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Holiday Hookups! + Tumblr RIP, Janelle Monae, Cardi B, Avengers 4, Grammys, Oscars, Taylor Swift, Spider-Man First Look, Jessica Simpson vs Natalie Portman

Episode 163! We want to know if you've ever hooked up at a holiday party? UPFRONT: Mother fucking Apple cancels Tumblr. CELEBRITY SHADE: Natalie Portman vs Jessica Simpson. Taylor Swift gets a single Grammy nomination for her abomination of an album. Cardi B going to court for assault isn’t “iconic” stfu. Kevin Hart tweets his way out of Oscars job. Contractually de-aged by 10 years. Tara Reed suing. Amanda Bynes 10 percent to charity. NERD NEWS: Avengers 4 End Game, Hawkeye’s new look,...


Caught Sexting! + Shawn Mendez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Daredevil, Sabrina, Spice Girls, Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, Thank U, Next

Episode 162: We want to know if you've been caught sexting?? UPFRONT: Dolly the Sheep, first cloned animal, now stuffed and on display at a museum in Scotland. Abcde. (ab-see-dee). Payless Shoes: Pay-LessEee. CELEBRITY SHADE: Sponge Bob creator dies. Amanda Bynes interview. Shawn Mendez isn’t gay okay?!? Kesha and Lady Gaga don’t like Katy Perry. Wizard of Oz more influential than Star Wars? Thank U, Next. Michael B Jordan is Creed, again. Sabrina returns April 2019. Slice Girls factoid....


Train Your Sex Partner? + She-Ra, Beyoncé, Lion King, Dwight Howard, Jameela Jamil, Zelda, Aquaman

Episode 161: We want to know, if someone is hot but bad at sex, do you hookup again? UPFRONT: Missionary killed by North Sentinel Island tribe. CELEBRITY SHADE: She-Ra is queer? Fans are not here for Back To The Future reboot. Rita Ora failed at Thanksgiving lip-synch. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Dwight Howard dating trans woman. Keanu Reeves in Toy Story 4. Jameela Jamil wants Kardashians to shit themselves in public. Lion King trailer. NERD NEWS: Zelda turns 20. Julie Andrews in Aquaman,...


New Sex Moves + Stan Lee RIP, Ezra Miller, Iggy Azalea, Célion Dion, Detective Pikachu, Dumbo, John Cryer as Lex Luthor?

160: We want to know, what if your mate suddenly had new sex moves: Suspicious or nah? UPFRONT: Thanksgiving. CELEBRITY SHADE: RIP Stan Lee and fuck Bill Maher. Cash Me girl throws drink at Iggy Azalea. Cat destroys Frankie Muniz’s home. Célion Dion gender neutral baby clothes. Ezra Miller in Playboy. Detective Pikachu. Dumbo trailer. NERD NEWS: John Cryer as Lex Luthor. Wonder Woman run. * Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes |...


Butthole Grooming + Noah Centineo nudes, Gia Gunn/RPDR, Knives Out, Sabrina, Idris Elba, Robin Wright, Wonder Woman 84, Walking Dead

Episode 159:We talk about Butthole Grooming! + UPFRONT: 69 year old man “identifies as 45” and seeking to legally change age. Couple fell to their death at Yosemite taking a selfie on a cliff. SHOUTOUT: Chase (The Cookout Podcast) and Ziv (@zivkoface). CELEBRITY SHADE: Spice Girls diss Posh. Johnny Quest live action show. Gia Gunn will be first trans woman to compete on RPDR. Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Graig and Chris Evans in murder mystery Knives Out. Sinead O’Connor. Busy Phillips calls out...


Awkward Sex in Halloween Costumes + Megyn Kelly is a nightmare, Jamie Lee Curtis rules, Clueless reboot, Tracy Chapman sues Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah, Drake, Nightmare on Elmstreet, Wonder Woman

Episode 158: Shoutout to Paul Csomo at PDC. Starbucks opens Starbucks Signs, a fully deaf accessible space. CELEBRITY SHADE: Megyn Kelly bye fires or dropped by CAA, another talent agency said they’d represent her but then backed away after she said “black face” was acceptable at Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis cracks Hollywood: biggest female led horror movie opening, biggest opening for female lead over 55, second biggest October opening ever. Sabrina loves Sabrina. Clueless reboot. Robert...


Sex in Your Sleep?!? + Queen Latifah baby, Britney at MGM, Else Worlds costumes, Halloween slays box office, Justin BIeber's gold digger, Making A Murderer S2, Luke Cage & Iron Fist canceled

SPONSOR: SHOP BY SHAREEF GET 35 PERCENT OFF YOUR ORDER WITH CODE RICHWEST35 | Episode 157: We want to know, have you ever fallen asleep during sex? + Shoutout: Jeffrey Reddick, Final Destination and Dead Awake. CELEBRITY SHADE: Rihanna said no to the Super Bowl. Queen Latifah. Britney at MGM. Halloween breaks box office goals. Producer Jason Blum, who produced Paranormal Activity for $15k and made over $193 million, was literally kicked off the Paramount lot without ever being told he was...


SCREAM QUEEN BONUS: Special Guest Brooke Lewis, aka Ms. Vampy (Profess Your Hot Mess)

It's a bonus! RichyRich and Westopher welcome Brooke Lewis -- scream queen, actress, producer, writer, and makeup brand! Brooke tells us about her career, getting to know Elvira, and has some master insights for those looking to succeed in Hollywood like she has for the past twenty years! Connect with Brooke on her website: and on social @BrookeLewisLA | Take part in our sex question of the week, contests, and trivia on our...


Ghost Sex + Ariana Grande breakup, Charmed reboot, Cher gets raided, Taylor Swift Rocks the Vote, Favorite horror franchises, Batwoman and Spider-Man costume reveals, Black Panther 2 update

SPONSOR: Shop by Shareef. Get 35% off! Use code RICHWEST35 -- Episode 155: Ghost Sex + UPFRONT: Teal pumpkins at Halloween, to offer non candy items. CELEBRITY SHADE: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson split. Aladdin trailer. Charmed reboot premiere. Camping looks insufferable. Cher’s house raided by cops. Fyefest promoter gets 6 years. Busy Phillips memoir - tells about James Franco pushing her to the ground. Taylor Swift rocks the vote. Over 100k new voters registered. Making A Murderer S2....


Forgotten Sex Acts + A Star Is Born, She-Ra, Chris Evans, Avengers 4, Hellboy, Birds of Prey, Daredevil, Tyra Banks, Life Size 2

154: Forgotten Sex Acts?! + UPFRONT: Houston bans robot sex brothel. CELEBRITY SHADE: The gays are at it again: A Star Is Born. Drew Barrymore fake interview. Damon Wayans quit this bitch. She-Ra trailer. NERD NEWS: Hellboy poster. Rose Perez in as Renee Montoya for BOP. (2020) Daredevil S3 this Oct. Chris Evans says goodbye to Captain America?? Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes | | Follow us on Facebook...


Car Sex Stories + Lindsey Lohan, Kanye,Lady Gaga. Pitch Perfect, Spider-Man, Birds of Prey, Venom

153: Car Sex Stories + UPFRONT: Elvira movie turns 30!! CELEBRITY SHADE: Lindsey Lohan attempted kidnapper. KanYE, Sister Act reboot. Pitch Perfect. Lady Gaga was told to get a nose job. Real Housewives of Potomac' star Michael Darby suspended from filming after being charged with groping cameraman. Avril Lavigne is back. Press reports Will.I.Am “checks phone” during performance in Australia, he was live streaming. NERD NEWS: Spider-Man PS4 is amazing and gamers are losing their shit. Red...


Sexiest Underwear? + Beyoncé/Jay-Z Concert, Mariah, Space Jam, Black Panther, BatDick, Joker, Chucky, Captain Marvel

Episode 152: We Ask, What's The Sexiest Men's Underwear? + Special guest Lucy McIntosh (@ UPFRONT: Man filmed shaving on the train in NYC. was leaving homeless shelter to visit a brother. CELEBRITY SHADE: Beyoncé concert review. Betty White night (aka the Emmys). Mariah’s new song. Space Jam 2. Chucky creators mock reboot. NERD NEWS: Batman’s dick. First look at “Arthur” aka Joker prequel. Bree Larson photoshops smiles on MCU posters. Avatar: The...


Go Nude In Public? + Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Feud, Carrie Underwood Is Fragile, Julie Chen Stays Home, Superman Drama, Sabrina, Candyman, Viola Davis, Titans

151: Go Nude In Public? + UPFRONT: Hurricanes slamming Carolinas and gas explosions in Massachusetts, CA fires close I-5. CELEBRITY SHADE: Cardi B. vs Nicki. Mary J Blige and Faith Evans?! Carrie Underwood gets vertigo. Sabrina trailer. Julie Chen bye. Geoffrey Owens gets Tylor Perry and NCIS gig after job shaming pic. Candyman revival in the works. Paul McCartney jerked off with John Lennon. Jeremy Rener releasing a single. NERD NEWS: Viola Davis is a Wonder Woman fanatic. Venom is PG-13...


Socks During Sex? + India GAY! Chadwick Boseman, Burt Reynolds, Angela Bassett, Ariana Grande, Predator, Olivia Munn, Captain Marvel, Oscars, Gwyneth Paltrow

150: Socks During Sex? SPONSORED BY POOKIE'S CANNABIS COLORING ADVENTURE!! UPFRONT: Burt Reynolds RIP. India decriminalized gay sex. Adventure Time finale featured queer kiss. CELEBRITY SHADE: Angeles Bassett turns 60. Ariana Grande’s ponytail has its own mind. Fox cuts scene in Predator after director hires his friend, who’s a registered sex offender who seduces a 14 yr old girl. Olivia Munn rand the alarm. Gwyneth Paltrow pussy egg lawsuit. Married with Children has Funko pops. Chadwick...


Sex For An Audience? + A Star Is Born, Black Panther Release Date, Robin Wright in WW1984, Aretha Homegoing, Serena Williams Tutu, Mrs. Doubfire Musical, Nick 90s Channel

149: Sex For An Audience! + UPFRONT: Long Beach Comic Con Aug 8 and 9 booth appearance at convention center and afterparty at Hamburger Mary’s. CELEBRITY SHADE: Tess Holiday UK Vogue cover. A Star Is Born is really happening and might actually be good. Aretha funeral. Mrs. Doubtfire musical. Jack Ryan. Nickelodeon 90s channel. Serena Williams in a tutu. NERD NEWS: Captain Marvel 1990. Black Panther 2 date tba. Chadwick Boseman wanted African accents. Jeffrey Dean Morgan still wants to play...


When To Introduce A Kink! + Aretha, RuPaul, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Gretchen Wilson, Alyssa Edwards, Britney

148: When Should You Introduce Your Kink to a New Partner? SPONSORED BY: POOKIE’S CANNABIS COLORING ADVENTURE Visit SHOUTS: HauntedCosplay. CELEBRITY SHADE: RIP Aretha! Madonna should not be asked to pay tribute to people anymore. Why does MTV do music video awards when they don’t play music or videos? Nicki Minaj still problematic. Britney update. Veronica Mars returns! Rose McGowan needs to calm down. Alyssa Edwards getting Netflix docuseries. Gretchen Wilson bathroom brawl...


BONUS: Tony Tripoli! Stand-Up Comic + Fashion Police Head Writer

It's a bonus! Comedian and Fashion Police head writer Tony Tripoli joins us while in LA for his stand up act. Follow Tony and see his tour dates - Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook


LOL Sex! + Denise Richards RHOBH, Cher/ABBA, James Gunn GOTG Revenge, Batwoman Casting, Aquaman Spoilers, with Guest Tony Tripoli

Episode 146: LOL Sex! + Special Guest Tony Tripoli! CELEBRITY SHADE: Denise Richards on RHOBH. Cher. ABBA. Wig. NERD NEWS: GOTG will use James Gunn’s script. Dave Bautista. No cameos in Aquaman. Ruby Rose is Batwoman. Star Trek 4 May not happen. Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook Tony:


Social Media Hookups + MI: Fallout, Britney, Jennifer Lopez, Venom, Christopher Robin, Patrick Stewart / Captain Picard

145: Social Media Hookups + UPFRONT: Your brain can rewire itself. CELEBRITY SHADE: McDonalds monopoly scandal being made into Affleck / Damon movie. Nobody is talking about Tom Cruise in MI Fallout. Britney at Brighton pride, and court update KFed wants more money. Adam Levine isn’t paying attention. JLo getting video vanguard award. Venom trailer is making people lose their shit. Christopher Robin banned in China. They’ve banned all images of Poo based in a meme drawing a comparison to...


BYO Lube? + Britney Doesn't Know Her, Lynda Carter on Supergirl, Harry Potter $500 Hogwarts Castle ,Demi Lovato Update, Sabrina Release Date

Episode 144: BYO Lube? UPFRONT: McDonalds monopoly scam. CELEBRITY SHADE: Demi Lovato heroin overdose. Lady Marmalade reunion. Sabrina Oct.6 on Netflix. Britney Spears doesn’t know who Andy Cohen is. R. Kelly admits nothing. NERD NEWS: Harry Potter Hogwarts LEGO Set has over 6,000 pieces. Lynda Cater 57, will be in Supergirl season 4. Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook...