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Entertainment Reporter Robin Milling engages in candid conversations with today's hottest stars in movies, theater, music and television....Stay tuned!

Entertainment Reporter Robin Milling engages in candid conversations with today's hottest stars in movies, theater, music and television....Stay tuned!
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Entertainment Reporter Robin Milling engages in candid conversations with today's hottest stars in movies, theater, music and television....Stay tuned!




Milling About with Tom Everett Scott

Tom Everett Scott joins host Robin Milling to talk about his new film, I Hate Kids. In real life, that couldn't be further from the truth as Tom loves his two kids, and is happily married. He tells Robin, "when my first daughter was born I thought how much more could my heart take." Known for such roles as Emma Stone's husband in La La Land, and the drummer in That Thing You Do, Tom is also a triple threat. He is currently starring in I'm Sorry going into its second season for Tru TV,...


Milling About with Judy Collins

Most people know the legend of Judy Collins - the blue-eyed beauty - who inspired Suite Judy Blue Eyes by Stephen Stills of Crosby, Stills and Nash. In this candid chat with host Robin Milling, Judy talks about the stories that have shaped her musical history. Judy tells Robin about her on-going musical collaboration with Stills and their singing union on the CD Stills & Collins. After all these years, they are performing live together enriched even more by their friendship. She talks about...


Let's Do Lunch! at La Pulperia

Let's Do Lunch! dines at La Pulperia on the upper east of New York City. The restaurant is a unique and delectable mix of Brazillian and South American flavors with a Latin flair that will tingle your taste buds. Their signature dishes are the Pacu Fish Ribs, Moqueca Mixta and El Salmon Brulee which is the sumptuous one-of-a-kind creation of Executive Chef Carlos Barroz. You normally wouldn't consider sweet and fishy as a match but this salmon tartar topped with a fromage brulee gives this...


Milling About with Paul Mecurio

Paul Mecurio joins host Robin Milling to talk about his one-man Off Broadway series “Permission to Speak” now playing at The Actors Temple through December. Paul tells Robin the inspiration for the show where audience members chat with Paul to reveal their stories, often sharing their inner most thoughts and feelings. “I'm a therapist, a pimp and a comedian all rolled into one,!” he says. His knack for conversation can also be heard on his own podcast, The Paul Mecurio Show. A former lawyer...


Milling About With Rita Coolidge

Rita Coolidge, one of the most celebrated and reknowned singer/songwriters from the 70s, has released a new CD, Safe In The Arms of Time. The music and the lyrics illustrate how Rita, who was born of Cherokee roots in Lafayette, Tennessee, has come full circle in her life with personal and professional fulfillment. Rita candidly chats with host Robin Milling. Personally she openly talks about her past loves and the man in her life now who is her forever love. Some of her stories entail her...


Milling About With Ruben Studdard

The smooth soulful stylings of Ruben Studdard are a natural fit for singing Luther Vandross. Ruben joins host Robin Milling to talk about his new CD, 'Ruben Sings Luther,' which is not only a tribute to the late singer but also a special gift to his mother who always played Luther around the house in Alabama when Ruben was just a kid. Ruben tells Robin about the recording of Luther's music which includes his 'Velvet Tedd Bear' stamp on classics like Here and Now, Always and Forever, and...


Milling About with Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks joins host Robin Milling to chat about her upcoming film, "The Strangers: Prey at Night." The thriller also stars Martin Henderson as her husband, Lewis Pullman as her son, and Bailee Madison as her daughter. The family literally have to fight off an intruder in their mobile home. Christina tells Robin she didn't have to look any further than her own experience with a home break-in to conjure up that fear once again for the film. Also, starring in the television series,...


Let's Do Lunch! With Sommelier Leslie Britt @ The Lodge at Woodloch

Host Robin Milling chats with The Lodge At Woodloch sommelier Leslie Britt who likes to think of herself as a 'wine slinger.' She jokes with the guests, giving them the proper phonetic pronunciation, as 'som-el-yay'! Leslie is actually a certified specialist in both wine and spirits. Leslie holds a diploma in wine and spirits from the Wine And Spirits Education Trust which is the pre-requisite for a Master of wine out of London. Leslie believes that wine is an essential part of any dining...


Let's Do Lunch! At The Tree Restaurant @ The Lodge At Woodloch

Join host Robin Milling for Let's Do Lunch! at The Tree Restaurant at The Lodge At Woodloch where spa cuisine is much more than a peanut on a rice cracker. Their portions are just right and all about healthy nourishment served with wine or homemade 'clean' cocktails; with herbal ingredients grown right on property in their Blackmoor garden. A hive of bees makes their home here providing honey for The Maple Honey cocktail with Bourbon F617; tried and tested by sommelier Leslie Britt. The...


Milling About at The Lodge At Woodloch

Milling About visits The Lodge At Woodloch, a destination spa in Hawley, Pennsylvania in the heart of the Poconos, which offers serenity and relaxation in a woodsy environment that not only makes you feel calm, but also invigorated. The focus is to bring nature into the treatment room. Host Robin Milling chats with Treatments Manager Amanda Clabaugh about their signature massages using herbs grown right on property that are infused into body treatments such as local rosemary in “Rosemary...


Milling About With Rob Reiner

Director Rob Reiner has made films about presidents before as in the Michael Douglas led, The American President. This time he is exploring the real life making of an American president in LBJ starring Woody Harrelson as Lyndon B. Johnson. Reiner joins host Robin Milling to candidly discuss the making of LBJ from the make-up process Woody had to endure, to how Johnson's children felt about Harrelson's portrayal. Reiner tells Robin behind-the-scenes stories of using actual locations to...


Milling About with Poco's Rusty Young

Back in 1967 Poco was founded by Rusty Young, Richie Furay, George Grantham and Jim Messina. Over the years the band recruited Paul Cotton, Randy Meisner, and Timothy B. Schmidt. Now 50 years later Rusty Young is still making music with his new CD, "Waitin' For The Sun," which includes the familiar and classic Poco sound with his own personal reflections of his life and bandmates who are all still his friends. Rusty joins host Robin Milling to talk about the inspiration for the songs which...


Milling About with Narada Michael Walden & Jennifer Saran

The collaboration between veteran producer Narada Michael Walden and artist Jennifer Saran turned out to be a magical one. It began in South Africa with the single "Wake Up" - a call to everyone to become aware of what was going on in the world through music. It was during the time of Desmond Tutu's 85th birthday and inspired by the turmoil going on at the time. Saran was then joined by local legends Ladysmith Black Mambazo on the song with all proceeds going to the "Desmond & Leah Tutu...


Milling About with Santana & The Isley Brothers

Never before have Santana and The Isley Brothers, two accomplished musical legends in their own right, collaborated together in the studio until now. Power of Peace celebrates the musical unity between Carlos Santana, Ron Isley and Ernie Isley. The album also marks a familial gathering as they are joined by their wives - Cindy Blackman Santana, Kandy Johnson Isley (Ron's wife) and Tracy Isley (Ernie's wife) singing background vocals with Cindy on drums. Host Robin Milling spoke with Carlos...


Milling About with Diane Lane & Eleanor Coppola

Paris Can Wait star Diane Lane and writer/director Eleanor Coppola join host Robin Milling. The two ladies collaboration had been several years in the making -- Lane knows Coppola since she was 17 working with her husband Francis Ford on such films as The Outsiders and Rumble Fish. So when it came time to cast her leading lady in her debut film Lane said 'yes' to the story based on Coppola's food and wine road trip to Paris that she experienced many years ago. Diane tells Robin any thoughts...


Milling About with Bruce Sudano

If you grew up in the 70s then you would surely have heard the music of Bruce Sudano, Born in Brooklyn, New York Sudano co-founded the band Alive N Kickin’ which featured the Tommy James penned “Tighter, Tighter.” In 1977 he met Donna Summer, who would become his wife of 32 years and together they wrote such popular hits as “Heaven Knows,” and “Bad Girls” to name a few. Bruce always had a solo career of his own. In this candid interview with host Robin Milling, Sudano talks about his new...


Milling About with Donny Most

Brooklyn-born Donny Most aka the lovable Ralph Malph from Happy Days is now crooning his way into our hearts with a new CD, D Most: Mostly Swinging. Donny joins host Robin Milling to talk about his showbusiness journey from performing in the Catskill hotels as a teenager, to his memories of the Happy Days gang, and his undeniable love for jazz standards and the American songbook which led to his foray into musical recording and performing. Songs on the CD include such standards as Lover Come...


Milling About with Judith Owen

Singer/songwriter Judith Owen joins host Robin Milling the day following her album showcase, “Somebody's Child” at the Iridium in New York. This Welsh-born entertainer is a beautiful songstress who weaves personal life lessons and stories throughout each song with a dab of her cheeky sense of humor thrown in for good measure which propel you not only to fall in love with her music, but with her as well. “I told you I was a bottomless pit of need,” she jokes speaking about wanting the...


Milling About with Bart Freundlich

Writer/director Bart Freundlich joins host Robin Milling to talk about his new film Wolves. The film stars newcomer Taylor John Smith as a rising highschool basketball player who must overcome the challenges of his gambling father (Michael Shannon) and overcompensating mother (Carla Gugino) to excel. Basketball is in the family as Bart tells Robin he still plays, his son plays for Davidson College, and his daughter for her Junior Varsity team. In fact most of the film's basketball scenes...


Milling About with Stephen Dorff as Wheeler

Stephen Dorff stars as Wheeler Bryson, a country singer songwriter in the film Wheeler who captures Nashville by storm with his unique talents. Stephen tells host Robin Milling what it was like to be completely unrecognizable underneath the weathered Wheeler prosthetics and how he managed to fool the people who knew him such as the session musicians he grew up knowing through his famous songwriting father, Steve Dorff. The Hollywood actor, also an accomplished musician in his own right did...