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Divorce and Your Personal Strengths

If you’ve ever felt like you can’t control parts of who you are, or that your happiness is limited because of your personal nature you are going to love this episode. Carey Davidson is the founder and CEO of Tournesol Wellness, a fabulous center in New York City. After she moved through her own divorce, Carey sought out to create a roadmap for others to heal and thrive using modern science, ancient Chinese medicine and a whole lot of love.


Transitions & Traditions: Navigating the Holidays After Divorce

The holidays can be a tough time...especially in moments of transition.It’s a crazy balance of a new year and a fresh start, and a nagging feeling of traditions that just aren’t the same anymore. This episode is all about the ways Worthy is making this holiday season special for women like you, including our $500 giveaway! No matter what your holidays look like, and regardless of how you've decided to balance the old and new, you’re doing just fine!


Secrets of Veronica Dagher

Veronica Dagher is an award-winning senior wealth management reporter for the Wall Street Journal. She’s the co-creator, host and co-producer of the top-rated podcast the Wall Street Journal’s Secrets of Wealthy Women where she’s interviewed some of the most well-known women in the world like Gloria Steinem, Bobbi Brown and Rebecca Minkoff. She co-produces and hosts videos for WSJ.com and is a regular guest on the Fox Business Network and other national media where she speaks about women,...


New Mom. Again.

We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. You may have liked this quote when we shared it on our Instagram page, and we’re really excited to open this episode with it because there is a new life in the extended Worthy family. You may remember Nicole Amaturo, our favorite Personal Growth and Love Coach because this is the third time she’s been on our show! She is one of your, and our favorites, and we are so excited to talk to her after the...


Stuck in the Divorce Process

We know the divorce process can feel impossible, which is why we brought back our favorite divorce lawyer, Erin Levine. Erin founded Hello Divorce and is empowering women across the United States through their divorce journeys by saving them money and helping them become informed experts. In this episode we talk about everything from the unspoken rules of divorce court to the most common missteps Erin sees her clients make in the middle of the divorce process.


Single Mom Money Makeover

Emma Johnson, our favorite hot pink pillar of tough love, is back to tell us all about her new book "30-Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover" and give you the tips you need to embrace your fresh start as a wealthy single mommy! You will love the way she talks about life after divorce, and the gusto she brings to creating her best life!


Co-Parenting After Infidelity

Lauren McKinley is faced with the challenge of co-parenting with the same woman her husband cheated on her with. Find out why she decided to embrace this new dynamic, and how they make it work.


Woman's Guide to Financial Independence After Divorce

Your divorce probably landed you in a different financial situation than you had anticipated being in. We know that this is one of the most important topics to you, and that’s why we’re so glad Laurie Itkin is back to help you revisit your finances to make sure that you don’t outlive your money.


Persevering Through Transitions

Going through a divorce is exhausting, so this episode is all about productive approaches to your fresh start, and getting there through the support of others. We assembled a dream team of experts to help create an uplifting path through a difficult transition for Worthy Women like you. Judy Herbst is here to share the highlights from the event we hosted earlier this month, which featured speakers on self-care, personal finance, career, continued learning and all around growth.


High-Conflict Custody

When the court system fails you and your ex will do whatever he can to make things hard for you it can leave you feeling heartbroken, frustrated and vengeful. Ashley Machele's ability to navigate an impossible situation and create a healthy balance for her daughter with her ex is amazing. She has been through it too, and shares her top tips for moving through this difficult experience.


Reinventing Yourself Through Female Empowerment

Lesley Jane Seymour is one of the most influential voices in media, and she's here to talk about female reinvention, and the power of community. She served as Editor-in-Chief of More Magazine, Marie Claire, YM, Beauty Director of Glamour, and copywriter and senior editor at Vogue, and now runs CoveyClub. She is smart, funny and even shares a personal story about Drew Barrymore on this episode!


Divorce, Diamonds and Worthy

Selling a diamond can be overwhelming, so this episode we unpack everything Worthy does to help you sell smart, safe, and get you the deal you deserve. Roy Albers, one of the world's most recognized diamond experts, leads the team that handles the items you send us and helps you get the best deal available. You can watch this video of this episode so you can get a look at some rings, learn about the resale market and see how all of this works.


Being Bold with Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler is an amazing force changing the stigma of divorce, and if you don’t already love her you’re about to! Her show “Untying the Knot” was one of our favorites when it aired on Bravo, so we are chatting with her about TV, her personal experiences with divorce, and the way her volunteer work with domestic abuse survivors influences her booming legal practice.


The Love You Deserve

Nicole Amaturo manifested love into her own life by embracing all parts of who she is. Now she helps others to heal and thrive by helping women accept and love themselves as they are.


When Eternity is Not Forever

Cydney Hatch devoted herself to advancing social change in her LDS community following her divorce. Regardless of your own beliefs about faith and organized religion you’re going to love what she has to say.


A Healthy Divorce

Nicole Quallen is a collaborative divorce attorney who does an amazing job of empowering her clients to create a better life post-divorce, not just by getting them what they need, but by creating a way for one family to turn into two happy families that can work together for years to come.


Dealing With Your Ex

Laura Lifshitz knows that when your divorce is over but your ex is still connected to you through your children it can be hard to not compare your lives. Maybe he’s able to take trips with your kids that you can’t afford, maybe he’s introduced his new girlfriend to your mutual friends, or maybe he’s just being a jerk and refusing to let you move on. This episode is all about dropping bitterness towards your ex, which is why we wanted to open with this quote about choosing self-worth over...


Divorcing Responsibly

Karen Sparks is one of the top Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in the country. Her insights and full command of the challenges a woman faces in divorce will give you the tools you need to keep building a bright future regardless of where you are in your divorce journey.


Thriving After Infidelity

Lauren McKinley's story is one worth sharing because she is a great example of how you can go through so much pain and disappointment, and still find ways to live in your worth, find love, and create your greatest possible life.


It’s Okay to Want a Divorce

Nicole tells us about how she got the courage to leave an unfulfilling marriage, how it affected her relationship with her kids and what her life has been like since.