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EP27: Mastering Your Energy by Trusting Your Intuition with Nicole Isler

We all have the capacity to know and feel without reasoning about it consciously. It’s called ‘gut feeling’! You can’t think 100% rationally all the time. Our mind uses both our emotions and logic when making decisions. But we are too distracted or doubtful whether we should trust that small voice deep within us. Especially when faced with difficult situations. Nicole Isler is an empowerment coach for caring souls who wants to make a difference in the world for people, animals, and the...


EP26: Setting your Personal and Professional Boundaries with Traci Scherck

Divorce is a huge leap of adjustment that requires you to set new boundaries in your relationships with your ex, children, coworkers and other people. Boundaries are not walls. Boundaries are your stance for action - the decisions you’ll make, what you’ll do and the outcome of your choices. You use this to avoid pain and suffering coming into your life. Traci Scherck is a Retention Strategist/ HR Consultant who works with organizational leaders to create the space for every employee to go...


EP25: Inner Wisdom & More! with Dr. Diane Garrison

For thousand of years, women's value in society is more seen as caretakers. We were trained to believe that our role should be what society dictates and expects us to be. These expectations prevent us from developing a relationship with our inner self, creating the mindset and fear that people might view us as selfish or self-centered when we put ourselves first before others and everything else. Dr. Dianne Garrison is a psychologist and a Certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator. She...


EP24: Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution with Lori Brandon

Oftentimes, couples planning to divorce search for ways to end their marriage without having to go through litigation. Not all divorces have to go through the court. Divorce can be resolved through informal negotiations between you and your husband, attorney and mediator. Lori Brandon is a PACE Registered Paralegal through the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, a Minnesota Certified Paralegal, and is listed on the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster of Qualified Providers for...


EP23: Two Biggest Taboo Topics... Money and Sex with Tiffany Yelverton

Sex, divorce and money are the toughest topics people don’t want to talk about. It's an emotional topic, that when combined together creates a mixture of both ecstasy, stress, anger, pleasure, pain, failure, guilt, shame, risk, lust, jealousy and love. Tiffany Yelverton is a sexual empowerment coach and founder of Entice Me and Sexy Survivors. A chief sexinista and a master of enticing others to experience soul changing growth by embracing pleasure and connecting to their core sexual...


EP22: Nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul with Edie Starrett

Divorce can make someone feel isolated and care less about their health which may lead to anxiety, depression, stress and traumatic experiences. Women who are going through divorce sometimes feel a mixture of stigma and shame causing them to lose confidence and self-esteem. Edie Starrett is a mother and an Ayurvedic and Yoga Practitioner/Therapist. She founded MonaV, a health and wellness company. Edie is a very strong woman, who found a whole new set of life ambitions after getting...


EP21: Shift Your Energy & Keep Your Momentum with Susan Haddorff

You are not a victim and divorce doesn't define you. You can choose to be happy, financially independent, healthy, and connected. It is up to you to shift your energy, focus, and attention on what will move you forward. Susan Haddorff a mother of five and the Senior Executive Sales Leader of Norwex USA. She is the prime example of how one can build a successful business while going through divorce and being the pillar for her children in the process. In this episode, Susan shares how she...


EP20: Use LinkedIn Simply & Effectively with Sue Gresham

Going through a career change or re-entering the job market as you are going through divorce can be overwhelming. There are a lot to consider, and a lot of things to do. It is difficult to judge what the first step should be. Sue Gresham “The LinkedIn Lady” is a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, and job search mentor. She teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, job seekers and students how to use LinkedIn simply and effectively so they can build their personal brand, expand their reach,...


EP19: Self-Care - 3 Valuable Resources with Susan Pokorny

Self care is a topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention. But despite it being tha latest hot topic, most women still have a hard time giving themselves permission to take care of themselves. Self care is not selfish. It is crucial for our wellbeing and more so when we are going through divorce or any crisis. It allows us to walk through the added responsibilities and stress more effectively. It helps clear our minds to have a better overall outlook. It is setting healthy...


EP18: From Chaos to Clarity with Dave Rebro

One of the biggest challenges while going through the divorce process is the amount of paperwork that women have to stay on top of. Women may feel caught in the chaos, overwhelm, uncertainty, and frustration with so many things going on. We need to have a system in place to stay organized so that we are empowered to make decisions that would impact our lives. Dave Rebro is a really great model for helping people stay organized. He is an Amazon number one bestselling author and technology...


EP17: Divorce Doesn't Define Us with Dori Pulse

Going through divorce is a very powerful experience that shapes our characters. It is a time when we are tested to the core, challenged, and prepared for something greater. But divorce does not define us. Divorce is an event that we go through in life. Today’s guest is Dori Pulse, the founder of Girl for God Ministries and author of Everything Changed When I Said 'I Do'. She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Theology, is a part of a step family for almost 20 years, facilitates...


EP16: Don't Park... Keep Moving with Nilda Campuzano

Today’s episode with Nilda Campuzano is very refreshing and inspiring. We talk about the key elements in creating a thriving life weather you are contemplating divorce, going through it, or have gone through it. Nilda was a stay at home mom for 13 years before her divorce. She had a very trying time in the process - having children to consider, her family being in another country, and being away from the workforce for so long. But as she took things one step at a time, everything started...


EP15: Divorce and Mental Illness with Shelly Smith, LMFT

Mental Illness is a very difficult but extremely important issue to talk about. And this is even more heightened when one is going through divorce. Shedding light on this issue is Shelly Smith, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, who talked about Mental Health & Wellness in Episode 8. In this episode, we discuss the different factors that can affect the divorce process when mental illness is involved. But the overarching theme, and the most critical, is for women to build a strong...


EP14: Connecting Career & Confidence with Sara Reed

Going through the divorce process and what comes after can be quite challenging. Having a dependable career and confidence in advocating yourself helps a lot in bringing normalcy and stability in this time. In this episode, Sara Reed shares her in-depth knowledge from an HR standpoint on how women can elevate themselves in the workforce. We talk about tips for women who are looking to re-enter the workforce and women who are looking to increase their cash flow. As women, we should learn to...


EP13: Three Keys to Successful Budgeting

Budgeting. This is a powerful word. It creates fear and anxiety. It produces avoidance-type behaviors. It even impacts relationships. What are the costs of not budgeting? There are costs to our overall well-being. 1) Health: Lack of sleep 2) Quality of life: Financial-related stress 3) Financial: Actual dollars & sense Most of my clients come to meet without a budget. There was no formal system for tracking expenses. Each spouse had a debt card – and spent money freely. What was the...


EP12: Mindset… Your Greatest Weapon with Freddie Harris

The more women I speak with who have spouses that are too controlling, the more my concern grows for them. These women are in a situation where the person they trusted the most are now the threat to their safety. The question is, how can they assure their own security? From mental tips like changing one’s mindset, to practical advices like getting a new phone, Freddie Harris, Founder of Badger Krav Maga, joins us for today’s episode to give us substantial ways on how we can shelter...


EP11: Resilience & Resourcefulness with Judy Hahn

The health component takes such a big impact in divorce. However, the mind component is just as significant. When women go through divorce, they are physically and mentally drained. How can women take care of themselves when it’s the mind they have to nurse? What can women do when they feel overwhelmed? Should they run away from it? Should they stay in place or move forward? How would they deal with the drama and challenges that linger? Who can they rely on? How will they become...


EP10: 5 D's of Estate Planning with Atty Elizabeth Ruthmansdorfer

When someone goes through divorce, there are so many aspects to assess, so many decisions to make. With all of the processes to go through, people tend to overlook their financial assets. Estate planning is one of the most vital financial assets to consider, but one that is usually left out. Why exactly is estate planning a significant asset to check? It’s all about protecting your loved ones from a sudden change in assets. How do we set up an estate plan? What should we prepare for the...


EP9: Strategy is in the Numbers with Michelle Gabor, MBA, CPA, CDFA

One of the most overwhelming and intimidating aspects of a divorce is its financial aspect. Most women going through it find it difficult to manage their finances, along with all the other things to think about. How can they exactly prepare for it when they are in this situation? Today’s guest, Michelle Gabor, MBA, CPA, CDFA walks us through the process of taking charge of our assets. Talking finance does not need to be baffling. If women are properly guided by the right people and they...


EP8: Mental Health & Wellness with Shelly Smith, LMFT

For someone who is going through divorce, it is not a cake walk. It’s more like riding on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster. Emotions are all over the place and it may feel like you are in a pit. Women going through divorce are constantly seeking guidance and directions on how to manage their feelings, and on how to improve their self-compassion. Shelly Smith, a Licensed Therapist on Marriage and Family Therapy, shares her insights on how women can be empowered during these tough...