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SHAG 9-April-2018 Soulful Afro House DJP

Deep Soulful Afro House Lovingly mixed by DJP ## Artist Title 01 DJ General Slam, Nthabiseng, Gintonic - Uzozi'Sola (Gintonic Soul Mix 2) 02 DJ Marcus Wade - Diaspora 03 Nastic Groove - In Your Eyes (Original Mix) 04 Soulfood - Party And Night 05 Thuto Serumula - Keep loving 06 JayClectic - Oh Lawd! (Original Mix) 07 Lesny Deep, Lebo - Love Song (Original Mix) 08 Glenn Sweety G Toby, SoulCreation (Jose Burgos & Jerrell Battle) - If Everyone Were Blind (SoulCreation Instrumental Mix) 09...


SHAG Soulful Afro House 19-mar-2018 DJP pressure

## Artist - Title 01 The Black & White Musiq, Candy - Small Talk (Original Mix) 02 Zepherin Saint - Skyy (Tribe Vocal Mix) 03 Brian Nance, Bes, Kafele, Opolopo - Just Be (Opolopo Remix) 04 N'Dinga Gaba - Neuroplastic 05 Oluhle, Cuebur - Umzwangedwa (Cuebur Spirit Mix) 06 Twizi Deep, Kai Mof, Steve Paradise, Beppe Corazza - Quite Inside (Paradise Piano Mix) 07 Morttimer Snerd III, Belizian Voodoo Priest - Love Is The Color (Belizian Voodoo Priest ReTouch) 08 Buder Prince, Ruthes MA - Lepra...


SHAG 5-Mar-2018 Soulful Afro House Mix

Relaxing SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE MUSIC Mixed by DJP live on Pressure Radio Playlist ## Artist - Title 01 Deep Scott - All In The Jazz 02 Zulu Deep, DJ Flavio - Nomalizo (Vocal Mix) 03 DJ Tremor, Daisy - Phupho Lam (Original Mix) 04 AbysSoul, M.J - It Ain’t Easy (Original Mix) 05 Alexandre Wauthier - Playa D Aro 06 Angelo Draetta - The Sun Will Rise (Original Mix) 07 Morttimer Snerd III, Belizian Voodoo Priest - Love Is The Color (Belizian Voodoo Priest ReTouch) 08 Namy, Tracy Hamlin, Terry...


DJP SHAG 15-Jan-2018 Soulful Afro House Music

SHAG Radio Show 15-Jan-2018 The Best in DEEP SOULFUL and AFRO HOUSE MUSIC Playlist ## Artist - Title 01 Sacred Soul, K-White - Experiments (Sacred Soul Deeper Mix) 02 Stagz Jazz, P Tempo - Walk My Way (Original Mix) 03 Artwork, Unqle Chriz - Enticing (Original Instrumental) 04 Chenandoah - Night (Original Mix) 05 Paris Cesvette, Luis LooweeR Rivera, Josh Milan - Sacred (Vocal Mix) 06 DJ Kemit, The Lounge Lizards - Wake Up & Stand Up (Instrumental) 07 Hardhouse - Check This Out (Club...


SHAG 8-Jan-2018 Soulful Afro House Music

SHAG Radio Show 8-Jan-2018 The Best in DEEP SOULFUL and AFRO HOUSE MUSIC Playlist ## Artist - Title 01 Chenandoah - Night (Original Mix) 02 St. Jovis, Kenney Love, Deepconsoul, Soulvista - Fond of You (Deepconsoul & Soulvista Healing Time Mix Remix) 03 Mdu Homeboi - Guest House 04 Franco De Mulero, Demarkus Lewis - Ara (Demarkus Lewis Remix) 05 Chenandoah - Night (Original Mix) 06 Federico D'Alessio, Giulio Bonaccio, Aaron K Gray - Reason (Federico D'alessio Vocal Mix) 07 Mijangos, Luis...


SHAG Soulful Afro House Mix 4-Dec-2017

Deep Soulful and Afro House Mix recorded Live on Pressure Radio 4-December-2017 Mixed by DJP # Artist - Title 01 DJ Razor, Luciano Da Don - I Got Something (Black TT Remix) 02 DJ Able, Mike City - Take for Granted (Original Mix) 03 Eddie Stockley - Tell Me Sumthin - House Tribe Records 04 George Lesley, Unqle Chriz - Show Me Love (Original Mix) 05 Dom Navarra, Kat Kyrris - If You Know (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Re Edit Of Reelsoul Remix) 06 Marcelo Cruz & Juan Fierro - Latin Soul EP02...


SHAG 13-Nov-2017 Soulful & Afro House Mix

Recorded Live on Monday 13 Nivemeber 2017 the Best in Deep Soulful and Afro House music Mixed by DJP Tracklist 01 Greg Winfield, Kadesh, Terry Hunter - I Found Love (Terry Hunter & Greg Winfield Main) 02 Joeflame - Don't Push Me (Original Mix) 03 Kai Djuric, DJ Fudge - Endless Dreams (DJ Fudge Remix) 04 Marc Tasio, Aaron K. Gray, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins - Come By Here (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix) 05 Roque - Deep Is The Love (Original Mix) 06 VeneiGrette, Gemini E...


SHAG 16-Oct-2017 Soulful Afro House Mix

The Best in Deep Soulful & Afro House music lovingly mixed and presented by DJP first Broadcast 16-October-2017 on Pressure Radio # Artist - Title 1 Taribo - Life Lessons (Guitar Version) 2 Those Boys, Doug Gomez - Titled Love (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) 3 Sir Mos, Lady Knight - Love 4 Kayenne, Kai Alce - Hey Young World (NDATL Dub 1) 6 Atjazz - Fox Tooth (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub) 7 Peppe Citarella - Melody For My Mind (Original Piano Mix) 8 Chymamusique - No Prison (Chymamusique...


SHAG 9-OCT-2017 Deep Soulful Afro Mix DJP

S.H.A.G. Podcast Recorded Live on Pressure Radio 9-OCt-2017 Deep Soulful Afro Mix by DJP # Artist Title 1 Rony Breaker, Nat Mor - I'll Be the One (Feat. Nat Mor) 2 Doug Gomez, George Lesley, L. Soul - Crazy (Instrumental Mix) 3 Wil Milton - Content (Bliss NYC Mix) 4 Boddhi Satva, Kaysha, Atjazz - Mama Kosa (Atjazz Astro Dub) 5 The Rhythm Sessions, Oscar - Touching You (Dub Mix) [feat. Oscar] 6 The Rhythm Sessions, Brutha Basil - Love Is Universal (Main Mix) 7 Pulse - Willing To Go (Vocal...


SHAG 31-July-2017 Soulful & Afro House

# Artist Title 01 Anthony Nicholson, Cara Dawn - Living For Today (Instrulife Mix) 02 Lee Van Kleef - In The Wrong (Manoo Zoolove Instrumental) 03 Khan Master, Molly Music, Derrick Flair - Pick Up Yourself (Derrick Flair Remix) 04 Groove Delivers, Mark Di Meo, Julie B - Sunset Boulevard (Mark Di Meo & Julie B Remix) 05 Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Karla - Love Story (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix) 06 Lee Farmer, Maurice Brown, Chelsea Baratz, Chris Rob - Stand Up and...


SHAG 3-July-2017-Soulful Afro House

Soulful House and Garage Recorded live on Pressure Radio the best in Soulful Afro House Music. I had a few technical problems during this show so the recording got split into a few parts which i managed to stitch back together :) PLAYLIST # Artist - Title 1 Claude-9 Morupisi, Power, MozDeep - When I First Saw You (MozDeep SoulMix) [Feat. Power] 2 DJ Lamor - Happiness (Original Mix) 3 Djeff Afrozila, Miranda Nicole - Alright (Radio Mix) 4 Soul Chap, Deeper Beats - Its All About Passion 5...



# Artist Title 1 Alton Miller, Sky Covington - More Positive Things (Instrumental Mix) 2 Joi Cardwell, Anderson Soares - Days Of Our Lives (Soares Main Instrumental Mix) 3 Andrew Felo - Tower Of Babel 4 Alton Miller, Sky Covington - More Positive Things (Instrumental Mix) 5 Dj Nkosie, Zweli The Dj - No Emotions (feat. Zweli The Dj) (main mix) 6 Kemdi - Still A Dancer (Dub) 7 Kemdi - Still A Dancer (Original) 8 M.Caporale, Sean Ali, Pietro Nicosia - Lovely Day (Original Mix) 9 Odin Hardt -...



SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE MUSIC PODCAST Lovingly mixed by DJP live on Pressure Radio # Artist - Title 1 Andy Compton, Tenisha Edwards - Perception (Instrumental) 2 Carlo Festo - My Music (Main Mix) 3 Paris Cesvette, C.Robert Walker, Glenn Undergound - If You Love Me (Glenn Underground Soul Therapy Mix) 4 Terrance Downs, Salah Ananse - The Beautiful (Salah Ananse Afrique Electrique Mix) (Salah Ananse Afrique Electrique Mix) 5 Kings of Groove - Equinoccio (Original mix) Sept-12- 8A 6 Doomwork -...



# Artist - Title 1 JazzmiQsoul - Dream About You (Tribute To Lebogang Kekana Mix) 2 Anthony Beckford, Monodeluxe - Show Love (SoulJazz Mix) 3 Carlo Festo - Melodic Breeze (Main Mix) 4 Eli Escobar, Nomi Ruiz, Soulphiction - Can't Stop Dancing (SoulPhiction Remix) 5 Licious Deep, V-Pianist - Sunday (Original Mix) 6 Derrick Flair, Soulafrica, Chrizzy - When Love Fails 7 Rob Hayes - Open The Veil 8 EKstatiQ Tone - That Groove Feeling (Groove Dance Mix) 9 Monodeluxe - Cosmic Dust (Original) 10...


Soulful House And Garage 24-April-2017

SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE PODCAST 24-Apr-2017 # Artist - Title 1 Soultronixx - So Close (Original Mix) 2 Coeo - Torrox (Original Mix) 3 Sebas Ramis, Tutsi Girl Play House - In The Name of Love (Dub) 4 Beat Rivals, Michele Chiavarini, Lifford Shillingford - Never Be 5 Blacky - Diroba 6 DJ Beloved - All We Do (Biz Groove Mix) 7 Ricci Melillo - Good Vibration 8 Loleatta Holloway, Yvonne Turner - Can't Let You Go (Yvonne Turner Main Mix) 9 Derrick Flair, Kwazoe, Van Luco - Ngeke (Van Luco) 10...


Soulful House And Garage 28-mar-2017 DJP

DEEP SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE MUSIC MIX PODCAST # Artist - Title 1 Jon Cutler & E-Man, The Black 80s - The Statement (The Black 80s Mix) 2 N'dinga Gaba, Saara Maria, Soultronixx - Back Underground (Soultronixx's Oracle Remix) 3 Groove Cartell, Kafele Bandele, P.M Project - Jewel in My Hand (P.M Project South Dub) 4 Revick P feat. Ayanda - Brand New Day (Vocal Mix) 5 Kholo, Vela - The Gift 6 Doug Gomez - Tribes Of The Jaguar (Merecumbe Pounce Mix) 7 Han Litz, Kid Sublime - Wings of Love (feat....


Soulful House And Garage 13-Feb-2017

DEEP SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE MUSIC Playlist # Artist - Title 1 DjPope,Dj Pope, Jocelyn Matheieu, Alex Finkin - Ma Ma Warn Me (Alex Finkin's Summer Jam Vocal) 2 Elbert Phillips - Feeling Good(Feat. Terrance Downs) (Original Elbert Phillips) 3 Afro Warriors - Yaka (feat. Kanda, Kaznova) 4 Echo Deep & Mathew Kay - Lost in Words 5 Dj Jacko, Chelsea Como, Dazzle Drums - Paradise (Dazzle Drums Remix) 6 Rony Breaker, Jaidene Veda - Shadowboxing Heroes (Original) 7 Paul Deep, Jayla - Run Away (Original...


Soulful House And Garage DJP 6-Feb-17

Deep Soulful Afro House Music Podcast Mixed by DJP Live on Pressure Radio Playlist # Artist - Title 01 Blackwax ft. Jean Honeymoon - Brighter Days 02 Elbert Phillips - Feeling Good(Feat. Terrance Downs) (Original Elbert Phillips) 03 Poussez vs. Demarkus Lewis - Passin Thru ft. Hannah Khemoh (Atjazz Astro Dub) 04 Knox, Aaron K. Gray, Wozniak - Thankful (Knox & Wozniak Mix) 05 Marlon D. - Deep In The Conga EP (Sizzling Congas (Melted Conga Mix)) 06 Rony M, Ryetso - Speechless (Original Mix)...


S.H.A.G. 30-Jan-17 Soulful House And Garage

DEEP SOULFUL AFRO HOUSE MIX PODCAST Mixed by LIVE by DJP SHAG Radio Show Playlist # Artist - Title 1 Deepconsoul feat. Tpee Soul - My Number 1 (Original Mix) 2 Fellt, Gia Mellish - Feels Like (Original Mix) 3 Ultra Tone - Home (Original Mix) (feat. JeSánte) 4 Beatsqueezers - Snow White (Eric Kupper Mix) 5 Harmonique Groove, Symphonik, Denny Dugg - Sunset Girl (Original Mix) 6 Andy Compton, Celestine, Lesiba Langa - I Wanna See You Groove (Lesiba Langa Remix) 7 Deemac - Too Much The Same...


Soulful House And Garage 19-Dec-2016

DEEP SOULFUL & AFRO HOUSE MIX PODCAST Lovingly mixed and Presented by DJP PLAYLIST # Artist - Title 1 Dr. Candid - On The Level 2 Mzala Wa Afrika, Brewed Souls - Jamming With Mzala (Original Mix) 3 Nicky Deep - Air In The Midst (Main Mix) 4 Genetic_Funk_ft_Mr_V_The - Believe_Dub_Mix_320k 5 Sheila Ford, Reelsoul, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins - La Costa (Reelsoul, DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Original Mix) 6 Deepconsoul, St Jovis, Mthandazo Gatya - Stay (Original Mix) 7 Roque - Sunset Afrika (Original...


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