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EP21: The Science of Egg Freezing

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" are joined by fertility nurse & women's health advocate Whitney Bischoff Angel. Whitney shares the egg freezing process & answers listener questions. She educates women to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to their reproductive health. Carly went to visit Whiney at the Ova office in Chicago (pre Bella days) & shares her personal journey of freezing her fertility. Whitney is an expert on the topic & really gets Liz thinking that she may...


EP20: Hubby Hacked! Daddy Podcast Takeover

Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka "The Babes" are joined this episode by Tanner, Jade's husband, and Evan, Carly's husband. This is Tanner's 1st Father's Day & Evan's 1st since having a little girl. They share how having kids effects your life & your marriage. They answer listener questions about parental roles, expectations, & balancing work & family time. They dive into deep conversations & as always, keep it real. We love & appreciate our fathers & our babies' fathers, & hope you had a Happy...


EP19: Pelvic Floor Health & Top Fitness Tips

"The Babes" are keeping it real as they discuss the glamorous life of womanhood & motherhood. Carly updates the Babes on her parent's house hunt in Nashville. Jade talks about how horrible she felt during Emmy's first swim lesson. Elizabeth shares about her meeting with a potential new doula client. Sarah Reardon, a pelvic floor physical therapist, talks all about the importance of pelvic floor health before, during, & after pregnancy. Alexa Jean Brown, aka Alexa Jean Fitness talks all...


EP18: Unfiltered w/ the Bachelor's Jamie Otis

The Babes are keeping it real about womanhood & motherhood. Carly talks about her first flights w/ Bella. Jade shares the story of how Tanner became the Fairy GodFather. Liz reports on a funny mishap that happened on her recent road trip. The Babes then welcome Jamie Otis, who was on the Bachelor season 16, but found love on Love at First Sight. Jamie talks about her husband, overcoming miscarriage, the birth of her daughter, & balancing mommy life w/ work. She answers listener questions &...


EP17: We Salute You

"The Babes" discuss the "glamorous" life of womanhood & motherhood. Jade & Carly are getting glammed while besties, Emmy and Bella, get to bond. Liz is visiting home in Vegas after almost a year. They welcome guest Deshauna Barber who is in the Army, was Miss USA, & speaks around the country about the needs of Veterans and how we can get involved. Plus Abby Knapp Morris, who lost her husband in Afghanistan when her daughter was 9 mos, opens up about being a military wife/widow. This...


EP16: OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything!

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka “The Babes” start this episode out by catching up on their Mother’s Day events. It’s Jade and Carly’s first Mother’s Day and they share all of the details that made it special. Then the Babes invited Connie, Kim, and Maryann aka “The Babes’ Mom’s” to join the conversation asking them all of the intimate details from their conception to birth. They learn a little more about their mothers as they share some laughs and tears in special Mother’s Day episode.


EP15: This is NUTS…or is it PEA-NUTS?!

Elizabeth, Jade & Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest & real on pregnancy, labor, &women’s bodies. Jade shares her bad-mom moment for the week. Carly discusses her long time struggle w/ food allergies & why she’s nervous to start Bella on solids. Then guest Justin Baldoni from Jane the Virgin, joins them & talks about being a boss dad & how he’s teamed up with the National Peanut Board to share his experience w/ introducing peanuts to his children. They're joined by Sherry,...


EP14: Q&A with THE BABES

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. In this episode the babes do a fun Q&A from listeners who want to know some intimate details of their personal lives! Get the inside scoop on their relationships, sex lives, and motherhood.


EP13: Smashing the Stigma

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka "The Babes" start this episode out by catching each other up on their week's events. Carly talks about her date night with Evan and tells us about how dating has changed since becoming a mom. Jade confesses to breastfeeding on a ride at Disney World and getting stuck when it broke down. Liz shares her excitement about her client who had a successful VBAC this week. The Babes then bring on special guest, Johanna Kandel, to educate them on why eating disorders...


Episode 12: Shining with Ashley LeMieux

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly aka "The Babes" feel inspired and uplifted this episode as special guest Ashley LeMieux comes on for a personal and heart opening interview. The babes start with girl talk as Jade shares her amazing hair makeover she got recently before they dive into dream meanings, forgetting people's names, getting exterminated and having all the laughs. Ashley LeMieux, founder of The Shine Project, joins the conversation to share her story of love, sacrifice, loss, and...


EP11: ALL things mom, with special guest Catherine Giudici Lowe

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. Jade begins by telling Carly and Liz the cringiest story about a childs’ first birthday she attended over the weekend, and how she failed BIG TIME. It’s everyone worst nightmare, and also a story full of hilarity. The Babes then welcome special guest, and Bachelor Favorite Catherine Giudici Lowe. Catherine opens up about ALL things mom. She talks about her first...


EP10: Girl Talk with Juelia Kinney

The Babes are joined by guest host Juelia Kinney from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Juelia talks about how she got her babe bod back after giving birth to daughter Ireland, dating as a single mom, raising a girl, and the big changes in her life since the Bachelor! (Like, could be become Carly’s sister!?)


EP09: Getting the Scoop on Brittany Aldean’s and her "Real Reel” Mom Life

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. The Babes welcome special guest, and Mom Crush, Brittany Aldean who opens up about her life with son Memphis. Brittany also shares a secret about her pregnancy that she has never revealed before. She also doesn’t hold back about the “Real Reel” life as she’s keeps it authentic on her social media about motherhood. Also the Babes laugh this week about Carly’s Bad...


EP08: Endometriosis Awareness Month

The babes, Carly, Jade and Liz, talk with guests Danielle Jones OB-GYN, and endometriosis advocate, Shelley Hopper all about the elusive disease endometriosis. The babes learn the staggering statistics of women living with endometriosis, what the symptoms are, is there treatment or a cure, and what the best way is to support someone dealing with endo. These guests offer an insightful, informational, and educational look into a silent disease that needs louder voices like theirs advocating....


EP07: 4th Trimester Talks with Postpartum Doula Anna

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are getting personal with Postpartum Doula, Anna Bonick. In episode 7, the Babes shed light on the fourth trimester and why those first few months of motherhood can be so difficult. Jade and Carly open up about the anxieties they have faced entering into motherhood and adjusting to life with a little one. They ask Anna questions about PPA and what’s normal during this time and when it’s a good idea to seek help. Anna shares facts, experiences, and...


EP06: Girl Talk. Q&A with The Babes

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies. In Episode 6 the Babes recap on Carly’s weeks with the new baby Bella and see how it’s been crossing into the threshold of motherhood. Jade discusses her milestones with her 7 month old Emmy. Jade and Carly also play bad mom vs good mom for the week. Anyone else a germaphobe or pro germs? Elizabeth, Jade and Carly then answer some listener questions…Such as “How...


EP05: CARLY’S (and Bella’s) BIRTH STORY

The Babes keep it real about pregnancy, labor, and bodies. They welcome Carly’s sister-in-law, Elizabeth, a physician's assistant and new mom, to discuss expectations of birth as a medical provider vs reality. They also ask Elizabeth her most notable Bad Mom vs Good Mom moments. THEN Carly shares her (and Bella’s) birth story! Isabella Evelyn arrived Feb 15th and ran the show on her birthday! Carly is excited to share the tender, funny, and difficult moments of the birth and recovery. Jade...


EP04: Lettuce Turnip the Beet: Nutrition w/ L.E.A.N. Coach Koryn Rigotti

Elizabeth, Jade, and Carly play a funny game of “Would You Rather” Moms edition! Babes & Babies guest, Koryn, Elizabeth’s older sister and certified L.E.A.N. coach, dives into her passion: the importance of nutrition pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and for kids. Jade and Koryn share about finding the balance in mom life and talk about Jade's journey with introducing solids to her daughter Emerson. The women also touch on breastfeeding and the end of Carly's pregnancy; which, means next...


EP3: Let’s Talk About Sex Baby with Tanner and Evan

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in Episode 3 of Babes&Babies and welcome Tanner and Evan (the husbands) for a major SEX discussion. Jade opens up about her sex life and doesn’t hold back! How has her sex life changed from before pregnancy, during, and postpartum? Has it effected her relationship with husband Tanner? What are the emotional and physical changes she has been grappling...


EP2: Babes and Babies with Babe Amanda Stanton

Elizabeth, Jade and Carly aka “The Babes” are keeping it honest and real as they discuss pregnancy, labor, and women’s bodies in Episode 2 of Babes&Babies and welcome SUPER babe Amanda Stanton to join in on the fun! Carly updates the Babes with new news on the arrival of baby Bella Bass. Amanda Stanton, Bachelor fan favorite, pops her head in to talk about raising two adorable daughters as a single mom. Amanda also opens up about both of her pregnancies, birth stories, and that...