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E33 - Year One Wrap

IT IS A WRAP! Hard to imagine it has already been a year for the Canada 150 Project. We've had some good times over the last year, shared some incredible stories about Canada's history, had a few laughs and made some new friends! Join us as we take a short episode to reflect on the last year and disucss the future of what we think was a successful first foray into the podcasting world!


E32 - The Red Scare, Part II

After kicking off with a strong drink of Caldera Hurricane 5, Brandon shares his thoughts on Trump's ability to get a meeting with Korea, which is extremely timely on this day of the episodes release…..Following that, Rod closes off the Red Scare two parter, by discussing the Illegals Program, a Russian lead initiative to infiltrate the USA by way of Canada. This leads in to a spiralling discussion of lies, deception and treason involving another Cold War Spy, Codename Gideon, a real life...


E31 - The Red Scare, Part I

Igor Gouzenko was a cipher clerk for the Soviet Embassy to Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. He defected on September 5, 1945 – just three days after the end of World War II – with 109 documents on Soviet espionage activities in the West. This forced Prime Minister Mackenzie King to call a Royal Commission to investigate espionage in Canada. Toast: Bohemian Spirts - Limited Gin


E30 - Big Things, Part III

It's hard to believe that we've hit Episode 30 already! For this milestone we bring back a favourite topic of ours and our listeners - Big Things! In Part III, we continue our cross-country back and forth as we explore those big roadside attractions and the incredible stories behind them. Toast: Monashee - Ethos Gin


E29 - Let's Start a Riot, Part III

In the final instalment of Let’s Start a Riot, Rod takes us through one of Canada’s most violent and deadly public uprisings in our history - the Quebec Easter Riots of 1918. An event that would require the first of only three times in Canadian history that the newly passed War Measures Act (1914) would be enacted, the Easter Riots were the culmination of the deep history between French and English Canada, political maneuvering and grandstanding from a government on its heels and an...


E28 - Let's Start a Riot, Part II

In our latest episode we continue to dig deeper into some of the more famous riots that have sprung up in Canada. Rod takes us through the tension, the impacts and the damage done in two separate riots in Toronto: The Jubilee Riots 1875 and the Anti-Greek Riots 1918.


E27 - Let's Start a Riot, Part I

We're back!!!! It's 2018 and we are starting this year off with ........ a RIOT! Well in true Canada 150 fashion, first a bunch of ramblings and then A RIOT! ​On 26 July 1784, a mob of Loyalist settlers stormed the home of a Black preacher in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, armed with hooks and chains seized from ships in the harbour. What ensued would come to be known as North America's first race riot. Wrapped in the context of the American Revolution, slavery, the abolitionist movement and many...


E26 - 2017 - A Look Back

This week on the Canada 150 Project, we take a break from the research and look back on 2017 and all that has been accomplished. We look back on our favourite episodes, our favourite moments, our struggles, our accomplishments and, of course, our favourite beverages. From launch, to our first download it has been an exciting year and we are gearing up for an even better 2018!


E25 - The 'Fruit Machine'

This week, Rod takes us into a sad and dark period in Canadian history. Starting in the 1950s and continuing as recently as the 1990s, the Canadian government sponsored an internal campaign to eliminate all suspected gay men from the civil service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the military. In a systematic, destructive and hateful manner, the Canadian government collected files on over 9,000 “suspected” gay individuals. Thousands of lives were destroyed as suspected...


E24 - Tewaarathon

Tewaarathon or baggataway is one of the oldest organized games in North America. Considered the precursor to what we commonly recognize as Lacrosse, these early ball games involved large teams of Indigenous warriors and community members playing over a field that could be kilometers in length. With roots back to as early as the 11th Century, initially the game was played for many different reasons including to strengthen diplomatic alliances, support social conformity and economic equality,...


E23 - Stampede Wrestling

In this week's episode, Rod really shows us his true colours. Yup, you guessed it. He's a nerd. Buuuuutttttt that's why we all love him! Started in 1948 by Stu Hart, for 50 years Stampede Wrestling would entertain people across the prairies and around the globe, with its eccentric and sometimes just down right odd wrestlers. At its height it was one of the more popular promotions being shown in over 50 countries. So popular that in in 1985 it would be bought by Vince McMahon and run by the...


E22 - Francis “Peggy” Pegahmagabow

As war broke out in Europe, Francis “Peggy” Pegahmagabow would rise above racism and discrimination at home in Canada and become one of the first Canadian soldiers to not only enlist but to step foot in Europe. Over the next 4 years, he would find himself in unthinkable situations participating in the Second Battle of Ypres - experiencing the first use of Chlorine gas by the Germans, the Battle of the Somme, the bloody Battle of Passchendaele and many more horrific battles. As a fearless...


Special Episode 02 - All Aboard, Part 2

We’re back with Michelle, the Intern! This summer she undertook an incredible coast-to-coast train trip on the Via Rail 150 pass. Michelle sits down with us and tell us all about her trip, the good, the bad, the ugly ….. just kidding, as you can imagine it was all amazing! Michelle covers off her favourite spots, adventures and sites in a number of places, including: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Moncton, New Brunswick, Charlottetown, PEI, Quebec City, Quebec, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa,...


E21 - Big Things, Part II

Back by popular demand, this week we traverse the country in the search of Big Things! As you know Canada is a big country, filled with big things. If you've ever taken one of those long summer car trips as a child - jammed with weeks worth of clothing, food and your annoying siblings - you've undoubtedly notice the numerous giant roadside attractions that dot the landscape and highway turnoffs of Canada. In this episode you’ll discover a giant Elephant, Lobster, Cow, Gold Pan, Axe, Rocking...


E20 - Gord

On October 17, 2017, Canada lost one of its most prolific, outspoken, true Canadian Patriots - Gord Downie. An incredible poet, Downie and the Tragically Hip touched on an incredibly vast array of Canadian topics, issues and history - both light and heavy. In this episode, Brandon and Rod break from the now standard structure and discuss Gord, the Hip, their favourite songs, lyrics and much more. Less about the history of the Man and the Band, more about their personal connection with the...


E19 - Three Valley Gap

This week we take the podcast on the road for the first time and get a tour from the owners of Three Valley Gap in beautiful British Columbia. The passion project of the late Gordon Bell, the family run Three Valley Gap is now under the helm of his spirited, dedicated and down-to-earth children, George and Mel. Sit back and enjoy the trip as Mel and George take us on a private tour sharing their family history, some incredible stories and a behind the scenes look of one of Canada’s biggest...


E18 - Jerome the Unknown

In September of 1863, an man, unknown to any of the locals in the small village of Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, was found washed ashore on the beach of Sandy Cove. The man was found with no legs, a little bit of food and an inability or unwillingness to communicate with the locals in English, French or Italian. He would quickly come to be known as “Jerome”, named after the only sound he was able to produce when questioned on his past and where he came from. Just where did this man come from?...


E17 - The Great trans-Canada Hike

In 1921, 6 brave souls - 5 men and 1 woman embarked on an incredible journey that ultimately saw 3 teams attempt to make their way across this vast, beautiful country on foot. What started out as a leisurely walk by two unemployed friends from Halifax to Vancouver, turned into a race between 3 teams that would eventually captivate an entire country. A feat equal in size and enormity to Rod’s recent 20 km hike with his wife (of which he will constantly reference….), for Sid Carr, Charles...


E16 - The Ant Hill Kids

This week we are back with Rod’s favourite topic: Canadian Cults. He promises that it will be a trilogy topic …. with maybe a few extra episodes. After a brief, forced apology from Rod for missing our release last week (we really are sorry for all those fans out there) and a rough start as we shake off some vacation dust and try wake Brandon up, Rod introduces us to Roch Thériault. The Ant Hill Kids as they’d become known were a small religious cult led by Roch Thériault from 1977 - 1989....


E15 - First Contact

In this episode we dig into the real issues - Rod’s love for cold brew and hate for how much companies charge for it as well as Brandon and Rod’s secret, but not so secret, man crush on Peter Mansbridge. All that in the first 5 minutes! After we clear up those mysteries, Rod get’s into the story behind the First Contact of explorers with Canada. In the early 1000s, a group of Vikings made contact with what would become our beloved Canada. Rod walks through the events leading up to the Viking...