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Practical Small Business Startups with Kaluha Malachi El

Wednessday 4.18.18 9:15 EST Call In # 347-989-8767 Brother Kaluha malachi El joins Blackistand radio to discuss some small business ventures that can generate wealth & authority in our lives and communities across the Nation! Tune in, and participate in the discussion then share this program with others. connect with bro. Kaluha @ KaluhaMalachi El on FB IG@ KaluhaEl 716-513-4439 IG @LiberationMindedMedia YT LiberationMindedMedia...


New Black Media #LiberationMindedMedia

4.7.18 @9PM PST What's good with Liberation Minded Media Group? Just have to put somethings on the record & give the some updates and ways to get involved and why you need to plug in ASAP!


Back 2 Context on Blackistand #DivisiveBlackPower

Friday 3.30.18 @ 10PM EST call in # 347-989-8767 Back 2 Context build session on Blackistand Radio tonight is "Divisive Black Power". We want to hear your thoughts, join us tonight on Blackistand Radio.


Controlling our own Narrative

Non scheduled improve show on why it is important to control our own narrative & upcoming Libertaion Minded Media. for info on how to support or be a part of LMMG email liberationmindedmedia@gmailcom


Back 2 Context presents BLK LEGACY

Friday 3.23.18 @ 7PM PT 10PM EST call in 347-989-8767 Join Blackistand Radio as we continue our weekly series "Black 2 Context'. This week we speak on BLK LEGACY. The KERNE Magazine team wil be in the BUILDING, Building! Support independent Black Media as we blaze into the 2018 taking no prisoners in our mission to properly inform the mass os our people! Follow Blackistand radio and we bring some of the most powerful voices to our platform! Make sure to tell a friend, tune in and call in...


BALLOT vs BULLET with KERNE Magazine

Friday 3.16.18 @ 10 PM EST call in # 347-989-8767 With the first issue of KERNE Magizine on the way in April. Creators and staff of KERNE joins Blackistand Radio to speak on the mission of KERNE Magizine, how it was created, what you can expect much more. Ballot or the Bullet was an epically firiey lecture by El Hajj Mailik Shabazz (Malcolm X), so expect an elightened discussion full of information & vigor! Make sure to call in 347-989-8767 or listen via Blogtalkradio and follow the show!...


Back 2 Context

Various topics are discussed, that are realitve to Black conciousness & our narrative. Very insightful and likly to be a reacuring series on Blackistand Radio/Liberation Minded Media. Please share content and support Independent Black Media as we need our own narrative & voice and must validate our position and reach as many as our people as possible in order to inform, educate, organize & mobilize our people. The letters of KERNE also stand for the 5 principles our entire movement which...


Why are you really mad about Black Panther?

Saturday 2.24.18 @ 5PM EST Call in # 347-989-8767 (press 1 to speak) Tune into Blackistand radio and lets talk 'Black Panther' & Black Panthers! Although there are some legit arguments & critiques on the movie from a "conscious" Black perspective, lets talk about them as Neterket Jay Dizzle gives a much need perspective and understanding. Speacial guest and Deputy national Chief of Staff, Kieth Muhammad of the NBPP will also join us. Find out how you can also support the Real Panthers &...


From "Huey to Khallid" with Knowledge Born Allah

2.17.18 11am PST call in #347-989-8767 On February 17th, the Bornday of Black Panther co-founder Dr. H. P Newton and the day Dr. Khallid Muhammad made his transition, Blackistand radio invites founder of Do Tha Knowledge Radio to Build & pay homage to two Kings who are now Ancestors. Don't miss this important Build session and your oppertunity to pay homage!


Black Empowerment with Que Butter

Saturday 1.27.18 @ 3PM EST Que Butter Builds on Blackistand Radio to build on educating our youth and the xyayx Institute, Hip Hop, Busines & credit and more. Make sure to tune in and tell a friend to do same. Share this to your social media and spread the word of empowerment.


Where do we draw the line? (freestyle)

SATURDAY 1.20.18 CALL IN #347-989-8767 Today is a freestyle session, no guest just going in on a few topics at random. Listen or join the build!


United Conscious Minds Enterprise

Saturday 1.13.18 @ 4pm EST call in 347-989-8767 Join Blackistand Radio in the first episode of the new year as we welcome Sistars Kay Love & Ase Taz of United Conscous Minds Enterprise. Black business, land development & brother/sisterhood will be the main topics. Also, we will discuss the Dr Umar situation, H&M and corporate racism, Oprah for president? and other current events. Call in #347-989-8767(press 1 to speak) & chatroom will be open. Tune in, tell a friend and also check out...


Get it off your chest & collective purpose (Nia) for 2018



Get a Dose of Wisdom with Shakti Sterner

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 5th @ 1PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Please join us as we welcome Shakti Sterner of Get This Wisdom Magazine back to Blackistand Radio. Get This Wisdom Magazine is an up and coming powerful media platform and a strong component of the Liberation Minded Media Group. Come learn about it and get a dose of wisdom. Call in and show some love, promote your brand, drop a jewel. call in #347-989-8767.


The War For Your Mind pt 1

SUNDAY 10.22.17 10:30 pm EST call in # 347-989-8767 It's critical that we understand the war going on for our attention and to program our mind. This is a series of shows that may also air on other Liberation Minded Media platforms and include various guest. Hear the introductory episode, part 1 on Blackistand Radio with your host Neterket Jay Dizzle!


Resurrecting Black Wall Streets

Saturday 9.23.17 4;30 PM EST In this episode we will disscuss Black Wall Street, other Black towns still around today & the need to build new communities and rebuild old ones. As we speak on Nation Building, we must understand the need for communities, Municipalities & Government. Also current events such as, St Louis rebellions, Jemele Hill, Kenneka Jenkins, & the Boycotting the NFL will be disscussed. Call in and build or learn Chat room will be open, call in number 347-989-8767 Also...


Dare 2 Struggle with Chawn Kweli

Saturday Sept 2nd @ 4PM EST call in #347-989-8767 Join Blackistand Radio as we welcome New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff, Chawn Castro Kweli. We will go into current events, instructions for the New Afrikan(Black) Nation, The Dare 2 Struggle Network and much more! Call in number 347-989-8767 for questions or comments and also the chat-room will be open.


Henensu Authentic Kemetic Spirituality

Saturday @ 8pm EST call in #347-989-8767 Henensu Authentic Kemetic Spirituality with Brotha Aanku Benu We have a very special, insightful & Powerful Brotha coming to Blackistand to breakdown Kemetic Spirituality and how it and the Kulture applies to our people specifically now! If you subscribe to Kemetic Kulture, spirituality & history, you shouldn't miss this oppertunity to learn and Build with one of the best scholars/laborers on the subject. Call in number 347-989-8767 & chatroom will...


Warfare Musik with Che Blak of United Front

Sunday 7.9.17 @ 4pm EST cal in # 347-989-8767 Che Blak of United Front joins Blackistand with comrades bomani mayasa & Doc Mahdi. With his new album "Only built for Killers, Kutthroats & Warlords" set to drop Che Black will speak on the topic of War Musik, his group "United Front" and other topics pertaining to Revolution. This will be a show you don't wanna miss. Afrikan insurrection musik will be in full effect!. Call in #347-989-8767 chat room also will be open....


Turning Facebook friends into Business Partners with Brother Sutek

Friday 6.16.17 9PM EST 6PM PT call in # 347-989-8767 "In order for the for the Black man to live, the negro must die" Mr Death to the negro, Brother Sutek, known for his contribution on the most popular and controversial platform "House Of Konsciousness", Sa Neter TV will be on Blackistand Radio to Build on some very interesting & insightful topics, "Rebuilding Black Wall Street On The Information Highway & Turning Facebook Friends Into Business Partners". This is a few of the topics we're...


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