wonderful people who work here, I was able to go back in time to little Jamal to bring him forward and merge him with this Jamal. I realized at that moment that I have a bunch of things inside of me that showed me the opposite of what I thought was true. I realized that humanity could be trusted and that my father isn't the same man he was when I was a child. - Jamal Kennard JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Are you having...