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2018 Draft Special Edition

The 2018 NHL Draft has arrived! In this special extended episode, Daniel and Taylor discuss the strategies and potential targets for both the Stars and Red Wings ahead of Friday night’s festivities.


All Caps and a Fond Farewell to 2018

Washington won it all and we look back at the mess that was the 2017-18 season. The Capitals players, especially Alex Ovechkin, have been raucously enjoying their new hardware in ways that never cease to entertain. The season as a whole, though, took some very unexpected turns, from players suddenly reemerging to entire teams crumbling … Continue reading All Caps and a Fond Farewell to 2018 →


Nelson’s Betrayal and Capital Punishment

Todd Nelson joins the Stars bench, further breaking Dylan’s heart, and the Capitals might have found the way to stop the Knights. In this week’s episode, we discuss how Nelson’s move from Grand Rapids to the Stars affects the team’s ability to succeed and what it shows about the state of the league as a … Continue reading Nelson’s Betrayal and Capital Punishment →


The Finals Begin

There are tons of storylines for the Stanley Cup Final between the Caps and Golden Knights. We discuss the goaltending duel between Fleury and Holtby, Dylan walks back his saltiness at Vegas, we cover the players we are rooting for, and much, much more.


Vegas Feeds on Your Doubt

Vegas continues to thrive on our doubts, and the Texas Stars recent success begs the question if farm team success even matters. In this episode, we marvel at Fleury’s stealing of a series and the possibility that the Jets were worn out from their seven game slugfest with the Predators. We then transition to talk … Continue reading Vegas Feeds on Your Doubt →


Draft Talk with Special Guest: Ian Campbell!

At last, we have balance. For a little while, anyway. We have our very first guest, Ian, Dylan’s brother to finally give the Red Wings equal representation with the Stars. The Jets look like they may be the team to finally figure out the Golden Knights with a convincing game 1 win. The Capitals also … Continue reading Draft Talk with Special Guest: Ian Campbell! →


The Jim Trinity Arrives in Dallas

The Stars have found their new head coach, and his name is Jim! Monty looks to bring a fast-paced aggressive system and be a coach that the players trust. Before we get into all of this on the episode, we discuss the historic ending of the Capitals meme of never reaching past the second round. … Continue reading The Jim Trinity Arrives in Dallas →


The Draft is Coming to Dallas (and we’re already here!)

In this episode, we talk all things playoffs, draft lottery, and our hope to be at the NHL draft in Dallas this June! It’s just Taylor and Dylan this episode, but we somehow make it through 30 mins without getting too side-tracked. Ok, we may go into one short rant about Ciarelli…it’s so difficult not … Continue reading The Draft is Coming to Dallas (and we’re already here!) →


The Hamburglar Strikes Again!

Taylor is back this week and the Hamburglar is back to save another team. In this episode, we cover all things playoffs. The return of the Hamburglar, the former Senator’s savior, provides hope to the Avalanche with a 42 save monster performance in his first NHL game in over a year after toiling in the … Continue reading The Hamburglar Strikes Again! →


Who will be the NEW GM of the Dallas Stars

Hitch is gone. The playoffs are in full swing. Daniel has a half a voice. Taylor is missing in action. Dylan barely survived his whirlwind weekend. And we’re a bit late to the presses because of our stalwart (and tardy) producer. Better late than never!


Our Playoff Predictions

Everyone is back together! For each playoff series, we talk about the key factors that we think will decide each match-up’s fate. Lastly, Taylor talks about what the Stars’ roster may look like next year as the stars have a couple of exciting young additions and cap space to sign free agents like the much-sought-after … Continue reading Our Playoff Predictions →


Drop Offsides, Make Hockey Faster [Minisode]

Why do we have the mysterious lines we find on the hockey rink? Taylor and Daniel are out of town, so Dylan talks about offsides in hockey and how teams try to enter the offensive zone. AND he looks at the history of line-related rules in the NHL, their evolution over time and suggests that … Continue reading Drop Offsides, Make Hockey Faster [Minisode] →


The Playoff Race Eulogies – Part 1

It’s eulogy nation on this week’s Skate in the Crease. This week we discuss the lost hopes and dreams of many a fan as we eulogize the hockey teams eliminated from the playoff race. We say goodbye to the hapless Buffalo Sabres. We say goodbye to the aging Sedin Twins and the Vancouver Canucks. We … Continue reading The Playoff Race Eulogies – Part 1 →


Why the Dallas Stars WON’T Make the Playoffs

Daniel takes his controversial stand and gets shouted down by Taylor and Dylan. Who are the Dallas Stars? What does their future hold? Are they playoff bound? On this episode of Skate in the Crease, we argue about the future of the Dallas Stars (and bemoan the state of the Detroit Red Wings as well). Big … Continue reading Why the Dallas Stars WON’T Make the Playoffs →


Is Seattle Ready for the NHL?

The Seattle Expansion had an unbelievable ticket drive but fans will have high expectations after Vegas’ insane success. We’re not sure a second expansion can match the Vegas hype. Our Playoff Hopes and Trade Outcome Analysis We start this episode off by taking stock of the current playoff hopes of the teams around the NHL. … Continue reading Is Seattle Ready for the NHL? →


How We Broke Down the NHL Trade Deadline

Hockey is a love language. The grace, speed, and violence join together to create a symphony of crashing cymbals. And it’s music to our ears. Daniel, Taylor, and Dylan are Texan hockey fans. Get to know them and you might find yourself in love with the Dallas Stars (or the Detroit Red Wings!) In this … Continue reading How We Broke Down the NHL Trade Deadline →


New Dallas Stars and Hockey News Podcast – Teaser

You can know more about the NHL, Dallas Stars (and maybe even the Detroit Red Wings) than your hockey-loving friends. We’re 3 kids from Texas, born and raised, and we talk all things hockey every week. We’ll take your ears to the rink and the offices where managers fight and players cut deals. This is … Continue reading New Dallas Stars and Hockey News Podcast – Teaser →