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Becoming an Online Business Momager - 021

What does it take to be an online business manager? I chat it up with Anissa Cosby, a mompreneur and mind behind Impact Digital Solutions. We discuss her journey from etsy shop owner to OBM: - How she made the shift and what it meant for her business - Managing clients and being a full time stay at home mom challenges and tribulations - How scaling a business can be both scary and rewarding


The Secrets to End Emotional Eating - 020

Is food your friend or foe? On this episode, I chat with health coach & author, Alegra Loewenstein, about how to dive deep into the meaning behind emotional eating:


Using Your Story to Brand Your Business - 019

Adding a bit of personal flair to brand your business can be a very scary thing. I talk with a mom who not only did just that but is creating a powerful meaning behind it. Bobbi Desai is a real estate agent who took her role as a special needs mom and created a meaningful brand message. This episode is sure to inspire you!


How What You Wear Affects Your Productivity - 18

I have an amazing interview and consulting experience with Alysha Klees who is a style coach and business mentor. If you ever wondered if how you look affects how you work, this is the podcast to listen to! Alysha gives some amazing tips on helping moms find their style again after having kids: Don't forget to check out the results of my exclusive style consult with Alysha in this weeks episode show notes!


The Financial Side of Business - 17

Who wants to talk finances! NOT ME! I chat with owner and operator of Exceptional Tax Services, Nacondra Moran, about how finances don't have to be scary! Learn the secrets of harnessing your business finances as a mompreneur: - Why you shouldn't be scared of your finances - Tools to help you manage your money - Tips on preparing for tax season - Why staying on top of your income is so important as a momrpeneur


How to Rock It as a Freelancer on Upwork - 16

Upwork is seen as either a blessing or a curse. I talk with successful freelance copywriter Kaleigh Cox, who replaced her full time salary using Upwork. In this episode we talk about the basics and how to really rock your Upwork experience to get the gigs that will propel your freelancing career.


Balancing Kids & Surrogacy - 15

I chat with Erika Seeley about facing the challenges of mommyhood while balancing her kids hectic schedules and her choice to become a surrogate. This episode really hits you in the feels, so you won't want to miss it: - Addressing the age gap myth - The best way to find support in balancing kids hectic schedules - her why & amazing journey so far as a surrogate


The Power of Pinterest - 14

Finally an episode about PINTEREST! I chat with fellow mama Pinterest Strataigist Anna Paszkiet about how to utilize this visual search engine to serve your business needs. In this episode, we discuss: - How to Create an Effective Pinterest Strategy - Best Pinterest Practices - How Pinterest Can Help your Business


Not Identifying as a Mom - 13

Being a mom is no walk in the park. I spoke with certified nutritionist & wellness coach Melissa Ronda about how it's okay to not see yourself as JUST a mom. We dive into:


Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business - 12

Stumbling to start a VA business just got a little more clarity! Join me and fellow VA mompreneur Julienne DesJardins as we talk about some best practices when starting a VA business. Talking about tools, tips, and handling the business mommy mindset. We talk about: - What you need to start a VA business - Best practices for finding clients - How to define prices and services - How to manage business/mom life Julienne DesJardins is a strategist for small business owners and aspiring...


Making Time for Creativity - 11

Join me and Linkouture's Bev Feldman about how important it is to be creative and how it can benefit your life and the lives of your family. In this episode we talk about: - Our creative journeys - How creativity is more than just artistic talents - Why it is so important to nurture our creative side


How to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business - 10

Sometimes, we can be in the dark about how to use social media for our businesses. I talk with mompreneur Felicia Wright on JUST how to do that! She tells all on how best to use social media to grow your business. In this episode we chat about: as well as a fun detour talking about the day in the life of a work n' home mom! Felicia Wright is a social media fixer. She helps small business owners create a social media strategy that puts them in front of their ideal clients. After the birth...


How to Prepare for Maternity Leave - 09

I talk with coach and mompreneur Meghan Dicklin about how to prepare to take some baby time off when you are a work at home mom. She has some pretty killer advice for anyone welcoming a new addition to your family and being comfortable taking time away from your business:


Learning to Overcome Perfectionism - 08

Perfectionism is something a lot of mom's struggle with; especially when juggling your own businiess. I talk with Samantha Siffring, an online business coach and mentor, on how to overcome the need to be perfect and find acceptance in striving towards your goals as a mompreneur. Samantha owns where she is a business consultant and coach for moms with online businesses. She started as a coach after struggling to find her identity after becoming a mother and now is very...


Happy Homes Through Simple Phrases - 07

This episode I talk with singer/actress and mom Melonie Collmann about how music can enrich, educate, and inspire children's creativity. With the power of music at our children's fingertips they can accomplish anything! Melonie Collmann is a singer, actor, and director of Kidlosophy, an educational brand she created with her daughters that teaches values and inspiration--with a dash of entertainment--to children through music and storytelling by way of video. She received her Bachelors of...


Adding New Streams of Income to Your Business - 06

In this episode, I interview Lucy Cantley, a project manager and business stratagist, about how to add new streams of income to your business. We dig deep in discussing when you should introduce these new streams of income, how to go about brainstorming and researching your best new product or service, and how to nurture and provide value to your customer. Lucy is a encyclopedia of information and I just know this episode will help get those creative wheels turning. Lucy is a unique mix of...


Shifting Parents Mindset About College - 05

Do your kids need to go to college in order to succeed? Join me in this solo episode where I talk about my college journey and how the changes in society and technology have broken down the walls for so many individuals to succeed without a college education.


The Importance of Having a Mom Network - 04

I interview Toccara Chrisma about how having a mom network can help grow both your business and your confidence. Being a work at home mom can be a lonely business. Having a mom network is a great opportunity to establish connections with like minded women who can support you and help you grow as a mom and business owner. Toccara brings some serious heart and soul to Facebook Advertising. She cares, (maybe a little too much) about your ROI. Emotions aside, the girl’s got a green thumb when...


Organize Your "To Do" List in 3 Simple Steps - 03

Follow along with Stacey Ogden and learn how you can make your "To Do" list a CAN DO list! Helping moms everywhere stay organized and sane in those insane moments. Stacey Ogden is the founder and owner of the Busy Mom Collective. Through her podcast of the same name, and working one-on-one with clients, she helps working moms and mompreneurs master their schedules, own their time, and conquer their out of control to-do lists. She lives in western Connecticut with her husband, 7 year old...


Learn to Be Okay With Baby Limits When Running a Business - 02

I spoke with Jen Lewis of Purse and Clutch to discuss how having a baby changed not only her life, but her business! Here is what you'll find in the podcast: