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Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 7: Bright Futures (Interview with Adam Freudenheim)

When Adam Freudenheim took over Pushkin Press in 2012, he did so with the aim to start a imprint that focused on children’s books in translation – something he felt passionately about after seeking new and inspiring titles for his own children. That imprint is now something that sets Pushkin apart from other publishers, but with an impressive list of literary titles translated from over twenty-four languages, children’s lit isn’t the only thing that makes Pushkin a significant presence in...


Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 6: Courageous Decisions (Interview with Katy Derbyshire)

Katy Derbyshire’s skilful interpretations have made her a favourite amongst readers of German books in translation. Amongst her many works is Bricks and Mortar, originally written in German by Clemens Meyer, which was published in English by Fitzcarraldo Editions and longlisted for the 2017 Man Booker International. Katy came to translation tangentially whilst seeking a way to remain in Berlin. After years “apprenticing” via commercial translation, she found her way to literary works and...


Language and Self-Discovery (Interview with Waterstones’ Angie Crawford)

How does language shape us? In the face of a growing globalised culture that can sometimes feel uniform, many people are seeking ways to maintain and express their individuality. Language – its history, structure and nuances – is one way in which we can explore our roots: it can help us remember who we are and what makes us unique. In this episode, Angie Crawford, the Scottish books buyer for Waterstones Booksellers, discusses Gaelic and Scots writing, how literature in each language is...


Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 4: Finding the Rhythm (Interview with Matthew Hyde)

What exactly does a translator do? Despite the Man Booker International literary prize and other initiatives acknowledging the important role translators play in bringing foreign literature to readers, there’s still little understanding of what's actually involved in the craft of translation. In this episode, Matthew Hyde, who translates from Russian and Estonian, details how he went from being a government translator in the UK to a literary translator in Estonia. He also tackles the...


Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 3: Naked Thoughts, Strangely Dressed (Interview with Pauls Bankovskis)

In this episode Latvian writer Pauls Bankovskis explores the delightful strangeness one can find in translated works. He also discusses the author-translator relationship, and what it's like to read his own novels in translation – including the feeling he gets when a translation is right (even if he can't read in the target language). Since 1993 Pauls has published prolifically in various genres. His focus tends to shift from Latvia’s history, myths and legends to the realities of the...


Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 2: Discovering Diverse Voices (Interview with Lighthouse Bookshop)

We've established that reading in translation can change the way you think about the world. In this episode we elaborate on that and go on to explore what it means to be in a gatekeeper position: as publishers and booksellers we have a responsibility to bring diverse voices to our readers. It's Episode Two, so we have two guests. Annie Rutherford is the programme coordinator at StAnza, and a translator herself. She is joined by Mairi Oliver, who is a bookseller at the Lighthouse Bookshop...


Think in Translation Literature Podcast Episode 1: Oldest Profession in the World (Interview with Allan Cameron)

We start the series with Allan Cameron, the founder of Vagabond Voices, translator of 24 books, and a writer himself. His most recent novel, Cinico, is a fictional translation of an Italian journalist's travelogue in Scotland. In this episode Allan talks about his favourite work of translation, the role translated work has in politics and shaping national thought, and the nuances involved in the act of translation itself. The Think in Translation podcast is a literary podcast series...