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Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)

Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)
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Clayton, NC


Everyone is a philosopher and everyone has an interesting story to tell, you just have to know how to ask. I find that I am surrounded by some of the most interesting people in the world. They are our neighbors, friends, and relatives and they help shape who we are. Some conversations are serious, some are deep, and some are silly... Enjoy :)






21 Gun: Marine Officer Donny O'Malley - Creator Vet TV and Irreverent Warriors

Donny O'Malley is an actor, writer and of course is the creator of Veterans Entertainment Television - an online streaming service by veterans for veterans. He is the founder of Irreverent Warriors an organization bringing veterans together for silkies hikes with 22 kilos of gear for 22 kilometers in an effort to curb veteran suicide. Donny joins me today to talk about the disconnect between real veterans and service members and the public's perception. Does this disconnect lead to veteran...


21 Gun: Chad Jukes - From combat amputee to the summit of Everest!

Chad Jukes joins me today to talk about his time during and after his service in the US Army. Chad joined the Army reserves during college with a plan to play the trumpet in the Army Band. A few years and several combat deployments later he found himself missing a leg thanks to an IED encounter in Northern Iraq. Hear Chad's inspiring story of overcoming a devastating physical injury and ultimately reaching the pinnacle of terra firma Earth - Mount Everest. Links: Paradox...


21 Gun: Marine Veteran Dan Maillard & the Irreverent Warriors Silkies/Ranger Pantie Hike

Dan Maillard is a former Marine who joined the service straight out of High School. He served as Marine One Crew Chief on the VH60N at HMX-1. For all those who don't know - that's the president's helicopter and the crew chief is responsible to keep it flying. He then transitioned from the Marine Corps to the Secret Service Uniform Division as a Police Office, worked with the FBI on Counterterrorism. Dan comes on to the show today to talk about Irreverent Warriors, an organization whose...


Big Announcement... The Future of the WWI Podcast. Where do we go from here?

So, if you've been a fan of the show for any amount of time, you probably noticed that the most recent episodes have been a little different from the "classic" episode format. I'm aware of this and have been trying to figure out the future of the program. I was on the verge of discontinuing the podcast altogether! Luckily, I made a trip to Bourbiz, a veteran entrepreneur networking group and I found my answer. It is good news and the WWI Podcast isn't going anywhere! There will be some...


I think I figured out AOC; Gun ownership; Your odds of dying in a given year!

S4E2: I start the show explaining my epiphany on the deal with AOC. I could figure her out for the longest time and then it hit me: she's an adult teenager! This transitions into the Assault Weapons Ban 2019 and why I personally own firearms. What is the meaning of carrying a weapon? What are your odds of actually needing one? Could the real problem be swimming pools? Finally, with all the talk about your odds of dying via guns, I delve into the odds of dying in any given year and how...


S4E1: WWI Reboot! What's going on with WWI and an apology to the millennial I triggered on Twitter ;-)

After a brief 3 week sabbatical from the WWI Podcast, I did some soul searching about where I want this show to go after 4 years. I have been stressed out about booking talent, writing show prep and getting quality content out every two weeks. This program was never meant to be stressful and it wasn't that long ago when I enjoyed recording episodes much more than I do now. This is not a reflection on my guests. I have been honored by some great minds joining me in some fantastic...


Episode 113: 2019 Predictions in tech and society! Trigger warning....

It's January and that means we're ready for our predictions of what's to come! Will America enter a civil war? Will iPhones become implanted in our brains? Will Savanna Steele finally name her upcoming podcast? Is John a human lie detector? Plus much much more. Fun episode! AS always check out John Taylor's www.twistedpodcast.com for one of America's premier true crime podcasts! Check out www.waitwhatif.com for everything WWI Podcast


Episode 112: Tom Naughton, How a comedian and filmmaker became one of the biggest names in nutrition!

Ten years ago Tom Naughton was filming a series about his struggle with weight loss when he came upon a popular film called "Supersize Me". Morgan Spurlock's famous war against the Golden Arches took the world by storm but its underlying premise didn't sit well with Tom so he decided to make a movie testing his hypothesis. Could nutritional recommendations we've been fed over the past 50 years be totally wrong?! For more info visit Tom's site : http://www.tomnaughton.com Tom's Twitter:...


EPisode #111 - Futurist Byron Reese talks about the coming age of Artificial Intelligence!

“The biggest problems of tomorrow will not be a lack of jobs but a shortage of humans to take advantage of all of the opportunities technology will offer.” – Byron Reese I opened the show with Freddie Mercury's intro to Hammer to Fall from back in 1986 at Live Aid. I used did this because AI (artificial intelligence) is beginning to dip its toes into art and it is doing a pretty good job at it. But I ask: can a non-human create art? Is art only an expression of the human experience? I...


WWI Episode 110: Where are all the good leaders? What is a natural born leader?

Tonight I had speaker/author Joel Hawbaker to discuss leadership. What is it? Can leaders be taught or are they forged through austerity? Do we have a crisis in leadership in the modern world? What kind of leaders will millennials make? Does the current state of the world produce good leaders? For more on Joel's books visit his site www.reallifeleading.com or visit his Amazon page. Joel is a fascinating guy and we had a great episode together! Hope you enjoy! Of course, follow me on...


Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday for what it is, a time for friends, family and being thankful!

Every Thanksgiving my newsfeed is inundated with stories of how the meaning of Thanksgiving is oppression, colonialism and genocide. I refuse to adopt this revisionist view and choose instead to understand history as a contextual and subjective social science. Furthermore, the modern worldview of Thanksgiving as a day of giving thanks for blessings (agnostically speaking) we've received through the year is honorable and should be embraced. Thanks for listening! Happy Thanksgiving!


Episode 108: Live from Revival 1869! We solve all the world's problems with some whiskey!

It was time for another live episode from my favorite old school watering hole, Revival 1869. Topics include "Making a Murderer" Season 2; can anyone resist Taye Diggs; are we in a renaissance of craftsmanship; why are humans killing each other; why are we all fat and sick... Plus much much more! This was a fun show to record and we had some good whiskey and good laughs. Enjoy!


107: The power of a simple idea? Are conservatives Nazis? Have you read 1984?

So ideas a pretty cool. Their origin rests in the somewhat metaphysical realm of creativity in our grey matter. Synopses spark and ideas are born. From these somewhat intangible beginnings, skyscrapers rise, rockets soar, and democracies are born. It's really fascinating. Openly sharing ideas is so important because if we crush free thought, we crush the human spirit and are left with a bleak world dominated by fascist regimes If you haven't read 1984 or haven't read it in a while...


106: Halloween Special: Knock Knock Ghost with Host/Comedian Richard Ryder

Richard Ryder is a stand-up comedian and host of Out TVs "Knock Knock Ghost!" Comedian Richard Ryder, trembling assistant Brian Doyle and world-class Psychic Medium Jim Hunt travel the country searching for proof of the afterlife. On Knock Knock Ghost, no place is too haunted for a laugh! Travel with the hilarious team as they explore some of Canada's most haunted locations, all while keeping a good sense of humor.


Episode 105 - Man Up!!! What does that even mean? Is it okay to be masculine in the 21st Century?

"Imagine the disappointment of a wolf when he sees a little Yorkie-poo; That's how your grandpa feels when he sees your man bun." Is it okay to use the term "man-up"? If not, are you saying that men like qualities that should be aspired to attain? Men have taken a bit of a hit over the last 25 years and it is never more evident than the bumbling, emasculated father figures depicted in TV. In today's episode, I sit with barstool philosopher Dan Molen to dissect the meaning of being a man...


Episode 104: Life Coach and Not A Sorority Girl - Nicki Gorini

I'm feeling lazy tonight so I lifted this from her website www.steppingstonelifecoach.com! Nicki is a Life Coach, specializing in personal development, performance and leadership coaching. In addition to Stepping Stone Coaching, Nicki has taught coaches in training at the prestigious Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program in San Diego, CA. Through Accomplishment Coaching, she had to unique opportunity to provide professional coaching and training to human resources professionals...


Behind the Scenes: Why being a suburban dad has been more dangerous than actual combat

Here is a little behind the scenes. Before I do an episode I have to set everything up and get my mind working. So I usually talk about what has happened during the day because I hate the typical "Check 1,2,3" sound check. Today, I decided to hit record and relayed a story of how I've come close to death numerous times as a suburbanite father. Enjoy


Episode #103: Live from the epicenter of Hurricane Florence - Futurism with Savanna Steel

As we are getting bombarded by a hurricane, I couldn't help but ponder how reliant on electricity we've become in such a short amount of time in human history. Savanna Steel came on the show to discuss how society has been shaped by future technologies and its implications on culture and politics. 5% off CBD Products with PROMO: WWIPODCAST from the CBDistillery! CBD Oil is the non-psychoactive compound of cannabis which hosts a number of health benefits including anti-inflammatory effects....


#102 RIley Anderson - Naturopathy; Psychedelics; Mind-body-Wellness; Integrative Medicine

Riley is back and he is almost finished his degree in Naturopathic Medicine. We discuss the current state of Western Medicine and where alternative medicine fits in the 21st century. Plus Riley recounts his journey into the abyss through his psychedelic experiences with Ayahuasca. Great talk! Riley has his own podcast coming out soon! Stay tuned for details. Don't forget to head over to www.waitwhatif.com for everything WWI Podcast including: 5% off CBD Products from the CBDistillery! CBD...


#101 - Dr. Savana Steel - Biohacking; Fasting protocols; circadian rhythm's effect on curing diabetes & obesity

Savana Steel joins me in the studio to discuss biohacking and its effect on our health. Is biohacking a "hack" term or does it still have meaning today? Do blue blocking lenses help with sleep? Is the secret to weight loss and curing obesity-related ailments simply eating within sun-up and sundown (approx 10 our window). Where does motivation come from? How do I ge the energy for doing all I do? All that and much more on this weeks - Wait... What If?