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Listen to the show LIVE every Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Time and 1:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1.

Listen to the show LIVE every Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Time and 1:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1.
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Listen to the show LIVE every Saturday at 10:00am Pacific Time and 1:00pm Eastern on BBSRADIO.COM - Station 1.




The HomeWork Show Hosted by Roger Merrill What's Happen in Orange County

Real Estate and Buying or Selling Get pre inspections. Listen in for the stories.


Orange County Real Estate News Can't Compete With This China Item

Orange County real estate news is fairly predictable - at least compared with some of the stories that filter in from the rest of the world. Here in Orange County, for instance, wherever a new home is being built, you're likely to see familiar evidence like stacks of lumber and drywall, cartons of nail gun ammo, sacks of cement, and workmen hustling around as they put everything together. But your not going to believe this. Nary a printer in sight. Not so in China. The are building houses...


The HomeWork Show Hosted by Roger Merrill Baby Boomers and Their BIG HOMES

Roger Merrill Host will talk about Baby Boomers and what they are doing with their BIG HOMES! We will talk with David Silver-Westrick Realtor about a wonderful estate in the Hunt Club, San Juan Capistrano, California. Guest Mark DeCastro Painting Contractor "Craftsman Painter" listen in for how a quality painting contractor still has customeers that appreaciate a master painter with in-depth knowledge of his trade.


The HomeWork Show Hosted by Roger Merrill

Wonder show for Orange County Listeners. What's happening in Orange County, California. 10:15am - Special Guest 'Lauren Powers one of Americas three Strongest Women'. 10:30am - Special Guest Gary Ballard 'Ballard Fitness' 10:45am - Guest Scott Christian Mortgage


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Can You Afford a House?

Can you afford a house today? Have you considered the fact that "Maybe can't afford NOT to own a house today". We are going to consider all sides of this question. Call in on our TOLL FREE NUMBER 888-3422-0973 or Email into the show Talk to you then.


Texting While Driving ... Problem?

Is texting while driving a problem or not. The dire facts are ... " It is a big problem". In 2011, 3,331 people were killed in crashes do to texting distractions. There are other distractions and we will discuss them on the show. Tune in and let us know what you think about this problem. You can call into the show TOLL FREE 888-342-0973 or you can email into the show at Tell people about the show ... Thanks Your Host, Roger Merrill


What Are The Top Ten Most Important Issues

What are the most important issues people are concerned about. Sometimes we are not talking about them. The Top Ten Important Issues. Let's talk about them on the show. Call in on our toll free number: 888-342-0973 Email in your question or comments: Let's Talk....


Top 10 New Technology Gadgets 2013

Top 10 New Technology Gadgets in 2013. Tune in to hear what they are and let's talk about the latest gadget you want or have just purchased. You can email into the show at or you can Call into the show on our TOLL FREE number 888-342-0973 Don't forget about Brett Roll in the Forth Quarter with "What's happening in the Real Estate market". Brett puts the real in Real Estate. See you then.


Ship Travel On The High Seas

Ship travel ... Yes I said ship travel all over the worlds oceans. Without getting sick. We will discuss the growing popularity of ship travel despite the negative things that happen. Call in and let us know if you have had any positive or negative experiences. Our TOLL FREE number is 888-342-0973 or you can email into the show ... We will also discuss the ships that are being built as time-shares and condo ships. This should be a great show.


Cheep Money ... Get It While You Can

Cheep Money and if you are in a position to get some ... You need to get while you can. We will discuss the process of borrowing money ... Even if you don't need it. I've been told that this money bubble won't last for long. Call in with your questions 888-342-0973 or like a lot of you do email during the show at Tune in and see if you qualify for money ... Even if you don't have an income.


Orange County Market Place or Swap Meet?

We are going to talk about something that has been a part of Orange County, California for years. Let us know if you have been to the Market Place former the OC Swap Meet. Email in to the show and let us know or call in on our toll free number 888-342-0973 This is a commentary from OCWEEKLY There’s no better reason to wake up early on a weekend than the chance to stroll through the neighborhood swap meet/marketplace and hunt for treasures. Knock-off designer sunglasses? Check. Sparkly new...


Orange County Great Park

Visiting Orange County Great Park is an experience people should do, at least every year. The amenities of this 'Great Park' is growing every day. The biggest attraction is the 'Big Orange Balloon' that is tethered and goes up 400 feet for a view of Orange County. We will discuss the new venues such as the: Children Gardening Workshops, 2013 Chamber Music Series Featuring Acclaimed Pianist Kevin Kwan Loucks. Events are: Farmers market, Art of Choreography, Soccer Clinics, Family Sports...


Home Protection "What Are Our Options"

Home protection, "What is our options?" This will be just plain and simple. We will discuss the maximum and minimum of protection. I know it's on a lot of peoples mind. I probably shouldn't have to be ... But the conversations going around dominate a lot of citizens time today. Email in your comments or phone in on our toll free number: 888-342-0973 This should be a very interesting evening of internet radio.


Have We Outgrown The Need For A BIG HOUSE?

Have we outgrown the need for a big house? The consensus is an overwhelming YES. I have had discussions with a vast number of people that are financially well off and the NEW trend is "I'm over it" in the conversation of owning a large house to live in. We will discuss on the show, the content of some of these conversations. You will be surprised of these discussions. Tune in and hear what the latest trends are. Also the direction that "Home Living" is going. You can call into the show...


How We Communicate Today? Both Young and Older!

How we communicate today, and survive! Yes, survive! What did we do before 'Smart' phones, cell phones, pagers, and answer machines? We will talk about the evaluation of communication between one another. I will personally give you MY timeline of communication evaluation. Looking back on it ... Shocks the Hell out of me. Listen in and be part of the communication nostalgia. Call into our Toll Free Number 888-342-0973 or you can email in during the show at Can't wait...


What's Happening In The Real Estate Market Today?

What's happening in the Real Estate Market today? In California ... "It's "Booming". We are going to discuss why ... In fact, 'I know why'. It's not going to change any time soon ... One would think this is good, while in fact, it's NOT. We will discuss for the person "Selling" their house some ideas to get the most money, even over the asking price. We will discuss, for the person "Buying" a house we will give you ideas how to maneuvers around this buying frenzy. To contact the show Call...


House Pets and How We Care For Them!

Your house pets and just how you care for them. That's the topic for this evenings show. Have you ever had a house pet ... You know a pet that lives IN YOUR HOUSE? What is it? Where does it sleep? Where does it ... You Know! Go to the bathroom? How many pets do you have in your house? If so how many kinds? And SO MUCH MORE FOR THIS EVENINGS TOPIC. Call in and let us know "What you Have"! Toll Free number! 888-342-0973 or you can email in your questions and answers to:


Are We Voting for The Right People?

Are we voting for the right people to represent us today? This is NOT a partisan show ... It is a show that will bring up simple questions. We will take a look at our state and federal representation and ask simple questions of them! Are you representing Americans best interest or are there other alternatives. Mr or Ms Political Representative: "Ask not what you can do for yourself (always wanting to get re-elected) but what you can do for the good of our country". Your host of The HomeWork...


How To Make a New Years Resolution and Keep It

How to keep a new years resolution and keep it! OK! So we all have made a Life Changing Resolution on New Years and had problems sticking to this self promise. Tune in ... Because Roger Merrill (Your Host) will give you the secrets that allow you to follow through and keep the major resolution you have make. Ask yourself ... How many times have I started to do something I didn't finish or not start at all. This "session" no this "Radio Hour" will divulge the secrets. Secret formula ... You...