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Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process

Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process




Conversations with science fiction and fantasy authors about the creative process




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Episode 75: Robert G. Penner

An hour-long interview with Robert G. Penner, author of Strange Labour (Radiant Press), named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Science Fiction Books of 2020, and editor of the online science-fiction zine Big Echo. Twitter@BillSquirrell The Introduction Robert G. Penner is the author of Strange Labour, one of Publishers Weekly‘s Best Science Fiction Books of … Continue reading "Episode 75: Robert G. Penner" Source


Episode 74: Frank J. Fleming

An hour-long chat with Frank J. Fleming, author of the Superego science-fiction series and senior writer for the satire site, The Babylon Bee. Twitter@IMAO_ Frank J. Fleming’s Amazon Page The Introduction Frank J. Fleming is the author of the Superego series of science-fiction novels. He’s also a humor writer for the Babylon Bee, New York Post, and USA Today, and … Continue reading "Episode 74: Frank J. Fleming" Source


Episode 73: K. Eason

An hour-long interview with K. Eason, author of the On the Bones of Gods fantasy trilogy and the Thorne Chronicles, the second book of which, How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge, has just come out from DAW Books. Twitter@svartjager K. Eason’s Amazon Page The Introduction K. Eason started telling stories (to pets, stuffed animals, … Continue reading "Episode 73: K. Eason" Source


Episode 72: Cory Doctorow

An hour-long chat with Cory Doctorow, science-fiction author, activist, and journalist, about his creative process. Websitewww.craphound,com Twitter@Doctorow Cory Doctorow’s Amazon Page The Introduction Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist, and journalist. His latest book is Attack Surface, a standalone adult sequel to Little Brother. He is also the author How to Destroy … Continue reading "Episode 72: Cory Doctorow" Source


Episode 71: Patricia C. Wrede

An hour-and-twenty-minute interview with Patricia C. Wrede, award-winning author of more than twenty-two fantasy novels for readers of all ages, as well as two collections of short stories and one book on writing. Twitter@PatriciaCWrede Facebook@PatriciaWredeAuthor Patricia C. Wrede’s Amazon Page Patricia will be instructing the workshop “Worldbuilding in Fantasy and Science Fiction” for Odyssey … Continue reading "Episode 71: Patricia C. Wrede" Source


Episode 70: F. Paul Wilson

An hour-long interview with F. Paul Wilson, the award-winning, bestselling author of 60 books and nearly 100 short stories spanning science fiction, horror, adventure, medical thrillers, and virtually everything between. Facebook@RealFPaulWilson Twitter@FPaulWilson F. Paul Wilson’s Amazon Page The Introduction F. Paul Wilson is the award-winning, bestselling author of 60 books and nearly 100 short … Continue reading "Episode 70: F. Paul Wilson" Source


Episode 69: Glen Zipper & Elaine Mongeon

An hour-long conversation with Elaine Mongeon and Glen Zipper, filmmakers, screenwriters, and authors of the new young-adult space-opera novel Devastation Class, first book in a trilogy from Blink. Twitter@E_Mongeon@Zipper Instagram@ElaineMongeon@GlenZipper The Introduction Award-winning filmmaker Elaine Mongeon wrote and directed the short films Good Morning for Warner Bros. Pictures and Swiped to Death for Hulu and the Sundance Institute. She also … Continue...


Episode 68: James Morrow

An hour-plus interview with James Morrow, World Fantasy Award, Nebula Award, Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award and Grand prix de l’Imaginaire-winning author of eleven novels and many shorter works. Facebook@james.morrow.754570 Twitter@jimmorrow11 James Morrow’s Amazon Page The Introduction Born in 1947, James Morrow has been writing fiction ever since. As a seven-year-old living in the Philadelphia … Continue reading "Episode 68: James Morrow" Source


Episode 67: Griffin Barber

An hour-long interview with Griffin Barber, author of Second Chance Angel, co-authored with Kacey Ezell; 1636: Mission to the Mughals, co-authored with Eric Flint, and Man-Eater, Book 3 of the Murphy’s Lawless series, set in Dr. Charles E. Gannon‘s Caine Riordan universe, and several short stories. Facebook@Griffin911 Twitter@J_GriffinB@RantingGriffin Griffin Barber’s Amazon Page Introduction Griffin … Continue reading "Episode 67: Griffin Barber" Source


Episode 66: Kacey Ezell

An hour-long conversation with Kacey Ezell, an active-duty USAF instructor helicopter pilot who writes sci-fi/fantasy/horror/noir/alternate history fiction including Minds of Men and The World Asunder, both Dragon Award Finalists for Best Alternate History in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and, with Griffin Barber, the far-future noir thriller Second Chance Angel. Facebook@KaceyEzell Instagram@KaceyEzell Kacey Ezell’s Amazon Page The Introduction … Continue reading...


Episode 65: Cat Rambo

A 45-minute chat with Cat Rambo, Nebula Award-winning author of more than 200 published short stories and several novels, editor, writing teacher, and past president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, about her creative process. Twitter@catrambo Facebook@catrambo Cat Rambo’s Amazon Page The Introduction Cat Rambo’s more than 200 published short stories … Continue reading "Episode 65: Cat Rambo" Source


Episode 64: R. B. Lemberg

An hour-long conversation with R.B. Lemberg, a linguist, and author of many stories set in the Birdverse, an LGBTQIA+-focused secondary world, including The Four Profound Weaves, a novella just released by Tachyon Publications. Twitter:@rb_lemberg Patreon:rblemberg R.B. Lemberg’s Amazon Page The Introduction R.B. Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from Ukraine, Russia, and Israel to the US. Their … Continue reading "Episode 64: R. B. Lemberg" Source


Episode 63: Kathrin Hutson

An hour-long conversation with Kathrin Hutson, internationally bestselling author of dark fantasy, science fiction, and LGBTQ+ speculative fiction, ghostwriter, fiction co-editor of Mud Season Review, and director of interviews for TopShelf Magazine. Facebook@KathrinHutsonFiction Instagram@KathrinHutsonFiction Twitter@ExquisitelyDark Kathrin Hutson’s Amazon Page The Introduction International bestselling author Kathrin Hutson has been writing dark fantasy,...


Episode 62: Kate Elliott

An hour-long-plus conversation with Kate Elliott, author of Unconquerable Sun, “gender-swapped Alexander the Great in space,” and many others, including the Crown of Stars epic fantasy series, the Afro-Celtic post-Roman alt-history fantasy with lawyer-dinosaurs, Cold Magic, and sequels, the science fiction novels of the Jaran, the YA fantasy Court of Fives, and the epic fantasy … Continue reading "Episode 62: Kate Elliott" Source


Episode 61: Jeremy Szal

An hour-long conversation with Jeremy Szal, author of Stormblood, Book 1 in the dark space-opera Common trilogy (Gollancz), author of more than 40 science fiction short stories, and former editor of the Hugo-winning online audio magazine Starship Sofa. Twitter@JeremySzal Facebook@ Jeremy.J.Szal Jeremy Szal’s Amazon Page The Introduction Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 and, … Continue reading "Episode 61: Jeremy Szal" Source


Episode 60: Helen Dale

An hour-long interview with Helen Dale, youngest-ever winner of Australia’s prestigious Miles Franklin Award and author of the two-part alternate-history novel Kingdom of the Wicked, shortlisted for the Prometheus Award. Twitter@_HelenDale Parler@HelenDale Facebook@helen.dale.90 Helen Dale’s Amazon Page The Introduction Helen Dale is a Queenslander by birth and a Londoner by choice. She read law at … Continue reading "Episode 60: Helen Dale" Source


Episode 59: Marie Brennan

An hour-long conversation with Marie Brennan, author of the Hugo Award-nominated Victorian adventure series, The Memoirs of Lady Trent, the Onyx Court series, and, as half of M.A. Carrick with Alyc Helms, the upcoming Rook and Rose trilogy. Twitter@Swan_Tower PatreonNew Worlds Marie Brennan’s Amazon Page The Introduction Marie Brennan holds an undergraduate degree in archaeology … Continue reading "Episode 59: Marie Brennan" Source


Episode 58: Faith Hunter

An hour-long conversation with award-winning New York Times– and USA Today-bestselling author Faith Hunter, author of the Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series, the Junkyard Cats novella series, and the Rogue Mage series, as well as thrillers under the pen names Gary Hunter and Gwen Hunter. Facebook@Official.Faith.Hunter Twitter@HunterFaith Faith Hunter’s Amazon Page The Introduction Faith Hunter is the award-winning New … Continue reading "Episode 58: Faith...


Episode 57: Edward Savio

An hour-long conversation with successful screenwriter and novelist Edward Savio, author of Alexander X, Book 1 in the Battle for Forever series, the audiobook version of which, narrated by Wil Wheaton, was a number-one overall bestseller on Audible. Twitter@EdwardSavio Instagram@EdwardSavio Edward Savio’s Amazon page The Introduction Edward Savio grew up in the bucolic bedroom … Continue reading "Episode 57: Edward Savio" Source


Episode 56: Kelley Armstrong

An hour-long conversation with New York Times-bestselling author Kelley Armstrong, author of numerous fantasy, mystery, and thriller novels in multiple series for adults, including the thirteen-book Otherworld series, which began with her first novel, Bitten, and other series and standalone novels for young adults and middle-grade readers. Twitter@KelleyArmstrong Facebook@KelleyArmstrongAuthor Kelley Armstrong’s Amazon Page The … Continue reading "Episode 56:...