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HYPE Radio exists to encourage listeners and give them an alternative to mainstream hip-hop and r&b. We have seen many come to Christ through the music played on HYPE Radio and want to continue using the vessel of music and radio to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

HYPE Radio exists to encourage listeners and give them an alternative to mainstream hip-hop and r&b. We have seen many come to Christ through the music played on HYPE Radio and want to continue using the vessel of music and radio to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Nashville, TN


HYPE Radio exists to encourage listeners and give them an alternative to mainstream hip-hop and r&b. We have seen many come to Christ through the music played on HYPE Radio and want to continue using the vessel of music and radio to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.








Episode 051 - God Body



Episode 050 - Legin

Nigel "Legin" Anderson, a hip-hop and spoken-word artist, speaker, and entrepreneur operates the gospel hip hop label Renaissance Music with fellow artists Sinai and Focus. As an artist, Legin performs at concerts, conferences, and churches, attracting excited followers through his energy and authenticity. Motivated and inspired by his father’s battle with addiction, he speaks at schools and churches on the topics of living with hope, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing dreams in the face of...


Episode 049 - Focus



Episode 048 - Sinai

Sinai, born Jermaine Morris, grew up in the projects of New Haven, Connecticut. His mother was single raising him and his 2 older siblings for much of his childhood and she worked extremely hard to keep her children from the streets. He experienced the pain and rejection that many teens lacking the love and acceptance of a strong father figure go through. Years after nearly losing his life on three separate occasions, he began to realize that God had protected him. As God began to show Sinai...


Episode 047 - Illtalian

Illtalian is an Italian/Filipino, award-winning rapper from Kauai, Hawaii, who is currently nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano Award, also known as the Hawaiian Grammy, in the Best Rap Album of the Year category. Illtalian strives to deliver the Gospel in a unique fashion without compromising his message, while representing his home in Hawaii. His Nā Hōkū nominated album, “Makana,” features some of the biggest names in Christian Rap, including 1k Phew, Swift, Je’kob and Gemstones, and his new...


Episode 046 - Shep the Shepherd

Shep the Shepherd is the proverbial leader of the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) flock. His hope is to be transparent, to change the illusion that he would be a perfect Christian leading the perfect life. His hope is for others to be able to identify with his music and to find hope in Christ, the only perfect one.


Episode 045 - King Chav

King Chav is an emerging hip-hop artist from Jacksonville, FL originally from Bridgeport, CT. He uses his music as a way to connect and communicate with his generation. King Chav mixes substance with style in his delivery. He boldly talks about his faith, experiences, social and political issues within his music. His released his debut project, Time Will Tell, in July 2017. His music has been featured on publications such as HipHopDX, Rapzilla, newH20 and Sphere of Hip-Hop. He is also a host...


Episode 044 - Stovetop

During his college years, Stovetop wrote raps and experimented with production, but never really felt comfortable publicly displaying his skills until he started making music catered directly to his dorm mates at Northwestern in Orange City, IA. Describing it as a fraternity like atmosphere, Stover said his dorm mates took a shining to his ability to use his talent to drop bars filled with inside jokes and familiar stories. After graduating from Northwestern in 2010 with a degree in public...


Episode 043 - Professor Crow

Professor Crow is a broken-hearted artist campaigning for change. His bold message reaches a broad and diverse audience. From people who've been to Princeton and even people who've been to Prison! People who go to church and people who go to the club! In a genre flooded with copycats, Professor Crow stands out like a sore thumb. With many supporters proclaiming “He sounds like no one I’ve ever heard.” Professor Crow could very well be what Hip-hop is praying for. After listening to his music...


Episode 042 - Yung Titan

Yung Titan was born and raised in Memphis, Tn. There he witnessed ups and downs throughout his teenage life but developed a love for writing hip-hop songs. Once Titan was introduced to Jesus at his local church he started to pursue Youth ministry to help influence young people towards a Christian lifestyle. He uses Christian hip-hop to reach people and change lives.


Episode 041 - King Lewis & Jamar

King Lewis & Jamar: A Christian rap group who are looking to help and encourage the youth, all while having fun and praising God. King Lewis & Jamar are the two youngest brothers of a family of seven, six boys and one girl. Born in Las Cruces, New Mexico and raised in Houston, TX. King Lewis (Marcus Lewis) is 24 years old and Jamar (Timothy Lewis) is 29 years old. They pray their music reaches all areas of the world so that the people listening may be inspired and touched.


Episode 040 - D’Coy

Dustin Bridges, also known by his artist name D’Coy, is a new voice to the public music scene. While he has been rapping since he was a teen in the streets, he is just now beginning to open the door to music that will prayerfully have a lasting impact. Years of his life were spent recognizing a gift, but burying it deep under bad decisions, and then washing it out by a guilty conscience. Why couldn’t he change? Why did life have to be so hard? He struggled with giving love, because it had...


Episode 039 - Tyler James

My name is Tyler Bonynge (pronounced like the phone company: Vonage but with a B). I’m 27 years old and I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My Wife’s name is Melissa and my two boys are Hudson(age:4) and Kingston(age:2). I was saved at age 18 when a friend talked to me formally about the Gospel. Before I was a Christian, music was my idol. I had specific bands that embodied my infatuation such as Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails but I always had a love for hip hop ever since I could put a cd...


Episode 038 - JC Lewis

John Lewis "J.C." is a Christian singer and rapper who was born and raised in Houston. At a relatively young age he fell in love with GOD and JESUS CHRIST. With this passion he longed to do what he could to help people and have them find salvation through JESUS. This led him to start delivering the Word in youth ministry and music. He now has 6 albums filled with a heart for GOD and JESUS CHRIST and is currently recording his seventh. The ministry is increasing each day! He is the founder of...


Episode 037 - Mista Crain

As the grandson of a bishop; son of a Pastor; God has always been present and the head of his life and household. Growing up in Lufkin and El Paso Texas has been beneficial, allowing him to grow culturally and improve as an artist. It is said that scars add character, and that experience is the best teacher; each has help develop Mista Crain into a mature, goal driven individual. He is enrolled in the C. H. Mason Bible College and is on pace to be ordained as a Deacon. Crain also serves as...


Episode 036 - Yung Saintz

The Yung Saintz are a hip-hop duo with a brand new approach: Unlike most of the stereotype-driven rap scene, this pair of performers set out to make music with a positive mindset. Their sound is a great compromise between energetic beats, catchy and uplifting melodies as well as smart, challenging and witty lyrics. With such a sonic formula, Yung Saintz are one of those rare artists that can amuse you and make you think, at once. Often described as energizing, inspirational, and the future...


Episode 035 - J-Nice

J-nice the Kingdom Builder is an Austin, TX Christian Hip-hop Artist, who has been in ministry for over 12 years. This husband and father is the founder of Kingdom Builder Ministries. This movement inspires and teaches youth and young adults how to use the arts (I.E. Music, Poetry, Dance, Video Production, radio, and etc.) to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He also the founder of Hip Hop Sunday, The Longest consecutive Christian Hip-Hop showcase in the city of Austin, TX as well as...


Episode 034 - 2 The Human



Episode 033 - J-Nibb

J-NiBB’s outlook on life has always been unique, but simple: "If you want something badly enough, then either go get it, or find a way to make it happen!". He has never recognized "I can't." His participation in sports brought him recognition for both his leadership and motivational skills. In his senior year, it seemed that his football dream was about to become a reality. That fragile dream was brought to an abrupt end through shifted discs in his spine (which pinched his sciatic nerve)...


Episode 032 - Shepherd

Jeffrey "Shepherd" Garcia is a south Florida-based Christian hip-hop artist. Featured on Rapzilla, Jam The Hype and Trackstarz, Shepherd has collaborated with CHH artists such as Dre Murray of Collision Records, Surf Gvng, Co Campbell & more! At an early age, Shepherd fell in love with hip-hop and began writing music. Raised in a fatherless home since the age of 8, his single mother’s strong Christian values kept him aligned to the faith. Straying away and being baptized countless times, it...