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EP38: Cash Flow: Pros & Cons of Purchasing a Rental Property with Alyona Caravella, ABR, CHBA, CHBS, RENE

Buying or selling a home is not an easy transaction but it could get smoother if you have someone to it for you. And having this resource could save you a lot of time, money, and energy. In this episode, Alyona shares how being a realtor allowed her to be in complete control of everything. Helping her achieve financial freedom, self-esteem, and good financial acumen. Alyona Caravella is a realtor at RE/MAX and has been in the real estate industry since 2009. Helping families and...


EP37: FMLA and its relation to Divorce with Lindsay Lloyd

A lot of women struggle with juggling and balancing together their work and family especially when they’re going through a divorce. In order to cope with such situation, it’s really important to educate yourself on the rules, laws and guidelines in order to better navigate through an intimidating and complex process such as divorce. Lindsay Lloyd is an HR Consultant Veteran with 15 years of experience on her hands. She’s the owner of Leave Solutions, a company that provides FMLA services...


BONUS: Inhaling Light, Love, Life, and Joy - A 12-Minute Heart-Centered Meditation with Susan Pokorny

Today’s episode is a BONUS! Christmas is a few days away. It’s a great time where you get to reconnect with friends and love ones. But it can also cause you stress at the same time which shouldn’t be. Susan Pokorny is a wellness trainer with a focus on mind-body health. She’s the owner of Pure Home and Body, and the best-selling author of the book Two Inches of Wool. She’s also a certified yoga instructor since 2001 and is very passionate about trauma-sensitive yoga. In this episode,...


EP36: Your Home - Keep it OR list it with Josh Bucio

One of the biggest financial decision you’ll be facing when you’re in the process of divorce is - what’s going to happen to your family home. Keep the house? Sell it? Buy a new one or rent? With the right information, women are amazing decision makers. The problem lies in getting the correct pieces of information. But what steps should you take in order to avoid mistakes and regrets later on? Josh Bucio is Mortgage Originator at Waterstone Bank with 15 years of experience in helping family...


EP35: Running the Divorce “Marathon” at Your Peak Performance with Jill M Sommers

What does your normal day feel like? Do you feel low most of the time? What are the thoughts running through your head on a regular basis? Oftentimes we feel like we don’t have the energy to do things especially when we’re going through a difficult time, like divorce. We associate emotional fatigue with physical fatigue and that affects how we perform every day resulting in decreased productivity and an unfocused mind. Jill Sommers is a marathon runner, performance coach, and owner of JMS...


EP34: 10 Paradigms About Financial Wellness with Rhonda Noordyk

What are your beliefs when it comes to money? Is it evil? Good? Or do you look at it as a tool? Money in itself is an objective tool but we connect it with a lot of emotion, that’s why it’s not only a financial topic but an emotional one. In this episode, we are going to have an assertive financial conversation about the 10 paradigms regarding financial wellness. These 10 beliefs which we are going to explore today can help you go from “Financial Self-Sabotage” to “Financial...


EP33: Understanding How Social Security Works in Divorces with Randy Kitzmiller

Divorce is complicated in itself and it could get even more so with Social Security benefits. Because you’re no longer married, depending on your personal situation, a few sets of different rules will apply. And the more you educate yourself about this topic the more prepared and better equipped you’ll be. Randy Kitzmiller, a National Social Security Advisor, Retirement Income Certified Professional through the American College and a Retirement Income consultant at Ash Brokerage, help...

EP32: All About Prenuptial Agreements with Atty. David Watson

A Prenuptial Agreement is more than just a financial agreement. Before tying the knot with your partner, it’s important to be knowledgeable about how to protect your heirloom, property, and other assets before marriage. Attorney David Watson specializes in estate planning by protecting and preserving his clients' assets. In this episode we talk about the importance of a Prenuptial Agreement and why you and your spouse should consider signing into one. He explains that a prenup establishes...


EP31: Holistic Approach on Functional Medicine with Dr, Katie Bayliss

How do we create health? How do we stay healthy in our 40's, 50's, 60's and beyond? How can we take care of our health as we go through divorce? We don't have to accept changes that we start to experience in our bodies as manifestations of getting older. We can take action. We can take our path to optimal health and well-being as an iterative journey with learning and empowerment on the way. Dr. Kate Bayliss is a medical doctor who has worked in conventional medicine for over two decades....


EP30: Depth Psychology - The Language of Our Unconscious with Deborah Lukovich

If you’re currently dealing with stress, the person you need to talk to the most is you - your unconscious. If you’re going through divorce or planning to get a divorce, ask yourself, talk to your unconscious: Am I really ready to get a divorce? How did I get myself here? What has led me to this event? Deborah Lukovich, the Executive Director of a fabulous nonprofit called Playworks that improves children's wellbeing in school through play, is also an expert in depth psychology. With 15...


EP29: Dating with Confidence with Raeeka Yaghmai

Divorce is an experience that’s both physically and mentally taxing. It’s like losing a part of you or grieving the loss of a loved one. One thing is for certain when you go through a divorce - you’re going to be alone, but only for a while. Once you’ve recovered, you’ll feel like a new-born person again. When you are ready, fully recovered and healed, you might consider dating again like a flower waiting to bloom. Raeeka Yaghmai, founder and CEO of Dating with Confidence is a certified...


EP28: Family Law and The Role of Your Attorney with Barry Book

When it comes to the legal process, divorce is never a walk in the park. You’d need to go through a lot of procedures which can be very taxing mentally, emotionally and physically. You want to make sure you’re on the right track and have the proper and unclouded advice to avoid making decisions that’ll lead to mistakes. Of course you want to have custody of your kids and don’t want to lose your rights over marital properties. To ensure this, you need an accurate interpretation of the...


EP27: Mastering Your Energy by Trusting Your Intuition with Nicole Isler

We all have the capacity to know and feel without reasoning about it consciously. It’s called ‘gut feeling’! You can’t think 100% rationally all the time. Our mind uses both our emotions and logic when making decisions. But we are too distracted or doubtful whether we should trust that small voice deep within us. Especially when faced with difficult situations. Nicole Isler is an empowerment coach for caring souls who wants to make a difference in the world for people, animals, and the...


EP26: Setting your Personal and Professional Boundaries with Traci Scherck

Divorce is a huge leap of adjustment that requires you to set new boundaries in your relationships with your ex, children, coworkers and other people. Boundaries are not walls. Boundaries are your stance for action - the decisions you’ll make, what you’ll do and the outcome of your choices. You use this to avoid pain and suffering coming into your life. Traci Scherck is a Retention Strategist/ HR Consultant who works with organizational leaders to create the space for every employee to go...


EP25: Inner Wisdom & More! with Dr. Diane Garrison

For thousand of years, women's value in society is more seen as caretakers. We were trained to believe that our role should be what society dictates and expects us to be. These expectations prevent us from developing a relationship with our inner self, creating the mindset and fear that people might view us as selfish or self-centered when we put ourselves first before others and everything else. Dr. Dianne Garrison is a psychologist and a Certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator. She...


EP24: Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution with Lori Brandon

Oftentimes, couples planning to divorce search for ways to end their marriage without having to go through litigation. Not all divorces have to go through the court. Divorce can be resolved through informal negotiations between you and your husband, attorney and mediator. Lori Brandon is a PACE Registered Paralegal through the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, a Minnesota Certified Paralegal, and is listed on the Minnesota Supreme Court Roster of Qualified Providers for...


EP23: Two Biggest Taboo Topics... Money and Sex with Tiffany Yelverton

Sex, divorce and money are the toughest topics people don’t want to talk about. It's an emotional topic, that when combined together creates a mixture of both ecstasy, stress, anger, pleasure, pain, failure, guilt, shame, risk, lust, jealousy and love. Tiffany Yelverton is a sexual empowerment coach and founder of Entice Me and Sexy Survivors. A chief sexinista and a master of enticing others to experience soul changing growth by embracing pleasure and connecting to their core sexual...


EP22: Nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul with Edie Starrett

Divorce can make someone feel isolated and care less about their health which may lead to anxiety, depression, stress and traumatic experiences. Women who are going through divorce sometimes feel a mixture of stigma and shame causing them to lose confidence and self-esteem. Edie Starrett is a mother and an Ayurvedic and Yoga Practitioner/Therapist. She founded MonaV, a health and wellness company. Edie is a very strong woman, who found a whole new set of life ambitions after getting...


EP21: Shift Your Energy & Keep Your Momentum with Susan Haddorff

You are not a victim and divorce doesn't define you. You can choose to be happy, financially independent, healthy, and connected. It is up to you to shift your energy, focus, and attention on what will move you forward. Susan Haddorff a mother of five and the Senior Executive Sales Leader of Norwex USA. She is the prime example of how one can build a successful business while going through divorce and being the pillar for her children in the process. In this episode, Susan shares how she...


EP20: Use LinkedIn Simply & Effectively with Sue Gresham

Going through a career change or re-entering the job market as you are going through divorce can be overwhelming. There are a lot to consider, and a lot of things to do. It is difficult to judge what the first step should be. Sue Gresham “The LinkedIn Lady” is a consultant, coach, trainer, speaker, and job search mentor. She teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, job seekers and students how to use LinkedIn simply and effectively so they can build their personal brand, expand their reach,...