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The Disappearance of Katie O'Shea

Free Spirited mother of five Katie O'Shea disappeared from Far North Queensland in 2005 leaving her friends and family to deal with grief, accusations and the terrible possibility they could have had a serial killer in their midst. Support us at for extra episodes and upcoming free events.


Great Escapes

Susanna Lobez and James Morton have written another fantastic book about Australian crime. This time they turn their attention to prison escapes. The book is called "Gangland, The Great Escapes, and it's available now. Susanna joins us to talk about Australia's rich history of prison breaks.


Mr Ordinary Goes To Jail - Part 2

A year ago, we spoke to Will, an ordinary guy who went to jail after he bit off more than he could chew when the temptation of stealing money from his workplace got the better of his moral compass. We speak again to him this week to ask how the last year has treated him, and what life lessons he has learned from his time inside.


"The Problem with Ivan"

Amanda Howard, the Serial Killer Whisperer joins us again to talk about the holes she believes are in the case against Ivan Milat. Amanda corresponds with Milat in Jail. Amanda's own podcast is called Monsters who Murder


Brian "The Skull" Murphy

Brian joined the police force in 1954, a time now known as either the good old days or the bad old days of policing, depending on whom you ask. He's crossed paths with some of Australia's most notorious criminals and been investigated for corruption himself, but Vicki Petraitis' excellent book, "Once a Copper" reveals some unexpected vulnerability behind the tough exterior. They both joined us in studio.


Operation Collier - Narelle Fraser

Narelle Fraser's first case with the Victorian Rape Squad was to be one of the most challenging of her career. Operation Collier remains an open investigation. Plus, our first exclusive extra episode is available for tier 2 patrons. Go to to access the extra episode.


Hard Cuddles with James Harding

James Harding is putting as much energy and passion into helping people as her once did into hurting them. You can support him by liking his facebook page and following him on instagram. You can support us at


My Dad the Loose Unit - Extra Episode

An extra episode this week featuring stand up comedian Paul Verhoeven who's written a book about his father John, a former NSW copper and forensics investigator, not to mention a very intriguing fellow. The fact that he managed to remain straight during one of the most notoriously bent periods in Australian policing turns out to be one of the least surprising aspects of this extraordinary character. For more extra Australian True Crime, follow us on Facebook and join us as we launch on...


Fillicide - Tragedy and Psychology

The death of a child is a tragedy, but even more horrific is when a child is killed by the hands of their own parent. Author Cheryl Critchly and Dr Helen McGrath are back this week to talk to us about Filicide, and the disturbing aspects of psychology that have led parents to kill their own children.


The Crime Scene Isn't Always What It Seems - A Charlie Bezzina Story

Charlie is back this week to tell us more about his time in the Victorian Police Homicide Squad, as well as to discuss how policing has changed over the last four decades, both during his time in the force and now as a retired detective.


I Was Sexually Assaulted By A Stranger When I Was 7

After her rape went unsolved for more than 25 years, Elesha contacted police to have her case reopened. She courageously tells us about what life has been like since her attack when she was 7 years old, what happened when her case was reopened and why she contacted us to tell her story. PLEASE NOTE: Listener discretion is advised as this episode details child sexual assault and trauma. For help: 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732) Lifeline 13 11 14, Blue Knot Helpline on 1300 657 380. For more...


The murder of Stuart Fairlie - A Charlie Bezzina Case

The 1989 murder of RSPCA officer Stuart Fairlie highlighted the dangers posed for workers in the enforcement field who worked solo or “one-up” in rural areas of Australia. Retired former Victoria Police Homicide Squad boss Charlie Bezzina takes us through this case.


When A Parent Goes To Jail

Listener Amelia talks to us about the experience of having a parent in prison and what support kids need to cope.


The Art Of The Interview with Chris O'Connor

Chris O’Connor is a highly regarded retired detective He worked some extremely high profile cases in the Victoria Police on the child exploitation unit including the hunt for Mr Cruel Operation Spectrum. Chris now uses his decades of specialised experience and knowledge training other agencies, including police, on effective interview questioning.


Martha Needle: Mother, Murderer, Victim

The story of Martha Needle is compelling and tragic. We speak to author Dr Brian Williams about his in-depth book on the life and crimes of this woman, who is one of Australia’s most prolific killers.


The Frankston Murders: 25 Years On with Vikki Petraitis

True Crime author Vikki Petraitis joins us to talk about The Frankston Murders in the wake of their 25th anniversary, as well as provides an insight into the now jailed perpetrator, Paula Denya.


Mind Behind The Crime - Deadly Personality Disorders

Journalist Cheryl Critchley and Psychologist Helen McGrath have studied some of Australia's most shocking and seemingly unexplainable crimes, to discover the ways in which the disordered personalities of the perpetrators set them on a deadly path. They teach us about common personality disorders and how to spot them, as well as the difference between these disorders and mental illness. Cheryl and Helen's book, Mind Behind the Crime is available now.


True Crime Ethics

When grieving mother Sonia Anderson disrupted a book launch in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, she sent shocks waves through the True Crime industry. What are the ethics around True Crime? What do we owe victims and their families? Sonia joins us to discuss the issue, and True Crime writers Emily Webb and Megan Norris have a candid conversation about the difficult lesson they've learned along the way.


Don't Walk Alone at Night.

Generation after generation of women are told that the only way society can ensure their safety after dark is for them to agree never walk alone. Is it fair? Is it reasonable? Is it just reality? Narelle Fraser and Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane from Victoria Police join us to discuss violence against women in the wake of the rape and murder of Eurydice Dixon.


Who killed my sister? The murders of Fiona Burns and John Lee

In 1990 when Barbie McCarthy was 12, her older sister Fiona, 15 was stabbed to death along with her teen friend John and their bodies dumped in Kaniva, on the border of Victoria and South Australia. The murders are still unsolved and Barbie talks to us about her efforts to find answers and how her life changed forever when Fiona died. For more on one of our podcast friends, Hong Kong Confidential: Webpage: Network:...