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All About That Peace Out Money #041

Imagine that you have a well paying job but otherwise it sucks and you wish you could leave. And now imagine that an amazing opportunity comes along for you to start your dream business- that thing you’ve always wanted to do, but the problem is that you know you won’t be able to pay yourself for a solid year. What you need is peace out money to keep you afloat! Or maybe some family or health issues have come up and you want to be able to spend time with family, or maybe you just want to take...


Jumping on a Low Cost Cell Phone Plan #040

Most folks are paying more than twice as much as they need to for cell phone service! The biggest reason for that is because they haven't shopped around- they're blindly paying the overpriced plans from 5 years ago. The average monthly cell phone bill is $73 and by the end of this episode, you’ll know how to get that down drastically- closer to the $25 per month mark which is the new golden standard. Plus, you’ll be able to do that without having to be on a massive friends and family plan...


How to Save on a Phone Upgrade #039

The newest iPhones that were just released are anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 - that is a ton of money!!! With all the different functions and duties that our smartphones are able to perform, it’s no surprise that the prices are continuing to climb but don't pay full price! Regardless if you’re getting the latest and greatest iPhone release, or if you’re buying last year’s Moto, you want to be getting a deal. In this episode we cover a bunch of different ways to save on your phone upgrade...


You Need to Freeze Your Credit! #038

After the Equifax data breach where 148 million people’s personal information was compromised, it's especially easy to see how vulnerable we are as consumers. So now more than ever, is the time to freeze your credit! A new federal law has made it completely free to freeze and thaw your credit, so you don't have any more excuses. In this episode we talk about why this is so important, we cover what a freeze does (and what it doesn't do), and then we tell you exactly how to do it. Seriously...


Timing the Stock Market #037

You feel rich! The stock market is up and you might be wondering if now is the time to sell. Even if you don’t keep up with any financial news, you’ve likely heard how we’re in the longest running, bull market in US history. Your investment portfolio is looking pretty fat because you’ve purchased low and now it’s time to sell high- that’s how the old adage goes right? Or at the very least maybe you shouldn’t continue to invest because we’re at the peak, the top of the market, right? But then...


Lesser Known Credit Card Benefits #036

Let's talk about lesser known credit card benefits! Did you know that with a credit card you might already use, you have access to $600 worth of cell phone insurance that is already baked into the card? Or that some credit cards will reimburse you up to $500 if something you purchased drops in price and you make a claim within 90 days? There are countless hidden benefits that credit cards offer- and you need to know they even exist before you can benefit from them so be sure to have a...


Creating a Dope Side Hustle #035

Who doesn’t want to earn more money?! In a time where we’ve seen wage growth stagnation, workers want to make more or in some cases, they can’t seem to get out of the cycle of living from paycheck to paycheck. Side hustles are the answer! There are lots of pros and cons which we cover, but not all side hustles are created equal. In our new sharing or gig economy, oftentimes the default response to just go drive for Uber or Lyft, or even charge Bird scooters- but we argue that these are dead...


Cutting Your Grocery Bill Like Crazy #034

Americans spend WAY too much on groceries! After housing and transportation, we spend more money on food than anything else- close to 15% of our expenses. On a recent episode Matt mentioned how his family eats on $1 per person per meal, and so we figured it was time to spend an entire episode discussing how you can cut your grocery bill like crazy! If you’re not really into cooking we give some very easy and helpful tips that you can start trying out today, but we also talk about some more...


Is Financial Independence a Good Goal? #033

Financial independence - what does that even mean and should you be pursuing it?! Chances are you've heard us mention it before on the show, but we finally dedicate an entire episode to what financial independence is all about. We also discuss what it's NOT all about. For instance, is retirement the same thing as financial independence? Be sure to listen to the entire episode and you'll be able to easily calculate when you'll be financially independent. And at the beginning of this episode...


Listener Question: Life Insurance #032

Nobody ever talks about life insurance, so naturally, we’re doing an episode on it! While likely the least sexy aspect of personal finance, it’s incredibly important- especially if you have loved ones who are dependent on you, and the income you earn. This week we’re answering a listener’s question as he specifically asks if he has enough life insurance in place, as well as how important is his age when it comes to his annual premiums. These are some awesome questions (thanks Josh) so listen...


You Gotta Invest in what You Know #031

We talk a lot about real estate investing on the show. However, if that’s not your thing then don’t worry about real estate- it is not necessary to build wealth. Just be sure that you’re investing somewhere, in something, and it’s so important that you invest in what you know! In this episode we cover some alternative ways to invest your money, as a way to get you thinking creatively and strategically when it comes to investing so that you can earn over 10% while feeling more fulfilled at...


Your House is an Awful Investment #030

“Don’t rent, you’re just throwing away money. Buy a house instead, it’s a great investment!” - says almost everyone who purchases a home. It’s often accepted as a gospel truth that purchasing a home as a primary residence is always a great investment. This is just not true. We promise you, unless you’re house hacking, chances are your house makes an awful investment. It could possibly be a good lifestyle choice, maybe a great decision for you and your family, or perhaps you're getting a...


The Scoop on Micro Investing Apps #029

Micro investing apps- you know they exist but now its time to learn what they're all about and whether or not you should be doing it. These apps are amazing in that they can get people investing and saving money in mere minutes. But then there are the downsides. For instance, is the accessibility and ease of use of these apps worth the risk of reacting to financial news and what the market is currently doing? Listen as we discuss some of our favorite apps, go over the pros and cons, and...


Frugality Gives You Options #028

The only way you can save MORE money is by either earning more, or by spending less- and spending less (aka frugality), is a much smarter decision! Don’t be tempted to just work harder and earn more money, because as soon as you stop working, your income stops! Frugality is the better answer. It isn’t restricting, keeping you from spending money on the things you love to do. Instead it’s freeing, and it is all about consciously deciding to not spend money on the things you don’t love, in...


What Makes a Good Rental Property #027

Not all rental properties are created equally- and we’re not just talking about how well they’re built! There are a number of factors to keep in mind when you’re considering purchasing different properties as potential rentals. In this episode we talk about finding a good deal on a property and then we cover our favorite criteria that we like to use to filter out those good deals. We also spend some time talking about the 1% rule and if we feel it’s even still relevant in a hot housing...


The 4th of July! #026

For additional information head over to our site: Pour Not Poor. Cheers!


Listener Question: Saving for My Kid's College #025

This is our first ever listener question that we've addressed on the show - from Mark: “I was wondering about your thoughts on saving for a child’s education. My wife and I both work at colleges (she’s a professor, I’m a counselor) and we’re actually not sure what college will look like in 15 years and what the value proposition will be. Also will our kid(s) even want to go to college? We haven’t made decisions on a 529 or other account but starting to have the discussion. Thanks, fellas!”...


How to Give Away Your Money #024

You’ve worked hard for your money, so you should be able to keep every, single, penny. Right?! Well, aside from taxes, you have every legal right to keep your money- however, we’re here to tell you that you would be better off giving a portion of your money away. Whether that means a simple year-end charitable donation or taking the steps to set up a donor advised fund, there is room in your budget to be a giver. And even if you’re not able or willing to set aside a percentage of your income...


Couples and Money ft. Our Wives #023

Talking about money with your partner can be extremely hard! We’ve all heard funny stories and countless anecdotes of money fights within relationships, but the fact remains that these disagreements often end in broken relationships. This week we have an honest and revealing conversation with our wives about how we talk about and handle our finances as couples. We also had some great questions that were posted in our Facebook group- some specific ones we get to are: And since we recorded...


Good Debt vs Bad Debt #022

Conventional wisdom tells us that getting out of debt is smart. And while generally that might be true, we're here to explain how that approach may not be the best decision for you! Oftentimes keeping low-interest debt around while you're able to invest and maximize your returns elsewhere will easily make the most sense when you're looking at the numbers. In this episode we cover the characteristics of good debt and bad debt, and then we talk through some helpful pointers on how to manage...