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Kelly's Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Kevin Scobee 2013

The Royals have been unable to develop much starting pitching with Dayton Moore in charge, but that doesn't mean there aren't bright spots. To talk pitching, we brought on Kevin Scobee, former Park University pitcher and former instructor at Regal Athletic, to discuss the evolution of pitcher training and philosophy, specifically focusing on how it relates to the Royals and prospects Kyle Zimmer, Danny Duffy, and others. We also talked about Duffy and Twitter specifically. Duffy's been one...


Kelly's Westport Inn and the KC Baseball Vault Present: The All Star Game Mailbag Show 2013

While the All-Star Game was starting up, we got to talking about the second half and our frustrations with the way the Royals finished the first half. Most of our time was spent answering some listener questions about the podcast, the Royals, and baseball in general. That led us down the path of talking about the Royals player evaluation approach and the blindspots they run into when looking at players, including Irving Falu, David Lough, Johnny Giavotella and others. We also talked about...


Kelly's Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Live during the ASG 2013 Announcement

WE ARE MOVING! Get this feed now at ITUNES We decided to start recording right as All-Star Game rosters were announced and while Troy thought James Shields or Ervin Santana would be the Royals All-Star representative, I thought it would be Greg Holland. We were both pleasantly surprised to find that we weren't close and two Royals - Alex Gordon and Salvador Perez - would be going to Citi...


Kelly's Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Good Bye Frenchy

There were plenty of ideas tossed around on this week’s Vault. We open by talking about Jeff Francoeur, his legacy, his reputation, and his time with the Royals after the team designated him for assignment. We also talked about his replacement on the roster, Johnny Giavotella, and reacted to Sunday’s game. Then, we discussed the rehab progress of Felipe Paulino and what contributions he might make this year. That also led to a discussion of Danny Duffy‘s potential addition this year. Tommy...


Kelly's Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Thoughts B

May was a tough month. So tough. Grueling. But May is over, and all that was left was to talk about the aftermath and pick up the pieces. We talked about the changes to the coaching staff and what trading Jack Maloof for George Brett means for the team going forward and if it means anything other than window dressing and a PR cover. We also discussed Yordano Ventura's promotion, Danny Duffy's rehab starts, and other moves recently. That led to a discussion about whether fans are setting...


OOTP Baseball 14, Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault P

As you may have heard, Northwest Arkansas Naturals General Manager Eric Edelstein has taken a job that will land him in Reno, and he'll be leaving the Royals organization. But before he left, Troy Olsen caught up with him to talk about the move and to learn a bit more about some Double A prospects. Then we talked about the latest Royals action, including the kneejerk reactions from social media. We tried to make sense of the noise, take a deep breath, and reflect on the long slog of the...


Kansas City Baseball Vault Presents: An Angry Memorial Day

Things are not going well for the Royals. They're stuck in a 4-16 nosedive that has fans angry, players pressing, and seats heating up. So what better way to get the anger out than to talk about it!? Troy and Michael fired up the podcast machine to talk about what's gone wrong, what's potentially going to happen next, and what we'd do. We discussed potential demotions and other moves, potential firings, and considered alternatives to current front office personnel. More specifically, we...


Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Curt Nelso

The regular season can't get here soon enough. While the Royals cruise through spring training, we covered a few of the remaining battles while also discussing the final second base decision to keep Chris Getz over Johnny Giavotella. We also talked a bit goings-on in Omaha and brought up the idea of a platoon (or replacement) for Jeff Francoeur and tossed out an idea of trading for David DeJesus. Most of our time this week, however, was spent talking with Curt Nelson, director of the...

Pine Tar Podcast 23.0 w/ Greg Schaum

Its season preview season which means we have to get the opinion of our main man Greg Schaum on the Royals 2013 season. Also on this episode Aaron Bentley of gives us his evaluation of the Detroit Tigers system.

Kelly's Westport Inn and Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Mike McCartney

While snow fell in Kansas City, the Royals were busy getting spring training underway and taking the field against the rest of the Cactus League. We did our best not to overreact to the action so far, but did discuss Luis Mendoza's potential as a starter, John Lamb's comeback and velocity (as well as that of Noel Arguelles) and Alex Gordon's day off. Then we welcomed the voice of Kauffman Stadium to the show. Mike McCartney's a name you might not know but if you get to see the Royals at...

Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: JJ Picollo

The Royals are gathering in Surprise, Arizona right now for spring training and taking stock of their talent as the 2013 season starts. Who better to discuss that talent than one of the men who's helped acquire it? Royals Assistant GM JJ Picollo talked with the Vault about a number of prospects and their expected paths to the big leagues, including John Lamb, Kyle Zimmer, Jason Adam and Yordano Ventura. He explained the organization's approach to advancing Bubba Starling and talked about...

Pine Tar Player Podcast 6.0 w/ Kyle Smith and Legends Announcer Keith Elkin

Royals 2011 draftpick Kyle Smith talked with Clint about his stellar 2012 season, his training regiment and what his goals are for 2013. Also on the show Keith Elkins of the Lexington Legends spoke about the new partnership with the Royals at the Single A level, the towns great support for the team and upcoming promotions for the 2013 season.

Pine Tar Podcast 22.0 w/ Kevin Seitzer

Former major league third baseman and Royals hitting coach Kevin Seitzer joined the program to talk about hitting approach, the struggles Eric Hosmer encountered and the differences in his approach and that of manager Ned Yost. Quote from Seitzer on Hosmer - "I wanted the guys to take one pitch the first time through but Ned wanted them to be aggressive which isn't what I like to teach." "It was a rough seat for me but it didn't matter as it came back as a reflection of me." Also Aaron...

Kelly's Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Rex Hudler

You either love him or hate him. He's either an annoying cheerleader or wrapped up in passion for the game. There's not always a lot of gray area when it involves Royals television analyst Rex Hudler. Hudler took time to talk with us at the Kansas City Baseball Vault about his passion for baseball, his attitude as a player and how it has framed his daily approach as well as how he responds to criticism. We discussed optimism, getting over losses, and what he's said to players since joining...

Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Bob Dutton

Bob Dutton has been covering the Royals to some extent since 1987 and became the primary beat writer covering them for the Kansas City Star in 2003. He's seen his share of bad Royals baseball and, on occasion, some good as well. Dutton took some time out of his schedule to talk with us at the Kansas City Baseball Vault about the Royals in 2013. We made sure to nail down who's going to play right field, asked about the fifth starter spot and sought insight into the 2012 struggles of Eric...


Kelly's Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Danny Duff

We're getting anxious for spring training to start, but we can't match the anticipation of Danny Duffy. Duffy took time out of his rehabbing to talk with the Kansas City Baseball Vault about the work he's putting in to get back, his hopeful timetable, and his mindset as he looks to return in the middle of 2013. Last spring, Duffy was the most excited player in Royals camp. This year, he has to hang back while he continues to train after last June's Tommy John surgery. He talked about that...