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Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 34 - Grammar - Too & (not) enough

At the end of the sentence comes "too" and at the beginning comes "also." Also is used as linker that adds information. This will help a lot of non-NES and NES speakers with papers to create flow. However, a problem most have, including native speakers, is using the word "too." Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on TuneIn:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 33 - Grammar - Less.....than, (not) as ....... as

This could be very difficult for a lot of ESL learners. One time, back at my old job, I had to teach some university students about this because of course, they were learning it in university. I'm here today to break it down for you. Blog:


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 32 - Pronunciation Skill - Pronouncing Final Consonant /t/ Before Another Consonant

As I went over on my previous podcast, this one is very similar because in order for you to sound like a native speaker of English, you'll have to learn how to link words. I've been over this quite a few times already, and will continue going over this for a LONGGGGG time. So, brace yourself.


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2: Episode 31 - Pronunciation - Intrusive Sounding + Word Linking

Welcome back to another IELTS preparatory podcast and I'm bringing you today some more word linking and of course, intrusive sounding. I went over this recently with some of my students and they understood pretty quickly how it works. Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on TuneIn: Podcast on...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 30: Vocabulary Skill - Adjectives Ending In -ing & -ed

Ahhh! Some of you out there are confused to what past tense verbs and adjectives ending in -ed are, huh? Example: I bored or I am bored? Example: I jumped or I am jumped? This would more than likely help you right off the back, if it doesn't, it's time to dive in a little bit more. To describe how somebody feels, we use the -ed ending. Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 29: Grammar = Comparatives & Superlatives

Comparatives and superlatives. You know, when I was young, I didn't understand the difference between than & then. I was never taught that in grade school, so I would constantly make mistakes over and over until I finally figured out, within the past 5 years, that than is used when comparing something. The superlative forms are easy, but it's the comparatives that throw my students off. So, let's get into this. Podcast on Spotify:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 28 - Speaking Skill - Making Polite Requests

Oh, making polite requests are vastly important. I've seen people make some of the worst requests; as you remember, the man at the bottom of a hotel in Kuala Lumpur who didn't want to wait in line to ask an obvious question. These things can get you in trouble in some cultures, especially the western culture where parts of America would want to fight you (no joke). So, let's get into some phrase


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 27 - Special - Hotel Vocabulary

Since I'm not in Hong Kong, I decided to do a podcast that relates to the podcast I put on my FB page recently in terms of hotel vocabulary. If you want the visual, be sure to click the link as seen above. Here are some of the terms I've pointed out, but before that, I want to go over what happened at check-in. Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on TuneIn:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 26 - Pronunciation - Word Linking

When a word begins with a vowel sound and the previous words ends in a consonant sound, we link the two sounds together in continuous natural speech. Word linking, which is strongly encouraged, will score you pretty high in your IELTS examination; in addition to that, would make you sound like a native speaker. Read this paragraph below and please be sure to tune into the podcast so you can hear me enunciate it. Podcast on Spotify:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker - Maria of Uruguay!

Omg! This had to be the most hysterically funny podcast with a teacher companion of mine who lives in Montevideo, Uruguay! Enjoy her accent and the laughs!! No offence to my wonderful Argentinians out there.


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 25: Vocabulary - The Weather

There's lots of English vocabulary that describes weather, but here are some of the basics. First and foremost, let's talk about how the weather is here in Bangkok. In Bangkok, we've had some mild weather as of late. It's normally rainy at this time of year, but since climate change is here, we're seeing lots of unusual weather patterns. The stormy days are at a deficit compared to last year, and it's more warn than it is hot. It's hard to tell if it's foggy sometimes because the...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 24: Grammar - First Conditional

Ok, this set of grammar is much easier. The zero conditional is not often used in spoken or written language. The first conditional, however, is very easy to understand. Let's dive in! Blog: Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on TuneIn:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 23: Grammar - Zero Conditional

Guys, one of my favorite grammar sections of the English language has arrived! I'm so grateful to bring to you today the zero conditional. First time I taught this was about 3 years ago, and it was a huge pain in the ass because of course, it was the first time I had taught it. Now it's a breeze, so here's a nice little rundown of the zero conditional. Blog: Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 22 - Speaking Skill - Presentation

This is the first time ever talking about presentations on my ESL podcast, so I hope you guys enjoy this. I know a lot of students around the world have to do presentations in their English classes, so this speaking skill is essential. Not only that, having linkers, transitions, opening up your talk, and closing is very vital. So, let's get into it. Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 21 - Pronunciation: Countries

I've done this exercise so many times and my students find it enjoyable. I never used to teach pronunciation out of British English books, just because they stress different words compared to Americans, so I'm especially grateful that google and provides me with me with the American intonation. Yes, maybe some words are stressed the same in both contexts, but not all the time. So, here we go. Let's look at some countries and nationalities and see how they're stressed....


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 20 - Present Perfect With For & Since

The second installment of what's going to be three episodes on the present perfect tense -- an often wildly confusing concept that most non-nes students (and even NES students) fail to understand. Let's take a look at some sentences. Podcast on Spotify: Podcast on FM: Podcast on TuneIn: Podcast on...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 19 - Voiceless & Voiced Sounds

Knowing the difference between voiceless and voiced sounds could be vital, depending on what situation it's in. Knowing whether they're voiced in the beginning and end, too, is important. Making a clear distinction between voiceless and voiced sounds is a major part of being understood. For example, "I missed two pills" might sound like "I missed two bills." Vocal cords vibrate during the production of voice sounds and do not vibrate during voiceless sounds. So, let's break this day further.


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 18 - Pronunciation Skill - The Schwa!

While teaching yesterday, I stumbled across one of the most interesting things EVER. The schwa and the importance of it! I first came across this while teaching a doctor a few months ago, and of course, three months later, I found another interesting feature regarding it, so I had to break this down in micro. Not sure if I've gone over the ə before or not, but it's time to get back into it! Blog: Podcast on Spotify:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 17 - Vocabulary - Television

I've gone over some useful vocabulary in terms of talking about television (it's possible that you could be asked a question in regards to watching television on your IELTS examination), and I've come across some very useful vocabulary and adjectives that relate to television writing. So, let's get into it! Blog: Podcast on Spotify:...


Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 2 - Episode 16 - Speaking Skill - Shopping

Shopping, especially in NES countries, could be easy (but most people make it difficult). Know your simple phrases, have good ethics, and always put whatever you pick up back. Very very important. So, with that being said, let's go over some useful expressions that will help you while shopping. Blog: Podcast on Spotify:...