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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.


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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Talk For Food – Dr. Wil Spencer, Body Electrician

The practice ~ actually, the business ~ of administering vaccines, particularly to children at the beginning of life, has begun to take on religious proportions, even by scientific proponents, who assert that the “benefits are clear,” and that *no* link exists between the administration of vaccines, and such diseases as autism, and others. So “confident” they are that “the science” … Read more about this episode...


Talk For Food – Keys to Revitalizing Your Water

Adam welcomes MJ Pangman, co-author, with Melanie Evans, of Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, to discuss new insights that have been gained since the book was first introduced in 2011. Pangman also served as editor of The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key; Scientific Evidence of Hexagonal Water and its positive influence on health! by … Read more about this episode...


Talk For Food – Interview with Kean Wong, Producer of Free China

A screening of a new documentary film in Phoenix led to an interview with its Executive Producer. Kean Wong, teamed with Michael Perlman, who wrote and directed, to tell the story of oppression against practitioners of Falun Gong, a meditation exercise system that was enjoyed by an estimated 70 million Chinese citizens. Initially welcomed by the Communist Party leadership, sentiments … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – New Earth Visionary Sacha Stone

In this time of military conflict, viral epidemics, the importance of a healthy, embraceable vision cannot be understated. Yet, leading opinion shapers deliver to the public a steady dose of just the opposite. Militarized local police forces have become “terrorists” in their quest to find “terrorists” in every nook and cranny. In its stubborn reliance on pharmaceutical responses to biological … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Primary Water: Earth’s Greatest Unwrapped Gift

All of this is being done because the general belief in water science (hydrology) is that all potable or “fresh” water available exists either on the Earth’s surface (lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, in the air (clouds), or as ground water (wells and aquifers). The other assumption is that this water is the only water that is available. The specter … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – The Fourth Phase of Water with Gerald Pollack

While we have grown accustomed to treating it as just another chemical compound comprised of (2) Hydrogen and (1) Oxygen atoms, water has always been and will always be more than that. Scientists and academicians have steered clear of any in-depth research on water, for fear that their careers, and abilities to continue to earn a livelihood or maintain “stature” … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – The Reality of G.E.M.

G.E.M. (Golden Energy Machine), is the product of 20 years of self-funded research that was conducted by Judy Beebe after a life-changing mystical experience in 1994. It was a visitation by Nikola Tesla, and involved an out-of-body journey that was followed by numerous visualizations, inspired insights, and new understandings about the nature of energy. Judy began a voracious assault on … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Heart Rhythm, Quantum States and Kinesiology with Dr. Ron Shefi

Dr. Ron Shefi, retired chiropractor and author of Ultimate Healing: Medicine Made Simple, returns in the conclusion of their conversation on Heart Rhythm, an indicator of a “quantum state” condition that affects an individual’s physical health. Ultimate Healing is one of the few sources of information about Heart Rhythm, its importance to physical health, even though it does not represent … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Heart Rhythm: Energetic Key to Physical Health with Dr. Ron Shefi

While the general public is literally being herded into the “insured” rolls on the back of the “Affordable Health Care Act,” few are raising their voice to take umbrage with the system itself which, if judged by its ability to help a sick person get well again, has been broken for quite some time. Why would anyone who understood the … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Dan Nelson, Hydration and the Love Water Foundation

This is the conclusion of Adam’s visit with Dan Nelson, quantum physicist and developer of a highly efficient hydration additive, which he terms “WayBack water.” The importance and potential of hydration to health, and the nature of water are explored further as we begin to realize that water may very well represent the epitome of quantum possibility, where the term … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food- Dan Nelson, Hydration, and the Power of Efficient Water

Water is a subject that is often assumed to be so well understood that few new understandings have found their way from research science to industry, relative to best practices with regard to such matters as disfinfection methods and treatment. As such, our supplies of healthy, life-sustaining water, have dwindled as contamination levels have gradually and steadily risen. Yet, books … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? Part III

Adam brings you the third of a series of recorded conversations with Judy Beebe, author of The Hydrogen Cipher, and discoverer of G.E.M., which stands for “Golden Energy Machine.” In this episode, Ms. Beebe shares and explains insights that she gained from the Prima Materia, a book of alchemy that goes back many centuries. These insights and understandings contributed to … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up? Part II

The idea that the Hydrogen atom, whose atomic number is “1” is the actual representation of God, and agent of all creation, is and will be controversial. Yet, once the kernel of the idea is planted in the mind, its implications begin to germinate, and the implications are profound. That’s why you’ll want to listen to this week’s edition of … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Will the Real ‘God Particle’ Please Stand Up?

The 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded recently to François Englert and Peter Higgs, who first theorized the possible existence of the “boson.” While the scientific community congratulates itself on this so-called “discovery,” at a cost of over $10 billion USD, there is little agreement over what has actually been discovered, what it means, and what possible benefit it … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – MicroGardening Innovator and UFO Blindfold

Ah, San Francisco, City by the Bay. Adam brings you some of the sounds from the streets of San Francisco, captured during his summer road trip of 2013. This one is from Golden Gate Park; a soothing, melodic piece, performed in duet by anonymous musicians on alto saxophone and electric guitar. He couldn’t remember the name, but it’s likely that … Read more about this episode...


Talk For Food- ‘I Say We Bomb Syria,’ Asserts Mr. Obama

You’ll want to listen to this edition of Talk for Food with your heart. Adam’s guests this week are, by proxy, Mr. Barack Obama via the recorded speech he delivered to the country on September 10, 2013, wherein he presented assertions of atrocities perpetuated by forces in Syria, under the auspices of its president, Bashar al-Assad. Also by proxy, Adam … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – The Geopolitics of Drones and Exopolitics of UFOs

First the “drone” subject was about killing “wayward” American citizens, without due process, on foreign soil. Is it any wonder that now the discussion has finally come around to the government’s “right” to target and kill American citizens at home? Let’s face it; drone attacks aren’t designed to give anything to anyone. They take: either information, or lives. Adam asks, … Read more about this episode...

Talk for Food – When a Government ‘Hits’ its Citizens

The Department of Justice Attorney General Eric Holder recently instructed his department to explain to the American public the legal basis for targeting American citizens to be assassinated by drone fire. The result was a 16-page White Paper titled, “The Lawfulness of a Lethal Operation Directed Against a U.S. Citizen Who Is a Senior Operational Leader of Al-Qa’ida or an … Read more about this episode...


Talk for Food – Posthumous Wisdom: Joe Blankenship Reveals the True, Forgotten Power of Gold

Joe Blankenship is another little-known unheralded American treasure who worked with many of the greatest scientists and thinkers of our time. Edward Teller, Ralp Bergstresser (close associate of Nikola Tesla), Zacharia Sitchin, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are among the many luminaries who influenced, or were influenced by Joe Blankenship, who developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the history and … Read more about this episode...

Talk for Food – Ralph Ring and the Infinite Power of Natural Law

We love our technology. In fact, we define ourselves, as well as our culture and civilization, on the basis of technological advancements that appear as magic to the world of even 50 years ago. At the same time we’ve turned away from nature, all virtually all things natural, all at a dear price that many continue to play, but few … Read more about this episode...