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A podcast about raising kids in an ever-changing world

A podcast about raising kids in an ever-changing world


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A podcast about raising kids in an ever-changing world






Until Next Time…

It’s our last episode of It’s Your Time to Shine and it is one with all the feels. Lisa and Juspreet talk about the struggles of parenting and working in a pandemic. They talk about the highs of the podcast and why one of the best things parents can do is set boundaries on how […]


Run for Trees

The first 9 weeks of school flew by in our house but only because we have lost all concept of time without the anchors of life that helped break up our weeks abs months. So now as we are ready to start the next season of the year, we realize that there are some positives […]


Periods and Puberty

Periods and Puberty are as normal as the Birds and the Bees, so why does everyone get a little nervous about it ? How did you learn about sex education? Did your parents give you “The Talk” or did your friends give you the scoop? Are you ready to talk to your own kids about sex, […]


Normalizing Our Bodies.

It’s that time of the month, you know shark week, being on the rag, getting a visit from Aunt Flow- we have so many euphemisms for talking about a woman’s menstrual cycle without actually talking about it at all. What effect does this have on our children as they are navigating puberty and life changes […]


The Pod Effect

As virtual school becomes a more likely start to the 2020 school year, how could pods affect the most vulnerable young minds in our communities? In this episode Juspreet and Lisa talk about school learning pods, the digital divide and the design of the new world of curbside everything. Also, we ll talk about the […]


To Zoom or not to Zoom

As School districts across the country are having the discussion about what to do when schools open back up. The questions are just as hard as the answers because we have to think about so many more people than just our children. In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about the quandry of deciding the […]


Black Lives Matter-say it

Coach K from Duke’s Basketball said “Black lives matter. Say it. Can’t you say it? Black lives matter. We should be saying it every day. This is not political — this is not a political statement. It’s a human rights statement. It’s a fairness statement.” Black Lives Matter, can we say it ? Can we […]



When is the right time to talk to your child about race, justice and inequalities? In this Episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about race and privilege. Please note, this episode was recorded before the widespread outcries following the brutal murder of George Floyd, which we will discuss in our next podcast episode. Listen to the […]


Please Mute Your Mic

As we continue to settle into the norms of full houses and full schedules while we “Stay Safe at Home”, we are discovering the Joys of “Working Safe at home ” too. What does the new anti-normal look like for our kids ? What does distance learning look and sound like when parents are present […]


Fueling your fire

How do you energize your routine and your body? What are the best ways to hack your health? Lisa and Juspreet discuss nutrition and getting the best out of yourself so you can really be great for your families. Listen in and then join the conversation on social media or send us your direct messages […]


Stay At Home & Be Counted

“and in this corner is every mom around the world, struggling to make sense of how fast the days are going by! ” Okay so it isn’t a boxing match, but some days being “stay at home” certainly feels like it is. April is CENSUS month and in this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about […]


The first days…

The first few days of sheltering in place took a toll on parents and kids. But what will happen in the long term when we continue to have Shelter in place orders and everyone is at their wits end? Tune in for our special quarantine episode of the podcast.


Living in the Hyphen

Living in the Hyphen is about the poise and balance it takes to live between two worlds. In this episode, Juspreet speaks with Contemporary poet, feminist and activist Aman Kaur Batra. They talk about parents who encourage poetry, and children who discover their voice in spoken word. Juspreet shares her experience with the connecting power […]


Checking in on Confidence

What would you do if a playdate turns into a babysitting night? What would you do if you had a misbehaving child over on a playdate? In this episode, Juspreet and Lisa talk about playdate ettiquette, Birthday party goodie bags and how to handle the drop in babysitting session. They also talk about self confidence […]


Meet Our Kids

It’s a Brand New Year and we are Brighter than ever! Before we dive into New Year’s Resolutions, New Goals and New Dreams, we want to show you why we are here. Introducing… Our kids ! We asked them some questions and learned a ton about what matters most to them. So come meet our […]


So, What’s Your Type ?

What if you knew exactly what your child or spouse needed to hear in a time of stress? What if you could pick the perfect gift for family and friends? In this episode, Juspreet and her special guest, Caroline talk about the Enneagram, an ancient personality model. They discuss how the types interact, how to […]


Making the Grade

Parent-Teacher conferences are a part of parenting, but does it have to feel like you are the one getting the report card? In this episode, Lisa and Juspreet talk about personality development, academic rigor and what kind of success really matters. They also talk about body image and self confidence just in time for the […]


Nothing on the Agenda

What happens when neither Lisa or Juspreet have a planned topic on the It’s Your Time to Shine Podcast agenda? Nothing! And that is exactly what this podcast is about. Check out this fun look at how these two women create content as they discuss closing the pool, how to dress for cold weather and […]


Positively Choosing Our Own Adventure

How much honesty can children handle? Should we protect our family from the details of our own struggles? In this episode, Lisa speaks with her friend, Dia White about her battle with a rare form of Cancer. Dia and her husband choose to be honest and share the prognosis and treatment with their children, their […]


Sunny Days

Sunny Days start with a bright, yellow school bus ! The first day of Kindergarten often serves as an anchoring moments in parenting. In this episode, we come full circle with Lisa dropping her daughter off at kindergarten. And if you didn’t hear Juspreet’s first time doing a kindergarten drop off then check out our […]