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Listen in to whats going on in education and what really matters for our students and economy. Local education experts speak to you about the hot topics and what you need to know... because Education Matters.

Listen in to whats going on in education and what really matters for our students and economy. Local education experts speak to you about the hot topics and what you need to know... because Education Matters.
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Hickory, NC


Listen in to whats going on in education and what really matters for our students and economy. Local education experts speak to you about the hot topics and what you need to know... because Education Matters.






Education Matters in Catawba Valley Catawba Valley Community College 2550 Highway 70 SE Hickory, NC 28602 828-327-7000 4851


Education Matters 31: NC Works Certified Work Ready Communities

Special Guests: Wendy Johnson, Director of Workforce Development, Western Piedmont Council of Governments 828.485.4273 Adrian Tait, Director, High Country Workforce Development Board 828.265.5434x130 Jeanne Turner-Simms, Career & Technical Education Coordinator, Hickory Public Schools 828.322.2855 Websites & Resources Certified Work Ready Communities NC Chamber...

Education Matters 30: Ensuring That NC is #1 in Workforce

The North Carolina Community College System embarked on a strategic planning initiative called Align4NCWorks to secure North Carolina’s role as a national leader in workforce development through collaboration, innovation and local impact. The plan is to connect with and build on the Governor’s NCWorks initiative, Jobs Plan and other state efforts, while drawing on the models and ingenuity of local communities. Best practices that are scalable have been identified in both parts of the...

Education Matters 29: Catawba Careers & Hot Job Videos!

Catawba Careers is an innovative video driven website created as a new media option to post and advertise career opportunities in the Catawba Valley. The website features Hot Job! Videos specific to local positions featuring people who are currently working for area businesses. These videos are designed to appeal to young adults in high school, college, and beyond. The intention is to bring a greater awareness of our local companies and the positions available with links to the education...

Education Matters 28: Young Professionals Making An Impact

Hickory Young Professionals recently recognized the Top 10 Under 40 in Catawba County. Education Matters hosts Tracy Hall Todd Ashworth welcome as in-studio guests 2 of those 10 young professionals (Lindsay Keisler Heather Benfield) who are making a positive impact in their careers as well as their community. Find out why they were chosen for this honor and the ways that they would like to see other young professionals get involved in education and community leadership roles. Websites...

Education Matters: Connecting Kids to Careers & College

Education Matters is back and now in full implementation. This episode's guests have been working diligently to implement the innovative ways we are connecting students from 8th grade to 12th grade to local career opportunities, while helping them to be aware of the training and education needed for those jobs. Special Guests: Trina Williams, Career Technical Coordinator for Hickory Public Schools Jeanne Turner Simms, Career Development Coordinator for Hickory...

Education Matters 26: Empowering Women for the Workforce

Women in North Carolina face many challenges in the areas of economic security/poverty, health/well-being, employment/earnings and political participation. The Women's Resource Center works to imporve lives and empower women through workforce development, advocacy, enrichment programs and community partnerships. They serve wormen and families in Alexander, Burke, Caldwell and Catawba. Special Co-host: Wanda Horvath, Counselor for Students with Disabilities and Special Programs at CVCC....


Education Matters 25: Apprenticeship Catawba

Apprenticeship Catawba is an exciting new partnership between local advanced manufacturers, Catawba and Alexander County schools and Catawba Valley Community College. Did you know jobs in Mechatronics and Computer Integrated Machining are in demand? Would you: Enjoy a career working with robots, computer aided design or electronics? Want an oportunity for a college scholarship and NO student loans? Want to take a college classes your junior and senior years in high school at no cost to...

Education Matters 23: Career Readiness

Did you know that high school seniors across North Carolina have the opportunity to earn a NC Career Readiness Certificate (CRC), aportable skills credential powered by theACT National Career Readiness Certification? This credential gives employers and students a uniform, standard, objective measure of key workplace skills. It certifies that a person has the skills that aretransferablebetween industry sectors and across jobs within a sector. North Carolina is one of eight states across the...

Education Matters 20: Graduation: Hopes, Fears and the Future!

The time is now! What do you do, where do you go and how do you get there? Tracy and Lamar welcome local seniors to the table as they tell us what is going through their heads just days before graduation! Special Guests: Shaquille Smith, Senior from Hickory Career Arts Magnet Runy Lee, Senior from Challenger Early College High School Austin Fry, Senior from Newton Conover High School Lynsey Braim, Senior from Newton Conover High School For more information: Challenger High School...

Education Matters 19: Great Opportunities in Healthcare

We welcome Sonya Fleming, Director of Organizational Learning at Catawba Valley Medical Center( andTonja Pool, Catawba Valley Community College Program Director of Emergency Medical Science ( as we discuss the opportuinities in Healthcare education! More than doctors and nurses... the possibilities are endless! For more information: Catawba Valley Medical Center Catawba Valley Community College

Education Matters 17: Entrepreneurship & Small Business Start Ups

What is entrepreneurship? And how does it help the economy? Joining hosts Tracy Hall and Lamar Mitchell this episode, are Gary Muller (Department Head of Business Programs and Coordinator of the Jobs Creation Center at Catawba Valley Community College) and Jeff Neuville (Director of the Small Business Center at CVCC). They discuss entrepreneurship initiatives on the high school and college levels, and talk about the programs at CVCC that prepares students to enter the business world. For...

Education Matters 16: Conover Station and Manufacturing Solutions Center: A

Some innovations in manufacturing have come to Conover, NC that are opening the door for unique educational opportunities for area students. Dan St. Louis Donald Duncan sit down with hosts Tracy Hall and Lamar Mitchell to discuss these developments and how the public and private sectors worked together to bring about the Conover Station and Manufacturing Solutions Center. For more information

Education Matters 15: Anti-bullying Initiatives in Catawaba County Schools

The Education Matters podcast welcomes Dr. Dan Brigman, Catawba County Schools Superintendent and Kathryn Nelson, junior at Fred T. Foard High School and Girl Scout to discuss some major initatives going on in our school systems to help combat bullying. See the details below to get more information! Rachel's Challenge: Stand Up Speak Out in Catawba County:

Education Matters 14: Celebrating Diversity

Now is the time to "Celebrate Cultural Diversity"! Join Tracy and Lamar as they welcome their guests,Idris Stover, Vice President Manager for BBT's Affirmative Action Diversity Programs andSteve O. Hunt, Executive Director for CVCC's Office of Multicultural Affairs, to this latest episode of Education Matters. You can find out more at: BBT's Diversity Statement CVCC Office of Multicultural...

Education Matters 13: Get the Not Out of Your Life - Future Workforce Allia

This episode, Education Matters is proud to present a new campaign by the Future Workforce Alliance called "Get NOT Out of Your Life". FWA intends to significantly increase the percentage of working-aged adults who attain degrees, earn certificates, or complete other advanced training beyond high school that has a direct relevance to the region's workforce. Listen in as Lamar and Tracy are joined for further info by some key players in this initiative and learn what you can do to assist...

Education Matters 12: Art Education - Creativity, Careers & Innovation

When schools look at streamlining their budgets the Arts are often the first programs cut. In studio today with hosts Tracey Hall Lamar Mitchell are two folks with some thoughts on why keeping the Arts around is vital to having a complete, well-rounded education. Kim Ellington, Director of the Potters Workshop, discusses how the pottery traditions of Catawba County influence Art Education while Brian Morris, Department Head for Applied Fine Arts at Catawba Valley Community College, talks...


Education Matters 11: Classrooms of the Future

As usual, the Education Matters team addresses the major topics in Catawba County education. Join us this episode as we welcome Dr. Garrett Hinshaw, President of CVCC, Dr. Walter Hart, Superintendent, Hickory Public Schools, and Dr. David Stegall, Associate Superintendent, Newton-Conover Schools to the microphones. The guests today have a vested interest in the future of education and feel a lot depends on the community involvement through local businesses. The importance of partnerships...


Education Matters 10: Internships and Apprenticeships

Education Matters goes outside their norm this month by bringing on some unique guests students! Tracy and Lamar welcome Logan and Jacob from local high schools to speak about their current internship and apprenticeship. Is it guiding them to their ideal career path? Or does the real world intimidate students? Sharon Turner, the Career Development Coordinator for Catawba County Schools, steps in to explain the benefits of programs like these and how local businesses are not only helping...


Education Matters 9: Nontraditional & Unique Learning

In this episode of Education Matters your hosts Tracy Hall and Lamar Mitchell invite guests Trina Williams, Career and Technical Education Coordinator for Hickory Public Schools, and Geoff Crosson, The Discovery High School English Department Chair for Newton-Conover City Schools, to discuss the growing trend of the nontraditional high schools who create a unique learning environment to both cultivate and educate the youth of the Catawba Valley. These educational institutions include...


Education Matters 8: Education Matters Extreme STEM Tour

This episode of Education Matters brings a round table discussion featuring your hosts Tracy Hall and Lamar Mitchell with guests Dale Mull, president of Flowers Baking Company in Newton, NC; Carol Moore, science curriculum coordinator of Catawba County schools; and Karen Cale, career and technical education director for Catawba County schools. These panelists engage in a discussion involved the recent Education Matters Extreme STEM Tour that took place in Catawba County during the month of...