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A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially

A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially
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A podcast for parents who want to learn specific, practical strategies to help their kids succeed in school both academically and socially






#87: Jill Caryl Weiner "When We Became Four"

Growing your family is fun and stressful for both parents and big sibs! Jill Caryl Weiner has created a memory book that is not only funny and fun to fill out, but that also helps everyone in the family (parents and big sib) prepare for this new addition. The prompts and quotes in her book can actually help the family grow to be stronger and closer. Find out how! Find Jill’s books: When We Became Three: A Memory Book for the Modern Family When We Became Four: A Memory Book for the Whole...


#86: Keeping the Holidays Fun Part 2

For some people, the holidays are too much fun or maybe just too overwhelming. Kids’ schedules get totally thrown off with all the travel, family, and fun. They eat way more sugar and unhealthy things than they normally do. And they can get totally overstimulated by family, activities, parties, and toys. With all of that fun happening, it’s no wonder kids start to have tantrums – they are totally overstimulated and have trouble regulating their emotions, especially when they aren’t having...


#50: Keeping the Holidays Fun

Every year my husband and I watch Home Alone to start the holiday season off right and every year I hear the things the adults in the movie say to Kevin (the protagonist) and I just cringe! Instead of calming the situation down, they exacerbate it. So, before the holidays, I wanted to review how you can turn a bad situation into a better one using effective communication and discipline.

#85: 5 Tips to Help Your Kid Build Their Attention Span

Kids’ attention spans are notoriously bad. You give them 3 things to do and maybe they’ll do one of them. They get off task and distracted so easily. It’s super frustrating! Maintaining your focus is a skill – a skill we would like our kids to master, for our own benefit and for their benefit. Being able to focus is essential to paying attention in class and to getting homework done efficiently. Fireborn has 5 tips to help you help your child flex those attention...


#84: Sharing Experiences is More Effective than Giving Advice

The way we give advice matters. People often get annoyed when others try to give them advice. People don’t like for other people to tell them what to do. Kids also do not like for their parents to tell them what to do. When parents give advice, kids often think, “They just don’t understand my situation.” And then they don’t follow that advice. One of the best ways to get around this problem with your kid, and to give advice without it feeling like advice, is to tell the other person about a...


#15: It’s Paper Time!

Writing papers can be super intimidating! Catchy openers, good transitions, a strong thesis, supporting evidence… That’s a lot of work. And starting with a blank piece of paper or screen doesn’t help. Fireborn’s got a few tips to help you help your kid write their paper! (One idea: offer to type up what your kid says. To your kid, it feels like you are writing the paper for them, but you are simply putting their ideas on paper, which can be a bit of a block for them...


#83: Family Mottos Part 2: What If Your Kid Isn't Kind?

Family mottos can be a great way to help kids develop a sense of self and promote good decision making. It’s nice to have a family motto like, “We are kind,” and then just have your kids act kind. But what if your kid isn’t acting kind? Maybe actually your kid is turning into the class bully or the mean girl. In this episode, we talk about how you can still use a family motto to help your kid establish a new, kind identity.


#82: Making Good Decisions through Family Mottos

Teaching your kids to make good decisions can be really hard. Developing a family motto can make that a lot easier. Family mottos, such as “We are kind” or “We are inclusive” help kids develop a sense of self. Then, they naturally want to behave in ways that confirm that they are indeed kind or inclusive. When faced with a tough decision, parents can refer their kids to the family motto to then help them make a good decision. Reference: Borba, M. (2017). UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids...


#81: Shock Your Teens with Radical Calmness

Teens often do crazy things. Sometimes they even tell you about it beforehand, and despite your explanation of why it’s a terrible idea, they go ahead and do it any way! One way you can get your teens to listen to you is to use radical calmness. When you use radical calmness, you stay calm when your kids say something crazy (instead of launching into why it’s a bad idea), which can shock your children into listening to you and hopefully help them decide to do something less...


#55: How to Not Be a Homework Nag

So often helping kids with homework feels more like nagging them to just sit down and do their homework. That stinks. It’s really no fun for parents or kids. So how do you shift from being the homework nag to your kid’s homework coach? Fireborn’s got 6 tips for you on how to stop being a homework nag so that homework becomes potentially a pleasant, collaborative, relationship-building opportunity instead of an all out fight!


#80: Now That I Have Your Attention

Okay – somehow you got your kid to start doing their homework. That’s amazing. How do you now help them maintain their focus on their homework? Fireborn has 8 tips to help your children sustain their attention. Talk with your kids about which strategies they want to try when school starts. That way, when they start their homework, they can keep working, finish their assignments, and start the school year off right!


#79: Prepare to Be Distracted

Distractions surround our kids – their attention doesn’t stand a chance. There are TVs, video games, phones, tablets, computers, and apps. Distractions are a big problem because they interrupt our focus. Maintaining our focus while we work is really important. When we get distracted, it takes us longer to get back into whatever we were doing before – there are transaction costs to switching between activities. To help prepare kids to succeed this school year, start helping them make a plan...


#32: Back to School Already? Okay, here are some tips

It’s just about time to be going back to school - can you believe it? We can't. But we do have some tips to help your child feel prepared for and excited to start the first day of school. In the episode, we review a few general things you can do to help your child get ready for school, as well as a few tips to help your kid if he’s going to a new school, and then a few more tips on how to help your child be organized this school year. There are some general tips, like buy page protectors to...


#78: Developing Character with Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman

Helping our kids develop character helps them with their academic lives. Being kind makes our days happier. Being optimistic increases our chances of persevering. Persevering helps us overcome challenges. Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman is working on helping kids focus on and develop their character strengths to help them do better in school and beyond. Hear from Caren about what character strengths are and how you can help your kids! Resources: To learn more about the different types of...


#31: Calming Anxious Kids

School is hard enough without the added burden of anxiety. When you’re anxious, your IQ literally drops – you are incapable of thinking at your highest level. You start overthinking and overanalyzing. Or your mind is blank and you can’t be mentally present. Sometimes anxious kids are so anxious that they won’t know the answer to a question, that when the question is actually asked, even if they know the answer, they just go blank. This is a problem at school (and in the rest of life). Help...


#77: Helping Your Kid Make Friends with Dr. Emily Anastasio

A happy social life means having good friends. A happy social life is essential to school success because if you are worried about your social life, you can’t focus on your school work. School is a much safer, happier place when you have friends, making it much easier to thrive there. So it’s no wonder that parents worry about if their child is making friends. And when their child seems to be overly pushy, constantly texting friends, or perhaps wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t...


#76: The Privacy Dilemma

Being a kid feels really dangerous these days. Kids are eating Tide Pods, getting cyberbullied, and sending sexts. And technology is really leading the way for so many of these dangerous things. Kids are watching YouTube and Instagram stars do stupid, risky things and they are constantly getting notifications from apps about who knows what. And so in response to this, we have more apps. Apps that are meant to keep our kids safe and that let parents know a lot of information about their kids...


#75 Getting Your Child Ready for College

For those of you with kids transitioning to college this year, it’s getting really close to time for your kids to head off to school. This is really exciting and also probably pretty terrifying. How do you know if your child is really ready to go to college? Your child is also probably pretty excited and also pretty scared for this big change. For a lot of kids, college will offer the most independence they have ever had, but that freedom can be dangerous if they aren’t ready for...


#29: Because I Said So with Dr. Frank Bartolomeo

Is it ever okay to say "Because I said so" to our kids? And why do I need to apologize to my kids when I mess up? That doesn't feel right. In this episode, featuring Dr. Frank Bartolomeo from the Southfield Center for Development, we answer these questions and dive into the different forms of parenting styles and how each of those different styles affect your kids.


#74: Lighthouse Parenting

Deciding what type of parent you want to be can be hard, especially if you want to do things a little differently than your parents did. Knowing what the different parenting styles are is the first step to figuring out how you want to parent. Each style differs in how much they emphasize or de-emphasize warmth and connection with your child and discipline. Fireborn outlines the three parenting styles and the effect that each style can have on your child in the long run. We want to emphasize:...