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Parenting every child in a way that’s right for them w/Jaya Rose

In this episode I interview Jaya Rose mindful modern mom of two girls 16 years apart, she shares about her life on a hippie commune and tells us all about her journey with her twin flame, her oldest daughter. It’s a really fun episode so stay tuned! Connect with Jaya Here: www.thejayarose.com www.instagram.com/thejayarose https://www.facebook.com/thejayarose


Making "The Shift"as a mom: Interview with Nichole Sylvester

In this episode, I interview Nichole Sylvester, International Bestselling Author of OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness. She is also a Spiritual Success Coach and transformational speaker on a mission to guide people home, to themselves, to discover their innate power. We get to hear what led her to live a more spiritual life in 2010, how she broke generational patterns to become a six-figure coach ( listen for her morning ritual while she was starting her business!) while being...


Breaking Generational Patterns: Interview with Jeanine Yoder

In This Episode, I interview Jeanine Yoder, a New York Times Featured Feminine Leadership & Business Coach, Healer, Mom, Broadway Starlet, and Founder of Mentor Masterclass. She shares what it was like to grow up with drug-addicted parents and how that influenced her current career, Jeanine now trains women to be life coaches and healers. She shares what being a mother has taught her so far, along with many other tools, tips, and resources for women who are enjoying the journey of...


From suffering PTSD post military to veteran meditation & mindfulness catalyst

In this interview with Dajon Ferrell we discuss suffering from PTSD, what helped her heal and the tools she now shares and uses with her 8 yr. old son who is an empath. We discuss what it's like to have son's who are empaths and how important it is to fill their life skills toolbox with. Dajon is a multi-passionate mama who works with veterans to help them choose more meditation over medication when possible, Graphic Designer for Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speaker & Coach. In this...


MMM 009 Interview with Amy Tate

In this episode, I interview Mindful Modern Mom Amy who wears many hats as a single mom. She shares her tips on empowering kids to create confidence, and shares about her mission of sharing personal development with her communities. Amy shares what led her on this personal development path, how one thing has led to another and how it all has an influence on her parenting as well as the most important thing she wants her son to know. In this episode, you will learn how to empower your kids...


Know & Grow Yourself Segment With Bernadette

In this episode, Bernadette helps you check-in with the alignment of your priorities, tune in with your journal ready!


MMM 007: Interview with Belle Beosch

Interview with founder of Mom-Me-Circle Belle Boesch, she helps new moms find themselves again. Listen in as she shares valuable tools & resources for moms.


MMM 006: Interview with Vanessa Gutierrez

On this episode of Mindful Modern Mom Podcast mindful modern mom Vanessa and I discussed spirituality, lessons learned from raising child number one and practicing presence and really cherishing each moment.


MMM 005 Know Grow Yourself Segment with Bernadette

Join Bernadette for another Know & Grow yourself segment of the Mindful Modern Mom Podcast where she shares inspirational personal development prompts for moms. On this episode, she invites you to give yourself more grace while making improvements in the areas of your life that matter most.


MMM 004 Interview with Shauna Lay

In this episode, I interview Shauna Lay a Mindful Modern Mom of two school-age boys who is one of my absolutely amazing. In this episode, you will learn: How to feel emotions in your body, why it’s important and how to invite your kids to join in the exploration! How to separate your personal parental fears from your child’s fears or lack of them. How to encourage your kids to be more of themselves. Mentioned in this episode: Meditation ( App Insight timmer) Essential Oils (Doterra)


MMM 003 Know and Grow Yourself Segment With Bernadette Trujillo

This is the first Know & Grow Yourself Segment where Bernadette helps moms understand the importance of personal development as a mom & how to embrace it by providing insight and prompts for her mindful modern moms.


MMM 002 Interview with Katarzyna Morzewska

In this Episode, I interview Mindful Modern Mom Katarzyna Morzewska she is a life coach working from home with her baby. We talk about birthing a business and a baby around the same time. Kat also shares her favorite tools, tips and resources for new moms.


MMM 001. Inspiration behind the podcast

In this episode, I introduce you to the idea and inspiration behind the mindful modern mom podcast. I talk about how I wish I would have known what I know now before I was a mother and how this podcast can help you on your mothering journey.