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Man Vs. Baby; A Conversation with Author and Dad Matt Coyne

Adam and his wife Lauren sit down with author and blogger Matt Coyne to discuss his new hilarious book Man Vs Baby, available April 16th, 2018. You don’t want to miss this funny and informative journey about Matt’s ups and downs of fatherhood and raising a newborn! You can find out more about Matt, buy his book, and follow him at the following outlets. Instagram Manversusbaby Twitter @mattcoyney Facebook Man Versus Baby Check out our website and blog Have...


Keeping Our Families Healthy; How Do You Do It?

How do we keep our families healthy? How do we get our kids to eat healthy? How do we find time balancing between parenting and staying active? Will eating healthy break the bank? In this episode the Dad Experience talks to Cory from about all of these topics, as well as the popular segment Three Films to Share with the kids? We may even talk a bit of theater along the way! Check out our website and blog Have a show idea or want to be...


Balancing a Full House

Raising teen girls can be a scary task for dads. In this episode Greg shares his experiences with, time management, the importance of culture, and just the general ins and outs of raising three well rounded teen girls close in age. All of this and our favorite segment "Three Movies to Share with the Kids" Check out our website and blog Have a show idea or want to be a guest contact us on one of our social media outlets or by email . Follow us instagram...


Middle School, High School, Voice Health Oh My!

We talk to Laryngologist and Dad Dr. Adam Rubin about raising his teenagers, and the ins and outs of what works for their family. We also discuss the importance of our voice as a parent as well as a professional, and what we can do to help preserve and maintain a healthy voice to last us a lifetime. You can get more information about voice health, World Voice Day, and Dr. Rubin at You can find his book about voice health on Amazon. Check out our new website...


Parenting and Work or Work and Parenting

The guys sit down and talk about the battle we all have of home vs work. Mike and Adam sit down with Joe who has a demanding schedule at work, but still finds time to be a great dad. We finish with our favorite part of the show movies we can't wait to share with our kids. Follow us @dadexppodcast on Twitter or find us on Facebook "The Dad Experience". Have a show suggestion, question, want to be a guest or know someone who would be great for our show let us know by emailing us at...


Heart Health and Awareness

February is heart awareness month and February 12-16th is congenital heart defect week. Because this is so important to us, we brought on Dr Si from C.S. Mott Hospital at the University of Michigan to discuss heart awareness and congenital heart defects. From more info visit . To find out what you can do to help out with the CHD campaign please visit As always follow us on twitter @dadexppodcast,...


Four Weeks a Dad

Mike and Adam catch up after the holidays. They also sit down with Mark a dad who’s became a first time father. They discuss the awesome experience of becoming a dad, and talk about the parts of fatherhood that were expected and some that weren’t. Have a show idea or a question? Email us at our new email,follow us on twitter @dadexppodcast facebook The Dad Experience and now instagram @thedadexperience Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Raising a Family With No Support System

Mike and Adam discuss the busy holidays. We also talk to Joe about his family and how it is raising a child away from your family and support system. Finishing with one of our favorite segments, top three movies you can't wait to share with your kids. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at, Facebook The Dad Experience, or reach out to us on twitter @dadexppodcast. Please rate and review where ever you get your...


Finding Time to Be an Adult

In our latest episode, the guys discuss finding time to do things with their partner as adults, and finding time to do the individual things and hobbies we enjoy doing in order to keep your relationships and families going. Getting into the holiday spirit, they also discuss their favorite holiday movies to watch with the family! Want to be on the show or have a suggestion email us at Or find us on Twitter @dadexppodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


Born Abroad

New season, and big news from TDE, Mike will be joining us to fill in our cohost chair. This episode the dads talk with Nate about raising kids in a different culture, some major differences/challenges they encountered, and how we can give our kids the best experience. Want more from TDE, follow us on Twitter @dadexppodcast or Facebook The Dad Experience. Please leave us a rating and review where ever you download your podcasts.Have a question/show...


Dads Protecting Kids from Potentially Deadly Meningococcal Meningitis

On today’s agenda we dig into a devastating disease that nearly killed Adam, but is vaccine-preventable: meningitis. With guests Dr. Paul Lee and Blake Schuchardt, we talk about meningitis prevention and how to advocate for our kids' health from infancy through adolescence. Plus, Adam and Blake share their experiences as survivors. Please rate and review us on iTunes. Thoughts? E-mail us at and follow us on Twitter @dadexppodcast. For more on meningitis, visit...


Ep 11 Coping with Depression and Stress

In the latest ep the Guys let their guard down and talk about depression and stress along with being a dad. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on twitter @dadexppodcast You can find Adam @adambusuttil on twitter, and follow Matts blog at Stay in touch and be Proud to be a Dad!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Episode 10 Becoming Dad

In episode ten Matt and Adam sit down with Rob a soon to be dad and discuss what his experiences are leading him up to becoming a father. We are looking forward to the upcoming birth and following up with Rob as he transitions from a Dad to be, to a Dad. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on twitter @dadexppodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Be the Victor not the Victim

In episode 9, Matt and Adam, talk to Mike about his experiences with birth, to his family's fight against Luekemia. This one was quite the rollercoaster of emotions from quite a few laughs to even some tears. For more information about the organization mentioned in the episode Kid's Kicking Cancer, please visit their website Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on...


The Kind of Parent You Are

In episode 8 Matt and Adam talk to Brian Vondruska, a parenting author and creator of the soon to be launched website The group discusses what Brian has learned over the years from his experience as well as hi research. There are lots of great insight into parenting and some great examples and theories about parenting. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on twitter...


Ep 7 A Special Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day!! In this very special episode, we share our special Father's Day experiences! Matt talks about how he likes to spend his Father's Day and what he did on this exciting day. Adam talks about his first Father's Day, and updates us on his daughter's AVSD open heart surgery that took place earlier in the week. Enjoy this very special episode! Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on...


Acknowledging Fear

In this episode, Adam and Matt discuss some listener feedback from episode six. Afterwards, they discuss the fears they have as dads and the different ways in which men cope with their fears. They dig a bit deeper and discuss Adam's daughter's upcoming surgery and Matt finds out he isn't alone in some of his fears. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on twitter @dadexppodcast or on Facebook "The...


The Mask of Masculinity

In this episode Adam and Matt discuss masculinity and how it is perceived in society. They also take a look at masculinity from another angle as described in the documentary featured on Netflix The Mask You Live in. Finally relating it back to parenting and how we parent and how we are seen as Dads in today's society. Have a show idea, comment about the episode or want to be on the panel? Email us at or reach out to us on twitter @dadexppodcast or on Facebook...


Ep 4 Dad's Survival

Adam and Matt discuss the in's and outs of surviving Fatherhood, especially early on! They also catch each other up on their family experiences since our last episode. You can find the article discussed and all other great things that are dad related at The Dad Network. We now have a Twitter account for the show, follow us @dadexppodcast. Reach out to us share your thoughts and interact with us. You can also find us on Facebook search for The Dad Experience. Finally please rate and...


Life With Twins

In this episode Adam and Matt talk to Gary about his experience with twins and his daughter. He also talks about balancing his work life and his family life. Have a question, comment, show idea, or want to be on our show? Email us experienceanddad@gmail. We are now on Facebook join our community search "The Dad Experience". Please subscribe to the podcast and leave us some feedback! We'd love to hear from you. You can follow the podcast @dadexppodcast, Adam on twitter @adambusuttil, and...


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