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The Heavy Set features cutting edge Jazz from the past and present. The program lives in the most adventurous edges of the Jazz landscape. Expect Free and Avant Jazz alongside new releases.

The Heavy Set features cutting edge Jazz from the past and present. The program lives in the most adventurous edges of the Jazz landscape. Expect Free and Avant Jazz alongside new releases.
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The Heavy Set features cutting edge Jazz from the past and present. The program lives in the most adventurous edges of the Jazz landscape. Expect Free and Avant Jazz alongside new releases.




The Heavy Set 09-10-2019 with Cal Huss

Playlist: Dick Griffin- Eighth Wonder - The Eighth Wonder - voicebreak - The Kuhn Brothers The Mad Rockers- Night Time Girl - The Khn Brothers The Mad Rockers Ted Curson- 74 Funny Time - Tears For Dolphy Henry Franklin- Tribal Dance - Tribal Dance The Kuhn Brothers The Mad Rockers- Im A Jew - The Khn Brothers The Mad Rockers - voicebreak - Max Roach- Rumble In The Jungle - Mboom Griot Galaxy- After Dream - Opus Krampus The Black Star Ensmeble- Armageddon Is Here - Delaware Heritage...

The Heavy Set 09-03-2019 with George Codding

Playlist: Horace Tapscott- The Dark Tree - The Dark Tree 1 And 2 - voicebreak - Charles Mingus- Boogie Stop Shuffle - Mingus Ah Um Adam Rudolph- Morning In Soweto - Spirits Joshua Redman Brad Mehldau- Ornithology - Nearness - voicebreak - Thelonious Monk- Off Minor Take 5 - Monks Music Pneuma- Neither I Nor You Pneuma - Who Has Seen The Wind MARTY EHRLICH- Movement V - The Long View Nelson Hinds- Past Present - 20th Century Limited - voicebreak - Archie Shepp- Syeedas Song Flute...

The Heavy Set 08-27-2019 with Ray Wentz

Playlist: Miles Davis- Shhh Peaceful - The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions Tony Williams- Vashkar - Emergency Miroslav Vitous- Infinite Search - Infinite Search Chick Corea- It - The Complete Is Sessions John McLaughlin- Extrapolation - Extrapolation Wayne Shorter- Super Nova - Super Nova Abdullah Ibrahim- Jabulani Easter Joy - African Piano Live At Jazzhus Montmartre Copenhagen 1969 Abdullah Ibrahim- Tintiyana - African Piano Live At Jazzhus Montmartre Copenhagen 1969 Abdullah...

The Heavy Set 08-20-2019 with George Codding

Playlist: Steve Lehman- Beyond All Limits - Mise En Abme Ligeia Mare- Cover Me In Water - Songs We Never Thought Of Josean Jacobo Tumbao- Anaisa Pye - Cimarron - voicebreak - John Coltrane Don Cherry- The Invisible - AvantGarde Ryan Keberle Catharsis- America Will Be feat Camila Meza Scott Robinson Jorge Roeder Eric Doob - The Hope I Hold feat Camila Meza Jorge Roeder Decoy- Decoy - Spirit Vol 1 - voicebreak - Nolatet- Lanky Stanky Maestro - No Revenge Necessary FRANZ KOGLMANN- Rue...

The Heavy Set 08-13-2019 with Cal Huss

Playlist: Gary Bartz- Nommo The Majick Song - Ive Known Rivers And Other Bodies Gary Bartz- Sifa Zote - Ive Known Rivers And Other Bodies Gary Bartz- Juju Man - Ive Known Rivers And Other Bodies - voicebreak - The Nathan Davis Sextet- Makatuka - Makatuka East New York Ensemble De Music- Mevlana Based On Turkish Religious Melody - At The Helm Gylan Kain- Loose Here - The Blue Guerrilla - voicebreak - Natural Life- Captain Thyroid - Natural Life Terje Rypdal- Over Birkerot -...

The Heavy Set 08-06-2019 with Frank Dagnillo

Playlist: Sun Ra- Velvet 2 - College Tour Vol 1 The Complete Nothing Is Live John Coltrane- One Up One Down - Both Directions At Once The Lost Album Deluxe Version Geri Allen Cameron Brown Eddie Moore Dewey Redman- As One - Living On The Edge Sonny Sharrock Band- Princess Sonata - Live In New York John Zorn- Dalquiel - Book Of Angels Lucifer Vol 10 - voicebreak - Lee Jeske Max Roach Cecil Taylor- Drums Solo - Historic Concerts Live Lee Jeske Max Roach Cecil Taylor- Piano Solo -...

The Heavy Set 07-30-2019 with George Codding

Playlist: Brittany Anjou- Reciproka Elektra - Enamio Reciprokataj Kari Sjstrand Larry Turner- My Shelter In The Rain - The Deal Wing Walker Orchestra- An Idea or The Horns - Hazel Matthew Shipp Trio- Flying Saucer - Signature - voicebreak - Matt Olson- The Wishing Well - 789 Miles Marcus Stricklands TwiLife- Tic Toc - Nihil Novi Chord Four- Chairs And Fangs - California Avant Garde Anat Cohen Tentet- Triple Helix Iii Last - Triple Helix - voicebreak - Joey DeFrancesco- The Tackle...

The Heavy Set 07-23-2019 with Ray Wentz

Playlist: Greg Ward Rogue Parade- Metropolis Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade - Stomping Off From Greenwood Greg Ward Presents Rogue Parade feat Matt Gold Dave Miller Matt Ulery Quin Kirchner Petter Eldh Kaja Draksler Christian Lillinger- Momentan - PunktVrtPlastik Black Host- May Be Home - Life In The Sugar Candle Mines Makaya McCraven- RFJ III - Highly Rare feat Ben LaMar Gay Junius Paul Nick Mazzarella Jaimie Branch- Theme 002 - Fly Or Die Francois Houle Harris Eisenstadt Alexander...

The Heavy Set 07-16-2019 with EC

Playlist: Tony Williams- Juicy Fruit - Blue Note Review Volume Two Spirit Time The Harlem Experiment- One For Malcolm - The Harlem Experiment Xos Migulez- Chasing Myself - Ontology - voicebreak - Tiptons Sax Quartet- The Shop Of Wild Dreams - Laws Of Motion Alfredo Rodriguez Pedrito Martinez- Cosas Del Amor - Duologue Pickpocket Ensemble- Night Jasmine - If I Were A Highway CUP- Soon Will Be Flood - Soon Will Be Flood Pat Battstone Chiara Liuzzi Giorgia Santoro- The Markets Of...

The Heavy Set 07-09-2019 with Cal Huss

Playlist: - voicebreak - Bob James Trio- Peasant Boy - Explosions Bob James Trio- Untitled Mixes - Explosions 1965 Bob James Trio- Explosions - Explosions 1965 Byron Allen Trio- Time Is Past - Byron Allen Trio - voicebreak - The Art Ensemble Of Chicago- Odwalla Live Version - BapTizum Arnold Cheatham- Road Through The Wall Pt 1 - Thing - voicebreak - Stanton Davis GhettoMysticism- Brighter Days Brighter Daze - Brighter Days Worlds Experience Orchestra- The Prayer - The Beginning...

The Heavy Set 07-02-2019 with Old Man GG

Playlist: Mildlife- Phase II - Phase II EP Zerosen- Sunrise - Sunrise Catalyst- Catalyst Is Coming - The Funkiest Band You Never Heard Azymuth- Duro De Roer - Demos 19731975 Vol 1 2 Zerosen- Son Of Pin Head - Sunrise Janko Nilovic- Sitting Bull - Funky Tramway Mad Unity Jun Fukamachi- Bamboo Bong - Introducing Jun Fukamachi Ruby Rushton- Where Are You Now - Trudis Songbook Vol 1 Tony Williams- Eris - The Joy Of Flying Miles Davis- Freddie Freeloader - Kind Of Blue Legacy...

The Heavy Set 06-25-2019 with Tonja Loendorf

Playlist: Birdology- Chasin The Bird - Birdology Matt Olson- 789 Miles - 789 Miles Ellen Rowe Octet- RFP Relentless Forward Progress - Momentum Portraits Of Women In Motion Matthew Shipp Trio- Stage Ten - Signature Joey DeFrancesco- Vibrations In Blue - In The Key Of The Universe - voicebreak - Andrew Carroll- Flower Pedal - Alliterations CHARLIE PARKER REMIX PROJECT- Relaxin At Camarillo - Bird Up Sao Paulo Underground- Taking Back The Sea Is No Easy Task feat Rob Mazurek Guilherme...

The Heavy Set 06-18-2019 with Ray Wentz

Playlist: Alfredo Rodriguez Pedrito Martinez- Duologue - Duologue Invisible Bird- Colorado Reel feat Scott Amendola Dave Devine Shane Endsley - Flutter To Fuzz feat Scott Amendola Dave Devine Shane Endsley Eric Boeren- Coconut - Coconut Brad Mehldau- The Garden - Finding Gabriel Trio HLK- Smalls feat Steve Lehman - Standard Time feat Rich Harrold Ant Law Richard Kass Mike Reed- Voyagers feat Greg Ward Tim Haldeman Jason Roebke Ben Lamar Gay Jason Stein Marvin Tate - Flesh Bone feat...

The Heavy Set 06-11-2019 with Cal Huss

Playlist: Eric Dolphy- Miss Ann - Last Date - voicebreak - Santucci Scoppa- Nuraghi - Looking Around Gato Barbieri- Merceditas - Bolivia Albert Ayler- Summertime - My Name Is Albert Ayler - voicebreak - Eric Dolphy Booker Little- Status Seeking - Here And There Sam Rivers- Luminous Monolith - Fuchsia Swing Song Chico Freeman- Two Over One - Beyond The Rain - voicebreak - Booker Ervin- The Trance - The Trance The Lyman Woodard Organization- Creative Musicians - Saturday Night...

The Heavy Set 06-04-2019 with Frank Dagnillo

Playlist: Cecil Mcbee- Alternate Spaces - Alternate Spaces Roscoe Mitchell The Note Factory- Step One Two Three - Song For My Sister John Buckingham Laurence Cook Bill Dixon Mario Pavone- Vecctor - Son Of Sisyphus Paul Motain Bill Frisell Joe Lovano- Cosmology - Trioism Sonny Sharrock- As We Used To Sing - Ask The Ages - voicebreak - Harold Land- Dark Mood - Damisi Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor Unit Jimmy Lyons Raphe Malik Ramsey Ameen Sirone Ronald Shannon Jackson- Idut - Cecil Taylor...

The Heavy Set 05-28-2019 with Ray Wentz

Playlist: Roswell Rudd Yomo Toro- Tres Cuatro - El Espiritu Jibaro Archie Shepp- Basheer - Mama Too Tight Anat Fort- ChapterTwo - A Long Story Robert Mike Mahaffay- Highland Swing - The Gone Orchestra Presents Perry Robinson And The Eternal Flame Carla Bley The Jazz Composers Orchestra- Hotel Overture - Escalator Over The Hill A Chronotransduction By Carla Bley And Paul Haines William Parker- Ebony Fantasy V - Bobs Pink Cadillac Lou Grassi- Tidens Tand - ComPOsed Bobby Naughton Leo...

The Heavy Set 05-21-2019 with Old Man GG

Playlist: Kamaal Williams- The Return - The Return Mahavishnu Orchestra John McLaughlin- On The Way Home To Earth - The Essential Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin Sweet Maya- People Suite - Sweet Maya A Train- Time Stops - A Train Tony Williams- Snake Oil - Believe It Eddie Henderson- Butterfly - Mahal Herbie Hancock- SpankaLee - Thrust Jun Fukamachi- Bamboo Bong - Introducing Jun Fukamachi Shintaro Quintet- A Blind Man - JJazz Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 19691984 Charles...

The Heavy Set 05-14-2019 with Cal Huss

Playlist: Sun Ra And His Arkestra- Dancing In The Sun - The Heliocentric Worlds Of Sun Ra Vol 1 - voicebreak - Henry Franklin- Cosmos Dwellers - Tribal Dance The Andrzej Trzaskowski Quintet- Sinobrody - The Andrzej Trzaskowski Quintet Polish Jazz Vol 4 David Wertman- Kara - Kara Suite - voicebreak - Ian Carr Nucleus- Bedrock Deadlock - Solar Plexus Natural Life- Natural Life - Natural Life Bobby Hutcherson- Visions - Medina Spiral - voicebreak - Chico Freeman- Undercurrents - The...

The Heavy Set 05-07-2019 with Ray Wentz

Playlist: Jerry Gonzalez And The Fort Apache Band- JackieIng - The Enja Heritage Collection Obatal Roswell RuddToumani Diabate- Jackieing - Malicool Jerry Gonzalez- Evidence - Ya Yo Me Cur Steve Lacy Roswell Rudd Quartet- Brilliant Corners - School Days feat Henry Grimes Dennis Charles Jerry Gonzalez Piratas Del Flamenco- Rosa Para Julia - Jerry Gonzalez Y Los Piratas Del Flamenco Roswell Rudd And The Jazz Composers Orchestra- Circulation - Numatik Swing Band Roswell Rudd The...

The Heavy Set 04-30-2019 with Tonja Loendorf

Playlist: Thelonious Monk- Off Minor Take 5 - Monks Music CHARLIE PARKER REMIX PROJECT- Congo BluesSilencer Donk - Bird Up Miles DavisBill Laswell- Black Satin - Panthalassa - voicebreak - Don Cherry- Multikulti Soothsayer - Multikulti Steve Lacy And Mal Waldron- The Mooche - Steve Lacy And Mal Waldron Hot House Carla Bley Paul Bley Charlie Haden Paul Motian- Insanity - Memoirs Klaus Johann Grobe- Geschichten Aus Erster Hand - Spagat Der Liebe Henry Threadgill Make A Move- Shake It...