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This is an education podcast featuring some of the smartest and funniest people in education. We are going to talk education, technology and pop culture.

This is an education podcast featuring some of the smartest and funniest people in education. We are going to talk education, technology and pop culture.
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This is an education podcast featuring some of the smartest and funniest people in education. We are going to talk education, technology and pop culture.




Season 3 Episode 9 - Adam Bellow

It is great to have Adam Bellow stop by the podcast to chat about education, homework, worksheets, Star Wars, and the value of pop culture in raising our kids. Enjoy the podcast, throw a comment or review on iTunes and come back in a couple of weeks for another episode.


Season 3 Episode 8 - Steven Anderson

There was a request to talk about presenting at conferences and I went to my main man Steven Anderson AKA @Web20Classroom to see what he thought about presenting and why it is valuable. Listen as Steven explains his thoughts on presenting and whois going to win NASCAR this year.


Season 3 Episode 7 - Lyn Hilt

I'm was so happy to have Lyn on for the the show to chat about our love for the movie Heathers, its cultural relevance in education today and balancing being an educator and a parent. Lyn is an amazing educator and you can follow her on Twitter at @lynhilt.


Season 3 Episode 6 - David Saunders

David Saunders and I chat about Graphic Novels and Makerspaces on this podcast. Check him out at @designsaunders on Twitter.


The Semicolon and The Nerdy Teacher

I'm flying solo on this shorter podcast. I wanted to share some thoughts on mental health and education. If you listen to this, please draw a semicolon on your wrist and share in on social media using #semicolonEDU. We need to help end the stigma that comes with mental health issues and support all educators and students that battle these issues every day.


Season 3 Episode 5: William Chamberlain

In this episode, William Chamberlain (@WmChamberlain) talk about Blogging and giving students a voice outside of the classroom. If you have been interested in connecting your students with others teachers and students, this is the podcast for you. Check out #Comments4Kids for more info on making these great connections.


Season 3 Episode 4: Sherry Gick

The week I have the fabulous Sherry Gick on the show to talk about Learning Spaces in Libraries and the value of Teacher Librarians in schools. We chat a bit about our love for Doctor Who, so forgive our couple of minutes of nerding out.


Season 3 Episode 3 Amber Teamann

It was great chatting with Amber Teamann. She is an elementary assistant principal and all around awesome human being. She is a huge Cowboys/Troy Aikman fan and shares what it is like to be an administrator. Relationships with students and teachers are things that admins are constantly working on and Amber offers some great insight on how that works. If you have wondered what goes on in an admin's brain, this is the podcast episode for you.


Season 3 Episode 2: Starr Sackstein

This week's #NerdyCast episode is all about grades. This was a very interesting conversation that made me really think about grading practices and what it is that all teachers are doing when it comes to assessment. The best question of the night was simply, "What is an A?".


Season 3 Episode 1: John T Spencer

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 1 with John T Spencer. Today we talked about teacher pay, ambition, House of Cards, and anti-heroes. We will be back in a couple of weeks for episode 2. Thanks for listening!


#NerdyCast Season 2 Episode 3

Welcome back for another episode of #NerdyCast. Tim and I are going to be talking about Glue Sticks, BYOD, Google Glass and more Girl Meets World Updates. Next month, Tim and I will be talking about crativity in the classroom and why it is so important.


Season 2 Episode 2

In this NerdyCast we explore the value of Homework in the classroom. We also provide another update on Girl Meets World, discuss the weather in Arizona and why students should avoid starting an all female pop group when you have tests to study for while attending Bayside High School. Thanks for listening! Nick and Tim


Season 2 Episode 1 - PBL

We are back and better than ever. Well, we are at least not as bad as were before and we are pretty sure we are not worse than when we started, so that's something. We are excited to be back once a month talking education, pop culture and whatever else gets us off track. We want to thank everyone for encouraging us to start back up and we hope you enjoy the show. Nick and Tim


Episode 8

#EduBroAwards Conversation with @TGwynn! Enjoy!


Episode 7

I am super excited to have Kelly Tenkely (@KTenkely) as the guest for this episode of #NerdyCast. We talked about our humble beginnings in the blog-o-sphere to starting Project PLN to Kelly deciding to create entire school and take over the world. We also talk about Kelly's new project, The Learning Genome. Check out here site for more information. About half way through you will here Kelly's voice echo for a bit and me coughing terribly in the background. Yup. Sorry. Live podcasting....


Episode 6

Shelly Sanchez Terrell is the special guest for Episode 6. This is a speical Connected Educators NerdyCast for the month of August. Listen in as she talks about the value of being a connected educator, the importance of educational technology and talking with markers in her mouth. Thanks to Shelly for taking the time to chat and please check out her blog to see the amazing things she has going on. You can also connect with her on Twitter at @ShellTerrell


Episode 5

#NerdyCast Episode 5 is here and ready for your listening pleasure. This Episode's special guest comes all the way from the future and Australia. Summer Howarth (@EduSum) is one of my new favorite people and I really wanted her on the #NerdyCast after I had a chance to talk with her at ISTE12. Summer and I discuss the finner points of Middle School, her dad's shark attack, Learning Spaces, "The Shire" (An Australian Jersey Shore) and other important educational topics. Summer also dropped...


Episode 4

Here is a great conversation with Steven Anderson (@Web20Classroom) and a cameo by Tim Gwynn (@Tgwynn). We talk about Social Media, teaching, our favorite Australian and our favorite things we saw while at #ISTE12. This is a super-sized podcast (I'm sorry) because #ISTE12 is a super-sized tech conference. I promise that future podcast will be much much closer to 30 minutes to spare all of you my voice. Feel free to share an comment. I would love as much feedback as possible. Nick


Episode 3

In this episode of #NerdyCast, I have the distinct pleasure of chatting with Pernille Ripp. I have been a huge fan of Pernille's writing for a while and she is on my "Must Collaborate With" list. I love her honesty and passion for teaching. I feel comfortable saying that she is my favorte native Danish teacher. Her school is lucky to have her and we are all luck to have her as part of our PLN. We spend time talking about Blogging, students, fashion and our mutual love of zombies. Please...


Episode 2

I'm excited to share with all of you the second episode of #NerdyCast featuring special guest Lyn Hilt. We will wax poetic on many topics including, Strawberry Shortcake Castle Greyskull Heathers Communication Teachers as coaches Bullying Comic Sans Please take a moment to download the podcast and give a listen. If you have ideas for future guests and/or topics, feel free to leave a comment on iTunes, this blog or through email. I want to thank all of you...