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Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.

Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.
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Through conversations and interviews, Christine Koh + Asha Dornfest offer inspiration and tactics to help you edit the unnecessary from your life so you’ve got room to enjoy the awesome.




Episode 130: Stretched Too Thin

When author Jessica Turner surveyed over 2,000 working moms about the pain points in their lives, the phrase that kept coming up was “stretched too thin.” As a working mom she certainly identified with that feeling, and out of those data and her own experience came her new book Stretched Too Thin: How Workings Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive (Revell, September 2018). In Episode 130 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine interviews Jessica about the power of...


Episode 129: How to Teach Kids Life Skills

Summer is the ideal time for your kids to learn real-world life skills no matter how old they are. And judging by the viral popularity of our recent “100 Life Skills You Can Teach Your Kids in 5 Minutes or Less” list, people want to get started. In Episode 129 of the Edit Your Life podcast, Christine and Asha follow up on their list with practical tips for how to teach kids life skills. They talk about the importance of frustration tolerance, how to nudge to reluctant kids to learn, the...


Episode 128: Prioritizing Joy + Optimism

The news cycle has been relentless and painful, which is all the more reason that it’s important to do give yourself a little space to settle into something good. In Episode 128 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews novelist Katherine Center. Christine and Katherine talk about Katherine’s latest New York Times bestselling book, How To Walk Away, the human condition, positive vs. negative valence theory as it relates to fiction, why prioritizing happiness and joy matters, women writers,...


Episode 127: Everyday Relationship Tips

When you’re in a relationship, there’s a tendency to fall into patterns and assume that things stay constant. But the reality is, relationships reflect a collection of human and situational variables that change over time and require continued love, care, and evaluation. In Episode 127 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 8 tactics that will help you self-reflect and make everyday communication tweaks to navigate the changing variables of your relationship, and remember to have fun...


Episode 126: Managing Summer Screen Time

Screen time poses a challenge for most families, but even more so during the summer, when school structure falls away and many kids’ free time (good!) defaults to being filled with “zombie” electronics (bad!). Simplistic, catch-all rules ignore the fact that managing screen time is complicated. In Episode 126 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha acknowledge the complexity of our ever-changing relationship with electronics. They talk about what has worked (and what hasn’t) in their...


Episode 125: Serendipity Space [Rebroadcast]

What is serendipity space? It’s the practice of mindfully leaving (and creating!) pockets of space in your schedule. In Episode 125 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha rebroadcast one of their earliest episodes, during which they talk about serendipity space (a term they coined in Minimalist Parenting) and share tactics for how to create it in your life in order to reduce stress, foster creativity, and encourage spontaneity. + + + + + + Every week, Edit Your Life shares practical ideas...


Episode 124: How To Create Your Village

When you’re swamped by the demands of work and early parenting, it can feel like finding your community is just another chore on an endless to-do list. And yet it’s during those early years when you most need support! In Episode 124 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha respond to a listener who isn’t sure how to begin building community around her family. They offer big picture + practical recommendations for how to create your village, starting with activities that are already part of...


Episode 123: Spring Check-In

When they’re not writing or recording, Christine and Asha are doing a bunch of other things, including navigating things like home projects, kid schedules, relationships, and self-care. In Episode 123 of Edit Your Life, they take a break from lifestyle editing practicalities and share what’s top of mind for them this spring. + + + + + Every week, Edit Your Life shares practical ideas for decluttering your home, schedule, and mental space without getting bogged down by perfection. Hosts...


Episode 122: Helping Teens Thrive

Let’s flip the script on parenting teens and focus on the beauty and satisfaction of this intense time. In Episode 122 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews Dr. Ken Ginsburg, co-director of the newly formed Center for Parent and Teen Communication at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Christine and Ken bust myths and misconceptions about teen motivations and attitudes and they talk about how to help teens embrace self-determination as parents transition toward mentorship....


Episode 121: Choosing the Right College

How to choose the right college? If approaching that question feels daunting, don’t miss this surprising, practical, deeply comforting episode. In Episode 121 of Edit Your Life, Asha interviews Lisa Heffernan, co-founder of Grown & Flown, a blog about parenting 15-25 year old kids through high school, college, and beyond. Asha and Lisa talk big-picture-to-nitty-gritty about the elusive notion of “college fit,” what really brings kids success (hint: it's not the college's reputation or...


Episode 120: Feed Our Democracy

The results of the 2016 presidential election kicked off a remarkable wave of activism, with record numbers of women running for office and people becoming more active at the city, state, and federal levels. In Episode 120 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews Isabel Kallman, one of the co-founders of the recently launched Feed Our Democracy. Christine and Isabel talk about the magic of activating around food, how to choose an issue when you’re overwhelmed, the incredible power of teens,...


Episode 119: Modeling Imperfection [Rebroadcast]

Last week’s episode on coping with parenting and work overwhelm clearly touched a nerve for many listeners; part of the overwhelm being related to persistent, nagging anxiety about not being able to do things “right.” But there’s a lot of power in periodic stumbles and falls, and, often, positive surprises as a result. In Episode 119 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha rebroadcast 8 tips for modeling imperfection, and share how their respective journeys embracing and modeling...


Episode 118: Coping With Parenting + Work Overwhelm

“What is wrong with me and why can’t I get it together?” These are among the heartbreaking questions recently sent in by a listener who feels that she is routinely falling short juggling the demands of work + parenting a toddler. In Episode 118 of Edit Your Life, Asha talks about this letter with licensed mental health counselor Jonathan Baxter. They discuss the gulf between life balance expectations and reality, the toxicity of comparison, separating who you are from what’s happening in...


Episode 117: Media & Entertainment Favorites, Vol. 4

As much as we love diving deep and reflectively into topics, it’s time for something light and fun! In Episode 117 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha talk about what they’re reading, watching, and listening to right now (including a cake-related Instagram account). And they’d love to hear what you’re enjoying too! + + + + + Every week, Edit Your Life shares practical ideas for decluttering your home, schedule, and mental space without getting bogged down by perfection. Hosts Christine...


Episode 116: Tackling Challenges + Insecurities

Facing challenges makes us stronger, but that doesn’t mean it feels great in the moment. Hard things are...hard. No matter how many successes we’ve had in the past, many of us still struggle with self-doubt. How do we respond? In Episode 116 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha talk about their own battles with insecurity and imposter syndrome. They share 7 practical tips for tackling life’s challenges with confidence, or, at least, with self-compassion. + + + + + Every week, Edit Your...


Episode 115: How To Help Kids Through Tragic Events

Like most families in America, we’re processing our heartbreak, anger, and confusion in the wake of the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. We’re also grappling with how to help our kids deal with the news. How do we talk to them about school shootings, violence, and other tragic events, especially given that many of them are already talking about it amongst themselves? And how do we communicate with younger kids about safety without terrifying...


Episode 114: Gender Identity 101

Language naturally evolves over time, but it can also be challenging, especially around (politicized) topics such as gender identity. In Episode 114 of Edit Your Life, Christine interviews Casey Brown about gender identity, language, and parenting. They talk about Casey’s gender identity journey over the last 17 years, the importance of giving kids room around gender identity, how kids are often more comfortable than adults when talking about gender, “pronouns 101,” and how compassionately...


Episode 113: Non-Judgy Food Tips For Families

Most of us want to eat healthy family meals and prepare them with a minimum of fuss and expense. That said, not all of us like to cook, and not all of our kids like to eat what we cook. Even those of us who enjoy cooking don’t always have the time. Real life is messy, no matter what our shiny cookbooks and social media feeds say. In Episode 113 of Edit Your Life, Asha interviews Stacie Billis, managing editor of Cool Mom Eats and author of the cookbook Make It Easy. Listening to Stacie...


Episode 112: Cookbooks We Love

In a recent episode, we suggested revisiting your cookbooks as a way to reset your dinnertime routines. The resulting listener conversation after that episode was so lively and animated...clearly, we’re not the only ones would could use some inspiration in the kitchen. So we decided to devote more episodes to talking about food! In Episode 112 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share 7 cookbooks they’re loving right now. Their recommendations span new cookbooks to old classics, entrees...


Episode 111: Tackling Adult Life Planning Basics

One of the challenges of adulting includes tackling hard-but-necessary adult tasks, like making a will, buying insurance, and saving for retirement. We know these big jobs are important, but they can be so intimidating it’s tempting to keep putting them off...forever. This episode is for anyone who gets anxious about these tasks, or who doesn’t know how to begin. In Episode 111 of Edit Your Life, Christine and Asha share own experiences tackling adult life planning basics. They go on to...