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Episode 156 - The new worst episode

Against all odds, Nick survived the 48-hour CHEL-A-THON in support of veterans' mental health. We are thrilled to announce our fans helped us raise $1,600. Apes kicks off the winter season with a dilemma about whether to let a drunk ass player step on the ice when her team has a short bench. And Dani's adventures in having to cut a bunch of players who tried out for her team is spun into BLT's latest awful idea: Beer League Big Brother - coming to a cable channel near you very soon!*...


Episode 155: Speeding Pacts

What are we mad about this week? April has GM gripes when one of her players plans an exhibition game without telling her. Dani’s recent road trip sparks questions over who has to eat a speeding ticket when teammates carpool, and what the heck is a speeding pact? Nick is hating on refs in a new blog. BUT one thing made us happy – a mystery box arrived from a listener!


Episode 154: The Conspiracy Episode

Dani is pissed after getting back from a tournament where two other teams conspired to keep her team out of the finals. It smells like sabotage, but why? And Nick has some video corroboration for his rant about the worst ref ever. If you’re brave enough, stick around til the end when all three give a taste of their fav dressing room bangers. Warning: there may be some singing.


Episode 153: Beer League Confessions

Better sit down for this one. We get into some of our fans deepest hockey confessions. Let's just say, keep an eye on your shoulder pads, friends. Dani has a confession of her own as she might be poaching one of April's players, and Nick gives an earful on what he thinks is the new Worst Ref in the World (stealing Dani's title).


Episode 152 - Too competitive? Nahhh!

Today we ask: Have you ever caught yourself being way too competitive? Obviously the BLT hosts are 100% calm, cool and collected at all times. No one has ever smashed their sibling's face with a video game controller. No one has ever ended friendships over badminton. Yup, completely well-adjusted, these three. Speaking of video games, hear the latest updates on the upcoming CHEL-A-THON for charity.


Episode 151 - Good Guy Ringer vs Bad Guy Ringer

Is there such a thing as a good guy ringer? This week we talk about whether all ringers ruin the game or if there are some mysterious ringer unicorns who aren’t dicks. Dani shares her highlights from the Vancouver Draft Tournament – and there may be a waterslide that was violated. Plus, Nick is about to blow your mind with our new contest where we PAY YOUR LEAGUE FEES! (mind = blown).


Episode 150 – Let them eat cake!

Holy shit, 150 episodes and still rolling. We’d like to thank the fans. You’re the nicest dozen people we’ve (maybe) met and without your support, we would have even less self-esteem than we do now. So watch us eat cake and talk about the favourite people we’ve played hockey with. And Nick is really getting into this Twitch thing so check out the Facebook event for his CHEL-A-THON coming up in September.


Episode 149 - Just A Shorty

This week's episode is coming at you quick and dirty so Nick can book it to his 6:30pm hockey game. Who plays this early?! The hosts are ripe for some ranting after an online discussion about big hockey companies stealing videos from little guys - without credit. Plus, BLT asks: If there's a cash prize in a charity tournament, should you be expected to donate the winnings? And Dani shows off her new gloves she won in the Warrior VIP program.


Episode 148 - Podcast Porn

Episode 148 – Podcast Porn Still lurking around April’s basement, the BLT crew has a few new ideas to generate some income for the show. After that, it’s QUESTION DAY! Nick, April and Dani answer a kajillion questions fans wrote in on Facebook. Find out who’s been suspended, what gear everyone loves, and how these three like to deal with ringers (hint: Dani makes things worse).


Episode 147 - April’s Basement

Why no episode last week? We’ve been trapped in April’s basement. Or maybe it’s because Nick and April were in Seattle for another draft tourney and Dani’s a lazy butt who refused to just make an episode herself. If you can find it in your heart to forgive her, check out this episode about science, poop and blazing trails. Plus, the UNBOXING of our shiny new Warrior #QREdge sticks! Thanks Warrior Hockey for the invite back to the #WarriorVIP program for 2018 #GainTheEdge


Beer League Talk Interviews - Matt Donovan

Nick chatted with Oklahoma's only born and bred NHL hockey player ( and owner) Matt Donovan. Nick and Matt chat about how in the world an Oklahoman made the NHL. What it’s like playing (and winning gold) for your country. Matt's thoughts on where ex- teammate Tavares will sign and playing with consensus 2018 #1 overall Rasmus Dahlin. Matt gives his best locker room story and his experience in Beer League Hockey. Lastly we touch on how Matt is giving back to the game...


Episode 146: Who is Shaquille O'Teal?

This week, we’re talking about the best beer league team names, rules we’d like to steal from other sports, and the shittiest hockey carpools we’ve ever had — of course you won’t be surprised when Nick gets literal with that last one. Plus, hear an excerpt from Nick’s interview with pro hockey player and fellow Oklahoman Matt Donovan.


Episode 145 – Shower Compliments

This episode attempts to answer three monumental questions: - Is soccer practice ever more important than a hockey game? - Is there such a thing as a sub who isn’t a freeloading POS? - Is it ever ok to compliment your teammates in the shower?


Episode 144 – Back Wax and Poop Texts

Why does April have poop PTSD? Why does Nick hate 20-year-olds? Will Nick let Dani wax a #10 into his back? The answers to all these pressing questions and more on this episode. Plus, episode 3 of Hostile Hockey Interviews is finally released, with April and Dani barging their way onto benches at the 2018 Walleye Chop.


Episode 143: The Boys Are Back

Happy Memorial Day: In Episode 143 Dani and April make way for the return of Jay (2 Pump Chump) and Brett... yes that Brett. Nick, Jay, and Brett take on the twitter worlds most unpopular hockey opinions, beer league fights, and give their predictions on the Stanley Cup Finals. Who do you have in the finals?


Episode 142: Beer League Nationals

The May long weekend just meant more time for hockey! Nick was in Calgary covering the ASHL Nationals and Dani ran off to Canmore to play in another draft tournament. They came back with more locker room stories to tell and a few videos for you. BLT even has its first voicemail question to answer, asking about what to do when you just watched one teammate get the boot and now you think you might be in the crosshairs. Mensch's Charity: Hockey Tracker:...


Episode 141 BLT at the Walleye Chop

BLT was invited to cover and play in the Stanley Cup of Beer League Talk. We did what any self-respecting podcast would do and that's invite our listeners to come play with us. Here is our experience at the Walleye Chop.


Episode 140: Summer is Heating Up

It's finally hot here, and BLT has a serious case of spring fever with all the tourneys coming up. Walleye Chop is in a few days, and we're going stir crazy. Which means we may have derailed this episode with poop talk and boys peeing on each other for laughs. Dani is terrified of the new div her team moved to. Nick hates little girls. April didn't have any presents for us so why even mention her.


Beer League Talk Interviews with Evan F. Moore.

Meet Evan F Moore. Evan is a digital media creator at the Chicago Sun Times… and also a fellow beer leaguer. Evan wrote an article about the growing diversity in hockey. You can find it here: Black hockey players excel on ice despite history of racism, lack of rinks in Chicago. Nick and Evan chat about the article, Evan’s beer league career, and how we as adult hockey players can help growing the diversity in our great sport. Follow Evan on Twitter @evanFmoore and give us your...


Episode 138 - The Boston Cross-Cast Episode w/ Crease Keepers

Join a Dani-less & April-less Nick as he teams up Brian from BLT's goalie show, Crease Keepers. The boys chat about their trip at the Heros cup hockey tournament in Boston, the joys playing 7 games in 30 hours, and Nick gets a real goalie's opinion on rental goalies.