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3.9 The Taiping Rebellion

This week on Political MissAdventures Vicki and Helena discuss the Taiping Rebellion. This uprising lasted for 14 years and was led by a spiritual and political leader who preached the redistribution of property, gender egalitarianism, and no booze. This uprising had dramatic ramifications for peasants and royals alike. Check out one of the 19th century's deadliest conflicts on this week's episode of Political MissAdventures!


The Battle of Algiers

This week we are talking about a ruined rebellion that was ruined strictly in the short run. Helena brings us the gripping and exciting story of the Battle of Algiers, an uprising of Algerians against the French in the 1950s. Please be advised that this topic does cover some tough stuff so certain portions may not be appropriate for all audiences. This is an important episode in the history of the 20th century and we hope that you will join us!


The Eureka Rebellion

This week, Political MissAdventures is going back down under! Our Ruined Rebellion is the Eureka Rebellion, in which angry gold miners faced off against the Australian authorities. Vicki makes only one attempt at a bad Australian accent. Helena gets to bust out her Irish accent. Penguins are mentioned.


3.6 Satsuma Rebellion

We are very excited to bring you the Satsuma Rebellion! Helena and Vicki geek out on the opening up of Japan, the Meiji restoration, and the biggest of the uprisings that ensues. Helena spins a stirring tale of deep social and economic transformation. It's samurai vs. samurai et al this week on Political MissAdventures!


3.5 Pugachev's Rebellion

This week we are talking about Pugachev's Rebellion, the largest peasant revolt in Russian history. Vicki tells Helena about Pugachev's impersonation of the deceased Peter III and how this Cossack posed a significant threat to the reign of Catherine the Great. Please forgive the fact that Helena was feeling rather under the weather when we recorded!


3.4 The Tupac Amaru Rebellion

This week we are excited to bring you the Tupac Amaru Rebellion. Helena is telling Vicki about a truly epic uprising against Spanish authorities in Latin America in the late 1700s. Ever wondered how the rapper got the name Tupac? Find out on this week's episode of Political MissAdventures!


3.3 Owain Glyndŵr's Uprising

A little late but hopefully not too short, it's part three of Ruined Rebellions here on Political Missadventures! This week we are going a bit out of order and Vicki is telling Helena about the last great rebellion of the Welsh against the English. We are going back about 600 years to tell the story of Owain Glyndŵr and the uprising he led. We apologize in advance for Vicki's attempts at Welsh names. They could be worse?


3.2 The Great Syrian Revolt

This week we are presenting our second Ruined Rebellion! Vicki tells Helena about the Great Syrian Revolt of 1925. It's Syrians vs. French colonialism in this week's episode of Political MissAdventures.


3.1 Essex's rebellion

Political MissAdventures is delighted to begin our new season: Ruined Rebellions! Helena is starting us off with the story of a naughty earl's effort to overthrow the virgin queen. It's Essex's Rebellion, Political MissAdventures style. Bad earl, no biscuit.


Holiday Special: Prohibition Part 1

This week we are giving you part one of our very own holiday special! We present Part 1 of 2 on Prohibition. In part 1, Vicki is giving us information on the prohibition movement and then a short chat about some of the mayhem that ensued. In part 2, Helena will be picking up on the chaos and the demise of the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Go to the Facebook page for a special version of this week's episode!


2.8 Töregene, Mongolian Empress

In this week's episode of Political MissAdventures, Vicki tells Helena a bit about Töregene Khatun. This exceptionally intelligent lady went from being second wife to THE number one in the massive Mongol Empire. And like many Mongolian queens and princesses that played pivotal roles in the early days of this massive empire, you've probably never heard of her. As always, please pardon our poor pronunciation.


2.7 Liliuokalani, Hawaii's Last Monarch

This week on Political MissAdventures, Vicki tells Helena the story of Hawaii's last monarch, queen Liliuokalani. Stuff gets real as we talk about the loss of Hawaiian independence. We give you some context on the Hawaiian monarchy, a bit about this foiled femme's upbringing, and then launch into the tragic tale which culminates in the islands' takeover by American plantation owners and eventual annexation by the United States. Vicki tries her best to pronounce things.


2.6 Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni

This week Helena is telling Vicki the story of the one, the only, Boudicca! She was a Celtic ruler who found herself in conflict with our old friends, the Romans. Her fight against the Romans is one of the most well-known chapters in the history of Roman Britain. Please note that there is a very brief reference to sexual assault, so this episode may not be appropriate for all listeners!


2.5 Anna Comnena, Historian and Princess

This week we are headed back to the balmy Mediterranean! Vicki tells Helena about Anna Comnena, a Byzantine princess who tried to take the throne but was thwarted by a wimpy husband and other unfortunate factors. She went on to write a fifteen-volume history in exile. Join us for our fifth Foiled Femme!


2.4 Dilma Roussef of Brazil

In our latest episode we are going thoroughly modern! Helena tells Vicki all about Dilma Roussef, former president of Brazil. Did you see the news but were you confused bythe scandal? Were you confuddled by corruption charges? Have no fear, Helena is here to explain this week's foiled femme with our usual dose of comedy.


2.3 Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra

In this week's episode, Vicki tells Helena about Queen Zenobia! She said "screw you" to the Roman Empire and took over a THIRD of its territory in only a few years. She is also arguably the most famous ruler of Palmyra, the ancient Syrian city that has hit the news for damage resulting from Syria's ongoing conflict. Hear the original story about a woman whose conquests and fall have been immortalized in art and literature for a millennia and a half.


2.2 Mary Queen Of Scots

Don't lose your head over our second "Foiled Femme"! This week, Helena tells Vicki about the Mary whose efforts to rule Scotland in Tudor times were foiled. Political pitfalls and dubious accents await you in our second episode in our second season of Political MissAdventures.


2.1 Queen Lakshmibai

This week we are delighted to release our first episode in our "Foiled Femmes" series. Vicki regales Helena with the story of Queen Lakshmibai of Jhansi, who faced off against the patriarchy and British domination in the 19th century.


1.11 Vicki's Vexations: Westphalia

This week we bring you a bonus mini episode! In this post-script to our series on "Wars that Make You Go, 'What,'" Vicki muses on the role which the norm of sovereignty in Europe may have played in providing us with strange pretexts for war.


1.10 Whacky War Wrap-Up

This is the LAST EPISODE of our season on "Wars That Make You Go, 'WHAT?!'" We bring the season to a close by having both of our co-hosts bring several crazy conflicts to the table. This week brings a lengthy war in which a shot was never fired, the war of the stray dog, a conflict begun by a failure by google maps, a war to keep a woman from the Austrian throne, the football war, and a war in which an army defeated itself over schnapps. It's a hilarious roller-coster of crazy conflicts...


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