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TDC 54: Being The Provider - Ken's Story

Happy New Year! Alex is back to share his brother-in-law's story of fatherhood. Ken talks about how some of the men in his life have influenced his hard work and ethics towards being a provider to his family. They also talk about what it's like for Ken as he and his wife, Katie (Alex's sister), are expecting their second child. If you'd like to chime in on the conversation, email


TDC 53: Reflecting Back On 2018

Alex wraps up 2018 with a look back at what fatherhood has been like and what sorts of conversations he's had on this show. He also shares what he's looking forward to in 2019. Thanks to everyone who has supported the show! The song at the end of the show is titled "Tangible Divide", by Eric Vitoff. Head to to hear more of his awesome music.


TDC 52: Actual Disney Magic

Alex invites Jamie Sweetland back to recount their recent trips to Disney World. Alex shares some of the highlights of watching his daughter experience Disney for the first time. Want to contribute to the conversation? Email


TDC 51: Baby Bascopé Part 2

Chris Bascopé joins Alex again to discuss the latest on expecting his first child. He shares the news about the gender and name of his child and what he and Nicole are doing in preparation of the baby coming in a couple months. Alex and Chris reflect on how important it is to surround yourself with a support system when you're a first time parent.


TDC 50: Take Your Kids Places

Alex invites his wife, Deanna, to join him on the show to celebrate 50 episodes. They talk about what it's like to take a toddler out and survive temper tantrums and how rewarding it was to travel with their daughter for the first time on a flight. They also reflect back on some of their favorite moments recently on The Dad Chronicle. If you'd like to chime in on the conversation, email


TDC 49: Carving Your Own Path - Brian's Story

Alex joins Deanna's cousin, Brian, live in Massachusetts to talk about fatherhood. His daughter, Leigh, is just a few months younger than Alex's daughter, Aria. The two reminisce about what it was like for Brian to grow up in a military household and how he is carving his own path in life; all while taking some lessons from others before him on ways to approach fatherhood and values to instill in his daughter.


TDC 48: Technology & Kids - Keith's Story

How much time your kid spends with technology is always a touchy topic with some parents, but Keith and Alex have a great discussion about how you can use technology responsibly to educate your kids while still embracing more conventional forms of education and entertainment like reading. What do you think about technology being a part of your child's life? Email and let us know:


TDC 46: Strength and Perseverance

Alex invites Andy to join him again on The Dad Chronicle. Andy shares news about the latest addition to his family: his daughter, Ava. We also get an update on how his son, Josh, is taking to his new little sister. Andy also shares some of the complications he and his wife faced during Ava's birth and the strength his wife showed, and continues to show, in the face of tremendous challenges.


TDC 45: Cousins Becoming Fathers - Chris' Story

Alex invites his cousin, Chris, to join the show, whose daughter is close to Alex's daughter's age. They reminisce about growing up, how you should slow down every once in a while, and pay homage to those who have left before us and the impact they've made on the way they raise their children.


TDC 44: Political Divides (Round Table Discussion)

Alex conducts another round table discussion with two previous guests, Jamal and Joe. The 3 recall some funny stories from their past and also dive into some fairly serious topics around politics and how it affects their parenting.


TDC 43: Responsible Gaming (Round Table Discussion)

Alex invites his co-hosts of Joystick and Mouse to participate in a new concept: The Dad Round Table. This is an opportunity for dads to get together and talk about a specific topic. What better topic to talk about with Don and Tim than video games? The 3 discuss what it means to be a responsible parent who games with their children and how raise responsible gamers.


TDC 42: Remember the Important Things

Alex reflects on his week off with his daughter, Aria, and how it helped him reflect on the important things in life.


TDC 41: Family is Everything - Joe's Story

Alex has a very old friend of his, Joe Glorioso, on the show to talk about his experience with fatherhood. Joe's story is a really interesting one, and his focus on the important things in life has always been an inspiration to Alex. Join in to listen to conversations around martial arts, work life balance, strange work environments, and the importance of family. Email the show at to join in on the conversation.


TDC 40: The Importance of Partnership

Alex celebrates 40 episodes by having his wife join him to share how their parenting journey is going so far. They also share the importance of leaning on your partner through this, sometimes frustrating, experience.


TDC 39: Fertility Challenges - Chris' Story

Alex is extremely happy to have his very good friend, Chris Bascope, on the show to discuss his journey to becoming a father. Chris shares the fertility challenges he and his wife had up to this point, and how he's looking forward to being a father. Email:


TDC 38: Disney Magic

Alex invites a regular on the show, Jamie Sweetland, to talk about what Disney does right for families visiting their theme parks and consuming their content. They also talk about how their daughters have loved movies from Moana to Alice in Wonderland. Do your kids love Disney? Write in and let us know:


TDC 37: No Regrets - Matt's Story

Alex's old friend and coworker, Matt Shaver, joins the show to talk about how he and his wife's unexpected addition to their family was one of the best things to ever happen to him. Email:


TDC 36: Self-Defense & Empowerment - Josh's Story

Alex invites another fellow podcast listener to the show to share his perspective on fatherhood. Josh is a stay at home father with experience as a Martial Arts Instructor. He shares some important thoughts around the importance of self-defense and discipline as you raise a child. Email:


TDC 35: Ear Infections & Sleep Regression

Alex shares how he and Deanna have been dealing with a recent ear infection that Aria has been suffering from. It has resulted in really bad sleep regression and a lot of anxiety around the Albisu household. As someone that is prone to anxiety, Alex has shared some of the ways he's been coping.


TDC 34: Hard Work and Dedication - Brian's Story

Brian, a fellow podcast enthusiast, joined Alex to talk about how important hard work and setting a great example is for your kids; especially when you have four boys. Brian also shares some personal struggles he's experienced and how he has overcome them with a tremendous focus on what is important: being a caregiver for his family.