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14: NICU Mom to a "Micro-Preemie" with Aisha Williams

We have so much to celebrate this week on the Messy Roads Podcast, and I have an incredible story to tell you today. My guest is Aisha Williams and she is happy to be here because her son just graduated from the NICU last week! After giving birth to her son at only 23 weeks, Aisha found herself facing impossible odds. Her son is what we might call a “micro-preemie.” He only weighed 1 lb. 11 oz.! Despite the short odds, this little guy was a fighter, and he is on his way to a normal, happy...


13: Making Mother Care a Priority with Dayna Kurtz

I am so excited for you to hear today’s episode because we are talking about a vitally important topic: Mother Care. In order to be the best mother, wife, or friend you could possibly be, you have to take care of yourself. It’s imperative. Your journey to motherhood might have been a struggle, or it might have been a dream. Whether you have three kids or whether your babies are all in heaven, it is important that you are being cared for. This is why I am so thrilled to have Dayna Kurtz on...


12: Difficult Pregnancies are Worth It with Kate Woolley

Today’s show is honestly full of messy roads, but my guest, Kate Woolley, shares her story in a way that highlights the joys she experienced on the way. Kate had what her doctor called the most difficult naturally conceived pregnancy he had ever seen. From her water breaking at 16 weeks to extended bed rest and then her son arriving two months early, Kate had to go through the wringer. Not only was her pregnancy difficult, but Kate also experienced a miscarriage with her first pregnancy....


11: Single Moms and Money with Aisha Taylor

Single Moms have a lot on their shoulders and many unique needs to be met. They need a support system, someone who understands just what they are going through. This is why I am so excited to have Aisha Taylor on the show today. Aisha is the CEO of FNPhenomenal Financial Planning, and also a single mom. Aisha is on a mission to help empower single moms with their finances, rather than feel overwhelmed or unsupported. She knows that single women have unique financial needs, so she has...


10: Being Courageous In Spite of Fear with Kate Swoboda

Motherhood is a tough journey, and it takes so much courage to face the fears that day-to-day life will always bring. With thoughts like, “What if I’m not a good enough mom?” and, “Do I even have what it takes?” constantly plaguing us, we sometimes need to take a step back and remind ourselves that we have the power to be courageous, in spite of fear. Today, I am sitting down with Kate Swoboda, a speaker, trainer, and author. Kate has found a method to help all of us have courage as a...


9: Dealing with Medical Complications and Lifestyle Changes with Krissy Mulligan

A lot of moms go into planning for pregnancy with a great big master plan. As we often say on this show, those plans rarely pan out. Life has a way of making our road to motherhood less of a highway and more of a winding mountain pass. Luckily, when moms are supported by their families, doctors, and spouses, these roadblocks and setbacks are more than manageable. Krissy Mulligan was one of those fortunate women, and she is thankful every day that she managed to conceive her sweet son,...


8: How to Love Yourself Better with Sarah Arsenal

How can we love ourselves better? It’s not a question that many moms ask themselves, but it is absolutely essential. When we take the time to love ourselves, we have even more to give to our children, our jobs, and our spouses. I can already hear the objections rising, so I have my guest, Sarah Argenal here with me to give you practical steps you can take towards self-care. Today’s show is a rebroadcast of the Love Life Love Better Facebook Live that Sarah and I did in February. It was an...


07: When Motherhood Means Trauma, Grief and Pain with Leslie Browning

What happens when motherhood isn’t a happy memory, but a traumatic one? When a woman experiences a miscarriage, her memories of motherhood are tainted with grief, and it often brings up other unpleasantness along with it. It’s no small wonder that we don’t often hear stories about miscarriage, but I think that needs to change. Every woman is going to bear their grief differently, and sometimes it’s in silence or isolation. Today, I wanted you to hear how one woman has learned to bear her...


06: Mommy Intuition is the Key to Inner Wisdom with Julie Cusmariu

As mothers, we are told to trust our instincts, but that sounds a lot easier than it actually is. When was the last time you gave thought to your intuition? Do you trust it? Like other skills, our intuitive skills can be grown and honed to better serve ourselves, our relationships, and our children. Today, I am so thrilled to be able to bring you the wisdom of Julie Cusmariu, an Intuitive Life Coach, Podcaster, and Mother. Connect with the Show: Facebook // Instagram // Community If you...


05: Authentic Parenting in Spite of Trauma with Anna Seeward

How do you learn to be a parent when you haven’t had an example to follow? Is it possible to overcome severe trauma and parent from a place of authenticity, kindness, and love? Today’s show answers these questions and more about commonalities in the world of parenting. We share the same challenges and hardships, and we all have something to overcome to “be better.” My guest shares what it was like to lose her own mother in a tragic earthquake; she was only 13 when her life was turned...


04: The Unique Challenges of Preemie Moms with Leah Harper

Moms of preemie babies face unique challenges and celebrate different milestones than moms who carried full term. Today, I wanted to celebrate all that preemie moms have accomplished with Leah Harper. Leah is the founder of Preemie Mom Camp, an online community for moms with premature babies. Both of her daughters were born prematurely because of preeclampsia and other complications. She knows what it is like to battle for balance with time spent in and out of the hospital. Connect with...


03: Practical Tips for Working Moms Seeking Balance with Sarah Argenal

Work-life balance for working moms can feel impossible. Between burnout, little free time, and split priorities, working moms often feel alone in their struggle. Luckily, there are people like Sarah Argenal ready to support them. Sarah knows what it is like to feel overworked and underprepared for motherhood. She always assumed that once she became a mom, her child would fit right into her thriving career at a competitive law firm. Sarah would soon learn that our kids have a way of...


2: Building Families and a Thriving Business with Meg Brunson

Working Moms have a lot to juggle! Whether they go to work at the office, or work from home, finding that elusive work-life balance is a challenge. Today, I’m delighted to chat with not just a working mom, but a mama who runs her own business. I’m with Meg Brunson today, a Phoenix-based Mom of 4 girls with a successful Marketing business she built from the ground up. Meg brings a creative, entrepreneurial spirit to everything she does. Her vibrant enthusiasm is contagious, and I know you...


1: Mother of 18: Through Biology, Adoption and Fostering with Jenn Taylor

Today, my guest is Jenn Taylor. She is an incredible mama of 18 beautiful children! No, that is not a typo. Jenn has claimed 18 beautiful lives under her care as a biological mom, a foster mom, and adoptive mom, and a step-mom. I am very excited for you to hear how Jenn has managed it all. She will be the first to tell you that, while her family is unconventional, it is filled with as much love, hardship, sacrifice, and laughter as any family. It is clear when you sit down with Jenn that...


Things Learned in 2017 and a Preview of 2018

Today we’re taking a sneak peek into 2018 and Season 2 of the podcast! My goal is to provide a space for every mother to share her story freely, because EVERY story is worthy of being told. In the first 14 episodes, we have heard incredible stories from extremely brave women who shared the tough experiences in becoming a mom, especially when that journey didn’t look the way you expected it to look. We’ve covered topics from infertility to adoption to loss to finding sperm donors---all...


14: The Beauty of Motherhood in Non-Traditional Families with Chris Rose

Since this podcast is all about sharing stories of Motherhood from every perspective along the messy road, I am extra excited to have my guest, Chris, on the show with me today. Chris and her wife Charlotte are a same-sex couple with a three-year-old daughter. Chris’ perspective on relationships, pregnancy, family, and motherhood all come from her desire to educate the world about “nontraditional” families. Chris knows she’s different. As a non-binary queer woman, she knows you are going...


13: Dealing with the Grief and Loss of a Miscarriage with Cori Aschkenas

Have you experienced the loss of a child through miscarriage? Unfortunately, it seems to be a fairly common part of the messy road of motherhood for so many women. My guest today went through this loss 20 years ago, yet the memories are raw and sharp. I’m happy to have my mother-in-law, Cori Aschkenas, here to share her story about the loss of her third child, Briana. Cori explains the impact of the loss and the recovery that followed her miscarriage. She offers advice about dealing with...


12: Finding a New Life as a Single Mom with Carmen Reed-Gilkison

There is no wrong way to be a mom, just different. What we can bring to our children is an opportunity for greatness and success. It might just look a little different for us or for them. That truth is definitely something my new friend Carmen takes to heart. Carmen Reed Gilkison is a single mom who is now an empty nester and launching her own marketing business. If that sounds like a lot, Carmen is fairly used to it. She knows that personal sacrifices are worth the rewards. After...


11: Losing a Baby and Male Postpartum Anxiety with Sarah and Jordan Aschkenas

Today I am celebrating because we have had so many amazing Mothers step up to the plate and bravely share their heartaches and joys. It is a powerful thing to hear, and in feeling so empowered I knew it was the time I shared my story. Our story. With me on the show, today is my husband, Jordan. Together, we want to share our messy road to parenthood from multiple perspectives. The journey begins with discovering our first pregnancy was ectopic. What ensues is trips to the ER, plenty of...


10: Choosing Motherhood Through Adoption with Emylee Williams

I’ve learned over the past 10 episodes that while every Mother’s story is different, there are always elements in each that I can connect to. Today’s story is no exception. I am delighted to have my friend Emylee Williams with me today as we discuss her Messy Road. What makes Emylee so special to me is that her business, Think Creative Collective, was instrumental in giving me the push I needed to get the podcast going. It’s only fitting that I have Emylee here with me to encourage all the...