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The Assembly Call is a podcast dedicated to Indiana Hoosiers basketball … all the time. Now in its third year, the show goes live immediately following every Indiana basketball game and features expert analysis from a team of respected sportswriters: longtime IU fans and graduates Jerod Morris, Andy Bottoms, and Ryan Phillips.

The Assembly Call is a podcast dedicated to Indiana Hoosiers basketball … all the time. Now in its third year, the show goes live immediately following every Indiana basketball game and features expert analysis from a team of respected sportswriters: longtime IU fans and graduates Jerod Morris, Andy Bottoms, and Ryan Phillips.
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The Assembly Call is a podcast dedicated to Indiana Hoosiers basketball … all the time. Now in its third year, the show goes live immediately following every Indiana basketball game and features expert analysis from a team of respected sportswriters: longtime IU fans and graduates Jerod Morris, Andy Bottoms, and Ryan Phillips.




[411] The Best/Worst IU Draft Picks of The Last 30 Years

This week on Assembly Call Radio, we hit a couple of headlines and then dive into an IU history topic that is perfect for a slow news week with the NBA draft fast approaching. We open by discussing the freshmen arriving on campus, and why it's important that IU made a big deal about on social media. We also talk about D.J. Carton, who set his official visit date, and why he is such an important recruit for Indiana in 2019. Ryan provides a short scouting report. Then we dive into Indiana's...


[410] Mailbag: What Is The Most Surprising Recent Season By an IU Player?

It's time for another mailbag, where we catch up on all the questions you submitted on Thursday that we didn't have time to include in our AC Radio broadcast. Jerod opens with a quick thought about the Indiana All Stars' performance against Kentucky over the weekend, then explains why it's so important that you bookmark and use the following three links: • • • Then he dives into your questions, which include: • What...


[409] Justin Smith Offseason Analysis: What Will The Breakout Look Like?

This week, we continue our offseason player-by-player breakdown by focusing on Justin Smith. Justin is easily the most common answer when you ask IU fans and analysts what player is most likely to break out next season. But what will that breakout look like? What strengths will Justin need to build on? What weaknesses will he need to improve? We dive deep to assess. In addition, we also cover: • The positive takeaway from the Indiana Senior-Junior All Star Game • The importance of...


[408] Mailbag: What Are Reasonable Expectations for Romeo?

We're trying something new this week: a Monday mailbag. This gives us an opportunity to answer the questions we couldn't get to last Thursday night, as well as pick up some new ones. In this episode, Jerod opens with some thoughts on Rob Phinisee (why he's such a perfect fit for Archie Miller) and John Beilein (why it's in Indiana's best interest for Beilein to stay at Michigan). Then he answers a sack of questions submitted by listeners. Question rundown: • Will Clifton Moore get into the...


[407] IU-Duke (Again!) and Expectations for Juwan's Senior Season

After a few slow weeks there was a flurry of IU basketball news over the past couple of days. And we cover it all on this week's edition of Assembly Call Radio. • Why Juwan Morgan's senior season will be one of the most anticipated in the last two decades of IU basketball • Is there any downside for Indiana in playing Duke at Cameron Indoor? And how much might Indiana miss De'Ron Davis' presence in that game? • What should we expect from Juwan as a senior? Is D.J. White's senior season a...


[406] Remembering Bill Mallory: In His Players' Words

In this special edition episode of The Assembly Call, you will hear from five men whose experiences with Bill Mallory span from his early days at Colorado all the way into the 90s at Indiana. They tell their stories, and share the lessons they learned. You’ll hear from my dad first. It’s the most obvious place for me to start, but his is also one of the most unique perspectives you can find on Coach Mallory’s career -- because my dad was with Coach Mallory for roughly two decades as a...


[405] Analyzing IU's Fading APR (Plus: Andy's Bill Mallory Tribute)

This week on Assembly Call Radio, we discuss a rather disappointing and potentially devastating story that broke this week regarding Indiana's fading APR. How did it get so bad, and what needs to happen for Indiana to avoid harsh penalties (like missing the postseason) moving forward. We also touch on Romeo Langford's number, get the perspective from a coach on what this offseason will be like for Archie, and we hijack a question from Mind Your Banners to name our Starting 5s taking one...


[404] Is Devonte Green Primed For a (Gulp) Breakout?

This week, we begin our offseason player-by-player breakdown series. First player up: Devonte Green. Indiana has been searching for stability at point guard ever since Yogi Ferrell graduated. Devonte has shown he has the talent to be a solid -- at times even spectacular -- Big Ten guard. But will he ever become consistent enough to be someone who Archie Miller can count on? As always with Devonte, there are reasons to be optimistic and excited ... and reasons to be skeptical. We break all...


[403] The Biggest Strength and Weakness for Jerome, Rob, Damezi, Jake, and Race

This week, we dedicate some time to the incoming freshmen NOT named Romeo Langford -- a group that we were all very excited about even before Romeo's commitment vaulted Indiana's incoming recruiting class into the top 10. We go player by player -- Jerome Hunter, Damezi Anderson, Robert Phinisee, Jake Forrester, and Race Thompson too -- assessing each guy's biggest strength and biggest weakness as they head into their freshmen seasons. In other words: what will be the biggest factor in that...


[402] Romeo, Evan Fitzner, and Fun With Lineup Combinations

Finally, Indiana's roster for the 2018-19 season is starting to take on its final shape. We're still awaiting word from Juwan Morgan on whether he'll be back or not, but the recent commitments of Romeo Langford and grad transfer Evan Fitzner solidifies 13 of the 14 roster spots (taking into account McBob's walk-on spot) for the upcoming season. In this edition of Assembly Call Radio, we assess how the new guys fit, reflect a little more on the impact of Romeo's decision, have some fun...


[401] Special Edition: Romeo Langford Post-Announcement Show

What a night for Romeo Langford. What a night for the city of New Albany. What a night for Archie Miller, the Indiana Hoosiers, and IU basketball fans everywhere. Romeo Langford's epic recruitment finally came to an end on Monday night, with Langford announcing that he will be playing his (presumed) one year of college basketball at Indiana University. We assembled a panel discussion of our entire team, plus a special guest, to break down the decision and what it means for the present and...


[400] The 10 Most Meaningful Moments From the 2017-18 Season

Next week will be all about Romeo (we hope), so we decided to use this week's show to take a look back and reflect on the most meaningful moments from the 2017-18 season. Admittedly, there weren't as many meaningful and memorable moments (at least positive ones) to choose from this season as we'd all like, but there were still plenty worth reflecting on. You know RoJo's nine 3-pointers will make the list. As will Zach McRoberts' offensive rebound and then pass to Juwan Morgan for the...


[399] Locker Room Talk and IU Recruiting Roundup

This week on Assembly Call Radio, we kick things off by acknowledging the importance of the recent gift the IU men's basketball team received from the Roberts family -- which will result in much-needed renovations to the locker room area in Simon-Skjodt Assembly Hall. Then we talk about ... what else? Romeo. Zach McCrite, who lives in New Albany, and who called several of Romeo's games this season, is on hand to discuss what he's hearing from people close to the situation. (Spoiler alert:...


[398] What Would 2018-19 Look Like with Romeo and Juwan?

This week on Assembly Call Radio we address the two biggest IU basketball stories of the week: Romeo Langford announcing his decision date and location, and Juwan Morgan announcing his intention to submit his name for the NBA Draft and receive feedback on his status. We address each situation individually (why it feels like the winds are blowing in Indiana's direction for Romeo, and why we still expect Juwan to return for his senior season) and then address them together, because it sure...


[397] IU Still a Blue Blood ... On the Balance Sheet, At Least

On this week's edition of Assembly Call Radio, we begin by honoring the women's basketball team for winning the WNIT. Then Andy and Ryan give their opening statements, and we delve into a potpourri of topics: • Our lingering thoughts on what IU fans can take from the Final Four and apply to our program • The comment Jalen Brunson made after the title game that got Jerod thinking about an important element of the program that Archie Miller and his staff need to keep nurturing ... and what...


[396] 9 Lessons From This Year's Final Four Participants

This week on Assembly Call Radio, we break down the Final Four in the only real way we can make it relevant for an Indiana basketball show. And that is: the lessons that Archie Miller and IU fans can take from this year's Final Four participants, as we all look toward a future in which Indiana is actually a threat to make this event again. Among the topics discussed: -- The importance of guard play -- Why experience matters, but only a particular type of experience ... and not without...


[395] Busting Myths About Archie and the Pack Line Defense

On this week's edition of Assembly Call Radio, we are joined by special guest host Galen Clavio from Crimson Cast. He helps us take aim at the unnecessary and irrational fears expressed by some Indiana fans in the immediate wake of Virginia's loss to UMBC in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Why were these IU fans feeling panicked? Because IU, like Virginia, plays the pack line defense. So if this could happen to Virginia ... are Archie Miller's Indiana Hoosiers going to be doomed to...


[392] IU-Rutgers Postgame Show: Another Big Ten Tournament Disappointment

On Thursday night, the Hoosiers fell to Rutgers 76-69. Indiana started the game looking like they would run the Scarlet Knights out of Madison Square Garden, but the dominance quickly swung in the other direction. And the result was yet another devastating Big Ten Tournament loss for Indiana. Turnovers and bad shots, among many other things, led to a collapse in the first half that bled into the second half and proved to be impossible to recover from. Among the topics discussed: -- Why...


[391] IU-Ohio State Postgame Show: Reflections on a Thrilling But Devastating Senior Night Defeat

On Friday night, Indiana fell 80-78 to Ohio State on Senior Night as CJ Jackson etched his name forever into the most nightmarish section of IU lore. The day after the game, our crew broke it all down on The Assembly Call IU Postgame Show ... from the sublime home podcast studio of Galen Clavio (host of Crimson Cast), with special guests Galen, Zach McCrite, and The Coach, Brian Tonsoni. Among the topics discussed: -- Why Juwan Morgan's heroics weren't enough ... in part because of his own...


[390] The 3 Most Important Factors for The Rest of This Season

This week's edition of Assembly Call Radio is a little unorthodox. Instead of recording via our YouTube channel in separate locations, like we usually do, we recorded in-person at the studio of CBS Sports 1430 in Indianapolis. We're back home again in Indiana for the IU-Ohio State game on Friday -- so if you're in town, come see us at Nick's before the game, at the arena, or at The Tap afterwards. Andy couldn't make it for this week's show, but Kent Sterling filled in. We discussed the...