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The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.

The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.
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The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.






Family Ties: Connection Through Communication | Gifted | Parenting | Empathy | Psychology

Emily Kircher-Morris talks with family relationship expert Jennifer Kolari, author of “Connected Parenting: Set Loving Limits and Build Strong Bonds with Your Child for Life,” about ways to use the body’s natural chemicals and hormones in the formation of stronger ties with your kids or students. Giftedness often adds a layer of complexity to it, and we’ll talk about it on episode 18. About the guest - Jennifer Kolari, MSW RSW, is a child and family therapist, and one of the nation’s...


The Case for Differential Diagnosis | Gifted | Education | 2e | Psychology | Autism

When a parent suspects their child may be twice exceptional - that is, gifted and an additional diagnosis - what should they do next? Increasingly, the answer is something called a Differential Diagnosis. It’s the process of sorting through two or more different disorders which share symptoms that can mask each other. Our guest on episode 17 is Dr. Catherine Hasler, an expert in the area of Differential Diagnosis. About the guest - Dr. Catherine Hasler is a licensed psychologist who...


A Bright Minds Balancing Act: Finding Success in School | Gifted | Education | 2e | Psychology

Self-regulation is often discussed in the context of emotions. Emily Kircher-Morris talks with Dr. Richard Cash, author of Self-Regulation in the Classroom, about educational self-regulation. When should we expect students to show signs of maturity that indicate they are ready to learn self-regulation? How can we teach them? Catch the discussion, along with Q&A from listeners, and much more, on episode 16 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Dr. Richard M. Cash received a bachelor of arts...


Embracing Differently Wired - A New Tilt on Parenting | Gifted | Education | 2e | ASD

When gifted and twice-exceptional kids struggle, it’s often because people around them don’t recognize their perspective is different from the norm, and that we can try to meet them where they are. Debbie Reber, founder of TiltParenting.com and host of the podcast of the same name, discusses how we can help kids who are ‘differently wired.’ About the guest - Debbie Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker who, before creating Tilt...


Profile of a Twice-Exceptional Kid | Gifted | ASD | Asperger’s | 2e

Some gifted people discover they have a second diagnosis which puts them into a different category - twice-exceptional, or 2e. On episode 14 of Mind Matters, Emily Kircher-Morris talks with Christen Leah, a college student who learned she was not only gifted, but was also diagnosed with Asperger’s, now part of a family of conditions known as ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder. About the guest - Christen Leah is a twice-exceptional college student. At the age of eighteen she sought out an...


Regulating Emotions Through Mindfulness | Holistic | Intelligence | Gifted | IQ

Mindfulness is the awareness of the moment, the ability to observe and accept your feelings, stresses and sources of anxiety from a different perspective, and deal with them calmly. On episode 13 of Mind Matters, Emily Kircher-Morris talks with Michelle Benedict, from the organization Be Mindful, about how we can help gifted kids learn and utilize the skill of mindfulness. About the guest - Michelle Benedict has a Master’s in Education and certification in Gifted Education. She recently...


All the Feels (And Then Some) | Emotional Intensity | Education | Intelligence | Gifted

Emotional intensity varies from person to person, but among gifted people, it’s often markedly higher, and more of a challenge to understand and control. Critically-acclaimed author and former school psychologist Christine Fonseca joins us with her insight into emotional intensity among gifted people, on episode 12 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Christine Fonseca works to help children and adults explore the authenticity of their own voices. She’s the author of several books in the area...


Zero to Sixty: The Case for Acceleration | IQ | Education | Intelligence | Gifted

Acceleration is an option for students who are academically advanced compared to peers in their age group. When is it a good idea to consider acceleration? How can we know a student is ready? What are the social and emotional implications of acceleration? We talk with Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik of the University of Iowa about academic acceleration, on episode 11 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, PhD is the Administrator for the Acceleration Institute and Research at the...


The Importance of Empathy | IQ | Bullying | Intelligence | Gifted

Emily Kircher-Morris explores the concept of empathy with Dr. Michele Borba, author of the book “End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy: The Proven Six Rs of Bullying Prevention That Create Inclusive, Safe, and Caring Schools.” They discuss ways to help students, children, and patients show empathy, and how to weave it into curriculum and social life. About the guest - Michele Borba is a globally-recognized educational psychologist and parenting, bullying and character expert whose aim is to...


The Over-Under on Achievement | Gifted | Education | 2e | Intelligence

Cookie-cutter curriculum can be Kryptonite to a gifted kid, and can often spark a decline into a place where underachievement becomes the norm. James Delisle, PhD, helps us probe the world of underachievement, and suggests ways to help people of various underachiever profiles break their chains. Dr. Delisle was a professor of education at Kent State University (Ohio) for 25 years and was selected by faculty and students there as a "Distinguished Professor", the University's most prestigious...


A Guide to Self-Advocacy | Gifted | Education | 2e | Intelligence

You might say Deb Douglas is an advocate for self-advocacy. Deb has committed her career to helping educators, school administrators, and parents teach their gifted and twice-exceptional kids the importance of self-advocacy. Now she’s sharing her knowledge on Episode 8 of Mind Matters. Deb Douglas has a Masters of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, and is the architect of the GT Carpe Diem Workshop, a system designed to empower gifted and high-potential children to self-advocate. She’s...


Transitioning to Adulthood | Gifted | Intelligence | IQ | Education

On episode 7, Emily talks with Garrett Hartman, LPC about the transition to adulthood for gifted people and their neurotypical counterparts. How can parents help? What should the education system do to prepare kids for a changing landscape? Adulting - on this episode of Mind Matters. Garrett Hartman is a counselor and the Director of Training and Development at the Center for Identity Potential in Chicago. Garrett works to help simultaneous development of clients and their families to...


Overcoming Perfectionism | Gifted | Intelligence | IQ | 2e

On episode six of Mind Matters, Emily talks with Lisa Van Gemert, the “Gifted Guru,” about perfectionism. We clear up some common misperceptions and discuss strategies to deal with the challenges perfectionism presents. Lisa Van Gemert has written numerous published articles on social psychology and pedagogy, and is the author of Perfectionism: A Practical Guide to Managing Never Good Enough. She is a co-founder of The Gifted Guild, a professional community for educators of the...


The Creativity Crisis | Gifted | Creativity | Perfectionism | STEM

In this episode, Dr. Steve Coxon, Executive Director of the Center for Access and Achievement at Maryville University in St. Louis discusses the 'creativity crisis' and STEM. We also discuss ways to promote creativity and challenge gifted people. Steve holds his PhD in Gifted Education Policy, Planning, and Leadership from The College of William and Mary. Host Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC, has dual Masters degrees in Counseling and Education, and specializes in the area of giftedness...


When Intelligence and Violence Collide | Gifted | IQ | Guns | Mental Illness

Mind Matters examines recent mass shootings perpetrated by gifted or highly intelligent individuals. Noted author and expert Dr. James Delisle, Ph.D., helps us dig deeper into the backgrounds and motivations of the perpetrators of Newtown, Columbine, and other notable mass shootings, and we discuss the inspiring activism of the kids of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. Dr. James Delisle, Ph.D., was a professor of education at Kent State University (Ohio) for 25 years and...


The Problem of Bullying | Bullying | ADHD | Gifted | Intelligence | 2E

In this episode of Mind Matters, Emily discusses the impact of bullying on the learning ability and environment of gifted and 2e young people. Her guest is Cathy Risberg, M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, who owns Minds that Soar, and consults with parents, students, teachers, and administrators to identify and provide strength-based strategies to help all students, especially those who are gifted and twice-exceptional (2e), reach their full potential. Host Emily Kircher-Morris, LPC, has...


Playing the Gifted Game | Gaming | ADHD | Intelligence | 2E

Host Emily Kircher-Morris delves into the world of video games. Does gaming affect gifted kids differently? What is special about the relationship between giftedness and gaming? We talk with Mark Talaga, M.A., LPC, and Brandon Tessers, LPC, from the Center for Identity Potential. Mark Talaga is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned his Masters at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. Mark specializes in working with children, adolescents, and young adults. Brandon Tessers is...


A Vision for Gifted Education | ADHD | Intelligence | 2E

Host Emily Kircher-Morris and Kate Bachtel, board president of SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted), and the owner of SoulSpark in Boulder CO, discuss new approaches to educating the gifted, from a parent's perspective and as an educator. Kate Bachtel received a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity from the University of Colorado-Boulder. She has a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in gifted from the University...