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Epik and Curtiss King Discuss The Future Of Selling Beats Online

What's going on the business of selling beats online? Are we nearing an end or are we experiencing a new beginning. In our triumphant return, Curtiss King discusses the future of selling beats online with the pioneering and legendary produceneur EPIK. In this hour long discussion we cover topics such as the age gap between music producers, the disconnect between rappers and producers, the importance of quality customer service, and much more.


How to Build a Fanbase & Make a Living Off Of Music

One of the most common questions Rappers and Music Producers ask me is "How do I build a fanbase?". That can be a complicated question to answer because no 2 musicians are exactly alike. However there are important questions artists should ask themselves and crucial decisions they need to make before they should even think about building an audience. A clear goal and perspective is key my friend.


Music Producer Interview: TONE JONEZ Talks Work With Lecrae, Success In Beat Leasing, & Not Using TYPE Beats

Music Producers, Tone Jonez is the epitome of musicianship in Hip Hop Production. He is one of the most successful beat leasing producers int he world, and after one listen of his work, there's no confusion why. In this interview we dig deep into the root of his success, why he decided to stop pursuing placements, the importance of having a vision, and his best music producer advice for up and comers. This by far was one of my most sought after interviews. It was an honor to speak with the...


Russ Pisses Off The Music Producer Community. Was He Wrong?

Music Producers, this past week a controversial video clip of a VladTV interview with Russ resurfaced. In this interview Russ takes a unique perspective on the why the current state of Hip Hop is where it is: In his words "Blame The Producers". Yes, you heard that correct. Russ whom is a Rapper and Music Producer himself thinks that the blame for the monotony of today's music lies solely in the hands of the music producer. In today's podcast I explain my viewpoints on these bold statements.


Music Producer Interview - KRUCIAL KEYS Talks Producing For Alicia Keys, Drake, and Nas, and His Tips On Getting Placements

Multi-Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Krucial Keys has been the man behind the music of legendary artists such as Alicia Keys, Drake, Nas, and Christina Aguilera. Krucial has produced, written, arranged and composed songs that have appeared on motion picture soundtracks such as Dr. Dolittle, Drumline, Shaft, and Ali. His collaborative work with Alicia Keys, earned him two Grammy Awards: Best R&B Album (Songs in A Minor) and Best R&B Song ("No One"). In this interview we dig deeper than...


Your Today Does Not Have To Be Your Tomorrow

Anyone that has been keeping up with the last year of my life knows that my life changed dramatically. I went from living on a friend's couch to becoming an author, husband, father, public speaker and much more. How did I do it? By holding onto the belief that my today didn't have to be my tomorrow. Hopefully this episode helps you no matter what brush strokes are being added to the canvas of your life.


Music Producer Interview: WILLIE B (@Ichibandon) Talks Producing For Kendrick & J Cole, Not Using VSTS, & His Formula For Longevity

Legendary west coast music producer Willie B has been the man behind the beats of many classic Hip Hop records in this current generation. From Kendrick Lamar's "Rigamortis" to J.Cole's "03 Adolescence" and ScHoolboy Q's title track "Oxymoron", it is evident that the Ichiban Don has a production style that satisfies many influential palettes in today's modern Hip Hop landscape. Willie's eclectic sampling style combines the unpredictability of J Dilla, mixed with the dirty percussion of...


Music Producer Interview: Sorry JayNari - Multi Platinum Producer Discusses Credits, Publishing, & Placements (Episode 17)

West coast music producer Sorry JayNari sits down with Curtiss King to discuss producing for Chris Brown, Wiz, Tyga,Waka Flocka Game, Nipsey, YG, TY$, Fabolous, Publishing nightmare stories, favorite VSTs, his strengths and weakness as a producer and much more.


The Myth Of The Almighty GOOD LOOK (Episode 10)

Rappers and Music Producers, have you ever traded your services for a potential GOOD LOOK? How would you say most of those GOOD LOOKS panned out? If it's anything like most of us, that GOOD LOOK left you feeling like you got the short end of the stick more times than not. Be careful of the almighty good look because it comes from more than just your peers. The GOOD LOOK claims can come from your friends and family as well. In today's episode we discuss establishing healthy boundaries so that...


The 5 Unavoidable Steps Of Failure and Success (Episode 9)

Rappers and Music Producers, we have all heard at one point or another in life that failing is a necessary step in our pursuit of success. However, even though we are aware of this, most of us still try our best to avoid failure by any means. Why is that? Because we look at our failures as events instead of outcomes and results. In today's episode we discuss ways that we can redefine failure in our advantage with a little assistance from one of my favorite books "Failing Forward" by John C....


We Are Dying TOO Young In Hip Hop (Episode 8)

Rappers and Music Producers, the genre of Hip Hop has always been viewed as a young man or woman's sport. This youthful energy has produced some of the most entertaining and enlightening music and thoughts from some of our brightest young minds. However, in a genre that seems to place most of it's focus on what artists are the most relevant today versus what artists have helped pioneer this culture, the question must be posed: Where is the love for the OGs? Why are their accomplishments not...


Are You Eating Away Your GROWTH Money? (Episode 7)

Rappers and Music Producers, you've heard the old saying that it "Takes money to make money." In 2018 this is still relevant as it's ever been. However, after speaking with my brother Game from Busy Works Beats TV, he blessed me with another gem that I can align right aside that prior saying "Don't Eat Your Growth Money!" How many of us aren't growing in our respective businesses because we aren't reinvesting our money? How many of us aren't growing because we are living above our means?...


The Music Producer Propaganda Continues. Thanks Genius. (Episode 6)

Music Producers, this past week was a busy one in our community. The positive news? Complex wrote an amazing article on the modern day landscape of the online beat selling business. The negative news? Genius released another video fueled by misinformation and propaganda specifically about "TYPE BEAT" Producers. I shared a few of my thoughts on Twitter the morning Genius released this poor excuse for journalism. It's my guess that this is what they wanted. Oh Well. With this comes an...


Lil Xan Disses 2Pac. Hip Hop Fans, Are We Really THAT Surprised? (Episode 5)

Rappers and Music Producers, this past week Lil Xan shared some controversial thoughts on the music of legendary Rapper 2Pac in an interview with Revolt TV. In this interview he mentioned how he finds 2pac's music to be 'boring'. This of course got it's usual backlash from the Hip Hop community, most notably from Waka Flocka who called for an all out ban of the rapper from the culture. I personally am a HUGE 2pac fan. And although it pissed me off to read these disrespectful comments I can't...


My Mental Detox From Rap Music (Confessions of A Middle Aged Rapper) (Episode 4)

About 2 years ago I experienced a dramatic mental shift after attending a Tony Robbins conference called Unleash The Power Within. These are not words you hear many rappers say, well unless their name is Kanye West. What drove me to attend this event? I hit a wall in my life even though I was enjoying one of the most financially successful years. At this 30 + hour conference I learned a lot about human psychology and the effect our daily habits have on our moods, specifically depression. In...


Why "Clout Chasing" Is The Most Dangerous Phrase In Hip Hop (Episode 3)

Rappers and Producers, it is in our nature to create and universally adopt slang from all over the world into our everyday language. The way we talk and redefine language is as important to our culture as the music we enjoy and create. However, every so once in awhile there is a phrase that we adopt into our everyday vernacular that does more harm than good to our growth as creatives. For me, the phrase "Clout Chasing" is just as much hilarious as it dangerous to the next generation of Hip...


How To Overcome The Fear Of Releasing New Music as A Rapper & Producer (Episode 2)

Rappers and Music Producers, it is absolutely normal to feel nerves when you release your newest music. Questions arise such as "What If my new music is terrible?" or "What If This Song Ruins My Momentum?" However, in a day and age when music and information is shared and forgotten at an alarming rate, it is imperative not only for artists to release these songs but to also document their insecure feelings about them. In this episode Curtiss King shows creatives how to turn their fears into...


Curtiss King: The Story of a Prosperous Rapper & Music Producer (Episode 1)

Who is Curtiss King? What is the purpose of this podcast? In the first episode of The Curtiss King Podcast, I speak about my journey as a 15 year rapper and music producer. From my humble beginnings on MTV Music Generator, to the many hurdles of the modern music business, all the way to my present day success as an author and owner of a six figure beat leasing business. My adventure through the music business has been anything but traditional, therefore I believe it can bring you a lot of...