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Episode 39: Sayonara, 2016

Another year, another meticulously curated best of music play list. Sure, sure – every one ELSE has moved on to 2017 and are feverishly beginning to mark down what new jams take their fancy, but here at the Lighthouse? Well, we move at our own pace and deliver only the best product to give back you….the people. In this episode, the The post Episode 39: Sayonara, 2016 appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Episode 38: Limelight Leftovers

Christmas (…and 2016) have come and gone, however there are still a few albums that dropped late this year for the Low Lifes to sink their teeth into. In this episode we welcome the return of Ab-Soul with his new album Do What Thou Wilt, examine the funkdafied transformation of Childish Gambino on the new Awaken, My Love!, post up with Post The post Episode 38: Limelight Leftovers appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Ep 37: Curious Kendrick Hanging With A Couple Maroons

The title of this episode only refers to a small portion of the podcast, but made for a great visual so we went for it. We’re Low Lifes, we’re not here to feed the streets with facts and objective thoughts. We drag you down to our level. We spend half the podcast professing our love for the new Tribe album The post Ep 37: Curious Kendrick Hanging With A Couple Maroons appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Episode 36: Dr. Fisherman & Mr. Brown

Ying & Yang. Heads & Tails. Divinity & Atrocity. This week at the Lighthouse…it’s all about the dualities. After a much cathartic rant a few weeks ago, and admittedly – further ranting during last weeks awards, the Low Lifes sit down to discuss two projects that while entirely different in concept and execution, both hit the highs we’ve been searching for The post Episode 36: Dr. Fisherman & Mr. Brown appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Episode 35: Live from The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards

The music, the fashion, the pageantry…the fuckery. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards. In this episode the Lowlifes switched things up a little and settled in for a night on the couch (and many brews) to watch went down last Tuesday. From the cyphers featuring reunions, up and comers and veterans; to the plethora of The post Episode 35: Live from The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Episode 34: Lowlifes In The Studio Rant McStuff

Ladies & Gentlemen the Lowlifes are back and boy oh boy, do we have a lot to get off our chest. In this episode we discuss The Sun’s Tirade from TDE’s next big thing – Isaiah Rashad; ascend the staircase into Frank Ocean’s mind with his double drop – Endless/Blonde; debate whether the name change, changes anything with Young Thug’s The post Episode 34: Lowlifes In The Studio Rant McStuff appeared first on Limelight Low Lifes.


Ep 31: Songs with Low Life in the title

Yep, the idea's pretty simple. We found songs with Low Life in the title, from all genres. We've co-opted Low Lifes by Future ft. The Weeknd, but would we be able to find a new theme song? Simple, yet a fun episode. I know we certainly had fun recording it. Music in this Episode Low Life — Future ft. The Weeknd Lowlife — Theory of a Deadman Lowlife - That Poppy Lowlife — DEATHWATCH Lowlife — Lucki Eck$ Lowlife — Kid Rock Low Life — Tours ft. Steffaloo The post Ep 31: Songs with...


Ep 30: R & Sleaze

This episode is chock full. There's a lot of great music that was released lately. First we discuss the new ScHoolboy Q album Blank Face, then we get into Waking At Dawn by Roy Wood$ followed by Wallflowers as crafted by The Avalanches and finish with the BBNG album entitled IV. Just like this blog post, we get to the point because we have a lot to discuss. Music in this episode: TorcH — ScHoolboy Q THat Part (Black Hippy Remix) — ScHoolboy Q Gwan Big Up Urself — Roy Wood$ Switch —...


Ep 29: Hawthorne & Oates

We're going places! Literally. We go on a road trip in this episode. We are off to the Hall & Oates show, opened by Mayer Hawthorne, at the Molson Amphitheater. We were so excited for the show, we decided to record our own show on the way over. Music in this episode I Wish It Would Rain — Mayer Hawthorne Lingerie & Candlewax — Mayer Hawthorne Love Like That — Mayer Hawthorne Maneater — Hall & Oates Rich Girl— Hall & Oates Private Eyes — Hall & Oates Full playlist on Youtube → The...


Episode 28: Skepta / Vic Mensa / Flume Album Reviews

It was two thirds of the crew on the mic this episode but we put in three halves the amount of work. That statement makes no sense, but it seemed like a fun idea. Basically, we reviewed a lot of new music. There's been a slew of projects coming out lately and we wanted to go through the best of it. In the end, we shared our thoughts on Konnichiwa by Skepta, There's A Lot Going on by Vic Mensa and Skin by Flume. Music in this episode Low Life — X Ambassadors ft. A$AP Ferg Man —...


Episode 27: Miami Jesus

That's right, we saw Jesus in concert! Well, the Miami Jesus, or, as he's most commonly know, Breakbot. It was a dynamite show and we reminisce before getting into this episode's reviews: the new Kaytranada and Chance the Rapper tapes. Finally, we finish out with a quick tribute to our very own, Gord Downie. Music in this episode Lemonade — Gucci Mane Lite Spots — Kaytranada Glowed Up — Kaytranada ft. Anderson .Paak All Night – Chance the Rapper Ahead by a Century — The Tragically...


Episode 26: Patch on the Back ft. Magz

This episode is a little different. It's a solo effort by your boy, Yung Husk a.k.a The Silent Prince a.k.a the Colonel of the Cologne. To help me out, I brought on a good friend I met in college and asked her to bring five songs she enjoys so you can get to know her through her musical appetite. We start by going through a bit of her music history and then quickly proceed to reminisce on our past adventures. Enjoy our silliness. Music in this episode Ritual Spirit — Massive Attack Black...


Episode 25: Views of the Lemonade

We're taking on the big ones. We're tackle the two behemoths to come out in the last week: Beyonce's Lemonade & Drake's Views. And, for the first time in a while, we have some opposing opinions. In fact, these two projects was all we had time to talk about so press play let the debate begin. Music in this episode: Low Life — The Weeknd ft. Future Feel No Ways — Drake Keep the Family Close — Drake Too Good — Drake ft. Rihanna In Common — Alicia Keys Listen to the Episode: The post Episode...


Episode 23: Yo! MTV Chats

You can’t go forward without looking back every once in a while and in this episode, the Lowlifes do just that. After a small sojourn down to our local record store to watch the 1974 classic “Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla”; we stumbled upon a small treasure trove of pop culture – Yo! MTV Rap Trading cards from 1991. So to change things up, we thought it may be fun to open these cards on our podcast and take a little trip down hip hop’s memory lane. So put on your freshest Fila sweatsuit, lace...


Episode 20: Pushing Forward

Well, the wait is over. We're back for the new year. Even though it's been avery depressing start, we're still optimistic for what is sure to be another brilliant year in music. In this episode we recap late album of the year contender "Darkest Before Dawn - The Prelude" by Pusha T, discuss how much Drake really did run 2015, take a peak at the new and very welcomed return of Murs & 9th Wonder's "Brighter Daze"; and also make some early predictions onour most anticipated projects of 2016....


Episode 19: Top 15 of 2015

It's December and the year is drawing to an end so it's time to do a round up. We tasked ourselves with each individually picking our favourite five tracks of the year for a tally of fifteen best jams in the last 12 months. The criteria was simple: pick tracks that have done it for you this year. Throw objectivity out the window, this is the most biased list you're going to see this year and we wouldn't do it any other way. In fact, there was one album so good, two tracks made the top...


Episode 18: Thanksgiving Leftovers

We've all had that moment. You're scrounging through the fridge for a snack, whether out of hunger or boredom, and there it is. Tucked all away gently in the back, usually behind a mess of scraped out condiment jars, is a whole plate of delicious leftovers. In a food coma haze you had the forethought tosave it for later, knowing you'll eventually get around to eating it. But then you forget about it. Life gets in the way. You cook other food. You eat out. Other things takepriority and it's...


Episode 17: Gonna Be As Good As Boyz N The Hood

Well folks, the weathermay be changingbut the topics are still hot at the Lighthouse. In this episode we recap the madness that went down in music this summer, discussthe rise of Roy Wood$ and the Toronto music scene, salute the life and times of the Jesus Price Superstar; Sean P, and take a tour through Compton both visually and musically as we weigh up whether the good Doctor is prescribing the right medicine with theN.W.A. biopic 'Straight Outta Compton' and the 16-year in the making...


Episode 16: Sippin’ green tea in a green tee watchin’ TV (feat. Clairmont The Second)

We've made it to the big leagues! We had our first real guest on the show. After discovering Clairmont The Second, I wrote a small piece about himon the blog. Well that article turned into Clairmont and a few friends coming through the studio to record an episode.We discussed the early days of the internet and charming women on MSN, what type of music he's listening to, we get into his music a bitand the influencehisbrother has had on him. But most interesting of all, we discovered some...


Episode 15: Never On Schedule, Always On Time

'All things come to those who wait' - Violet Fane 'Real G's move in silence, like lasagna' - Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. They certainly do. After months of uncertainty, headaches and being a best man at a wedding - the exile is over. Your boy is back in the north. #QBFree In this very special episode, we chop it up about Game Of Thrones marathons, biking in downtown Toronto, the launch of Apple Music and highlight some of the quality releases from last month; from Jamie xx's In Colour to...