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How to eat mindfully with Francine Russell

When we're rushing through our day, we're often unaware of what we're eating and view food as fuel. By slowing down and eating mindfully, we can gain a new appreciation of our meals and where the food comes from. In this episode, Francine Russell explains how we can eat more mindfully and reclaim our mealtimes. Music "Summer in my Heart" by Adam Drake and Tom Jenkins (Audionetwork).


Matt Haig on why modern life is making us stressed

We're very excited to be joined by author Matt Haig for the latest episode to chat about his new book! Notes on a Nervous Planet is the follow up to Matt's best-selling book Reasons to Stay Alive, which covered his experiences of anxiety and depression. One of his recent books, How to Stop Time, is set to be made into a movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch. In this episode, we talk to Matt about why modern life seems designed to stress us out and how we need to find ways to...


Discover your yoga confidence with Charlene Lim

Ever been to a yoga class and felt intimidated by other people there? Do you struggle to find your yoga confidence? In the latest episode of the In The Moment Magazine podcast, Sarah Orme and Katharine Bennett chat to Charlene Lim of Trika Yoga to learn how to find your yoga mojo and how to cope with the issue of competitiveness in yoga classes. Charlene Lim is a regular contributor to In The Moment Magazine and our go-to expert for all things yoga! You can follow Charlene on Instagram...


Music and mindfulness with Laura Wright

What do mindfulness and opera have in common? More than you might think! In the latest In The Moment podcast, we speak to the Queen's favourite opera singer Laura Wright to find out how she uses music to stay calm under pressure. Soprano Laura often performs at major sporting events including the Rugby World Cup and the Grand National, but she's also performed at the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations in 2016. During her career, she's had to learn to manage her stress and mindfulness has...


Episode 6 – Lily Pebbles talks about the F word (friendship)

Blogger, Youtuber and author Lily Pebbles joins us on the latest In The Moment Magazine podcast to talk about the highs and lows of female friendship and her new book, The F Word. Lily was inspired to write the book because her female friendships have always been such an important part of her life. "It's a subject I've always felt passionate about," she says. "I kept a diary from the age of 10-16 and whenever I read it back it's so hilarious. I thought a book would be the perfect place to...


Episode 4 – Giving up sugar with Hannah Bellis

When self-confessed sugar addict Hannah Bellis went to the doctor about her skin, she was surprised when she was advised to cut the sweet stuff out of her diet. But, as Hannah found, quitting sugar was easier said than done. Find out how she got on in the latest In The Moment podcast! If you'd like to give some sugar free recipes a go, we've got a couple of great ones on the blog which you can try: Sugar free peanut butter snack bars recipe: Sugar free...


Episode 3 – How to feed your brain with nutritionist Christine Bailey

Christine Bailey, author of The Brain Boost Diet Plan, talks to Sarah Orme and Kate Bennett about what to eat to keep your brain healthy. Most diets focus on your body, so we were excited to hear about a diet that's designed to supercharge your brain. In this podcast, we're talking about what to eat when you're feeling stressed and tired and which foods can help you to stay mentally sharp. Head over to to try recipes from Christine's new book. Feta, olive and herb muffin...


Episode 2 – Making a foraged Christmas feast with Rachel de Thample

In the second In The Moment Magazine podcast, we spoke to Rachel de Thample about how she gathered and grew the ingredients for a very unusual Christmas feast – and discovered a love of foraging in the process. Rachel says: "The idea came to me after I'd finished writing Less Meat More Veg. I think sometimes when you finish a project, you crave the intensity of something new." Rachel decided that she wanted to focus on making a meal and the Christmas dinner seemed the ideal choice: "It...


Episode 1 – Find your inner granny

In the first episode of the In The Moment Magazine podcast, we meet Rebecca Sullivan, author of The Art of the Natural Home, to find out what's inspired her to live a more natural life. Find some free extracts from Rebecca's blog on the website: