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The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.

The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.
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The Mind Matters Podcast features discussions with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, with an emphasis on gifted/talented and 2e (twice-exceptional) children and adults. Mind Matters explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of high-ability people.






A Mind Matters Manual for Middle School

As parents and educators prepare for the start of the new school year, middle schools everywhere are welcoming a new crop of excited, nervous, and sometimes unprepared kids. On episode 38 we talk about the middle school transition, and the changes parents can expect to see as their kids adapt to their new surroundings. Guest Phyllis Fagell is author of Middle School Matters, and she joins us with ideas and advice. About our guest - Phyllis Fagell is a Licensed Clinical Professional...


You Never Outgrow Giftedness

Gifted kids turn into gifted adults, it’s something you live with for your entire life. When adults forget about their own atypical wiring, they open themselves up to social issues, and miss opportunities to continue growing. Guests Aurora Remember-Holtzman and Michelle Benedict talk to us about their experiences, and provide advice for people who may have forgotten they were gifted. About the guests - Aurora Remember-Holtzman is the host of the Embracing Intensity podcast, and is founder...


Empathy With Intensity: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Giftedness can be a double-edged sword when it comes to empathy and compassion. When we help kids realize their emotional potential, their capacity for empathy and kindness will grow. Christine Fonseca is our guest on episode 36. About the guest - Christine Fonseca is a licensed Educational Psychologist, critically acclaimed author, and a nationally recognized speaker on topics related to educational psychology, mental health, giftedness, and using storytelling to heal past wounds. Using...


ADHD By Any Other Name? Try “Attention Divergent Hyperactive Giftedness”

People with ADHD have to face both the strengths and struggles that come along with their diagnosis. When ADHD is combined with giftedness, a condition known as twice-exceptionality, those struggles can be magnified, or maybe worse, hidden. On episode 35 Dr. Matthew Fugate shares data from his research about ADHD and provides parents and teachers insight into better understanding our kids. About the guest - Dr. Matthew Fugate received his doctorate in Gifted, Creative, and Talented Studies...


Early to the Starting Line: Acceleration Begins at Kindergarten | Education

In school districts in the US and around the world, there are programs in place to help gifted and twice-exceptional kids overcome their educational challenges. But one of the least-expensive and easiest tools to utilize, acceleration, is often overlooked. Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik from the Belin-Blank Center at the University of Iowa joins us on episode 34 to talk about most kids’ first option for acceleration, early entrance to Kindergarten. About the guest - Ann Lupkowski-Shoplik, PhD is the...


Note to Self: Be Nice to Me | Parenting | Education | 2e

One thing’s for sure about parenting - it’s hard. Even more so with gifted and twice-exceptional kids. But parents often get so caught up in taking care of their kids they forget the all-important self-care. Jen Torbeck Merrill is the author of If This Is a Gift, Can I Send It Back, and also a parenting self-care advocate. She’s our guest on episode 33 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Jen Merrill is an Illinois-based writer, blogger, flutist, and gifted family advocate. The mom of two...


Being a SPED Advocate for Twice-Exceptional Kids | Psychology | Education | 2e

Special education services can make a huge difference in the educational experience of a twice-exceptional child. On episode 32, author and education writer Amanda Morin joins us to discuss some of the services available and share best practices for parents and counselors to effectively advocate on behalf of 2e kids. About the guest - Amanda Morin worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years. She has been working as an education writer since 2007 and...


Fighting Fake News | Psychology | Gifted | Education

When your inner skeptic constantly nags at you saying something’s not right, what should you do? Dr. Brian Housand thinks you should celebrate. On episode 31 Emily Kircher-Morris talks with Brian about how to fight fake news, and the short answer is: question everything. About the guest - Dr. Brian Housand is the Coordinator of the Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He is an educational consultant working with schools, districts,...


Beneath the Surface of Giftedness | Education | IQ | Parenting

There is more to giftedness than just intelligence. Dr. James Delisle joins us on episode 30 to talk about what’s below the surface of giftedness, and how parents, counselors, and teachers can dig a little to find out what makes gifted kids tick. About the guest - James Delisle, PhD, was a professor of education at Kent State University (Ohio) for 25 years and was selected by faculty and students there as a "Distinguished Professor", the University's most prestigious teaching award. Jim...


Gifted Girls: Social Connections and Self-Care at School | Education | Gifted | 2e

For even the most academically successful student, the social aspect of school can be incredibly stressful. When you add the complexity of being gifted or twice-exceptional, school can be overwhelming. On episode 29 we talk with Dr. Kathryn Fishman-Weaver about the social impact of the educational experience for gifted girls. About the guest - Dr. Kathryn Fishman-Weaver is an educator, author, and advocate for student leadership. She serves as the Director of Academic Affairs and Engagement...


The G Word Movie | Psychology | Gifted | Intelligence | Education

There is a myth that gifted people are mostly financially secure, white, and don’t require the same attention as an average child. Our guest is Marc Smolowitz, who is making a film about America’s gifted and talented population that puts those myths to rest. “The G Word” will highlight the educational challenges, social isolation, and deep emotional sensitivities of gifted people. Listen to our discussion on episode 28 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Marc Smolowitz is a...


Separating Truth From Mental Myths | Psychology | Gifted | Intelligence

On this episode we discuss some widely held ideas about education, giftedness, and intelligence that may not be as rooted in science as we thought. Explore some of our most revered and trusted theories along with us. Our guest is Dr. Devon MacEachron, who has spent much of her career tracking down the facts and sorting through the fiction. About the guest - Dr. Devon MacEachron earned her B.A. from Amherst College (graduating in the first class of admitted women), her M.B.A. from the...


All Work and No Play | Psychology | Parenting | Education

Have we inadvertently harmed our children by taking away play time? Does our tendency to make decisions for our kids, instead of allowing them to make their own choices, negatively impact executive function? Mead Ploszay, middle school learning specialist for an independent school district in the midwest, joins us to share results of her study of student choice and unstructured, free time. About the guest - Mead Ploszay is a middle school learning specialist for Mary Institute and St. Louis...


Thinking Twice About Ways to Help Twice Exceptional Students | Psychology | 2e | Gifted

The systems in place for gifted kids in public education often fall short for 2e students. Sometimes 2e kids aren’t even identified with the limited testing resources of some schools. In the first of several episodes on twice-exceptionality this year, we talk with Chris Wiebe from Bridges Academy in Los Angeles CA about how they address the specific needs of twice-exceptional students, and how other school districts can help 2e kids thrive. About the guest - Chris Wiebe has a Doctorate of...


True Grit: Fostering Tenacity and Resilience | Psychology | IQ | Gifted | Education

When we don’t provide a challenge for our gifted kids at school and let them fly under the radar, they can develop internal monologues that equate being smart with everything being easy. Emily Mofield and Megan Parker Peters, authors of Teaching Tenacity, Resilience, and a Drive for Excellence, on episode 24 of Mind Matters. About the guests - Emily Mofield, EdD, is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Lipscomb University. Her background includes 15 years experience...


Rethinking the Definition of Intelligence | Psychology | IQ | Gifted

Never afraid to bump up against some of psychology’s doctrines, Scott Barry Kaufman joins us for a discussion about how we evaluate gifted people. We talk about the role of IQ in that evaluation, and he reveals details of his personal journey as told in his book, Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined. About the guest - Scott Barry Kaufman is a Psychologist at Barnard College, Columbia University. Dr. Kaufman embraces a humanistic, integrative approach that takes into account a wide range of...


Special Edition: Live at the NAGC Convention in Minneapolis | Psychology | Gifted | IQ | 2E

For 65 years, the National Association for Gifted Children has been holding an annual conference to help provide guidance and learning opportunities for attendees. Mind Matters now gives you a peek behind the curtain at this year’s event, held November 15-18, 2019. In this episode we bring you interviews and sound from the professionals who presented, and from the people who attended. It’s a special presentation that will hopefully give you a fresh perspective on the professionals who care...


Opening Doors To Diversity In Gifted Education | Psychology | IQ

It’s a challenge for gifted and talented people of color to fight the headwind of implicit biases when it comes to being identified for gifted services. Dr. Joy Lawson Davis is working to help educators recognize signs of giftedness through the lens of cultural differences, and to fight inherent biases that prevent some students from achieving their maximum potential. Dr. Davis is our guest on episode 21 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Dr. Joy Lawson Davis is a career educator with over...


IQ Isn’t Everything: Reevaluating Evaluation | Gifted | 2e | Education | Psychology

IQ is the primary measure of giftedness, but sometimes the IQ test fails to reveal the whole story. Recommended guidelines from the National Association for Gifted Children are evolving, and a new position paper has been released on using the FSIQ score to identify gifted/talented kids. We talk with Dr. Linda Kreger Silverman about her position on the subject, as well as better ways to identify 2e kids, on episode 20 of Mind Matters. About the guest - Linda Kreger Silverman, PhD, is a...


Potholes On Memory Lane: Gifted Kids and Trauma | Gifted | Parenting | Violence

Signs of trauma can easily be dismissed as symptoms of something else entirely. On episode 19, Emily welcomes author and trauma expert Heather Forbes to talk about how to identify the signs of trauma, and ultimately how to control and minimize its effects. About the guest - Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, is the owner of the Beyond Consequences Institute in Boulder, Colorado. Heather has worked in the field of trauma and healing since 1999. She is an internationally published author on the topics...