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Go Nude In Public? + Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Feud, Carrie Underwood Is Fragile, Julie Chen Stays Home, Superman Drama, Sabrina, Candyman, Viola Davis, Titans

151: Go Nude In Public? + UPFRONT: Hurricanes slamming Carolinas and gas explosions in Massachusetts, CA fires close I-5. CELEBRITY SHADE: Cardi B. vs Nicki. Mary J Blige and Faith Evans?! Carrie Underwood gets vertigo. Sabrina trailer. Julie Chen bye. Geoffrey Owens gets Tylor Perry and NCIS gig after job shaming pic. Candyman revival in the works. Paul McCartney jerked off with John Lennon. Jeremy Rener releasing a single. NERD NEWS: Viola Davis is a Wonder Woman fanatic. Venom is PG-13...


Socks During Sex? + India GAY! Chadwick Boseman, Burt Reynolds, Angela Bassett, Ariana Grande, Predator, Olivia Munn, Captain Marvel, Oscars, Gwyneth Paltrow

150: Socks During Sex? SPONSORED BY POOKIE’S CANNABIS COLORING ADVENTURE!! UPFRONT: Burt Reynolds RIP. India decriminalized gay sex. Adventure Time finale featured queer kiss. CELEBRITY SHADE: Angeles Bassett turns 60. Ariana Grande’s ponytail has its own mind. Fox cuts scene in Predator after director hires his friend, who’s a registered sex offender who seduces a 14 yr old girl. Olivia Munn rand the alarm. Gwyneth Paltrow pussy egg lawsuit. Married with Children has Funko pops. Chadwick...


Sex For An Audience? + A Star Is Born, Black Panther Release Date, Robin Wright in WW1984, Aretha Homegoing, Serena Williams Tutu, Mrs. Doubfire Musical, Nick 90s Channel

149: Sex For An Audience! + UPFRONT: Long Beach Comic Con Aug 8 and 9 booth appearance at convention center and afterparty at Hamburger Mary’s. CELEBRITY SHADE: Tess Holiday UK Vogue cover. A Star Is Born is really happening and might actually be good. Aretha funeral. Mrs. Doubtfire musical. Jack Ryan. Nickelodeon 90s channel. Serena Williams in a tutu. NERD NEWS: Captain Marvel 1990. Black Panther 2 date tba. Chadwick Boseman wanted African accents. Jeffrey Dean Morgan still wants to play...


When To Introduce A Kink! + Aretha, RuPaul, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Gretchen Wilson, Alyssa Edwards, Britney

148: When Should You Introduce Your Kink to a New Partner? SPONSORED BY: POOKIE’S CANNABIS COLORING ADVENTURE Visit SHOUTS: HauntedCosplay. CELEBRITY SHADE: RIP Aretha! Madonna should not be asked to pay tribute to people anymore. Why does MTV do music video awards when they don’t play music or videos? Nicki Minaj still problematic. Britney update. Veronica Mars returns! Rose McGowan needs to calm down. Alyssa Edwards getting Netflix docuseries. Gretchen Wilson bathroom...


BONUS: Tony Tripoli! Stand-Up Comic + Fashion Police Head Writer

It’s a bonus! Comedian and Fashion Police head writer Tony Tripoli joins us while in LA for his stand up act. Follow Tony and see his tour dates - Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook


LOL Sex! + Denise Richards RHOBH, Cher/ABBA, James Gunn GOTG Revenge, Batwoman Casting, Aquaman Spoilers, with Guest Tony Tripoli

Episode 146: LOL Sex! + Special Guest Tony Tripoli! CELEBRITY SHADE: Denise Richards on RHOBH. Cher. ABBA. Wig. NERD NEWS: GOTG will use James Gunn’s script. Dave Bautista. No cameos in Aquaman. Ruby Rose is Batwoman. Star Trek 4 May not happen. Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook Tony:


Social Media Hookups + MI: Fallout, Britney, Jennifer Lopez, Venom, Christopher Robin, Patrick Stewart / Captain Picard

145: Social Media Hookups + UPFRONT: Your brain can rewire itself. CELEBRITY SHADE: McDonalds monopoly scandal being made into Affleck / Damon movie. Nobody is talking about Tom Cruise in MI Fallout. Britney at Brighton pride, and court update KFed wants more money. Adam Levine isn’t paying attention. JLo getting video vanguard award. Venom trailer is making people lose their shit. Christopher Robin banned in China. They’ve banned all images of Poo based in a meme drawing a comparison to...


BYO Lube? + Britney Doesn’t Know Her, Lynda Carter on Supergirl, Harry Potter $500 Hogwarts Castle ,Demi Lovato Update, Sabrina Release Date

Episode 144: BYO Lube? UPFRONT: McDonalds monopoly scam. CELEBRITY SHADE: Demi Lovato heroin overdose. Lady Marmalade reunion. Sabrina Oct.6 on Netflix. Britney Spears doesn’t know who Andy Cohen is. R. Kelly admits nothing. NERD NEWS: Harry Potter Hogwarts LEGO Set has over 6,000 pieces. Lynda Cater 57, will be in Supergirl season 4. Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook...


Sex With Porn Stars + Aquaman, SDCC, Titans, Wonder Woman, Cher, James Gunn, Katy Perry

143: Sex With Porn Stars + UPFRONT: Amazon ghost shippers. Batwoman CW series will feature lesbian lead. CELEBRITY SHADE: Katy Perry was depressed about her album sales. Azealia Banks is canceled. Wiz Khalifa is still a fucking homophobic asshole. Offset arrested on gun charges. Britney’s boyfriend before and after pic. Cher is so good in Mama Mia 2 Hollywood wants her in everything. Abba album? Buffy reboot appears to be in the works. NERD NEWS: James Gunn fired from GOTG. SDCC stuff —...


BONUS! Steven Tylor O’Connor — Filmmaker and Outfest Panelist

142! Bonus episode with LGBTQ filmmaker and Outfest panelist Steven Tylor O’Connor. Catch up with Steven on his website — Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook


141: Sex With Douchy Guys + Queer Eye, Kylie Jenner, Zombieland 2, Henry Cavil, Scarlett Johansson, Joker movie, Joss Whedon

Episode 141! We ask: Would you bang a doucy guy just because he’s hot? UPFRONT: Queer Eye S3 in Kansas City (2 Emmy noms). CELEBRITY SHADE: Henry Cavil is afraid to flirt. Scarlett Johansson drops out of trans role. Kylie Jenner in Forbes. Life-Size 2 (7m budget Disney movie with Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan from 2000 gets a sequel). Johnny Depp “punched a crew member in drunken tirade.” Wanna Thompson vs Nicki Minaj. Gwen Stefani is on notice. Zombie Land 2, full cast reunited. Niecy Nash...


Dance Party with Luca! Feat “Wake Me Up” Single Remix

A special bonus episode with singer/songwriter Luca Agnelli ( featuring his newly remixed single “Wake Me Up.” Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher and follow us on Facebook


Sex with Twins? + Lindsey Lohan x Vanderpump Rules, Bebe Rexha Slaps, Justin Timberlake Comeback Track, and Scarlett Johansson Trans Movie Controversy

Episode 139: Sex with Twins? UP FRONT: Sesame Place is the world’s first autism-friendly theme park. CELEBRITY SHADE: Lindsey Lohan reality show. Anthony Bordaine finances get published. James Woods dropped by agent via tweet. Amber Herd checkpoint tweet. Scarlett Johansson to play a trans man. Bebe Rexha drags final 4. Justin Timberlake releases SoulMate. NERD NEWS: Jar Jar Binks actor says backlash made him suicidal. Connect with us on social: Twitter @RichyRich818 @Westopher Insta...


Sex Party Etiquette! + Aquaria, Drake, Spiderman, Tessa Thompson, Beyonce and Jay-Z

Episode 138! We discuss the artful etiquette of seeing hookups in daily life by asking: Do You Acknowledge or Ignore Sex Party Buddies in Public? UP FRONT: Welcome TuneIn app listeners!! Please submit is for a Podcast Award at, Porn Hub offering closed captions. ESPN body issue. Tessa Thompson comes out as bisexual. CELEBRITY SHADE: Joe Jackson dies. Michael Jackson featured on new Drake album. RuPaul crowns a winner. Damon Dash wants his $2 million dollar loan to...


Sex With a Couple? + Luke Cage, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, XXXTemptation, Millie Bobby Brown, Johnny Depp

Episode 137: This week we’re asking about Sex With a Couple? + Pride Live June 29th. CELEBRITY SHADE: Ariana Grande going all in with new bf. Beyonce album drops and Tidal is at it again. XXXTemptation killed. Lisa Marie Presley sues again. Johnny Depp bye. The Connors. BBQ Becky and Permit Patty. Millie Bobby Brown isn’t homophobic. NERD NEWS: Black Widow looking for female director. Avengers death threats. Luke Cage season 2. Wonder Woman 84 may have invisible jet.


BONUS: Charmaine Bingwa LGBTQ+ Advocate, Actor, Singer, Writer, Producer, ‘Little Sista’

BONUS EPISODE with award winning actress, director, writer, and producer Charmaine Bingwa! Get to know this rising star, who’s series “Little Sista” will stream on Revry in July. Want to support your community, artist and activists? Listen, share, and connect! Insta: @charmaineBingwa — @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher –


Does Size Matter? + Wonder Woman 84, Dumbo, Chris Hard Wick, Batman Wedding, Jamie Foxx, Stan Lee

Episode 135! We want to know: Does Size Matter? + CELEBRITY SHADE: Did you know the Geico Gecko is a real thing? It’s a plastic doll. — Dumbo trailer. — Jamie Foxx dick slaps a bitch. — Save Stan Lee! — Chris Hardwick canceled. — B.E.T. Tweets about rape. NERD NEWS: Batman / Cat Woman wedding issue will have 50 covers. — Zoe Saldana’s gender neutral home. — Wonder Woman 84 filming in DC right now. Bright colors, Wondy’s rumored costume upgrade, very shades of Lynda Carter with Diana Prince...


The Big D + Legally Blonde, Halloween, Power Rangers, Bumblebee, Game of Thrones

Episode 134! We want to know about the biggest D you’ve ever…?? + UPFRONT: Kate Spade and Anthony Bordane RIP. National Rosé Day. CELEBRITY SHADE: Lindsey Lohan opening beach bars. Jeremy Rener breaks both arms. Drake won’t respond to Pusha T. Legally Blonde 3. Halloween trailer. More Power Rangers movies. Brandon Frasier “me too.” NERD NEWS: The Bumblebee Movie might be…good?? Game of Thrones Prequel; book series is set 90 years before.


Oral Sex Tips + Britney’s New Song, Pusha T Disses Drake, Roseanne Canceled, Gal Gadote Video, Benjamin Cumberbatch Hero IRL

133: Oral Tips & Tricks + UPFRONT: Time’s Up in real life. Advocate pride event. CELEBRITY SHADE: Bye Roseanne. Pusha T diss track about Drake’s son. Benjamin Cumberbatch saves mugging victim. Aunt Viv still coming for Will Smith. Peppermint trailer. Solo flopping. NERD NEWS: Babylon 5 on Amazon prime. Wreck It Ralph sequel. What’s your favorite old school video game? Gal Gadote in new Maroon 5 video.


“I Met Janet Jackson!” BONUS EPISODE

We talk to daner Phil Galbert, who won the “Dance With Janet” contest and performed with her on the Billboard Music Awards. Follow him on Instagram: @p.galbert | Get social with us: Twitter @RichyRich909 @Westopher Insta: @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher Facebook: (