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A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially

A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially
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A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially






#73: Your Feelings Aren’t You

Language matters. How we describe ourselves affects how we think of ourselves. If we say “I am sad”, that starts to define us as a sad person. But if you say, “I feel sad” that helps you realize that the feeling is temporary. There is an important distinction between saying “I am” and “I feel”. Saying “I am” is permanent and saying “I feel” is temporary. Saying “I feel” empowers you to take action. “I feel” helps you persevere and move forward and not become that feeling. Saying “I am” can...


#72: Getting the Rest You Need

Everyone knows that sleep is good for them and yet we often don’t get enough of it – and our kids don’t get enough either. How do we prioritize sleep for our kids? And if there simply is no way to get more sleep, what can we do to give our kids’ brains the rest they need to rejuvenate? Fireborn’s got a few tips to help you give your kids more sleep and some good brain breaks to help their brains grow healthily.


#71: Brain Science to the Rescue

Kids love to learn about themselves. Teaching them about their brain in a way they can understand can actually help them remain calm when they have big emotions and help them make good decisions. Find out how! References & Resources in the episode: Jensen, F. & A. Nutt (2015). The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults. Canada: Collins. Siegel, D. & T. Bryson. (2011). The Whole-Brain Child. New York: Random House. Flipping Your Lid Hand...


#70: Math Games for Young Kids

We do a lot of literacy work with young kids – we read to them, we ask them to tell us stories about their days, we encourage them to color and to write. And for whatever may be the cause of this, it’s just easier for parents to work on these verbal skills rather than math skills. But we really want to encourage those math skills as well! So in this episode Fireborn reviews some easy math activities (and some discussions that even get into science as well) that you can play with your young...


#69: Finding the Right Summer Camp

We are getting so close to summer vacation! For a lot of kids this means going to summer camp – which can be super fun or not so fun if you’re not into it. Finding the right summer camp can be a bit tricky. Fireborn’s got 5 tips to help you find a safe, fun, camp that your kid will love! In the episode, we reference a few things for you to check out: The American Camp Association How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off by Adam Grant


#68: Are You His Mentor or His Tormentor?

Adults do this thing where we assume that if we know something, other people know it too and it’s obvious. Parents even do this to their kids who have a lot less experience and education and for whom things are not so obvious. When we treat things as obvious, when they aren’t to our kids, it hurts our kids’ feelings and they don’t learn what they should do. That is when parents become tormentors. But what we want for our kids is for them to come to us for help to learn what they should be...


#67: How to Study

Studying is not an intuitive skill. Lots of students do not know how to actually study. This can mean kids avoid studying because they aren’t actually sure what to do. Or it can mean they spend a lot of time studying, but not actually learning or retaining very much. Fireborn has a few tips to help kids understand how to study effectively and efficiently by making studying more of an active process and making sure kids don’t spend too much time studying information they already know well.


#66: The Self-Compassion Paradox

Self-criticism can be a powerful motivator. It can also really harm your mental health - increasing your anxiety. Teens use self-criticism a lot to motivate themselves and they also seriously struggle with anxiety. Self-compassion (being nice to yourself when you mess up) is the answer! At first glance, teens often think that if you're nice to yourself when you mess up, you'll actually lower your standards and spend all day watching Netflix. Research shows that's not actually the case....


#65: Standing Up to Bullies

Bullying is a big problem kids have to deal with. One of the best ways to decrease bullying is to empower bystanders to do the right thing when they see bullying happen. But a lot of kids don’t know what the right thing to do in that moment is. Sometimes they want to help, but because they don't know what to do, they look on helplessly, which actually reinforces the bully’s behavior because no one tells him to stop and the victim thinks everyone is on the bully’s side. Kids need concrete...


#64: Sam Hopkins's Story

ADHD manifests in a multitude of ways. It can be challenging, incredibly hard, as well as rewarding for the child with ADHD and his parents. Sam Hopkins grew up with ADHD and went on to graduate from college as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, but not before his mom really questioned if she was doing the right thing for him. Hear Sam's story this week on The Happy Student - with a special guest appearance from Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman, author of "The Grit Guide for Teens" on having ADHD today.


#63: The Bizarre Time-Out Controversy

Giving your kids time-outs has become controversial, to Fireborn's surprise. So we decided to figure out what was so controversial about them? We found that the time-outs experts recommend and the time-outs experts say are hurting your kids are not the same. We also found that if you are giving time-outs as experts recommend, then time-outs are still totally backed by the research and are not hurting your kids. They are actually helping them become good citizens. The problem with time-outs...


#62: What To Do When Your Kid "Talks Back" with Alison Smith

Parent Coach Alison Smith joins us to talk about what to do when your child "talks back". Alison's gentle approach allows parents to parent with compassion and boundaries. She teaches us that when kids talk back it's a surprisingly great opportunity to teach kids how to communicate well! Find "The Gentle Parenting Manifesto" here: You can also find Alison's Facebook Forum here: Follow her on...


#61: Giving Logical Consequences

Giving logical consequences is easier said than done. So this week we talk about a specific example of giving a logical consequence during a challenging time: when your underage teen drives the car. Fireborn has 5 tips to help you provide your teen with a logical consequence that helps him learn how to make good decisions and to be a responsible, thriving adult.


#60: Types of Discipline

Last week we talked about some general tips for discipline. And we obviously think those general tips, like remaining calm and staying focused on why the behavior was bad and not giving the impression that you think the child is bad, are really good things that you need to do. The problem with that advice is that it’s so general and at Fireborn we like to be really specific so it’s easy for you to bring what you hear here into your real life. So today we are going to talk about a few...


#59: The General Rules of Discipline

Working to make this enormous topic of discipline manageable, Fireborn continues its series on discipline by talking about the general rules (guidelines for parents) of discipline:


#58: The Purpose of Discipline

Discipline is a pretty overwhelming topic. It can also be pretty overwhelming when you are trying to discipline your kids and follow all of the advice! How do you provide logical consequences? How do you stop bad behavior? What's the deal with timeouts? What does effective discipline actually look like? There's a lot to think about and that can make discipline in the moment very hard! In a series on discipline, Fireborn will be breaking down this enormous topic - starting with "The Purpose...


#57: Keeping Track of What You Don't Have to Do

Usually we focus on keeping track of what we do have to do, but sometimes it can make life a lot easier if we also keep track of what we don't have to do - like No Homework Nights or a cancelled soccer practice. Help avoid some fights and frustration by adding a simple "Don't have to do this" to your planner!


#56: Slow Reading Woes

Being a slow reader is frustrating! It stinks to have to spend so much more time than your peers just to read through and remember the same amount of information! While we can't make your child a speed reader over night, Fireborn does have 4 tips to help make reading go a bit faster and to help your child remember more of that information.


#55: How to Not Be a Homework Nag

So often helping kids with homework feels more like nagging them to just sit down and do their homework. That stinks. It’s really no fun for parents or kids. So how do you shift from being the homework nag to your kid’s homework coach? Fireborn’s got 6 tips for you on how to stop being a homework nag so that homework becomes, dare we say it, potentially a pleasant, collaborative, relationship-building opportunity instead of an all out fight!


#54: Parents are Amazing

Being sick and pregnant this week, I'm realizing just how amazing parents are because they never get to be sick. So this episode is a tribute to all those parents out there who keep on going even when all they want to do is stay in bed and rest!