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Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.

Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.
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Libertarian variety show with no illusions of a hopeful outcome to this politics stuff.




Episode 8 - More immigration, inequality and media bias chart

1. Intro - Dat One Wind 2. Internet sales tax - prices will increase, sales will decrease, businesses will go bankrupt 4. Child detention pictures from 2014 but nobody cares 5. media bias chart 5a. The true...


Episode 7 - Zero tolerance immigration policy, Yemen - the real crisis

1. Intro - That One Wind 2. Trump’s Zero Tolerance Policy and separating families 3. Examining the Facebook posts about immigration 4. Liberals have no moral ground to stand on. 9 years of silence on war in the middle east. 5. Conservatives weak counter in the media about abortion. 6. Voluntaryism is different from the left AND right because it has a coherent theory underneath. 7. I think that welfare states are different than communism. 8. I’m not an atheist 9. Abortion is an...


Episode 6 - CNN/MSNBC/HUFFPO - immigrant children, Yemen, etc

1. Intro - Dat one wind 2. Immigrant children separated from their families via cnn, msnbc, huffpo 3. Trump! Trump! Trump! Dominates every MSNBC headline 4. UN holds private session, rejects plan for Yemen ceasefire. 8.5 million innocent people hang in the balance 5. More news, talk about why the left abaondoned the anti-war game 6. outro - “The Beast”


Episode 4 - North Korea summit, legalizing weed??, net neutrality

1. Intro - dat one wind 2. North Korea - US summit 3. Legalizing weed? STATES act 4. Net neutrality 5. GDPR 6. Outro - Spanish hits


Football, Cakes and Marshmallows and FREEEEEEEDOMMMMM!?!

1. Intro - Dat one wind 2. Kate spade suicide 3. Whitehouse cancel annual celebration of NFL Superbowl Champions 3.5 Black lives matter and the war on drugs 4. Supreme court upholds Christian baker’s right to not bake a cake for gay wedding 5. Marshmallow test not debunked despite what says 6. Outro - We all frontin


Episode 3 - I want the robots to take our jobs!

1. Intro - dat one wind shawty 2. Eviscerate Bill Gates about his silly ideas regarding taxing businesses for automating work. 3. Some thoughts on future show topics 4. Cryptocurrency roundup 5. Are we definitely in a bubble? Maybe Hayek wouldn’t agree. 6. Outro beat - Elegance


Episode 2 - The big 3 - War, Drugs and Money

0. Intro - Dat One Wind Shawty 1. recapped last episode, sort of 2. i want to do 30 minute podcasts 3. Go over some big topics that I want to do future episodes on 4. Why do I think money matters? (fake out, I actually talk about war for a while) 4.5. How did I originally become open to free market ideas? 5. WAR - What is it good for?? 6. DRUGS - should be legal 7. MONEY $$$$$ - End The Fed! 8. Outro - Fire.mpthreeeeeeeee


No Hope - Episode 1 - Rosanne gets fired, No-brainwashing tutorial, Lists of good podcasts

1. Music intro - “Dat one wind shawty” 2. Who am I? 3. Why am I doing this? 4. My favorite podcasts 5. More about my favorite podcasts 6. How to stay entertained but never brainwashed - a full proof system 7. I am a voluntaryist aka anarchocapitalist aka libertarian 8. Free Talk Live 9. Am I a global warming skeptic? 10. I have a f******* PhD in Physics 11. Liars and the wars in the middle east 12. Short podcast intros are good 13. *Live musical interlude 14. Shoutout to Owen...