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Our mission is to see that the world appreciates what extraordinary things ordinary people have done to gain and preserve the freedom.

Our mission is to see that the world appreciates what extraordinary things ordinary people have done to gain and preserve the freedom.
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Our mission is to see that the world appreciates what extraordinary things ordinary people have done to gain and preserve the freedom.




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PFAS Contamination is discussed by attorney Anthony Spaniola

PFAS is still lingering in the water of around military bases. In Oscoda, Michigan residents have asked for solutions to the contamination for years. Now communities across Michigan are fed up and demanding a change. Attorney Anthony Spaniola, a member of community action group Need Our Water (NOW) is among those fed up with how long it’s taking for the problem to be fixed. “The Air Force is dragging it’s feet here in Oscoda. It’s still supposedly doing investigations and studies and we...


Steve Vogel talks about the Cold War Tunnel Under Berlin

The astonishing true story of the Berlin Tunnel, one of the West’s greatest espionage operations of the Cold War—and the dangerous Soviet mole who betrayed it. Its code name was “Operation Gold,” a wildly audacious CIA plan to construct a clandestine tunnel into East Berlin to tap into critical KGB and Soviet military telecommunication lines. The tunnel, crossing the border between the American and Soviet sectors, would have to be 1,500 feet (the length of the Empire State Building) with...


The Recovery of Navy Planes in Lake Michigan: Locate, Lift & Restore

Taras Lyssenko has written a new book that contains everything from mystery and adventure to government dealings and World War II history. The book documents his company’s three decades-long effort to recover World War II-era Navy planes from Lake Michigan. “The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan” introduces people to the long-lost history of how U.S. Navy pilots trained and sometimes lost their lives and their planes over Lake Michigan. It also gives people an inside look at his company’s...


PinUps for Vets visit VA Hospitals: Morale Booster! or Sexist?

Since 2006, Gina Elise and the Ladies of PinUps for Vets have visited over 13,000 veterans in VA hospitals and active-duty bases. They take on a 1940s WWII USO entertainer persona and bring "sunshine" to hospital-bound veterans. Gina talks with host Jim Fausone about the origins of the idea, the annual calendar that is produced to raise funds to support veterans and the critics who have spoken out in 2019. You can judge for yourself if this effort is a morale booster or promoting sexist...


Dr. David Shulkin, former Secretary of the VA on Health Care and Benefit Reform

Dr. David Shulkin, the former VA secretary, describes his fight to save veteran health care from partisan politics and how his efforts were ultimately derailed by a small group of unelected officials appointed by the Trump White House. In "It Shouldn't Be This Hard to Serve Your Country", Shulkin opens up about why the government has long struggled to provide good medical care to military veterans and the plan he had to solve these problems. This is a book about the commitment we make to the...


The Rosie Network helps Veterans and Military Spouses multiple ways

Stephanie is a senior military spouse, wife of recently retired R. Admiral Thomas L. Brown (SEAL). She grew up as an Air Force “brat” moving around the country and overseas. Her father was a Vietnam veteran with over 20 years of active duty service. Stephanie has dedicated over 20 years to supporting and advocating on behalf of military families, veterans, and wounded warriors. The Rosie Network was founded after spending hours searching Angie’s List & Craigslist for a contractor to do...


There I Was...Open Mic For Veterans

Veterans Radio presents, "There I Was...Open Mic for Veterans. This month's stories are about our first duty assignments. Where did we go and how did we react to our first overseas assignments.


POW Courage is explained in No Surrender - the Roddie Edmonds story

No Surrender is an unforgettable story of a father’s extraordinary acts of valor as a Nazi POW in Germany during the treacherous final days of World War II. M Sgt. Roddie Edmonds, a humble American soldier from East Tennessee, rarely spoke about his experiences during World War II. Not even his son Chris, knew the full details of Roddie’s capture at the Battle of the Bulge or his captivity at Stalag IXA, a Nazi POW camp. Chris Edmonds discusses his father's life, moral compass, and acts of...


Veterans Radio-Monthly VA Benefits Program

Listen in as our expert panel of VA service officers and providers discuss today’s healthcare and benefits earned by millions of veterans who have served. Join our guests Michael G. Smith, Jr., Director of Washtenaw County (MI) Dept. of Veteran Affairs, Brian Hayes, Public Affairs Officer for Ann Arbor VA and BG (ret) Carol Ann Fausone from Legal Help for Veterans.. They along with host Dale Throneberry will bring you up to date on what’s going on at the VA and answer your questions...


Force Blue - military divers helping the Marine Environment

FORCE BLUE is the only nonprofit organization in the world that provides “mission therapy” for former combat divers — individuals in whom governments around the world have invested millions to create the best possible underwater and maritime operators — by retraining, retooling and deploying them on missions of conservation, preservation and restoration. By uniting the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of marine science and conservation in one, mission-focused program,...


Kyle Carpenter Medal of Honor recipient discusses life lessons

On November 21, 2010, U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Kyle Carpenter was posted atop a building in violent Helmand Province, Afghanistan, when an enemy grenade skittered toward Kyle and a fellow Marine. Without hesitation, Kyle jumped on the grenade and some how lived, while severely injured, to tell about it. You are Worth It is a story of rebirth. In 2014, Kyle was awarded the nation’s highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor, for his “singular act of courage” on that rooftop in...


Military Sci Fi writer Col Michael Mammay (ret) author of Planetside & Spaceside

If you have never read MiSciFi, this is the author to start with. Col Michael Mammay (ret) discusses his career, the reality of writing professionally and MiSciFi. His novel PLANETSIDE, a military sci-fi mystery, is about an officer who travels to a war zone on a distant planet in search of the missing son of a powerful politician, published in July 2018 from Harper Voyager. The sequel, SPACESIDE, came out in August 2019. He has an informative discussion with host Jim Fausone of Veterans...


Race Riot or Mutiny on the USS Kitty Hawk

The Vietnam War is unpopular. Major US cities have experienced race riots. The Navy is having trouble recruiting sailors. The USS Kitty Hawk has spent 8 months at sea. The crew has reached the boiling point. Captain Townsend (white) and XO Commander Cloud (black) almost lose control of the carrier that night. About 50 crew are injured and 3 seriously. Author Gregory Freeman discusses his book Troubled Water about the October 1972 incident on the USS Kitty Hawk with host Jim Fausone.


CMDR Rorke Denver, Seal, talks about military and business leadership

Commander Rorke T. Denver has run every phase of training for the U.S. Navy SEALs and led special-forces missions in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and other international hot spots. He starred in the hit film Act of Valor, which is based on true SEAL adventures. His New York Times bestseller, Damn Few: Making the Modern SEAL Warrior, takes you inside his personal story and the fascinating, demanding SEAL training program. In his second book Worth Dying For: A Navy SEALs Call to a...


Sean Parnell talks about All Out War his new military thriller

Sean Parnell is a former U.S. Army airborne ranger who served in the legendary 10th Mountain Division for six years, retiring as a captain. He received two Bronze Stars (one for valor) and the Purple Heart. Sean talks about Outlaw Platoon, Man of War and All Out War. Character Eric Steele is explained and writing about strong female characters, a floating black site, and publishing are discussed with host Jim Fausone. Sean lives with his three children in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Women in Transition from the Military & IVMF of Syracuse University

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families is a research institution housed at Syracuse University. It was launched in June 2011 to bring together several pre-existing veterans related institutes at the University. Maureen Casey is its Chief Operating Officer. She talks about the challenges of female veterans transitioning from the service. It takes women vets longer to land a job and they get paid less than male counterparts. What can be done to educate employers and empower female...


Wounded Knee ( Battle or Massacre) Should the Medals of Honor be Revoked

In December 1890, the Army engaged a band of Lakota Indians at Wounded Knee creek. Who shot first is lost to history but the deaths of approximately 350 Lakota and 30 Army troops made it one of the bloodiest engagements of the Indian period. The Army calls it a battle. The Lakota call it a massacre. Multiple times the Lakota have sought to have an apology (received), reparations and revocation of the 20 Medals of Honor awarded. Historian and US Army Col. Samuel Russell (ret) discusses the...


Medal of Honor medic Jim McCloughan discusses the May 1969 battle in Vietnam

The battle at Tam Ky and Nui Yon Hill in Vietnam on May 13-15, 1969 is retold by the surviving medic Jim "Doc" McCloughan. His rescue of the wounded is recounted as are other battlefield acts of bravery. He explains also to host Jim Fausone the 47-year odyssey after the battle to upgrade his Bronze Star "V" to a Distinguish Serice Cross but ultimately elevated to the Medal of Honor. His LT never let this issue go and it took over 6 years to get all the necessary signatures and work thru the...


Gambling addiction among Veterans and Active Duty discussed by Dr. Les Waite

Dr. Les Waite of Cleveland VA Medical Center is a national expert on gambling addiction of active duty and veteran population. He discusses the problem, its co-morbidity with other issues (depression, PTSD, TBI, etc) and its treatment options. It is estimated that 56,000 active-duty troops have a gambling addiction. Veterans tend to be 2 to 4 times more likely than the general population to be addicted to gambling. Vietnam veterans are as high as 10 times greater than the general public. Few...


There I was .... avoiding enlistment or joining up on Veterans Radio

Veterans Radio host Dale Throneberry talks to veterans about their draft or enlistment stories. Every veteran will be able to relate to these personal tales of adults reflecting back as teenagers about this life-altering event - military service. Recorded live at the VFW hall on July 31, 2019 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.