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Season 1 Blew Its Load

That's right, Season 1 has officially come to an end. It has climaxed...reached its peak...blown it's metaphorical load. Now its owners, Bowie and Tristan, need time to recover. The two discuss plans for next season and part with two final sex stories of the week.


Episode 20: First Date Success for Swingers

Bowie and Tristan talk about how to prepare for a first date and the importance of clear communication with your partner to ensure success from the start. From planning the first date, to meeting the new couple, to deciding whether or not to have sex, to transitions, we cover all of the important points including extra tips to consider. Bowie and Tristan also discuss their first date, mishaps, and other stories to round out this episode.


Episode 19: Taking Breaks & Slut Self Care

Tristan is taking a temporary break from dating/polyamory and Bowie is coming out of a break from swinging...this episode is all about recharging your slut batteries! There are all kinds of reasons to take a break from swinging, polyamory, dating, kink, BDSM, and other slutty stuff. We explore why sluts take breaks, how to know when it is time to take a break, why to take a break, and how/when to get back into the swing of things.


Episode 18: Sweet & Sensual Vanilla Sex

Bowie and Tristan start this week's episode off with vanilla sex stories of the week followed by lots of discussion on vanilla sex. What is vanilla sex, what does it look like, why is it so good, and what role does communication play in making vanilla sex even better? These questions and more are explored in depth in this week's episode.


Episode 17: Kinks, Fetishes, & BDSM

Bowie and Tristan talk about their experiences with kink, BDSM, and fetishes and the stories of how the two developed their kinky interests. The two discuss Domination/submission (D/s), bondage, imact play, age play, role play, anal sex, water sports, electro play, and more! The episode concludes with hot kinky sex stories of the week!


Episode 16: Popping our Porn Cherry!

Bowie and Tristan discuss their experience having their first porn shoot and forming a porn collective. The two have joined up with Miss Ennellete Phiori, Clover, Nicky, and Fera to form a porn collective that will be producing consent-based, feminist-informed, sexy as hell porn videos and content.


Episode 15: How To & Tips for Bringing Up Non-Monogamy

Have you been thinking about opening your relationship but don't know how to bring it up to your partner? This is the episode for you. Tristan and Bowie give several different ideas of how to bring up the topic in a variety of ways as well as a bunch of tips for how to try out non-monogamy in non-threatening ways without actually opening the relationship.


Episode 14: Butt Stuff with Pro Domme Miss Ennellette

Disclaimer: This episode contains descriptive language and content on the topic of anal sex. This week Pro Domme Miss Ennellette Phiori joins Tristan and Bowie to talk about giving and receiving anal sex. Tristan and Ennellette gush over their shared love of giving anal and Ennellette and Bowie describe their love of receiving double penetration. Tristan shares her experiences being new to receiving anal. All three share lots of information on tips for exploring anal sex if you're new to it.


Episode 13: Solo Polyamory & Relationship Anarchy

Tristan and Bowie interview Kelli and hear from them on their experiences in solo polyamory and relationship anarchy. Kelli describes how solo polyamory works as a non-hierarchical relationship orientation and practice. They also discuss boundaries, communication, agreements, rules, and gives examples of how solo polyamory works for them.


Episode 12: When Escorts Date...The Dating Episode!

Tristan and Bowie open up about their individual approaches to dating in their personal lives. Bowie discusses dating as a swinger and Tristan explores dating as a polyamorous person.


Episode 11: Tristan & Bill Discuss Relationships, Intimacy, & Sex

Tristan co-hosts with her husband, Bill in an episode where the two discuss their relationship. They cover how they opened their relationship, their shared relationship values, resolving conflict, and their transition from swinging to polyamory. They talk about what they are looking for in relationships now and the sex they like to have. The episode ends with two hot sex stories of the week.


Episode 10: More Sexy Catch Up & Our First conSENSUAL party

Trigger warning: there is brief reference to (consensual) age play and incest themes, specifically step mom porn and role play. In addition to the aforementioned topic, Tristan talks about a recent date with a new sexy swinger couple and her discovery of enjoying a "power bottom". Several other sexy topics are discussed. Bowie and Tristan give a review of their first conSENSUAL party and talk about ongoing plans for more parties. The episode ends with a co-sex story of the week!


Episode 9: Love & Sex w/ Kevin Patterson, Author of Love's Not Color Blind

An interview and exploration with Kevin Patterson, M.Ed., author of Love's Not Color Blind and creator of the Poly Role Models project. In his book, Kevin discusses race and representation in polyamorous communities. Kevin interviews and features people in polyamorous relationships on his website Poly Role Models, but we were curious to interview him and hear about his love life, relationships, and sex life. Kevin opened up about his experiences with polyamory, relationship anarchy, making...


Episode 8: Sexy Catch Up & conSENSUAL parties!

Tristan and Bowie check in and talk about all of their sexy goings on. Tristan discusses her trip to Houston to meet and collaborate with Zach the "Consent King", attending a BDSM party, starting conSENSUAL community, planning her first sex party centered around consent, and her polyamorous plans with Bill. Bowie discusses the sex party she attended, a sex worker meeting, and Hempfest. They also discuss ethical monogamy/nonmonogamy and efforts to build ethical sluttiness into their...


Episode 7: BDSM + Relationship Anarchy with Lady Vi & Aidan Allgood

A wickedly enchanting interview with Lady Vi, a Professional Dominatrix and her boi Aidan Allgood. The two open up about their relationships, kinks, path into BDSM, their sex lives, turn ons, and views on relationship anarchy and polyamory.


Episode 6: A Couple's First Threesome + Unicorn Adventures

Tristan interviews two of her friends/lovers who had their first nonmonogamous experience with her after 10 years of monogamous marriage. The couple, T and K open up about their sex life, how they decided to try a threesome, and what it was like for them. After Tristan's interview, Bowie interviews Tristan about her experience of being a unicorn, and the two compare notes on threesomes. The episode ends with super hot sex stories of the week.


Episode 5: The Husbands Episode

On "The Husbands Episode" Bowie and Tristan interview their husbands, Jason and Bill. The husbands discuss how they got into nonmonogamy, what they like about it, difficulties along the way, and more. The two also open up about their sexual preferences, tell stories, and answer questions from Twitter followers. The episode finishes off with "Sex Stories of the Week"!


Episode 4: Consent is HOT with Zach the "Consent King"

On this week's show we interviewed Zach "The Consent King" who gives workshops and talks about consent. You can find Zach on Twitter @black_sexgeek or his website at We apologize in advance for the poor quality of the recording...we just ordered new recording equipment and our future episodes starting next week will be MUCH better! The episode ends with juicy sex stories of the week!


Episode 3: Interview with Emma & Finn of Normalizing Non-Monogamy

Tristan and Bowie interview Emma and Finn, the hosts of The Normalizing Non-Monogamy Podcast. Emma and Finn are a married couple in their thirties who interview a wide variety of different folks in non-monogamous relationships.


Episode 2: House Party Sex Stories & Meet Alison

In our second episode, we invite the host of our house party, Alison, on the show to talk about the sexy stories from the weekend. Alison tells us about her experiences as a swinger/poly person, and all three ladies (Alison, Tristan, Bowie) discuss their sex stories from the house party.