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A summary of some of the major news events in or affecting the lesbian/gay community, compiled from a variety of publications and broadcasts around the world.

A summary of some of the major news events in or affecting the lesbian/gay community, compiled from a variety of publications and broadcasts around the world.
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A summary of some of the major news events in or affecting the lesbian/gay community, compiled from a variety of publications and broadcasts around the world.






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This Way Out: THIS WAY OUT :45 PROMO FOR WK OF 26 NOV 2018 PROGRAM!, Segment 1

There won’t be a “NewsWrap” segment on next week’s "This Way Out." This is a sound montage :45 promo for next week's 40th anniversary archival sound flashback to November 1978, the first gay rights ballot win in the U.S., which was followed all-too-soon by the shocking assassination of one of the country’s first openly-gay elected officials.


This Way Out: More Blue Queers + Emma’s Revolution + global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

==> A :45 mp3 promoting next week's special archival show will upload immediately after this program's mp3: it's the 40th anniversary of a very "Queer November to Remember!" THIS WEEK: Rainbow candidates continue to surf the U.S. midterms “Blue Wave”; melody and policy ignite Emma’s Revolution; the Caribbean Court of Justice quashes Guyana’s anti-trans law, Costa Rica’s High Court gives lawmakers 18 months to enact marriage equality, Tanzania loses millions in foreign aid over its anti-queer...


This Way Out: A Rainbow Wave washes over U.S. midterms + more global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

A rainbow-hued “Blue Wave” brightens the U.S. midterm elections; Scotland puts queer culture in the books, election anxiety kills an LGBTQ Christian forum in Armenia, Indonesia’s latest round-up nets lesbians for “rehab”, Tanzanian terror continues - fed claims to the contrary - while loud voices bite the eraser off Trump’s trans-exclusion plans, retired out Aussie High Court Judge Michael Kirby concedes to a 50th anniversary wedding, and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: Hope Trumps Hate + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

Young people against hate indict Trump; finding shaky sanctuaries in "Our Happy Hours"; a singing Nashville grandma salutes LGBTQ pioneers; Dar es Salaam’s Governor announces an all-out queer purge in Tanzania, while a multi-national security group probes alleged Chechen atrocities, Taipei Pride is tempered by marriage equality anxiety, library books abound in Iowa after a fiery "Drag Queen Story Time" protest, and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: #WontBeErased + more global LGBTQ news + music!, Segment 1

Trump attacks trans existence on national and global fronts; Britain’s Commons pressures Northern Ireland on marriage equality, Chelsea Manning finally gets her surgery, a Russian teen wins an appeal of his “no promo homo” conviction, fundamentalists shut down a Bali HIV/AIDS event, Sydney penguin co-dads welcome their first chick, and more global LGBTQ news; plus some musical hocus-pocus for a Happy Homo-we’en!


This Way Out: Aussie Politics Queered + more global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

A queers in schools debate prompts a political power shift in Australia; a far-right homophobe leads a pro-gay leftist in Brazil’s presidential race, Honduran and Cuban presidents split on marriage equality, Sydney Anglicans evict non-believers, Uruguay’s trans people win identity, health, & job rights, cops and courage characterize Pride in Lublin & Montego Bay, Trump voters lament “most discriminated against” U.S. white men, and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: Updating "The Book of Matthew" + global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

Remembering Matthew Shepard 20 years on; Taiwan voters face dueling marriage referenda, Uganda’s “Ethics” Minister calls LGBTQ safe space a crime, Romania’s government proposes civil unions for same-gender couples, Kosovo’s 2nd annual Pride march gets the Prime Minister’s blessing, host Tokyo outlaws anti-gay hate ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, the U.K. Supreme Court supports a devout Christian baker’s right to refuse to make a cake with an equality-supportive message, and more global...


This Way Out: Corday Sings & Deadly Bullying + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

Queer youth demand adult action to stop bullying and suicide; we “This Way Out Music Focus” on the star of songs on screen Jennifer Corday; gay Indian comic/actor Nik Dodani makes his U.S. late night TV stand-up debut; human rights conferees evade a Lebanese security shutdown, Swiss lawmakers make anti-queer bias a crime, Trump tramples on LGBTQ dignity again, Romanians defeat an anti-equality referendum by staying home, and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: MCC's Queer Church Genesis + global LGBTQ News!, Segment 1

Reverend Troy Perry recounts how the infamous Wilmington, California Patch bar raid inspired his founding of the first queer church; Romania’s top court clashes with the upcoming marriage referendum, senior U.N. officials stand up for queer equality, the Inter-American Commission challenges Chile on matrimonial rights, U.S. Senators block religious bias in fostering and adoption, Kenya bows to Oscar and briefly screens “Rafiki”, Queen Elizabeth’s queer cousin ties the knot, and more global...


This Way Out: Emmy's Night Out + global LGBTQ News!, Segment 1

Honors and admonitions queer the Emmys; Trinidad & Tobago’s High Court alters sex laws to sidestep repeal, a Romanian referendum seeks to solidify hetero only marriage, Hong Kong acquiesces on spousal visas equality, Incheon’s first-ever Pride march is marred by malevolent protestors, Serbia’s criticized lesbian P.M. joins Belgrade Pride, Bert and Ernie’s rumored romance is rekindled by a gay “Sesame Street” writer, and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: Queer Ballrooms, Books, and Ballads + global LGBTQ News!, Segment 1

Dancing queers compete for ballroom glory; a gay singer’s comeback champions at-risk youth; two novels reveal Middle Eastern life through gay voices; an India-inspired celebrity challenges Singapore’s anti-gay sex law, Romanians to vote on constitutionally banning civil marriage for same-gender couples, Australia’s Senate condemns “conversion therapy,” and more global LGBTQ news!


This Way Out: Kavanaugh Crisis + Impeachment Parody + global LGBTQ News!, Segment 1

Kavanaugh side-steps U.S. Supreme Court questions; an outspoken trans kid schools Australia’s new Prime Minister; India’s colonial sodomy law finally falls, a lesbian couple is caned in a Malaysian courtroom, a dangerous homophobe leads Brazil’s presidential polls, Manning overcomes Australia’s speaking tour denial, more global LGBTQ news — and another song parody by YouTube star Randy Rainbow lends satirical relief!


This Way Out: Pence’s Politics + "Word" + China Troubadours + LGBTQ News!, Segment 1

Portland’s Gay Men’s Chorus serenades China; a young critic confronts the "Q" word; Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael D’Antonio pounces on Mike Pence’s prayerful politics; Lagos birthday party arrests accelerate Nigeria’s anti-gay crackdown, Bermuda’s Court of Appeal imports foreign judges for a marriage equality hearing, the issue heads for the ballot in Taiwan, the U.S. Supreme Court keeps Philly’s foster care bias ban in force, and more queer news from around the world!


This Way Out: Library Drags + Villains and Heroes + global LGBTQ news!(#1587), Segment 1

Humor and history soothe “Trump Distress Disorder”; kids check out diversity from library drag queens; our “Queer Life and Lit” commentator sails with Juliana to “Paris Adrift”; Australia’s P.M. polka imperils equality prospects, anti-queer Ghanaians organize “cure” facilities, a Hong Kong lesbian sues for partnership rights, Brazil’s closed “Queermuseu” reopening overwhelms protestors, and more queer news from around the world!


This Way Out: Queer teen dating & Trump trauma + more global LGBTQ news!, Segment 1

Queer teens discuss coming out and going out in high school; Trump resistance gains a warrior and a weapon; Germany’s “third gender” pitch falls short, Trump trashes job rights as a Colorado baker nixes a new cake, a 12-year-old transgender Oklahoma girl is terrorized by other students' parents, Nigerian men busted for kissing plead “not gay”, calling homophobe Scott Lively a “crackpot bigot” is upheld on appeal, and more queer news from around the world!


This Way Out: Queer teen dating distress + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

Queer teens deal with dating dilemmas; a “Rainbow Minute” honors sadly closeted songwriter Lorenz Hart; Costa Rica’s top court orders slow-motion marriage equality, activists survive violent attacks in Armenia and Lithuania, a Russian teen is convicted of posting “gay propaganda”, St. Petersburg’s rainbow rally ends in arrests, belligerent Belfast Pride demands marriage equality, leading LGBTQ Danes snub the Trump appointed ambassador’s Pride reception, and more queer news from around the...


This Way Out: Berlin’s Queer Treasures + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

A Berlin Museum captures decades of German queer life and culture; Trump “weaponizes” so-called religious freedom at home and abroad; thousands protest a Japanese MP’s homophobic slurs, 2 Zambian men face 14 years in prison for private consensual sex, a record Jerusalem Pride crowd keeps the heat on Bibi over surrogacy exclusion, World Cup 2022 host Qatar may have already violated its FIFA agreement barring anti-queer bias, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!


This Way Out: Asylum Crisis + YouTube Wars + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

U.S. border chaos engulfs a Salvadoran lesbian mother and child; YouTube math sells trans content short; a “Rainbow Minute” honors Rainbow Flag creator Gilbert Baker; a storied Singapore leader’s grandson Dots the Pink, Barbados debuts Pride despite religious objections, marriage equality advances in Cuba and Switzerland, a Connecticut McDonald’s trolls its less “welcoming” Chick-Fil-A neighbor, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!


This Way Out: “Angels”: Still Alive! + global LGBTQ news + much more!, Segment 1

“Angels in America” spreads its wings for a backstage book; a trans feminist mystery hero “Jinxes” the bad guys in “Chaser”; “The Power of Women’s Music” is celebrated in a “Rainbow Minute”; Seoul’s Queer Culture Fest Parade shrivels the opposition, tens of thousands strike against Israel’s surrogacy discrimination, India’s top court weighs sodomy repeal, marriage equality revenue beautifies Saipan, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!


This Way Out: The Kavanaugh Crisis + global LGBTQ news + more!, Segment 1

Queers confront the U.S. high court crisis; Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo “swans” dance through a “Rainbow Minute”; oral arguments against India’s sodomy law sound good, another gay pair is flogged in Aceh despite government assurances to the contrary, Australia’s Uniting Church agrees to unite queer couples, Trump siphons HIV/AIDS funds for immigrant “baby jails”, a pre-teen Illinois lesbian plans her hometown’s first Pride parade, and more LGBTQ news from around the world!