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Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process

Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process




Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process




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Episode 52: Nancy Kress

An hour-long interview with Nancy Kress, bestselling Nebula, Hugo, Sturgeon, and Campbell Award-winning author of thirty science fiction and fantasy novels and novellas and five short-story collections, including Beggars in Spain, Probability Space, and Steal Across the Sky, as well as three non-fiction books for Writer’s Digest on the fundamentals of writing. Nancy Kress’s Amazon Page The Introduction Nancy Kress … Continue reading "Episode 52: Nancy Kress" Source


Episode 51: Barbara Hambly

An hour-long chat with Barbara Hambly, New York Times-bestselling author of fantasy and science fiction, as well as historical novels set in the nineteenth century, about her creative process. Facebook@BarbaraHamblyWriter Barbara Hambly’s Amazon Page The Introduction Since her first published fantasy in 1982, The Time of the Dark, Barbara Hambly has touched most bases … Continue reading "Episode 51: Barbara Hambly" Source


Episode 50: S. M. Stirling

An hour-long conversation with S.M. Stirling, author of numerous science fiction and fantasy novels, including the novels of the Change and the Shadowspawn series, and most recently Shadows of Annihilation, Book 3 of the Tales from the Black Chamber series, about an alternate First World War. Facebook@worldsofwhatif S.M. Stirling’s Amazon Page The Introduction S.M. … Continue reading "Episode 50: S. M. Stirling" Source


Episode 49: Ira Nayman

An hour-long chat with Ira Nayman, editor of Amazing Stories magazine, proprietor of the Alternate Reality News Service (11 books so far), and author of six novels in the Multiverse series published by Elsewhen Press. WebsiteLes Pages aux Folles Twitter@ARNSProprietor Ira Nayman’s Amazon Page The Introduction Iray Nayman is the proprietor of the Alternate Reality … Continue reading "Episode 49: Ira Nayman" Source


Episode 48: Tim Powers

An hour-long conversation with three-time World Fantasy Award (and two-time Philip K. Dick Award)-winning fantasy author Tim Powers, whose sixteen novels include The Anubis Gates, Forced Perspectives, and On Stranger Tides. Facebook@AuthorTimPowers Tim Powers Amazon Page The Introduction An hour-long conversation with three-time World Fantasy Award (and two-time Philip K. Dick Award)-winning fantasy author , … Continue reading "Episode 48: Tim...


Episode 47: Carrie Vaughn

An hour-long chat with Carrie Vaughn, author of the Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel Bannerless, the New York Times-bestselling Kitty Norville urban fantasy series: more than twenty novels and upwards of 100 short stories, two of which have been finalists for the Hugo Award. Facebook@carrie.vaughn Carrie Vaughn’s Amazon Page The Introduction Carrie Vaughn‘s work includes … Continue reading "Episode 47: Carrie Vaughn" Source


Episode 46: Jeffrey A. Carver

An hour-long conversation with Jeffrey A. Carver, author of eighteen science fiction novels, including The Chaos Chronicles and the Star Rigger stories, which include Dragons in the Stars and Nebula-finalist Eternity’s End, and Battlestar Galactica, a novelization of the critically acclaimed television miniseries. Website Facebook@jeffrey.a.carver Jeffrey A. Carver’s Amazon Page The Introduction Jeffrey A. Carver is the author of eighteen … Continue reading "Episode...


Episode 45: David D. Levine

An hour-long conversation with David D. Levine, the Hugo- and Nebula-winning author of the Regency interplanetary airship adventure novel Arabella of Mars (Tor 2016), sequels Arabella and the Battle of Venus (Tor 2017) and Arabella the Traitor of Mars (Tor 2018), and more than fifty science fiction and fantasy stories. Twitter@DavidDLevine Facebook@David.D.Levine.sf Instagram@DavidDLevine David D. Levine’s Amazon page The Introduction … Continue reading "Episode...


Episode 44: Matthew Hughes

An hour-long conversation with Matthew Hughes, award-winning (and multiply nominated) author of more than twenty novels of fantasy, space opera, and crime fiction and numerous short stories, focusing on What the Wind Brings, his latest, a magical-realism historical novel from Pulp Literature Press. Facebook@hapthorn Twitter@hapthorn Matthew Hughes’s Amazon Page The Introduction Matthew Hughes writes fantasy, … Continue reading "Episode 44: Matthew Hughes" Source


Episode 43: Heli Kennedy

An hour-long conversation with Heli Kennedy, writer for several projects continuing the saga of the hit TV series Orphan Black, including Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, a book series from Serial Box; she has also written for Ubisoft computer games, and is a screenwriter who has written, produced, and acted in short films that have … Continue reading "Episode 43: Heli Kennedy" Source


Episode 42: Candas Jane Dorsey

An hour-plus interview with Candas Jane Dorsey, internationally known, award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy, including Black Wine, A Paradigm of Earth, and the new short-story collection Ice & Other Stories. Twitter@CJDwriter Candas Jane Dorsey is the internationally known, award-winning author of novels Black Wine (originally Tor 1997, 1998, re-released Five Rivers 2013) and … Continue reading "Episode 42: Candas Jane Dorsey" Source


Episode 41: Mary Robinette Kowal

An hour-plus chat with Mary Robinette Kowal, Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Award-winning author of the Lady Astronaut trilogy (Tor Books) and many more novels and short stories, member of the Writing Excuses podcast, professional puppeteer, and audiobook narrator. Twitter@MaryRobinette Instagram@MaryRobinetteKowal Mary Robinette Kowal’s Amazon Page The Introduction Mary Robinette Kowal is the author of The … Continue reading "Episode 41: Mary Robinette Kowal" Source


Episode 40: Rebecca Roanhorse

A 45-minute conversation with Rebecca Roanhorse, Nebula, Hugo, and Locus Award-winning author of Trail of Lightning and Storm of Locusts, the first two books in the Sixth World series, plus the Star Wars novel Resistance Reborn and the middle-grade novel Race to the Sun (Rick Riordan Presents), and multiple short stories. She won the Astounding (formerly Campbell) Award … Continue reading "Episode 40: Rebecca Roanhorse" Source


Episode 39: Garth Nix

An hour-long conversation New York Times bestselling novelist Garth Nix, author of the Old Kingdom series, the Keys to the Kingdom series, Frogkisser, and many others: his books have sold more than six million copies around the world and been translated into 42 languages. Twitter@GarthNix Garth Nix’s Amazon Page The Introduction New York Times bestselling novelist Garth Nix has been a … Continue reading "Episode 39:...


Episode 38: James Alan Gardner

An hour-long conversation with James Alan Gardner, author of ten science-fiction and fantasy novels and numerous short stories, including finalists for the Nebula and Hugo Awards and winners of the Aurora, the Asimov’s Readers’ Choice, and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Awards, with a particular focus on his Dark vs. Spark series (Tor Books), which began with … Continue reading "Episode 38: James Alan Gardner" Source


Episode 37: Susan Forest

An hour long conversation with Susan Forest, award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy that has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and OnSPEC Magazine, among others, and the new young-adult fantasy novel Bursts of Fire, the first in a seven-volume series, Addicted to Heaven, from Laksa Media. Twitter:@SusanJForest Instagram:@SusanForestWrites … Continue...


Episode 36: Tim Pratt

An hour-long conversation with Tim Pratt, author of more than twenty novels (most recently the Axiom space-opera series, Philip K. Dick Award finalist The Wrong Stars, The Dreaming Stars, and The Forbidden Stars), a Hugo Award winner for short fiction and a finalist for the Nebula, World Fantasy, Sturgeon, Mythopoeic, Stoker, and other awards. … Continue reading "Episode 36: Tim Pratt" Source


Episode 35: Lisa Kessler

An hour-long conversation with Lisa Kessler, bestselling and award-winning author of dark paranormal fiction, including The Moon Series, The Muse Chronicles, The Night Series, and the new Sentinels of Savannah series that begins with Pirate’s Passion. Twitter@LdyDisney Lisa Kessler’s Amazon Page The Introduction Lisa Kessler is a bestselling author of dark paranormal … Continue reading...


Episode 34: John Kessel

An hour-long conversation with John Kessel, author of Pride and Prometheus, The Moon and the Other (both from Saga Press) and other novels, and, as a short-fiction writer, winner of two Nebula Awards, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, the Locus Award, the James Tiptree Jr. Award, and the Shirley Jackson Award. John Kessel’s … Continue reading "Episode 34: John Kessel" Source


Episode 33: Kameron Hurley

An hour-long conversation with Kameron Hurley, award-winning author of the recently released military science fiction novel The Light Brigade, the short-story collection Meet Me in the Future, The Stars are Legion, the essay collection The Geek Feminist Revolution, the God’s War trilogy, and the Worldbreaker Saga. Twitter@KameronHurley Instagram@KameronHurley Kameron Hurley’s Amazon Page The Introduction Kameron Hurley is the … Continue reading "Episode 33:...