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Learn to speak German, to read German and to understand German with this free Podcast from Germany and Switzerland.


Koeln, Germany


Learn to speak German, to read German and to understand German with this free Podcast from Germany and Switzerland.




Learn to Speak German - Lesson 050 - Beim Arzt

Last weekend I lay in bed with a cold. So this weekend is a good time to talk about illnesses and how to get an appointment at the doctor in Germany and Switzerland. der Arzt/die Ärztin = doctor die Krankenschwester = nurse die Sprechstundenhilfe = receptionist das Wartezimmer = waiting room die Zeitschrift = magazine die Krankheit = illness die Grippe = flu die Erkältung = common cold der Schnupfen = common cold der Husten = cough das Halsweh = sore throat die Halsschmerzen =...


059 - Learn to Speak German - Beim Zahnarzt

Todays German lesson is about how to make an appointment with a dentist. We will hear a telephone interview, then I will go to the dentist and she is going to examine me and give me a root canal treatment. Ouch! Lucerne, 13.01.2008 Stephan Wiesner stephan@german-podcast.deUse this free podcast to learn to speak German.


058 - Learn to Speak German - Mehr Lebensmittel und das Perfekt

Last Session was about food related topics and I want to continue with this in order to deepen your knowledge of food related vocabulary. And it is time to take a look at some grammar. The “Perfekt”, the “vollendete Gegenwart” is a good starting point. We are currently on place 18 of the American Top 25 (Education) on iTunes. If you like the podcast, why don't you vote for it on iTunes by following this link. The picture was taken on the 01.01.2008 on "Der Hengst" in the area called...


057 - Learn to Speak German - Stephan macht einen Salat (Video)

Hallo liebe Freunde, im Rahmen unserer Lebensmittel-Serie zeige ich euch heute mal in einem kleinen Video, wie ich einen Salat mache. Dabei tauchen viele der Vokabeln der letzten Episode wieder auf. Vorsicht, die Datei ist 38MB gross. Viel Spass und ... ... Film ab, StephanUse this free podcast to learn to speak German.

056 - Learn to Speak German - Lebensmittel

In today's lesson we will learn the names of some “Lebensmittel” taken from my kitchen. We start of course with Käse (cheese). Emmentaler is probably the most famous Swiss cheese. There is actually an area called “Emmental” which is very lovely. Looks kind of like the green hills I always imagined the hobbits from Lord of the Rings live in .-) Remember that there is a PDF containing the transcript and pictures of this lessen. Euch ein schönes neues Jahr, viel Erfolg und natürlich viel...


055 - Learn to Speak German - Sich Vorstellen

In today's lesson we will talk about different ways to introduce oneself. Different names, jobs and hometowns provide a good opportunity to learn some new words.Furthermore a big Dankeschön an D'Arcy for the large donation via PayPal. If you want to support me, just follow this link, enter the amount of money you want to donate and send it off .-) Luzern, 29.12.2007 Stephan WiesnerUse this free podcast to learn to speak German.


054 - Learn to Speak German - Vocabulary Drill

This is a German vocabulary drill unit. We will repeat the vocabulary of the last few sessions. For this, I will say the English word, give you time to speak the German translation and then I will give the correct answer, giving you time to repeat it once more. Feel free to listen repeatedly to this lesson to "drill" the words. Todays pictures shows my brother Michael in the garden of my parents. He is playing with a remote controled airplane, one of his Christmas presents. Give us men a...


Learn to Speak German - 052 - Der Zauberlehrling by Goethe

You really need to know about Goethe if you plan to come to Germany and not appear to be an uneducated person. So I will read on of his most famous poems "Der Zauberlehrling" for you. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, geadelt 1782 (* 28. August 1749 in Frankfurt am Main; † 22. März 1832 in Weimar; auch Göthe), ist als Dichter, Dramatiker, Theaterleiter, Naturwissenschaftler, Kunsttheoretiker und Staatsmann der bekannteste Vertreter der Weimarer Klassik. Sein Werk umfasst Gedichte, Dramen und...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 053 - Martin Luther

Allen from Wisconsin asked me about a catholic version of the bible. Though I do not know about that his mail got me thinking about Luther. Luthers translation of the bible into German lead to one German "Hochdeutsch" from the many dialects. Maybe I should tell that to some of my Swiss friends, who still talk in dialect .-) Here is one famous quote from that time: "Wenn das Geld im Kasten klingt, die Seele aus dem Fegefeuer springt. " It means that on could by letters of absolution. Those...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 051 - der Advent

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt. Erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier - dann steht das Christkind vor der Tür. [Kinder Reim] Es ist Adventszeit, Advent season, a good time to spend with your family, to look back to the things that happened during the year and ahead into the next one. This is especially true for me, as I am looking for a new job again. Things really did not work out with the team and the job was not what I expected and, ja, a lot of reasons. Anyway, Test...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 049 - In the Office

Geschichten und Vokabeln rund aus dem Leben im Grossraumbüro sind heute an der Reihe... der Kürbis = pumpkin das Grossraumbüro = open-plan office, cube farm das Papier = paper der Schreibtisch = desk der Computer = computer die Tastatur = keyboard der Monitor = screen die Maus = mouse der Bleistift = pencil die Sitzung = meeting das Telefon = telephone der Schrank = locker der Stuhl = chair fluchen = to swear die Rolltreppe = moving stairs der Fahrstuhl = elevator Lucerne,...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 048 -Jahreszeiten

Autumn is about to end. The trees start to seriously drop their leaves and sad and gray November is approaching. Today we will therefore sit down with a cup of tea and some Spekulatius cakes (my favorite) and talk about seasons. Here you see Luzern as we see it at the moment... die Jahreszeit - season der Frühling - spring der Sommer - summer der Herbst - autumn der Winter - winter der Schnee - snow die Blätter - leaves die Sonne - sun der Regen - rain der Sturm - storm die...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 047 - Sardinien und neu in Zürich

Hallo Freunde, da bin ich jetzt also vom Strand in Sardinien direkt ins Büro der Credit Suisse. Kravatte statt Badelatschen. What a difference! Heute erzähle ich also ein wenig, wie es mir die letzten Wochen ergangen ist, von Klettern in Finale Ligure, Highlights des Kletterns auf Sardinien, was für eine komische Team Zusammensetzung ich habe und warum ich mal wieder im Hotel "wohne". Gespickt mit ein paar Vokabeln, versteht sich... der Strand - beach die Fähre - ferry das Klettern -...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 046 - France: Gorge de la Jonte

The Gorge de la Jonte is a canyon in the south of France (Le Midi). The Jonte itself is a 38km long river. I have been on holiday there last week, climbing of course, and it really is a fantastic landscape. You can find out more here: (en francais). There are several small and very beautiful villages close to the river, adding to the atmosphere. Everything looks surprisingly clean and freshly renovated. You can go hiking, biking, climbing,...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 045 - Transalp

Last week I rode my MTB across the Alps: Transalp. With 10 other "Biker" on a trip organized by We started at the Bodensee in the north of Switzerland and rode across the San Bernardino pass to Locarno. 6 days of "biken" with a typical "Höhenprofil" looking like this: Each night we slept in a different hotel in a different town (Appenzell, Chur, San Bernardino, etc.). The picture shows us standing above the Rhein, looking down at Lichtenstein and...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 044 - The Book and about finding a Job

We have two topics today: 1) I finished the book. That is, the PDF version. It takes several weeks to get an ISBN and to publish the printed version. 2) You will learn something about finding a job in Switzerland. The book can be bought and read/printed at LuLu. Later it will be available at Amazon as well. A preview is available and there is a homepage for the series. You know that I am not a native English speaker, but I hope that there are not too many mistakes in it. The German parts...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 043 - Tiere der Schweiz

Many animals live in the beautiful nature of Switzerland. Here are some of them: Der Alpensalamander Der Steinbock Der Schwan Die Ente Die Eidechse Die Dohle Can anybody recommend a good trekking trip into a dessert (Wüste) that I could do in September? I am thinking about 2 to 3 weeks and it needs to be a little bit tough or really special. Not the usual tour in a jeep... I am going to make a Transalp tour (cross the Alps on my bike). Therefore I am training very hard at the moment....


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 042 - Learn German with a story Part Two

I have a dream about writing books - and live of it. Today I present some vocabulary from the book to learn German I am working on and you get the first two chapters for free. The summer finally returned to Switzerland, so I will spend the afternoon lying at Lake Lucerne reading Harry Potter... Here is a picture of some Swiss money. Lucerne, 04.08.2007 by Stephan Wiesner stephan@german-podcast.deUse this free podcast to learn to speak German....


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 041 - Learn German with a story

I prepared a little story to help you build your vocabulary. You can download it here: Please let me know what you think about that and if you think that kind of story helpful to you. You might want to take a look back at episode 2, which was similar. Today is the first of August. That is the national holiday of Switzerland. Am 1. August wird in der ganzen Schweiz der Entstehnung der Eidgenossenschaft gedacht. Die...


Learn to Speak German - Lesson 040 - Freiburg

We have Franziska from Freiburg here and she tells you what she loves about the town. Freiburg (frz. Fribourg [fʀiˈbuʀ]) ist der Hauptort des Schweizer Kantons Freiburg und des District de la Sarine (deutsch Saanebezirk). Im internationalen deutschen Sprachgebrauch wird meist der Zusatz Freiburg im Üechtland verwendet, um Verwechslung mit Freiburg im Breisgau vorzubeugen. Weil das Üechtland jedoch eine veraltete Landschaftsbezeichnung darstellt, schreibt und spricht man in der...