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Neil & Debbie: Episode 195

This time we hear from Ryan Murphy, John Barrowman, Yvonne from pensioners yoga and Michelle Obama, who recalls an interesting meeting with Desmond Tutu. We also treat ourselves to a close encounter with Coach Dave (oh he’s somethin else!). All that plus Tom Cruise puts in an appearance.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 194

This is the World Aids Day edition of our show. This time it’s another win for ‘flirting’ Debbie or should we say ’smelly’ Debbie. We have the first outing for a new part of the show ‘Supernature’ Plus, putting in an appearance this time are Prince Harry, Janet Jackson, Elton, Miley Cyrus, and Dolce & Gabbana


Neil & Debbie: Episode 193

This time Debbie has had another technical issue with her computer, but we don’t allow that to get in the way of the homophobic dad; Adam Lambert; Olympic skating medalist Adam Rippon; John Barrowman’s first date; Gareth Thomas; and Michelle Obama with her, escape from the White House story.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 192

We talk rainbow laces, mispronouncing the word mispronounce; there’s therapy for Neil in dealing with his grief over the loss of his dog Beau. Debbie is keen get herself a new pet. The question is, what should she get? We ask are you still friends with your ex? In the podcast extra bits we chat about a A Star is Born and hear about the dog who took sanitary to a new level.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 191

It’s a sad start to the show, which we dedicate to Neil’s King Charles Spaniel Beau who we lost this week. Also this time we hear about one of those ‘so homophobic they’re actually gay themselves’ type of people. Debbie launches a new diet. We discuss the George Michael tribute concert, and it’s a fond farewell to Debbie’s battered old car. All that plus Dolly Parton puts in a cheeky appearance.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 190

We hear from Nigella, Cher, Delia, Roisin and Davina. We meet some transgender twins. Neil reveals his show and tell in the guise of homemade cornflake cakes, and Debbie reveals the identity of her new car. All she needs now is a name.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 189

This time we hear from RuPaul, Lady GaGa, and reveal someone who’s become the star of his own soap opera. Debbie shares her review of the musical Hamilton along wth her Apple saga. Following on from peeing in the car, we have another story involving public transport. We chat about getting a surprise on a date where the date is the surprise, and also discuss visiting your childhood home… What excuse would you give the new owners to blag a look round?


Neil & Debbie: Episode 188

On the show this time self described ‘marathon mule’ Debbie reveals how her car literally became a convenience. Neil shares a ‘living with your parents’ anecdote about his father, unfortunately its lacking one vital ingredient. Also this time we have a number of issues with chargers for laptops and phones. Plus we hear from Tom Daley, and Lady GaGa, and hear about the Queens footman who’s shown himself the door.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 187

We hear from Adam Rippon, Courtney Act, Michelle Bachman and Lily Allen. Oh and Will and Grace return for series 2 of the reboot. We talk tache’s, being bi-sexual, songs you don’t want to hear when someone has passed away, and having Neneh Cherry as your Mum.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 186

This time we hear from Ryan Murphy, Darren Criss and Lady GaGa. Plus brief appearances from Mary Poppins and operatic legend (?) Deborotti. We ask… What’s in your locked drawer? Plus Debbie is on a hunt for a recipe that her Mum took to the grave. With that in mind, are you going to be buried or cremated?


Neil & Debbie: Episode 185

This time we hear from Joanna Lumley, Lady GaGa and RuPaul. We taste test Neil’s Mums’ homemade ginger cake. Debbie explains how she lived her life through a song lyric. We’ve news from Joan Collins and we eavesdrop on a telephone conversation from the Whitehouse.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 184

First up we have breaking news from the Emerald city involving the disappearing or is that reappearing Ruby Slippers? Dorothy would have been delighted. Also this time, Neil has a close encounter with the Grindr gunge guy (apparently there are two of them and it’s all about humiliation). There’s Dusty Springfield news, Trump gets even whackier, plus which would you go for… Obedient Nipples or Immature Volva?


Neil & Debbie: Episode 183

We’re pleased to say, there are no (the) runs this time (see Episode 182) What we do have though is Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black, Prince, Alexa being homophobic about George Michael, and the morning after the night before at the First Dates Hotel. We discuss the smell of deep fat fried food, how we first met, plus, we attempt our own Bake Off challenge with biscuits (see the cover photo for this episode and judge the results for yourself.)


Neil & Debbie: Episode 181

This time round we hear from Jake Shears who spills the beans on the unreleased Scissor Sisters/Kylie album. We also get rather excited over his big bushy moustache. We discuss Darth Vader and the merits of an alien invasion. Elton John tells us a bedside story. In an eye witness account, Debbie shares the moment her car got wrecked. All that plus Ruby Rose as Batwoman (yum) and seeing your parents naked. (yuck!)


Neil & Debbie: Episode 182

Oh dear, there’s upset from the start as Debbie arrives, then disappears due to an unwanted call of nature. Never mind, it’s Manchester Pride weekend and we hear from Ariana Grande, Sir Elton and also Madonna who’s tribute to Aretha doesn't go down too well. Ruby Rose shares her LGBTQ icons. We hear about Lenny Kravitz, Annie Lennox, Lady GaGa, and Attitude magazine’s favourite front covers. Could it be George Michael? You decide.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 180

This time, Britney tweets from Pride, Cher does Abba, Debbie has a supermarket encounter, and Neil is pursued on gay dating app Scruff. We learn about the tension between Cher & Madonna, there’s L Word and Missy Elliot news AND you get to hear Debbie salivate over the new Batwoman


Neil & Debbie: Episode 179

Before you’ve even joined us we lived through a technical meltdown. Thankfully all sorted so we’re here and that’s right, we’re queer! This time we hear from Paul O’Grady, and Alan Carr with his Celine Dion anecdote. There’s news from George Michael along with Madonna. We hear about Grindr’s new anti-phobia campaign and a there’s a great recommendation for Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette


Neil & Debbie: Episode 178

It’s a hot and sweaty start to Debbie's birthday celebration’s. We taste test some Lambrini and discuss smuggling booze into music festivals. We’ve got the lowdown on the Cher Abba tribute album. We hear from Elton John, Tom Daley, Barbra Streisand and Paul O'Grady. We don’t hear from Boy George though. The BIG news this week… Debbie has been blocked by BG on Twitter, but why would that be?


Neil & Debbie: Episode 177

We start things this time with a tap dance routine (well, why not?!). We hear from Le Gateau Chocolat, David McAlmont, and Nigella Lawson. Madonna is set to play Glastonbury which leads us on to curate a gay music festival. Guess who’s coming to ‘Gaystock’ ? Cheddar Gorgeous puts in an appearance, and we hear the tale of Lesbian corner.


Neil & Debbie: Episode 176

59/176 : This time we take a trip to the ABBA exhibition on London’s Southbank. We hear from Olly of Years & Years fame on the importance of celebrating pride. Inspired by a new film called 100 men, we discuss how many lovers we’ve each had, and how many Madonna may or may not have had. Plus we revisit the very location where Debbie’s ‘man hands’ encounter took place.