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Join Alex Albisu as he shares inspiring stories of fatherhood to support the struggles dads face in parenthood. He also speaks to industry experts on important topics surrounding child development in parenting.

Join Alex Albisu as he shares inspiring stories of fatherhood to support the struggles dads face in parenthood. He also speaks to industry experts on important topics surrounding child development in parenting.


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Join Alex Albisu as he shares inspiring stories of fatherhood to support the struggles dads face in parenthood. He also speaks to industry experts on important topics surrounding child development in parenting.




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Challenge Your Beliefs - Jordan Blythe's Story

A listener of The Dad Chronicle, Jordan Blythe, joins Alex to commiserate about the challenges of having a baby in the midst of a pandemic. The two also talk about his wife's love of D&D and how that's helping them get through quarantine. And finally, they talk Jordan's Evangelical upbringing and how he has challenged his beliefs in the wake of a pandemic and civil unrest in the United States. Support the Show: Website: Parenting Tips:...


Counting Our Blessings - Welcoming Baby Jacob

A very tired Alex and Deanna talk about the birth of their child, Jacob Alexander, and how his life was saved during the process by the amazing nurses who helped deliver him. Alex and Deanna also talk about some tangible ways to prepare for that day and get in the right state of mind. Support the Show: Website: Parenting Videos:


For My Son

Alex shares his words of love and encouragement to his son who is about to enter the world.


Partnership is Everything - Crofton Steers' Story

Fellow podcaster, and father, Crofton Steers joins Alex to talk about how he is handling the pandemic and raising two young girls with very little support from outside sources. He also shares some great memories from his own father that have translated into how he parents his own kids. Check out Crofton's Work: @croftonsteers on social media Support the Show: Website:


Balancing Content Creation & Family - Ryan Murphy's Story

Ryan Murphy, a fellow gamer and podcaster, joins Alex to talk about how he balances life with his 3 kids, his wife, and creating content. The two also talk about their love of video games and what it means to them that their kids join in that love. Support the Show: Website: Email: Follow Ryan on Social Media: @RMurphy


5 Ways to Support Your Pregnant Partner

Alex's wife, Deanna, shares her top 5 ways to support your pregnant partner. They are expecting their new son to arrive within a month and recount some of the ways the non-pregnant partner can make the lives of the pregnant partner easier. Support the show: Website: Email:


Stay Strong and Carry On - Stephen Adams' Story

Alex invites fellow podcaster and father, Stephen Adams, to the show. Stephen has a very interesting story to share involving his son's chaotic delivery, his wife's battle with postpartum depression, and how he's supporting his son to grow into the person he truly is. Support the Show: Website: Check Out Stephen's Stuff:


Life is Full of Surprises - Jon Jagger's Story

Jon Jagger joins Alex to talk about his surprising news: he's going to be a dad! Jon is well known on the Internet for his love of video games. But he takes time to share a lesser-known side of him. That of a stepfather who has faced a lot of challenge in 2020 and a soon-to-be dad. All that considered, there is still a lot to look forward to for Jon and his new family. Follow...


Gender Reveal, The Sequel! REMIX Edition!

Turns out it's not a girl... it's a boy! Alex and Deanna talk about how they learned the news that they're actually having a boy, how they're shifting their mindsets and handling this news, and what the future holds for the next baby Albisu.


5 Ways To Combat Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression usually rears its ugly head in the fall and winter seasons! But what does it mean and how can you fight it? Alex shares some ways he's approaching it and offers some advice on some easy ways parents can implement it into their own day to day activities. Please note that if you are experiencing severe depression and suicidal thoughts, seek immediate medical help. Alex is not a licensed therapist or doctor, just a dad with some practical...


TDC 109: Listen with an Open Heart - J.J. Valentine's Story

Alex is back with J.J. Valentine, a fellow podcaster and member of the community known as the Tadpool, to talk about his experiences as a father. First, J.J. shares how he rebuilt a relationship with his children after his divorce and successfully coparents his children with his ex-wife. He also talks about his experiences with his own father and repressed memories from his time as a child. And finally, the two talk about the difficulties of raising black children and how we should shift our...


TDC 108: Limitless - Chris Howe's Story

Alex invites an old coworker of his, Chris Howe, to talk about his journey through fatherhood, alcoholism, and climbing the corporate ladder to find himself as an entrepreneur and recovered alcoholic. He shares some of the ways he was able to turn his life around and brings a great perspective of having hope and control over everything going on in your own life. Check out Chris' work:


TDC 107: Gender Reveal, The Sequel!

Alex and Deanna share the news of the gender of their new baby, due November 2020!


TDC 106 - Behavior Analysis (ft. Daniel Camarillo)

Alex invites a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Daniel Camarillo, to talk about in home child support for children with autism. They talk about what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is, the benefits it can have for families and children with autism, and how the world of Telehealth is affecting in home child support.


TDC 105: Selfless Sacrifice - Eric Decker's Story

Alex invites friend and fellow father, Eric Decker, to share his story of being a dad to his almost 1 year old daughter, Lilly. He shares what life has been like up to this point as a new dad, what it's like to have a stubborn kid, why selflessness is imperative as a parent, and how he and his wife juggle working from home with parenting their mobile toddler.


TDC 104: I'm Going to be a Dad! Again!

Alex and his wife, Deanna, share their exciting news: they're having another baby! The two revisit how they found out they were going to be pregnant after a miscarriage, how this pregnancy is different for Deanna from previous pregnancies, and what the two of them are looking forward to in becoming parents again.


TDC 103: Grace and Affirmation

Alex invites his friend, Becca Culbreth, to the conversation. Becca is a kindergarten teacher with a lot of great positivity and affirmation to bring to the show. She shares how, even with some of the chaos surrounding online learning, there is a lot of joy and love that it brings. Becca also implores parents to be self-forgiving and shares ways to engage with your child during this time when everyone is stuck at home.


TDC 102: Teaching Your Kids at Home

Alex invites his friend, and former public school teacher, Allison Love to join this show. Allison brings a lot of great ideas on how to homeschool your young children during this challenging time with COVID-19. They talk about the right approach as well as how to utilize screen time responsibly.


TDC 101: Montessori Schooling

Alex invites a principal of a Montessori school, Melinda Cotter, to share more details about what Montessori schools are about. She talks about what inspired her to become a teacher, some misinterpretations about the Montessori method, and what you should consider before enrolling your child in a Montessori school.


TDC 100: The Centennial Celebration (ft Joe Houde)

Alex brings familiar face and friend, Joe Houde, to the show to discuss what 100 episodes of a podcast has been like and what the future holds for The Dad Chronicle. Subscribe & Support the Show: