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Jay Z the backstabber? Colin Kaepernick, The NFL & Social Justice

Call in 929-477-2174 All the talk about Jay Z & the NFL deal has split the community on one side or the other. Let's hear what you have to say! CONTRIBUTION IS GREATER THAN CRITICISM! SUB NEW CHANNEL *Like Comment, Subscribe, Share and check out Blackistand Nation Facebook group Blackistand Radio Facebook Page Twitter @BlackistandRBG $$Free Browser to earn BIT...


ADOS or NOTHING, Getting on code & Tariq Nasheed UK Ban

*Testing a new streaming device Today is a freestyle show on various topics and related topics within the title. SUB NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! *Like Comment, Subscribe, Share and check out Blackistand Nation Facebook group Blackistand Radio Facebook Page Twitter @BlackistandRBG $$Free Browser to earn BIT COIN! The Black...


Toxic Masculinity, Feminism & Gender Wars with Queen E

Saturday @ 4PM PST call in 929-477-2174 Join Blackistand Radio as we discuss "Toxic Masculinity, Feminism & Gender Wars" with Queen E. Much has been said latley about these topics and we need a BALANCED conversation with Brothas & Sistars to weigh out the diffrent perspectives. You are encouraged to call in or join via chatroom to ask questions/make comments as everyone's opinion will be heard and valued! Please FOLLOW THE SHOW & check out


REPARATIONS NOW: What's been missing in the conversation.

4.14.19 @ 7:45 PM PST Call in 929-477-2174 (press one to ask question or make comment) Many talking points are being made around reparations, however so much left out of the conversation makes one wonder...Will it ever really happen? Twitter @BlackistandRBG Youtube FaceBook Blackistand Nation Group FaceBook Blackistand Radio Page...


The Marathon continues; Riding for Nipsey Hussle

Saturday 4.6.19 @ 5PM PST/8PM EST call in 929-477-1274 Lets hear some of his interview answers, music and look at the legacy and how we can support and continue it. Call in and show your love for our soldier for the Community Revolution In Progress who took 2 Pacs mission to the next level. Also check out YouTube Twitter @BlackistandRBG Blackistand Nation? face book group Blackistand Radio? facebook page...


Protect Black Women & a conversation about ADOS, Pan Africanism, Black immigrant

4PM PST 3.31.19 call in number 929-477-2174 We should address some issues between the sexes and the race. We also will go over the 10 point reparation plan by NAARC as seen at... Please join in the conversation and share the information! Make sure to FOLLOW THE SHOW BY PRESSING FOLLOW BUTTON Also check out YouTube Twitter...


Being a slave is now a choice.

#ADOS #Slaveryisnowachoice #WinnersVsLosers 3.23.19 @ 8pm PST call in numbers 929-477-2174 Subscribe to the show by pressing the FOLLOW button! aslso check out Twitter @BlackistandRBG Blackistand Radio Facebook page Blackistand Nation Facebook group


ADOS the good, the bad & the ugly

*Prereorded presentation that can be seen on YouTube @ **Please follow Blackistand Radio if you don't already to get notification when we go live This is NOT meant to disrespect or undermine the #ADOS movementor supporters. This is just meant to bring healthy critical analysation to the subject. Reference for the Black Agenda by the ADOS movement; Reference for the NAARC 10 point program of reparations;...


Reparations is the issue & the power of Black Media

8PM PST call in 929-477-2174 We will disscuss the issue of REPARATIONS, politics & the power of Black Media They are all related and we best come to understand where our salvation & strenth are at.


Young Pharaoh & Chief X addressed, R Kelly, ADOS shenanigans & reparations

Saturday 2.23.19 @ 4PM PST call in 929-477-2174 Many topics to deal with make sure to tune in and Build and FOLLOW THE SHOW! Young Pharoah is an agent and needs his card pulled, ADOS is off based, Reparations are due! R Kelly is wrong and THEY been knew that. Being on code is a must! Now let's deal with it as a FAMILY!


Black history/addressing the propaganda of the movie T.H.U.G & more w/Bro. Ikosi

#Itsourtimenow #reperations #propaganda #TheHateUGive Call in 929-477-2174 @4pm PST 2.10.19 So much to discuss and breakdown as we also celebrate Black History we must also address propaganda against Black organizations and how celebrities/entertainment are used against the best interest of Black people. Call in and Build with us and make sure to FOLLOW THE SHOW!


Truth is the new Terrorism w/ Malcolm Flex

1.28.18 @7pm PST call in 929-477-2174 (press one to ask a question/make a comment) We will have Good Brother Malcolm Flex on tonight to discuss the agenda to suppress eliminate any point of view not agreeable to white supremacy. We have seen many powerful voices neutralized of the last few years on main stream & social media. I and some of you have been flagged, suspended etc for our opinion or expression. After this program there will be absolutely clear, as to why this is happening, who is...


Are we too woke? #ConsciousCommunity

Are you too woke? cash app $Neterket


Let's not disgrace our Ancestors

We stand on the shoulders of those who labored,killed or died fighting wars and or in the streets for our freedom & justice. Those whose profound light still illuminates the path to our freedom & who did the impossible without the aid of modern technology. Some had no choice but to revolt or in the case of those who fought in the Civil War, enter the blondest conflict recorded on American soil. We owe them respect for their sacrifice,there are many ways to fight for our Good Cause, and we...


CORE Music Fest with Shaneekya Yates

Saturday 7.7.18 @ 4PM EST call in 347-989-8767 Please join us as we welcome Shaneekya Yates, Founder/CEO Conscious Critic, Corp to Blackistand Radio! We will definitly promote the CORE Music Fest and play some tunes from artist who will perform, however, with a dynamic guest such as this, it would'nt do our audience justice if we didn't speak on other topics such as the conscious community, Black Empowerment, social issues, current event & Build with the callers. make sure to also check the...


Forth of July, Freedom are we there yet?

*prerocrded on FaceBook live. #4thofjuly #IndependenceDay #Liberation #Staywoke #Shenanigians


Fake woke shenanigans

Sunday @ 4PM EST call in # 347-989-8767 Great upcoming guest coming in July, however this first of July we are going to allow an open caller platform to discuss current events, the conscious comunity, Black issues, promote what you have going on or whatever is on your mind. Make sure to call in, listen online, join the chatroom or whatever you do! Also check out... twitter @BlackistandRBG...


Blackistand Build with War Head

Friday, 6.22.18 @ 4pm PST/6pm CT/7pm EST call in number 347-989-8767 Come join Blackistand and build with guest & Chicago grass-roots Activist, WAR HEAD. We want to hear whats going on in your community, what solutions you think we should use, questions or comments. We will be alos going live @ Make sure to tell a friend, follow the show and add on to the conversation. Also check out


Stopping Police Brutality & the attack on our image

Saturday 6.2.18 @ 4PM EST/1PM PST call in 347-989-8767 Let's stop making it so hard, we can do practical things immediatly that can challenge police terrorism in our comunities! Also the controlling of our narrative and other foctors can minimize the destruction of our images and images of our icons. Tune in to Blackistand radio by callin in 347-989-8767 or watching live via the Blackistand Radio Facebook page Twitter @ BlackistandRBG...


Black Empowerment is a threat to "white supremacy"

*This is not a live show. Make sure to check out Twitter @BlackistandRBG YouTube: Neterket