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193 Tatiana DeMaria - Rockstar Authenticity

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes Many people grow up wanting to learn to play an instrument like their musical idols, someday meet their favorite bands, or even become rockstars. But have you ever stopped to think what would happen if you actually accomplished all of that and then realized that you've burned out and your dream no longer fulfills you? Ask Tatiana DeMaria, she experienced it first hand after coming off a 1,000 show tour. In Episode 193 of Are You Being Real Podcast, Tatiana...


192 Robbe Richman - Dating, Love, and Self-Acceptance

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes If achieving your goals, feeling like your best self, or even finding the love of your life was as easy as taking one pill, would you do it? Robbe Richman, the author of The Culture Blueprint and founder of Xpill, believes it's possible. He's helped hundreds of people, massive influencer and regular people alike, go through the Xpill activation process to see and feel the difference in their life. It's not what's in the pill that matters (what's in it will...


191 Suze Yalof Schwartz - Unplug Stress & Plug Into Peace

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes In our celebrity-driven culture, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing solely on our outward appearance and the image we want to project. It’s especially tough when you grow up in the fashion world as Suze Yalof Schwartz did. Through her hard work, she became known as The Fairy Godmother of Makeovers and a lynchpin of outward transformation at Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue and many shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. But now, she’s focusing on a...


190 Mark Shapiro - Am I Being Real About My Love Life? - Marriage, Divorce, & 100+ First Dates...

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes For the past 189 episodes, Mark has gotten his guests to open up about all sorts of real and raw topics. But for the first time in three years, he's going fully solo and opening up about one of his most important life-long quests: to find romantic love. Ever since Mark was a kid, he had dreams of finding 'the love of his life' and starting a family. Now, at age 36, he finds himself single after experiencing incredible highs and devastating lows. While...


189 David Denberg - Community Building Pro-Tips

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes As human beings, we crave the safety, love, and acceptance of others and are edified when we can return the same. It's what's driven us to gather into tribes, families, and other forms of community since the beginning of time. However, we may find from time to time that the communities we find ourselves in may not fully meet our expectations or vision for what they could be. How would your life be different if you could cultivate your own community, just as...


188 Jackie Knechtel - Living In A State of Effortless Flow

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes Imagine being able to always feel it seems that everything you want and need is showing up for you at the same time and everything is in your favor. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Jackie thinks so, and she’s here to help us make that a reality for us by showing us the basic of how to tap into our flow consciousness. On Episode 188, Mark sits down with the co-founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute and author of the upcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless...


187 Mark Shapiro - Am I Being Real? Burning Man 2018

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes Imagine a world that's a cross between Disneyland and Willy Wonka where you can be whoever you want to be, do what you want to do, dance how you want to dance, and just express yourself as you please with 69,999 other for an entire week. This place exists for one week a year and it's called Burning Man. For Mark, Burning Man almost serves as New Years. He uses it as a time to assess where his life has taken him since the last Burn and where he is at...


186 Kirra Sherman - Intuition vs Analysis

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes We’ve all heard of the importance of ‘trusting our gut’ and, If you’re like most, it’s often times easier said than done. The world is full of so much noise and distraction trying to compete for our attention. Sometimes, our own logical thoughts paralyze us to the point where we become overwhelmed and don’t take any action. Whether these stumbling blocks are self-imposed or not, it’s important for us to get acquainted with the tool that the Universe has given...


185 Adam Gilad - The Higher Game: How to Boldly Live and Love

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes Some of life's biggest regrets revolve around our authenticity and our relationships. The choice of what and who we choose to give our time, attention, and love to can profoundly affect us and have long-lasting consequences, which is why it's a good idea to assess where you at and where you want to go. It's time to have the courage to free yourself of any relationship that isn't meeting your expectation or inspiring you to live your 'higher game.' Adam Gilad...


184 Rob Lawless - The Art of Meeting 10,000 New People

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes There are moments in our life when we feel disconnected from others and want to meet new people to help breath new life into our day-to-day. Whether it's for business connections, dating, or just new potential friendships, we all experience insecurities, especially when it comes to connecting with random strangers. Even though he had a comfortable job straight out of college as a consultant for Deloitte, Rob Lawless decided to get rid of his insecurities and...


183 Ben Morrison - Navigating Difficult Conversations with Comedy

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes Ben Morrison describes himself as a comedian, writer, actor, and director. But he is so much more than that. He's also an internationally celebrated (by few) photographer of sheep and the self-proclaimed Michael Phelps of poop jokes. Most importantly, he is a hilariously outspoken advocate for Crohn's Disease education and a dear friend of Mark. While most comedians decided to pull back on their craft just after 9/11, Ben decided to double down and use it as...


182 Kyle Kesterson - The Four Dimensions of Fear (Bonus Episode)

Kyle Kesterson comes back for a bonus episode of his discussion with Mark on fear. Over the course of his life, Kyle has developed the ability to quickly identify a fear and then take massive action to push back on it, all thanks to his analysis of The Four Dimensions of Fear. He first shared it with Mark on their trip to Israel. Mark liked it so much that he had to have him share it with us during their interview. Mark also shares a time where he had to face one of his own fears, which...


181 Kyle Kesterson - Uniquely Fresh Perspectives on Fear, Direction & Success

Kyle Kesterson can easily be labeled as an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, a storyteller, and fearless. However, he prefers to be "Unlabeled," as his Instagram shows. If he had a mantra to guide his life by, it would be "I wonder where this road goes..." He is wise, well-traveled, and a unique example of true fearless. I had the privilege of meeting him on my recent trip to Israel and I absolutely had to have him on to share his wisdom with all of you. In this episode, I sit...


180 Franco Acosta - Seizing Life's Synchronistic Moments

Franco Acosta is a name you may have heard Mark shoutout at the end of some past episodes. He's the current producer/editor of the Are You Being Real Podcast and a behind-the-scenes ninja on a lot of Mark's projects. But what you don't know is that Franco and Mark met just barely a year ago thanks to some serendipitous events that made their paths cross (or were they? Franco believes there are no such things as coincidences). In this episode, Franco shares what it took for him to finally...


179 Mark Shapiro - The Key Lessons from Five Must Read Books

Mark Shapiro is a self-proclaimed 'self-help dork' and loves to read. Sometimes it's to prep for an upcoming guest on the podcast. Sometimes it's for fun. Regardless of the reason, he's put in his time to seek growth from many books. It doesn't matter if it's printed on pages, scrolling on his phone, or listening to the audiobook, Mark is always taking something in. On today's episode, Mark shares his top five books for personal development that anyone can jump into and find value for...


178 Tommy Sobel - Phone Habits for Healthy People

Tommy Sobel has a unique resume: he was a published student of neuroscience, he's been Steven Spielberg's right-hand man on set, and he became the top executive at Amblin Partner's New Media division (formally DreamWorks Studios). He knows very well just how enticing our phones can be (it was his job to keep us glued to them through his company's content). Now, he's left that all behind to help us have a healthier relationship with our phone and technology. He's founded, which...


177 Ten Things To Do When Feeling Stuck

On this episode, Mark shares some thoughts he's had recently as he's traveled to Greece and Israel in search of his next big move to further his vision, his understanding of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and how it relates to us, and his top ten tips to rely on when we ask ourselves the following question: What are we supposed to do when we find ourselves in a really tough situation where we feel defeated, like we've tried everything, and just don't know where to turn next? We're...


176 Light vs Dark: Living Through Ups and Downs

On this episode, Mark shared with you his appearance on an episode of "The One You Feed" podcast. We all have two 'wolves' inside of us: one is good and the other bad. Our energy and focus is what provides nourishment and there is only so much to go around. Do you feed the good wolf or the bad wolf? Mark goes into how these wolves show up in his life and how he deals with them. Also, the team at have put together a musical montage of some of the most stand-out moments of...


175 Dealing with What We Dislike About Ourselves

On this week’s episode, we continue our four-part Group Podcast series with our third episode where my guests discuss what that 'thing' about themselves is that they still struggle to love about themselves. Not only do they get real about what they really dislike, but one of my guests reveals that they have deep, unresolved beef from years ago with another guest. It gets a little heated. It's definitely an episode you will not want to miss. This week’s guests are: Caitlin TurnerZach...


174 Jake Greene - Life's Big Choices, Storytelling, & Digital Realness

Jake Greene is a speaker, author, new media expert, and former business consultant to top companies such as Allstate, Hilton, and GameStop (among others). His newest book, Create Great Videos, was recently published this past April and is packed with inspiring examples of creatives making a difference with their content. It definitely worth picking up and giving yourself the opportunity to learn from his many interviews. In this episode, I sit down with Jake and discuss what it takes to...