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Jack in to the brilliant mind of Gardner Goldsmith and join the Liberty Conspiracy! The Liberty Conspiracy originates from a secret location in New Hampshire.

Jack in to the brilliant mind of Gardner Goldsmith and join the Liberty Conspiracy! The Liberty Conspiracy originates from a secret location in New Hampshire.
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Keene, NH


Jack in to the brilliant mind of Gardner Goldsmith and join the Liberty Conspiracy! The Liberty Conspiracy originates from a secret location in New Hampshire.




A Conversation with Jason Sorens, Founder of Ethics and Economics Eduction of New England, and the Free State Project

The title says most of it! Many thanks to Jason Sorens for helping to give students more chances to learn about economics and the ethical exercise of principles. We hope you will visit to find out more! Be Seeing You!


A Tribute to Samuel Blumenfeld, 1926-2015, The Final Radio Interview

Sam Blumenfeld was the single most educated man on the subject of the takeover of a formerly excellent private US education system by a statist, Prussian-styled, progressive system. He championed phonetic reading, and uncovered the disastrous effects and pernicious motives behind the "look-say"/"sight-word" method of reading pushed by govt schools. Sam also researched and wrote a book about the evidence supporting the thesis that the plays attributed to William Shakespeare were actually...


For Religious, Agnostic, Atheists: Was Christ Pro-State, or An Anarchist?

The title says a lot. :) This program, recorded on Easter, 2015, is for those who might say they are believers in the Christian religion (whichever kind of Christian they might be), for those who are uncertain of Jesus's position as a messiah, and those who deny any supernatural aspect to the universe. In the production, we explore a debate in which many people (religious, Christian, non-religious, etc) have engaged: Whether Jesus, the historical figure, was pro-state, or, if it's possible...


Liberty Conspiracy - 1-6-15 - Libertarians Were Right: Federal Auto Bailout

So much in this program. The title says a lot. If you would like further information about how we have been telling the truth re the auto bailout(s), you can hit our Podomatic or Itunes Libraries. Here are some links for you, going back three-and-a-half years: Here's one of our pods from 2012 that also covers this: And an even earlier one from 2012...


Liberty Conspiracy - 12-9-14 - Pop Media Tries to Frame Perception of "Tort

The title says it all. There is a lot of worthwhile information here, including a reading of President Oabama's own words from Jan of 2009 as he obfuscated and lied by omission on the question of whether he would continue "rendition" treatment of "enemy combatants" as the feds unconstitutionally call those US forces and allies capture in the undeclared "war" that is really an illegal series of military operations. Gardner Goldsmith goes back to the early days of the O admin and shows how...


Liberty Conspiracy - 12-3-14 - What IS the PetroDollar? Why Is The US Overt

The title speaks for itself! In this production, we offer background information on the history of he so-called "PetroDollar", when the US Dollar was supposedly linked to the OPEC nations like Saudi Arabia, and why, and why nation states that have governments moving away from the US Dollar are being overthrown (that's nations like Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine). Hope you like the information offered and that it will serve as intellectual ammunition for spreading the word about freedom and free...

Liberty Conspiracy - 11-5-14 - The Conspiracy on Why Licensing Laws to Do B

The city of Los Angeles is being asked by entrenched cab businesses to foist expensive licensing laws on people who use Uber and Lyft to offer rides to paying customers. Using this story, Gardner Goldsmith, MikeArchy and Gerald discuss how pernicious licensing laws are, what they do to potential competition, and how that hurts consumers and other potential businesses that could have received business if those consumers had been able to save money and spent what they wanted where they...

Liberty Conspiracy - 11-2-14 - What Hillary Clinton Didn't Tell People When

The title says it all! We hope you like this production, in which we feature the words of Mrs. Clinton, and are ably assisted by Mike (@Mikearchy on Twitter) on this analysis. Spread the word! This one might be something to help educate people about economics! Music in this production includes "Loose", a bit of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and all of "I Got A Right", by Iggy and The Stooges! Tell your friends! The moral principle of leaving one's neighbor alone is worth supporting, right?! :) Be...


Liberty Conspiracy - 6-12-14 - Immigration: The Constitution Doesn't Let th

This special production is offered for you to listen and share. In it we explain what the US Constitution actually says (or, more precisely, DOESN'T say) about immigration control (hint, it's not a federal power). We also talk about the economic benefits of increased immigration, and get into the anarchist arguments that explain why national boundaries are to be avoided! Must listen material for folks who call themselves Constitutionalists in the "Tea Party". We also offer a new cut by The...

Liberty Conspiracy - 6-6-14 - Is the NSA Spying on You, Innocent Drone Deat

Welcome back to the portable productions for liberty! In this program we give you news about Glenn Greenwald's courageous move to release the list of people on whom the NSA has been spying, news about how the NSA appears to have destroyed years of evidence showing its malfeasance, news about how many Pakistanis have been killed by Prez Obama and his acolytes, and we talk about the meaning of the word "rights", explaining why the idea embraces NEGATIVE, not POSITIVE claims. Music? Well...


Liberty Conspiracy - 5-28-14 On Reauthorization of NDAA and Indefinite Dete

Welcome back to the Conspiracy for Liberty! Thanks for finding us! In this program, we feature an analysis of the National Defense Authorization Act, which was recently RE-authorized the evening that folks were starting their Memorial Day sojourns. Nothing like keeping the story out of peoples' eyes. It's a dangerous law that continues to breach the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Amendments, and allows the President to hold people without trial -- as long as he desires. It also gives him the...


Liberty Conspiracy - 5-19-14 - Fake Congressional Concern over NSA Spying,

The title says it pretty well! This updates us on how members of Congress are attempting to look concerned over NSA spying, even as they work on making corporations do it. We also look at a recent move by the Supreme Court that again shows that the majority of the justices are not interested in defending your right to keep and bear arms. And we look at the libertarian approach to selling sex. Music includes Supertramp "Bloody Well Right", The New Bomb Turks "Gotta, Gotta Sinking Feeling"...


Liberty Conspiracy - 5-7-14 - Portraying Victims of Govt Agression as The A

Big thanks for listening! The title and intro say it all! Music in this show includes new material by Mayer Hawthorne "Her Favorite Song", The Psychedelic Furs "Soap Commercial", Mayer Hawthorne "Crime" (another new one), Miles Kane "Inhaler", and Mayer Hawthorne "Ally Jones". Hope you dig it all! Be Seeing You!


Liberty Conspiracy - 3-28-14 On the Towering Hypocrisy of Feinstein, Pelosi

The title says it all! Lots of good information in here about their double standards (with audio evidence of said hypocrisy), and background on the FISA Courts vs the 4th Amendment! Music: minimal in this one. We open with Cheap Trick, of course, and their great song "Dream Police", and use some music from the Demons (Stockholm) and Girls Against Boys between segments, and close with The Fatima Mansions "Loyalizer"! Hope you like! Watch for our video news updates soon, and our upcoming...

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-4-14 On Mt. Gox Bankruptcy, Bad WSJ Reporting, Claim

Lots-a information in this here production, amigos y amigas. We think you'll like it. We begin by reading a report on the Mt. Gox Bitcoin theft and subsequent bankruptcy, and while reading it, we observe an opinion inserted by the reporters that indicates their belief that central banking and "regulation" are things to be lauded, that with them come stability and "bailouts". Interesting combination there. From that point, we discuss the claims made by a politician named Elizabeth Warren...


Liberty Conspiracy - 2-22-14 - Guest Stephen M. Smith on The Jones Act, Roc

Welcome back! Great thoughts from Stephen Smith are featured in this podcast, and we would like to thank Stephen for his work and his time chatting with us on the show! In this program, Stephen discusses (as the title indicates) the story BEHIND a holdup of rock salt at a Maine port. He explains that the problem goes back to a 1920 federal law, and what was behind that law. Given the forces that pushed for the law to pass, what economic lessons can we uncover? GREAT work by Stephen! Visit...


Liberty Conspiracy - 2-14-14 NSA Spying Leads to Drone-Killing of Innocent

The title says a lot, and we hope you like the program! In this one, Gardner Goldsmith looks at the recent revelation that the NSA meta-data program was used to kill innocent people overseas, and he and Furb discuss the history of gun registration, confiscation and genocide. You can decide for yourself if those who were stripped of their firearms might have had higher chances of survival if they had kept them. Music includes Grinderman "Honey Bee", Public Enemy "You're Gonna get Yours" and...


Liberty Conspiracy - 2-4-14 On Nullification - Both Constitutional and Pers

Welcome back! In this special program, we expand on our discussion of nullification, looking at it from an historical POV, a Constitutional POV, and in a broader moral sense -- personal nullification. Gardner Goldsmith delves into the history of nullification in the US, the ability of the federal branches to nullify each branch, the ability of states to nullify, and the ability of citizens on juries to nullify. Then he takes it further, looking at why leftists are so afraid of state...


Liberty Conspiracy - 2-1-14 Guest Stephen M. Smith Discusses Noticeable Tre

Welcome back to the Conspiracy! In this production El G Grande doffs his cap to the mighty Stephen M. Smith, whose excellent blogs at the former Beginner's Guide to Freedom site were remarkable for their clarity and insight. Stephen's been a great friend to the Conspiracy, and this time, he and Gard talk about what seems to be a growing trend: Pop Media attacks on libertarians and libertarianism itself. You might have noticed the same. In fact, your own stories to contribute! We hope you...


Liberty Conspiracy - 1-28-14 A Conversation with Author JD Brink!

Welcome back! In this production, we offer a little diversion from the daily grind of political-economics, and seize the opportunity to talk to writer JD Brink, whose new collection, "A Long Walk Down a Dark Alley" is now available in paperback, electronic and audio formats! Gard talks to JD about the book and his writing, what got him into writing fiction, and what publishing is like today! AND we offer a little sample of the audiobook, to INSPIRE ya to get to Amazon or Audible dot com and...