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107 The Bricca Family Murders

On Sunday September 25, 1966, 28-year old Jerry Bricca, his 23-year-old wife Linda and their four-year old daughter Debbie were brutally stabbed to death in their home in Cincinnati, Ohio. The family had been stabbed 21 times between them. No weapon has ever been found, no struggle or disturbance was heard by any neighbour and no usable evidence could be collected. It has been almost 52 years since the murders, and the case remains unsolved. Today's sponsors Sugar Bear Hair and Fabletics....


106 Juan Pedro Martinez

10-year-old Juan Pedro Martinez disappeared when the truck he was travelling in was involved in a multiple car accident near Somosierra in Spain. Both his father and mother were killed in the accident but no trace of Juan Pedro was ever found. Eye witness reports suggest that an odd looking couple stopped near the overturned truck shortly after the accident and left with a package. Could they be connected with the disappearance? Today's sponsors are Canadian True Crime Podcast and Sugar...


105 Natalie Wood

Natalia Zakharenko, the daughter of immigrants, would rise to fame when she was just a child staring in Miracle on 34th Street in 1947\. Having changed her name to the more marketable Natalie Wood, she would star in 20 movies as a child before making a successful transition into the industry as an adult. Her name has recently made the news again when the Los Angeles Sherriff’s department said in early 2018 that her husband Robert Wagner was named a person of interest in her 1981drowning...


104 Cynthia Miller and Tracey Neilson

In August of 1981, bride-to-be Cynthia Jane Miller was gunned down in her own home on the eve of her wedding day. In January of 1981, Tracey Neilson was found stabbed to death in her home on her 21st birthday. The cases aren’t connected, but there are a few similarities. As the years went on, the cases grew cold but both have seen renewed interest on the part of investigators and the public in recent years. Today's Sponsors: Dispatch by Breakout Games and This Is Serious....


103 Darcey Freeman

Thank you to our guest host, Felon True Crime. On January 29 2009, Arthur Freeman was driving his three children across the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne. It would be his 4-year-old daughter, Darcey’s first day of school. Unfortunately she would never make it. For reasons no one would ever be able to explain, Freeman calmly exits his vehicle with Darcey in his arms and tosses her off the bridge. Freeman goes back to his car with his other two children inside and drives away. It would not...


Preview: Mysteriously Listed

Over the past few months, Ali and Charlie will be showcasing their solo podcast projects. This is the latest episode of Mysteriously Listed, now available in your favorite podcast catcher. Recent statistics out of the United States show that on average around 2300 people go missing every day. Many of these missing persons are found within days but there are those that continue to baffle investigators years after they disappear. The cases where investigators have no evidence to work with....


102 Army Private John Bennett

In 1961, the US military carried out the last execution after a court-martial, as of the time of this recording. Army Pvt John Bennett’s conviction was for the rape and attempted murder of an 11 year girl in Austria. This case brought up questions of race in our military justice system and if mental health should factor into sentencing. Thank you to guest host Dominique Mix, researcher Jessica Bettencourt, and to our sponsor Dispatch by Break Out Games https://dispatch.breakoutgames.com/...


101 Alberta Jones and Leon Jordan

In 1965, the body of Alberta O. Jones was found on the banks of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky. Alberta was one of the first black women to pass the bar in Kentucky, she was the first female prosecutor, and she fought for civil rights in the Jim Crow era. Five years later, civil rights leader Leon Jordan was gunned down in front of his business in Kansas City. The cases are not connected but the similarities between them are striking. But most of all, both cases remain unsolved....


100 Kenneka Jenkins

On Friday September 8 2017, 19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins went to a hotel with three friends. They were going to a birthday party of a friend-of-a-friend of Kenneka’s at the Crowne Plaza at Rosemont. Within four hours after arriving, Kenneka is reported missing. Police were not called instead Kenneka’s friends call her mother. Her mother races to the hotel and asks for the hotel to help her find her daughter. And there would be good reason for this urgency, because Kenneka would later be...


099 Magdalena Zuk

In late April of 2017, Magalena Zuk arrived in the Egyptian beach resort town of Marsa Alam for a week-long package vacation. She had planned the trip as a surprise for her boyfriend but he was unable to travel with her due to passport and visa issues. Just one day after her arrival, Magdalena started acting strangely. She was taken to a private hospital while arrangements were made for a friend to fly from Poland to accompany her home. Whilst at the hospital, she made multiple attempts to...


098 The Walker Family Murders

On Sunday, December 20th, 1959, Don McLeod arrived at the home of Cliff Walker bright and early. They had a planned hunting trip, but instead of seeing Cliff waiting for him as he expected, Don found Cliff, his wife Christine, and one of their children dead on the floor. Authorities would later find their second child in the bathroom, also having been killed. The case remains unsolved though many believe the prime suspects are Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, the men convicted and executed...


097 Suzanne Jovin

Thank you to our sponsor, True Religion. Use code INSIGHT at truereligion.com for 20% off. On Dec 4, 1998, 21 year old Yale University senior Suzanne Jovin was stabbed 17 times and later died from her wounds. A suspect’s name was dragged through the media, though he was ultimately cleared. Her case remains unsolved. www.patreon.com/insightpod Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod insightfulpod@gmail.com Visit our website for show notes: insightpod.com Cover art...


096 Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

In Locust Grove, Oklahoma in 1977\. Three little girls were murdered less than 24 hours after arriving at Camp Scott near Tulsa. A suspect is named, an escaped criminal named Gene Leroy Hart which results in the largest manhunt in Oklahoma history. He is captured and arrested and the case goes to trial. But is everything want it seems. Is the evidence really pointing to Hart as being responsible for the murders? This case has a lot of unanswered questions. There is also a lot of...


Preview: The Doe Files

This week and next, Ali and Charlie will be showcasing their solo podcast projects. This is the third episode of The Doe Files, now available in your favorite podcast catcher. On August 23, 1989, a bearded man strolled down Anchorage's Mountain View Drive around lunchtime. Completely naked. He looked to be in his early 30s and people stopped and stared and honked their horns from their cars nearby. He walked over to the nearby McDonald's where he walked over to the center of three...


095 The Turpin Family

On January 14, 2018, a 17 year old girl called 911 and exposed one of the most shocking cases of child abuse to make the news. Though we are sure to learn more over the next several months and years, Ali and Charlie take a snapshot of where we are now just over 2 months since the children were rescued. Thank you to our sponsors this week: Stamps.com and ZipRecruiter. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod insightfulpod@gmail.com Visit our website for show notes:...


Preview: Impact Statement

This week and next, Ali and Charlie will be showcasing their solo podcast projects. This is the first episode of Impact Statement, now available in podcast apps. Around midnight on April 9, 2008, Kansas City, Kansas dispatch received a 911 call from Jeff Rogers. He had been beaten, shot, and stabbed but used what strength he had left to call for help. He later died, but not before giving police a description of his attackers. It is nearly 10 years later and Jeff’s murder remains unsolved....


094 Henry Keogh

Anna-Jane Cheney and Henry Keogh were five weeks away from their wedding. One night, she is found by her fiance dead in their bathtub. According to the prosecution, Henry had murdered Anna-Jane for the insurance money that he had taken out on her life. But was he really responsible? Thank you to our sponsors this week - Simple Contacts and Unexplained Mysteries podcast from Parcast. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod insightfulpod@gmail.com Visit our website...


093 Pearl Pinson

15-year-old Pearl Pinson was walking on her normal route to school when she was violently abducted by Fernando Castro. Castro traveled the length of California over the next few days and was involved in a shootout with police that left Castro dead and Pearl nowhere to be seen. Where is Pearl? Today's sponsor is eHarmony. Sign up for a 3-month subscription and get 1-month free. Use code SIGHT at checkout. Thank you to Olivia M for additional writing and research Facebook/insightpod Twitter...


092 The Midwest Axe Murders

In our Villisca episode, we made passing mention of other axe murders across the United States. This week, Charlie is joined by Corey Constable, host of Omitted, to discuss these historic cases and their similarities to each other and to Villisca. Was there really an axe wielding madman riding the rails? This episode is sponsored by True Religion www.truereligion.com/insight promo code INSIGHT to get 20% off your entire order And by Blue Apron. Go to blueapron.com/sight for $30 off your...


091 Rehtaeh Parsons

Thank you to Leah Parsons for talking with me for this episode. This episode is sponsored by Brooklinen. Get $20 off and free shipping with promo code SIGHT at brooklinen.com The story of Rehtaeh Parsons begins, for many people, with a post that went viral. The post was made in April of 2013, just after Rehtaeh died following a suicide attempt. Her mother, Leah Parsons, started a memorial Facebook page to honor the life of Rehtaeh and the first post let the world know that Rehtaeh had been...


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