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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.

Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.
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Encouragement for couple in a stepfamily. Although what Gil and Brenda share is applicable for all marriages and relationships. As a Counselor and Coach, the Stuarts share vulnerably with simple truths and lot's of laughter.






Episode 49 STEPFAMILY Joel Hawbaker Interview

Ready to gather some gold nuggets to help your parenting in a stepfamily? Gil and Brenda interview Joel Hawbaker, a High School teacher, someone who lived in a stepfamily and is now in one. Joel offers some fresh perspective that can bring lively conversations to your marriage. After listening to this podcast, here are a few questions to discuss: 1. Are you acting like the adult you want your kids to become? 2. Are you in a harmonious relationship with your child’s other bio-parent? Are...


Episode 48 MARRIAGE REMARRIAGE Feeling Protected?

Do you feel protected in your relationship? Gil and Brenda define what that looks like to them and how it impacts their relationship. Although, what they share may affect your relationship too. Protection isn’t just about your physical well being. It involves the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension of your relationship. Action step: Have the conversation. What does feeling protected look like: Emotionally Physically Spiritually in our relationship? #RestoredandRemarried...


Episode 47 MARRIAGE Stop the Drift

3 Ways to Stop Relational Drift You may be living parallel lives, on the same page and everything is going well. Yet we all have seasons where we drift from that. Careers, health, focus on our kids and a myriad of other things can pull us away from each other without us even realizing it. Gil and Brenda share 3 common ways drift can happen in a relationship. Luckily, they also offer ways to get back to the dock too! They’ll be adding action steps at the end of the podcast. Here they are...


Episode 46 MARRIAGE Connect-Build-Grow

Gil and Brenda are interviewed by Paul VanSickle with WAY-FM 104.5 (Vancouver, WA market). The upcoming Northwest Marriage Conference is coming next month. How do your past relationships affect the present? What happens in each stage of marriage? Honeymoon, ankle biters, teenagers, and empty nesting all have a special flair about them. Gather some wisdom and laughter as you listen in on this great conversation! Register today for the NWMC on 2/9/19 in Vancouver,...


EPISODE 45 STEPFAMILY Holidazed – Avoid the Spin!

The Holiday season can be…crazy, right? Although, living in a stepfamily can be that way all the time! Gil and Brenda bring some perspective to the “Holidaze” with some old reminders (Holiday survival 101) and some new thoughts. Realistic expectations vs lower your expectations…which one? Don’t ask the kids too much about their other bio parent. This conversation is worthy of a podcast on its own! Let this be a reminder of you to slow down the spin this holiday season. Although, this...


Episode 44 MARRIAGE Friendship Builds Connection

Is there a friendship in your marriage? Friendship can get lost in the marriage. Will it always be fun? No. It is ok for friends to disagree/fight. It’s healthy in a marriage…as long as it is done correctly. It’s important that both “hearts” are heard. Gil and Brenda share 3 ways to build your friendship in your marriage. This vital part of your relationship needs to be intentionally nurtured, especially when THOSE PEOPLE (your children) try to derail it. A healthy marriage is the best gift...


Episode 43 STEPFAMILY 5 Tips to Prepare for Thanksgiving

The holidays are just about to begin. Do you know how to prepare for them? Is this new territory or is it time to up your game? And we’re not talking about the turkey…or the dinner! Being in a stepfamily is hard enough, but you add in the stresses of the holidays and hard is at a new level! Gil and Brenda will share 5 tips to help stay sane during this emotionally charged season. As always, they will bring perspective and laughter into their podcast. #RestoredandRemarried...


Episode 42 STEPFAMILY Success Interview with Jed Jurchenko

Ready for some refreshing encouragement for your remarriage and stepfamily? How is Velcro like your marriage? Gil and Brenda interview Jed, author of 12 books (with Jenny too!), a therapist, psychology professor, and a stepdad. So many nuggets of wisdom are shared here! 131 Conversations for Stepfamily Success is so helpful and his newest book, Happy Skills for Happy Kids is a must. It’ll help kids (and adults) learn how to manage stress and anger! Find out more about Jed and Jenny...


Episode 41 STEPFAMILY Devotions Ron Deal Interview

Want to be more in sync with each other? Ron Deal with Family Life Blended, shares vulnerably and offers a wealth of ideas and encouragement in his interview with Gil and Brenda. His latest book, Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily is a home run! You can shift your direction (thoughts) by just 1 degree and it can keep you on course and be in sync again. This very SIMPLE devo can be read in under a minute!! Co-parenting, marriage, parenting, jealousy and more are topics are covered...


Episode 40 ALL Happy 4th of July!

Gil and Brenda are having some fun sharing stories of their fourth of July celebrations through the years. Thrown in are some interesting facts about our country’s birthday too. The Stuarts would love to hear some of your “war” stories of fireworks gone wrong, happy celebrations and that awful potatoe salad your aunt brought! Happy Happy to you…and the United States of America! #RestoredandRemarried #tipstoolsandtingles #remarried #remarriage #stepfamily #stepmom #stepdad #stepmother...


Episode 39 MARRIAGE 5 Myths About Marriage A Gottman Repost

The Gottman Institute has been around for over 40 years. Their research on marriage and relationships comes from their “Love Labs” and is pretty solid and world-renowned. Gil and Brenda share from a recent article from the Washington Post, June 2018, 5 Myths about Marriage that comes from the Gottman Institute. There were some common myths that we all believe, but there were a few surprises too! This is just another way for you, our listener to continue to learn about marriage. What...


Episode 38 ALL ACE’s Part 2 Graduation Time and more! Interview with Curtis Miller

It’s High School and College graduation season!. Kids hear all the time, the dreaded question “so what are your plans? College, work, what are you going to do with your life?” The conversation continues with Cutis Miller, Executive Director/Founder of Connect Battle Ground. How does a high ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score affect how a child (and adult) navigates this world? The cycle of need, arousal, response and relaxation (or distress) impacts how we deal with life. We need...


Episode 37 ALL ACE’s Part 1 (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Interview with Curtis Miller

Episode 37 ALL ACE’s Part 1 (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Interview with Curtis Miller Have you (or someone you know) experienced a Big “T” trauma or a Little “t” trauma? Whether you are a child, teen or an adult, there can be many factors that can lead you to a life of low self-worth, low self-esteem, and a constant self-protection. This impacts all of our relationships. Gil and Brenda interview Curtis Miller, Executive Director/Founder of Connect Battle Ground. This non-profit...


Episode 36 STEPFAMILY Widowhood

A blended family that is formed through the pain of widowhood is very difficult, to say the least. Join Gil and Brenda as they interview Jess and Ryan Ronne. Both lost their previous spouses to brain cancer. Grief, loss, compassion, “sainting the person,” is discussed in this pretty raw interview. How do you engage the other family members who are grieving themselves and yet protect your new family? Jess and Ryan share vulnerably what worked for them…and what hasn’t. Make sure you check them...


Episode 35 MARRIAGE Sex Leads to Dancing

In a marriage, the sexual experience is the highest form of communication. In their playful, real style, Gil and Brenda talk about the subject of the sexual relationship in your marriage. And, as usual, they don’t just talk about it from the 30,000 ft level, but they go deeper. Where does the heart come into play? In what ways can you be more intentional in this part of your relationship? How do you repair? Listen in for some new ideas! Gil and Brenda would love to hear your thoughts too!...


Episode 34 DIVORCE Leavee or Leavor?

You’ve never heard an interview like this one. Gil and Brenda hadn’t. You probably hear a lot about the person who was left in the marriage by their spouse. People rally around them to give them support through their “train wreck.” What about the people who left the marriage? Is there forgiveness for them? No matter what side of the fence you are on, listen in for some raw conversation about being the leavor in a marriage. #RestoredandRemarried #tipstoolsandtingles #remarried...



Most people who get remarried and have adult stepchildren feel that they won’t have any problems. That is a myth, big time. Gil and Brenda discuss the nuances of having adult stepchildren. Yes, there are situations where everything is doubt. But adult stepchildren are experiencing the same feelings that our little ones who are in the home are experiencing. They are just better at verbalizing them! How can you come alongside your adult stepchildren today? #RestoredandRemarried...


Episode 32 STEPMOMs/STEPDADs 3 Mother’s Day Pointers from a Husband.

Gil and Brenda are here to encourage Stepmoms on Mother’s Day by helping their husbands know what to do! This special day is loaded with emotions and expectations. It can be a party and celebration for some, and yet for others, there is radio silence from their stepchildren. Gil shares 3 pointers to help husbands love their wives through this holiday… with sensitivity, honesty and some laughter. As they say, “always forward!” #RestoredandRemarried #tipstoolsandtingles #remarried...


Episode 31 MARRIAGE: Why Date Your Spouse

Leisure Time = Marital Happiness. This shouldn’t be rocket science…but sometimes it feels like it! Gil and Brenda have some fun as they share the benefits of married couples dating, and 12 date rules (an addition to Brenda’s already established dating rules!) You are free to add your own! How do you smell? That could be a very important point to talk about. No time for conflict. Not a therapy session. Comforting? Exciting? CONNECTION! Gil and Brenda created a new acronym which they shared...


Episode 30 STEPMOMS Interview with Laura Petherbridge, The Smart Stepmom

Gil and Brenda interview Laura Petherbridge who is an author, international speaker on many topics, and a stepmom cheerleader. In this episode, the conversation covers stepmoms and stepdads who did not bring any biological children into the marriage (although ALL stepmoms/dads will benefit). There are some different moving parts with this type of stepfamily. These new stepmoms can be ambushed by the new activity of the family, lack of influence she thought she would have and seeing her...